Let’s Sink Three Careers

men watching football on tv[Blind Gossip] During a recent weekend, this multiple Oscar nominee and this one-time Oscar nominee spent some time together. They watched some sports game together, had a few meals together, and participated in a few leisure-time activities together. All very innocent, right?

Maybe not.

Multiple has a jealous male friend. He is an actor who broke into the business more than 20 years ago as a minor. Now, we’re not saying that anyone here is gay… but Multiple has had a revolving door of girlfriends, One-Time has been in few suspiciously beardy relationships, and Male Friend spends an awful lot of time in gay bars in WeHo!

The Male Friend wasn’t at Multiple’s that weekend, but he quickly found out that Multiple was spending the weekend with another man. When he found out that it was One-Time, he went nuts! He sent One-Time a flurry of threatening texts and voice mails telling him that Multiple “is my man” and that he had better stay away from or that he would tell the press that One-Time is gay!

Uh oh! But it was an idle threat, and One-Time knew it. He knew that Male Friend wasn’t about to sink three successful careers with one call. But – just to make sure – he and Multiple did a photo op together that portrays them as a couple of regular, macho guys who were doing nothing more than hanging out, watching sports, drinking beer, and talking about girls.

Multiple Oscar Nominee:

One-Time Oscar Nominee:

Multiple’s Male Friend:

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  1. exnetworkpro says

    As MANY others have probably guessed by now:
    Multiple: Leo DiCaprio
    One-time: Bradley Cooper
    Male friend: Lukas Haas?

    • luvprue1 says

      I going with Leo Dicaprio for the Multiple Oscar nominee . He has been nominee many times but never won. I was going to say George Clooney but I do not recall him being a child actor ,and he actual won an oscar. Bradly Cooper is a great guess for one time , since he got his first Oscar nominee for “Silver lining playbook” and whoever Male friend is he a gay actor, since he spend a lot of time in gay bars, means that he someone who not exactly trying to hide who he is.

  2. shelaur22 says

    Multiple nominee: Leo DiCaprio
    Male friend: Lukas Haas
    One-time nominee: I don’t have a good guess here.

      • gaelgirl says

        I don’t think it’s Lukas Haas. The same weekend that Leo DiCaprio and Bradley Cooper were in Miami, Jonah Hill and Lukas Haas were both there, too. So, that leaves it to Tobey Maguire or some other longtime Leo friend.

    • marialfc says

      Also, the picture matches their picture in Miami. That was the same weekend as the superbowl, hence the football in the guy’s hand in the picture BG used. :)

  3. QubbuQ says

    Wow, the picture even looks like them. Clooney (revolving gfs) on the left and Cooper (beards) on the right. No idea who Clooney’s fella would be though. Randy Gerber isn’t an actor, is he?

    • QubbuQ says

      Oh wait.. Leonardo DiCaprio has revolving door with gfs too and there are paparazzi pix I’ve seen recently of him Bradley Cooper both shirtless on a hotel balcony in Miami.. also with girls around. Might Leo’s male friend be Tobey McGuire? or Lucas Haas?

      • Aafke says

        There was also a photo of Leo and Jonah hill hi-5ing over a topless woman at the beach so it could be him

      • channel orange says

        My guesses:
        Multiple: DiCaprio, who has 3 Oscar noms, revolving door girlfriends.
        One-Time: BCoop, recently nominated, suspect of having Zellweger and Saldana beard for him.
        Male friend: IDK, but Lukas Haas became famous as a child actor in films like “Witness”.
        Photo-op: That shirtless Miami balcony pic seemed totally staged to me.
        Another clue, IMO “sink” = Titanic.

  4. APQ88 says

    Multiple: Leonardo DiCaprio
    One-Time: Bradley Cooper
    Friend: Tobey Maguire

    This brings to mind that odd photo of Bradley and Leo on a balcony in Miami a couple weeks ago…

  5. DutchessCNG says

    Multiple Oscar Nom: Leo DiCaprio

    One-Time Oscar Nom: Bradley Cooper

    Multiple’s Male Friend: No idea, maybe- Kevin Connolly, Lukas Haas, or Tobey Maguire??? Can’t wait to see everyone else s guesses…

  6. miss scarlet says

    multiple oscar: leo di carpaccio
    one time oscar: bradley cooper

    male friend: lukas haas

    even though i wouldnt define lukas career as particularly succesfull…

  7. kookywooky says

    Multiple Oscar Nominee: George Clooney?

