Big Words

dictionary 2[Allie Is Wired] This female star’s niche is rom-coms and she made a name for herself in comedies. She is basically just a pretty face and she has tried dramatic roles with substance, but her looks just don’t translate into talent. In fact, some fellow celebs wonder how she gets roles that require more than an ounce of skill.

She also claims to read scripts with excruciating detail, but in reality an assistant usually gets the job of reading her parts to her. On several occasions she had to have “big words” explained to her.

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  1. Virgo826 says

    This could be any number of actresses, but I’m going with Anna Faris, #1 on my talentless list.

    • sillystarfish says

      But guestimation…REese won an Oscar for Walk the Line…and she was good in it! I’m not sure it’s her…

      • redstilettos says

        Although lately she’s been in some duds (she actually should avoid rom-coms), she’s got an excellent body of work overall. She does well in comedy, but not of the rom-com variety.

    • Bromance1979 says

      Reese is pretty untalented and undeservedly won an Oscar, but she did WIN an Oscar… by some miracle…

      Without the Oscar win, I’d agree with you.

      • dittydoo says

        Yeah Kim Basinger won an Oscar too, and holy crap, she’s a terrible actress. Saw her dailies from a film she did (un-edited takes), and I was like “WTF?! How did she win an Academy Award???” My point being that a great actress is only as great as her editor makes her. Reese may have less talent than the world assumes she has. Wouldn’t be surprised if this was her.

    • GayleStorm says

      Also, Reese was accepted to Stanford University and attended the University for one year, before leaving to pursue her acting career.
      I don’t know of too many dummies who get accepted to Stanford.

      • EvaDiva says

        She comes from an affluent family.
        If you think brains and grades are all it takes, you need to get out more.

    • anaisnun says

      Not Aniston. Nobody would wonder how she gets roles, as it says in the item. She owns her own production company which produces all her romcoms.
      I’d say that is pretty dang smart.

    • Okayeah says

      My first thought was her as well, but she’s been lauded for her dramatic roles hasn’t she? It’s just that she keeps choosing crap to do.

  2. amylillian says

    Emma Stone? She has done a lot of comedy and rom-coms, she had the dramatic role in “The Help.” I don’t really know much about her, haven’t seen a lot of interviews so I can’t attest to her IQ, but everything else seems to describe her. I remember her making a comment once about reading scripts and even asking Ryan Gosling for help in choosing parts?

    • nicky says

      Can’t see it being Emma. She seems really smart in interviews and her movie roles are quite demanding. Besides, you can tell by her acting that she’s pretty versatile and thus most likely talented.

  3. stolidog says

    Probably Kate Hudson, but could be Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Anniston, Katherine Heigl, or, well, most any of them

    • annabella says

      Allie Is Wired has “Bad Actress” as the heading of this blind. Is it possible that alludes to Cameron Diaz? (Bad Teacher) Plus Reese Witherspoon won an Oscar for WTL, so someone must think she’s talented. First time poster and I can’t keep up with the rest of you so this my humble attempt.

    • kathystr says

      My first thought too. The only issue is she was nominated for some award awile back For Vanilla Sky which was not a comedy.

    • younggargle says

      In addition to (as annabella pointed out) the Bad Teacher reference, Cameron Diaz was in serious drama Gangs Of New York to meh reviews and was also on Sesame Street, helping Muppets to explain ‘big word’ “habitat”

    • zeep says

      I guess I’m alone in saying this, but while Cameron Diaz has had more dramatic duds and fewer dramatic successes than the others listed here, she was really good in Being John Malkovich, if you consider it a mostly dramatic performance. Granted none of the other big-name suspects fit: Reese has been excellent, though more in comedies; Katherine Heigl won a deserved Emmy for Grey’s; Aniston never does drama enough to show whether she sucks at it, but demonstrated obvious talent and comic timing on Friends. Jessica Alba is pretty useless, but is she even considered a rom-com star? Sandra and Julia have Oscars for their rare dramatic performances. Meg Ryan had talent, and her career is so done now that I don’t think anyone would be giving her so much thought as to wonder how she gets parts. Emma Stone is too sharp. Anna Faris is more straight comedy, and has shown promise. Isla Fisher has a varied career. I wouldn’t call Scarjo a rom-com
      actress. Miley Cyrus doesn’t do that many films…

    • meemo506 says

      I want it to be Zooey so bad because I cannot stand her manic pixie dream girl crap, but I think Cameron Diaz fits the blind better.

  4. worldsoldestkitten says

    Probably a mile off but I’m thinking Andie McDowell. Somehow she doesn’t seem quite all there to me.

  5. zeep says

    This is hard! I can’t think of a rom-com queen who can’t act at least decently!

  6. Grammaticator says

    Kate Hudson. Once upon a time rom-com queen. “Pretty face” as the face of Almay and Ann Taylor ads.

    Shame.. Thought she had endless potential after ‘Almost Famous’, now Zooey is the bigger star.

  7. thefrozenqueen says

    Jennifer Aniston?
    Lots of rom-coms and the name she made for herself would be Rachel.

    • annasophie says

      very dim indeed…she has no depth whatsoever, at least that she shares in public.

