TV Star Is Scheduling His Divorce

[Blind Gossip] This funny guy is planning his real-life divorce around his TV show schedule.

You might think that this means that he will try to get the divorce out of the way before the season starts so he can totally concentrate on work, right?

Wrong! That would make sense in real life. But not in the world of television! He is actually thinking of stalling the divorce until the show starts. That way the divorce would provide gossip and controversy and fresh material… and ratings! Yes, forget the emotional and financial battle. It’s all about the ratings!

TV Star:


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      • PinkSlip says

        She has: but he has been holding out and non committal and refusing to respond to her demands for half his fortune. So it would make sense that he’ll go public and release his response right at the time it suits him….makes a bit of sense….

  1. SouthJerseyGirl says

    Not sure, but getting a late night vibe here. Even though his reign as late-nite guy is ending soon (clue – stalling means stopping), I’m guessing Jay Leno.

      • muuuuu says

        Late night shows do have seasons, they go by year instead of by the traditional September-May season that other shows follow.

    • luvprue1 says

      They were never really married. Plus there divorce will be old news,since everything that would be said has already been said.

  2. jenmh says

    I’m going to go ahead and guess Danny McBride and his wife Gia Ruiz, who works with him on Eastbound & Down.

    • muuuuu says

      Forgot to add, he doesn’t start hosting The Tonight Show until February 2014. Plenty of time for him to plan so he can get that ratings boost.

  3. Cindy Louhoo says

    Based on a BI a few weeks ago I’m thinking unfortunately maybe Jimmy Fallon? Hope not though.

  4. foldsbaldwin says

    Crud, the fresh material line makes me think one of the it’s always sunny in philadelphia guys because they love incorporating real life situations into the show like sweet dees pregnancy when kaitlyn olson was pregnant. I really hope I’m wrong though because I love that cast.

  5. Elisa says

    TV Star: Bruce Jenner
    Wife: Kris Jenner.

    What? I think he’s a funny guy for putting up with her for this long.

  6. CCVD says

    Jimmy Fallon. New show being the tonight show. There was a blind gossip a while back about a funny guy with marital problems; his wife being to old to get pregnant. This is the link: In this blind gossip they also mention: this funny guy.. not a coincidence I think.

  7. abarone1604 says

    TV Star: Robin Williams
    Wife: Susan Schneider

    He has the new show coming out on CBS

  8. PinkCrayon says

    I’m totally guessing, but…

    Husband: Ashton Kutcher
    Wife: Demi Moore
    Two and a half man

    Definitely not funny to me, but I can see him doing that.

  9. bjd44 says

    Well, I would say Will Arnett and Amy Poehler, but that’s already technically been announced publicly.

    Maybe Robin Williams, as he only just tied the knot (for the 3rd time) in 2011?

    I would hate to think it would be Michael J. Fox, but he does indeed have a new comedy coming out. This would not be his style at all, however.

  10. KatarinaJ says

    I think Jimmy Fallon too. Not a ton of folks who can ‘use a divorce’ as material perse. Meaning if you are sitcom, etc, not going to happen, but someone who has a monologue or standup element, sure can. Also, yes they have been seen apart and talks of her not being able to have a baby and it causing issues.

  11. slantrhyme says

    Fresh material means he’d be using it for his comedy routine, so Jimmy Fallon, and that’s tacky and classless as f***.

  12. Ati2d9 says

    Biggest clue…It’s all about the ratings…the Tonight show ratings craziness…gotta be Jimmy Fallon.

  13. kermit1969 says

    Jimmy Fallon and Nancy Juvonen (said to have fertility problems which are hurting the marriage). OR Conan O’Brien b/c his show needs the controversy and ratings, I don’t think Fallon does.