    One-Time Oscar Nominee: Bradley Cooper?

    Multiple’s Male Friend: Leonardo Di Caprio?

  8. loracyaf says

    Multiple: Leo DiCaprio
    One time: Bradley Cooper

    Not sure on friend…Kevin Connolly? Tobey Maguire maybe?

  9. cg1990 says

    Multiple Oscar Nominee: Leo

    One-Time Oscar Nominee: Jake Gyllenhaal

    Multiple’s Male Friend: I’m drawing a blank

    Actually I’m guessing on all of these, but whatever

  10. lindy555 says

    Multiple Oscar Nominee: Leo DiCaprio
    One-Time Oscar Nominee: Bradley Cooper
    Multiple’s Male Friend: ??

    Totally thought the photo op of Bradley Cooper and Leo on Super Bowl window supposedly “ogling girls” was staged…

  11. Metrosplash says

    Multiple : Leo D.
    One time : Bradley C
    Multiple’s friend : Tobey M.

    Just a guess based on pictures from Miami on Super Bowl weekend with Leo and Brad “girl watching”.

  12. shuboy says

    Multiple Oscar Nominee: Leo DiCaprio

    One-Time Oscar Nominee: Bradley Cooper

    Multiple’s Male Friend: Lukas Haas

  13. wowza says

    multiple = leonardo dicaprio (sink/Titanic)

    one-time = bradley cooper

    friend = ??? tobey macguire or lukas haas?

  14. PoniTayl says

    Multiple Oscar Nominee: Leonardo DiCaprio

    One-Time Oscar Nominee: Jonah Hill

    Multiple’s Male Friend: Lukas Haas

  15. Anne Stanton says

    First time poster! :)

    Multiple: Leo DiCaprio
    One-Time: Bradley Cooper
    Male Friend: Tobey Maguire (not sure about this one… could also be Jake Gyllenhaal)

    Clues: Sink (Titanic)

    Leo and Bradley spent the Super Bowl together

  16. everythingthatshines says

    I was going to say Multiple was Leo, One-time was Jonah Hill, and Man friend was Tobey Maguire.
    But I have no idea who Jonah Hill’s beardy relationship would be, therefore I think I’m wrong.

  17. ches99 says

    Multiple is Leo dicaprio who has been nominated many times and one-time is Bradley cooper. Think the friend is Lukas haas. There have been a few ‘buddy’ shots of Leo and Bradley lately.

  18. rreilly1012 says

    Hmmm just a guess here…

    Multiple – George Clooney
    One-time – Bradley Cooper
    Male Friend – Leo Dicaprio

  19. fozzie says

    Multiple: Leo DiCaprio
    One-time: Jonah Hill (nominated once)
    Multiple’s Male Friend: Lukas Haas (child actor in Witness)

  20. twilighttulips82 says

    I’m going to say Leo DiCaprio and Bradley Cooper. There were recently pictured hanging out together in Miami. No clue who the male friend is would be.

  21. iknowitallz says

    I reviewed the report

    Multiple Oscar Nominee: Clooney
    One-Time Oscar Nominee: Bradley Cooper
    Multiple Male Friend: Mark Wahlberg(rumor circulated for year never understood them-shopes around west hollywood)

  22. Christine says

    Multiple Nominee: Leo DiCaprio (many girlfriends, as in the many, many supermodels)
    One-Time: Jake Gyllenhaal (always suspicious of his beardy relationships)
    Multiple’s Friend: Toby Macguire

    Clue: sink, as in Titanic

  23. sillykittygirl51 says

    MON: Jake Gyllenhaal

    OTON: Hugh Jackman

    MMF: Austin Nichols

    Not that there’s anything wrong with that. . .

  24. liberache says

    Multiple Oscar Nominee: Leo DiCaprio

    One-Time Oscar Nominee: Bradley Cooper

    Multiple’s Male Friend: Kevin Connelly

  25. rico says

    Leonardo Dicaprio for multiple oscar
    Bradley Cooper for one-time
    Don’t know about male friend.

    There was a photo of Leo and Bradley spending Superbowl Sunday together. They were in Miami on a balcony checking out people on the beach. They were shirtless, standing very close together. The caption said they were ogling women. Yeah.