  8. KatarinaJ says

    Kate Hudson. She hasn’t taken on many serious gigs though but she is certainly the rom-com type and a pretty face. Rachel McAdams has done plenty of dramatic roles and don’t think she is quite as rom-com ish. I see Kate as being that winsome, cute funny gal much like her mom but she doesn’t have the dramatic chops or eyeful substance Goldie ever did. Plus I sorta think she plays herself in all her roles.

  9. KatarinaJ says

    I don’t think it is Heigl or Aniston. Both were huge TV stars before their current movie gig status and I think this would be noted in the blind somehow. And while I think C Diaz isn’t the best actress, I do think she was good in VANILLA SKY as a psycho and don’t think of her MORE for Rom-Coms than straight out comedies – lots of girl power stuff. Don’t think it is her.
    After THE HELP would Emma Stone be bashed. She was okay in it. Decent in SPIDERMAN, not necessary fail only in dramas.

  10. LeahLynn28 says

    Kate Hudson or Jennifer Anniston.Both have no talent,but are always shooting movies…i was wondering how these two get movie roles.I hope this blind is solved…:)

  11. slimfast10 says

    I think that now is the proper time for the response, ALL OF THEM, use this only when it could possibly be true!!!

  12. DonnaStarla says

    Tara Reid
    Was in the “Big” Lebowski
    Made her name in the American Pie movies
    No talent

  13. FairyMay9 says

    I’m on the Katherine Heigl train.

    Jen Aniston has been praised for her dramatic work.
    Reese won an Oscar for her dramatic work.
    Seyfreid could fit the bill.
    Hudson has been out of the picture a while.

  14. Revisionist says

    Wow! such Jenn hate!!!

    she is actually fairly talented. Comedy is actually hard and she does it well. She can also do dramatic. Plus a lot of the projects she has been on lately have been with comedy heavy weights and requires timing and improv. Really you can say a lot about Anniston but you shouldn’t really question that she’s a decent actress.

    Now Heigl could easily be replaced in any of her films with anyone. But like someone else said, this could fit any number of actresses.

    • Biglet says

      I couldnt agree more! I don’t know why people are so anti her. She always comes across as a warm person in interviews, and very likeable.
      I suppose you will never have 100% of people like you 100% of the time, people will always find something to hate about you.

  15. JaneDawson says

    Cameron Diaz

    Did a film with Neil Drumming (director of BIG WORDS)
    Translate: her new boyfriend’s a foreigner

    The original post is titled Bad Actress – ‘Bad Teachers’ starring Diaz.

  16. lily is my puppy says

    Well, at least she’s asking what the “big words” mean. I think most people these days have very limited vocabularies. I often notice the Blank Stare of someone I’m talking to who is unfamiliar with a word I’ve used.

    So I follow up with a sentence that explains it.

    I am surprised by how that is happening more and more.

    So, whoever it is, I say: Keep asking!

  17. sassy702 says

    I am going with Cameron Diaz… she seems aloft and I never am convinced of her characters she plays.

  18. Miss Tink says

    The hint is “her looks just don’t translate into talent.” It’s got to be either Scarlett Johannson or Anna Faris. Both were in “Lost in Translation.”

    • Miss Tink says

      Scratch Anna Faris. She wasn’t in Lost in Translation. However, Scarlett Johannson was and I think she fits.

      • KatarinaJ says

        Anna was indeed in LIT. Scarlett isn’t known at all for rom coma is she? Other Boleyn Sister, Avengers…. ?

      • Carolina says

        She was in LiT, and in fact, her character was rumored to be have been based on Cameron Diaz. So I pick CD.

  19. nv89436 says

    Could this be Julia Roberts? She has a Pretty (woman) face, and I can’t recall any real successful dramas she’s been in.

  20. Queenie says

    Jessica Biel. I remember an interview years ago saying she wanted to crossover into more serious roles.

  21. ClaudeFunston says

    Jennifer Aniston is a pretty terrible actress and she certainly isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer (that’s putting it politely).

  22. VodkaSoaked says

    For some reason I’m coming up Katherine Heigl.

    She fits, and with what she said about it being the writer’s fault she never recieved award winning scenes I think it adds to the lack of script reading poinaince(sp?) to this blind.

  23. Tasia says

    Hard to pick one, so many to choose from! Going to go with Anna Faris- rom coms and more so comedies are her thing (I associate her with the Scary Movies franchise). She has been in at least one serious film (Brokeback Mountain) but that was years ago and it did not lead to more. “Just a pretty face” could reference two movies she was in, “The Hot Chick,” and “Smiley face.”

  24. UrbanFox says

    Scarlett Johannson. “Translate”, Lost in Translation. Big words, she virtually had no dialogue in Girl with a Pearl Earring.

  25. ogsurf says

    A friend worked with Heather Graham on a number of shoots and said she is painfully dumb

  26. sugarbread says

    olvia munn has been promoting THE NEWSROOM everywhere saying its so wordy she has to make notes on the script. she mostly does comedy stuff and says how smart she is in every interview.
    im on the munn train w/ this one.

  27. JennyJustice says

    Jessica Biel? Talentless, but nice body. Keeps trying to portray herself as such a serious actress worthy of better oppotunties but nothing to back it up.