  26. sidhu105 says

    One-Time: Definitely Bradley Cooper (the picture is a dead ringer)
    Multiple: Leo DiCaprio
    Male Friend: Kevin Connolly

  27. OohDoTell says

    Multiple- Clooney?

    One time- Cooper?

    Friend- I don’t know, but think it’s a funny scenario to say Brad Pitt, LOL.

  28. rorythedragon says

    I think Jake Gyllenhaal for the one-time, because of the suspiciously beardy relationships. Still working on the other two.

  29. Brooklyn 423 says

    Johnny Depp, Tom Cruise and Leo DiCaprio each have 3 nominations and no wins. Gotta be one of them,probably Tom for the multiple. I believe Travolta had atleast one nomination. I have no idea from there.

  30. dragonfire says

    So, I’m gonna go with Leo DiCaprio (Multiple) and Bradley Cooper (One-Time). They spent superbowl weekend together in South Beach (the straightest place in the world after WeHo and Chelsea), allegedly checking girls out from theis hotel balcony (or at least that’s what the Daily Mail thinks http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2274102/Leonardo-DiCaprio-pal-Bradley-Cooper-spend-Super-Bowl-watching-women-game.html).

    As per Multiple’s Male Friend, the blind makes me think it has to be someone mildly succesful, but not a huge star. My candidates are Mark Paul Gosselaar or Josep Gordon-Levitt, but I’d love it if it’d be Christian Bale :drool:

    • MrBettyWhite says

      Hhhhmmm got error replying last time, so here goes again….yes, this is correct but Male Friend is NOT MPG but instead IS JGL

  31. Pollyamorous says

    Multiple: Leo Dicaprio
    One-time: Bradley Cooper
    Male friend: Gerard Butler

    Maybe? I don’t know, lol

  32. css1014 says

    Multiple Oscar: Leo DiCaprio

    One Time Oscar: Bradley Cooper

    Multiple’s Male Friend: Toby Macguire

  33. shamrock211 says

    Multiple Oscar Nominee: Leonardo DiCaprio

    One-Time Oscar Nominee: Bradley Cooper

    Multiple’s Male Friend: Lukas Haas

    Watching sports – in February, the two went to Miami for the Super Bowl:

    Spotted together in January:

  34. iocaine says

    Multiple is Leonardo. One-Time is Bradley Cooper. That’s for sure. Hmmm. Tobey Maguire for Leo’s friend?

  35. joanieindixie says

    This has to be Clooney….no idea on Male Friend except maybe Bradley Cooper just cause the picture looks like him, and Jake Gyllenhall (sp)>? My best guesses.

  36. Yuolala says

    Multiple-Leonardo DiCarpio

    One-time-Bradley Cooper

    Multiple’s male friend is either Lucas Haas or Toby Maguire

    Leo and Bradley both spend the Super Bowl together and they were also pictured shirtless in a balcony

  37. OrganicFac says

    Multiple Oscar Nominee – George Clooney

    One-Time Oscar Nominee – Bradley Cooper

    Multiple’s Male Friend – Ryan Gosling, started his career on the Mickey Mouse Club with JT. Did the movie Ides of March with George. Hates that Bradley got Sexiest Man Alive title in 2011.

    Don’t know about the gay bars though, that could be another ryan, phillippe.

  38. noangel says

    Multiple: Leonardo DiCarprio
    One-Time: Bradley Cooper
    Male Friend: Dunno.. Toby Maguire was a child star but I honestly don’t think it’s him because he has a family to lose if he outed himself.

    Leo and Brad were hanging out during the Super Bowl weekend and were papped checking out women from their hotel balcony.

  39. jonnyrivers says

    Multiple Oscar Nominee: Leo Dicaprio
    One-Time Oscar Nominee: Bradley Cooper
    Multiple’s Male Friend who broke into the business as a minor would be Lukas Haas.

    There were photos of Bradley and Leo ogling women from a hotel balcony over Super Bowl weekend.

    Leo’s had a revolving door of girlfriends, Bradley’s had beardy relationships. Don’t know if Lukas Haas spends time in gay bars in Weho, but it wouldn’t shock me.

  40. Cecily says

    Multiple Oscar Nominee:Leo DiCaprio

    One-Time Oscar Nominee: Bradley Cooper

    Multiple’s Male Friend: Lucas Haas

  41. GIL says

    I might be totally wrong but this sounds like…

    MULTIPLE: Clooney
    ONE TIME: Bradley Cooper
    Male Friend: Cindy’s Crawford husband, cannot remember his name now…

  42. lizamcfc says

    Multiple : Leonardo Dicaprio

    One time: Bradley Cooper

    Male friend: ????

    The photo op refers to the photos of the two of them shirtless on a balcony; also references to sinking is to Leo’s role in titanic!

  43. foldsbaldwin says

    holy crap!
    after the photos of bradly and Leo a week or so ago it has to be:

    multiple: Leo DiCaprio
    one-time: Bradley Cooper
    but I’m stumped on the friend. :-/

  44. jp says

    Multiple Oscar Nominee: Leonardo Dicaprio

    One-Time Oscar Nominee: Bradley Cooper

    Multiple’s Male Friend: Lukas Haas

  45. pamerla2000 says

    First time poster so here’s a wild guess:

    Multiple: Leonardo Dicaprio
    One-time: Bradley Cooper
    Friend: Lukas Haas

  46. riZZas24 says

    Multiple Oscar Nominee: Leonardo Dicaprio

    One-Time Oscar Nominee: Bradley Cooper

    Multiple’s Male Friend: Lukas Haas

    Who can forget that memorable trip Cooper and Dicaprio took together recently? They’re new BFFs. I never thought of Leonardo and Lukas as gay men in a relationship but, I have to admit they were the first people I thought of when I read this. They’ve been best friends for a loong time and both still remain single. Any one else read that article on Lainey where she talks about Bradley and Leo at the Oscar party with Jennifer; Leo paying more attention to her the anyone else? Lukas meanwhile spent his time hanging off to the side playing with/texting on his phone. Lainey basically saying Luks ever really only goes anywhere so Leo could have someone to come and go with. Well I don’t know.. just saying… anything’s possible!

  47. Bystander says

    Multiple: Leonardo DiCaprio

    One Time: Bradley Cooper

    Multiple’s Male friend: Jake Gyllenhal (wild guess)

  48. Jamerican says

    Hmmm…Multiple Oscar nominee is Leonardo DiCaprio
    One – Time nominee is Bradley Cooper
    Multiple’s male friend is Jonah Hill.

  49. tinygiraffe says

    Multiple Oscar Nominee: Leo

    One-Time Oscar Nominee: Bradley Cooper

    Multiple’s Male Friend: Lukas Haas

    Didn’t Bar Rafaeli make Leo kick Lukas out of his house? Leo choosing other people over him may be a sore spot..

  50. babsy says

    Multiple: Leonardo
    One-Time: Bradley Cooper
    Male friend: no clue

    Photos of them during superbowl weekend on the daily mail site.

  51. dorothy13 says

    Leo for the multiple with revolving door gfs.
    No idea who the jealous friend is.
    Bradle Cooper for the one timer with beards.

    The arrows on the catch me if u can movie poster remind me of a revolving door. Brad usually has a beard to go with his beard gf.

    The time spent together was in Miami for the SuperBowl. But it was early feb not jan.

  52. KatarinaJ says

    There were recent pics of Leonardo DiCaprio (mutliples) and Bradley Cooper (one-time) on a balcony in Miami I think watching chicks go by. All I can imagine is maybe Kirk Cameron as the guy who broke in as a minor but he wouldn’t have a ‘successful career’ perse other than if you talk about his Christian slanted acting and production gigs that have fueled his adult income/lifestyle. But he has been accused of frequenting gay bars and also knew/worked with Leo on GROWING PAINS.

    • nolabelle says

      A successful career as an actor is steady work and continuously doing the art and craft of acting – actually getting acting gigs and paid for it as a professional. Wow, and you don’t consider his getting multiple , steady and continuous gigs as well as paid for them as being “successful” as an actor?

    • luvprue1 says

      I like the Kirk Cameron guess. There was something about him in a blind a while back about how he likes to go to gay bars. I can see this being him.

  53. Kit1973 says

    Bradley Cooper
    Leonardo Dicaprio
    Lukas Haas

    Just a connecting-the-dots-hunch really. I ‘ve heard rumors about Cooper. Dicaprio? God, I hope not. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but what a fine waste to us girls!