• YoGo8c says

      Whoever it is considering The Mirror is one of those papers that always runs beard stories on One Direction that just go into the realms of ridiculous, makes you realise half of what the papers print is planted by their reps, if they are then running ‘secret’ blind items they wouldn;t print normally with names. I wonder if the ‘tsk’ refers to someone who is supposed to be ‘sassy’ (aka rude).

      To me Louis and Harry goad each other for fun but are not an item. Who’d even want Harry to be with Louis, Louis is downright awful to him!

    • litswd.tb says

      Even though I know your joking, this might actually be legit! There is A LOT of shady stuff going on with their management about “Larry Stylinson”(Louis Tomlinson + Harry Styles) and “Ziam Mayne” (Zayn Malik + Liam Payne) No fans are aloud to carry in posters that have to do any think with Larry (many fans have reported to have theirs confiscated before entering the venue) When ever something related to either starts coming up with the fans their suddenly flooded with pictures of one of the guys and his ‘Girlfriend’ Many are fooled into believing the guy/girl relationships are legit but even more know the truth and are threatened for it by the other fans. Some have even reportedly committed suicide due to the hate they receive from other fans.

      • wonderstrucker009 says

        No fans are aloud to carry in posters that have to do any think with Larry (many fans have reported to have theirs confiscated before entering the venue?


  1. Megan says

    Louis Tomlinson from the band One Direction. My guess is solidified by the fact that this is a British blind, and Tomlinson is from the UK.

    (Not So) Surprise Twist: he’s dating his band member, Harry Styles.

  2. livealifeoflaughter says

    Louis Tomlinson from One Direction and that university student constantly tagging on behind him?

  3. shuboy says

    Daily Mirror originates from the U.K., so even though there have been multiple blinds about the 1D boys, could this be about Louis Tomlinson?

  4. gossipfangirl says

    I’m just gonna say Louis Tomlinson. I think he’s bisexual, but he’s the only one I have in mind right now.

  5. IcanC says

    Seriously? Another one.

    Are Louis Tomlinson (the one with the GF who has more twitter followers than many celebs) and Harry Styles on One Direction coming out?

    Every week we are getting more and more about them individually and together as being gay.

  6. Snowhitegloxx says

    The Daily Mirror is british, so I’m gonna say Louis Tomlinson. And tbh this pic reminds me to the ones taken at the topshop event last week. xx

  7. cyberbrownie says

    louis tomlinson. he shows know intimacy or loving moments with his girlfriend. he’s gay and everyone knows it.

  8. samson says

    haha basically anyone but i’m gonna go with Louis Tomlinson. Tho then this would’ve mentioned that he has infact a boyfriend so i’m not sure.

  9. sweeeeet says

    It’s got to be Louis, even though I’m a bit on the fence with this because he doesn’t quite fit the stereotype (if you get that)

  10. hazza--lou says

    louis tomlinson and eleanor calder, the picture is a lot like the elounor pictures from the topshop fashion show

  11. says

    Definitely, and without a doubt, Louis Tomlinson. Clues: EVERYTHING. Popstar, and the fact the dude in the pic has a face of wanting to shoot himself (the same face Louis gets everytime he’s with Eleanor.) (No hate towards her, I like her, I just believe in Larry.)

  12. LeahLynn28 says

    Daily Mirror..british site.One of the One Direction boys again?I don’t know many pop stars,mainly the UK ones,so the only valid guess i have is
    Or all of them…who knows.

  13. says

    I’m not sure about this one, but I think maybe it’s one of the One Direction guys (I am also a directioner). Maybe Louis, since it’s obvious that him and Harry are together or have something going on (I am also a larry shipper). But again, I’m not sure.

  14. justmeh says

    Hi, my first time posting!
    Answer: Louis Tomlinson of 1D
    Oh Louis, we all know it’s you, so sad you can’t just be yourself :(

  15. antipodean says

    Hi Ace, first time poster here. All these 1D blinds…I’ve cracked and created an account.
    Louis Tomlinson and Eleanor Calder. The photo is highly reminiscent of the farcical series of photos published from the Top Shop show at London Fashion Week – heads turned in different directions, limbs arranged to give the impression of closeness but actually avoid touching whenever possible, expressions of complete boredom.
    I don’t think anyone is buying this story any more. Modest, it’s time to give up!

  16. officerock says

    Louis from one direction or maybe even Zayn and Liam. Harry also likes boys but he doesn’t have a gf so this one isn’t about him

    • Pickums1283 says

      Whew, that is good to know. I was feeling a little creepy at 29 years old for liking them. But even if people don’t care for their music, it’s hard not to like the boys themselves. They seem like such good kids with good heads on their shoulders. And Harry is exceptionally likable.

  17. saywhat says

    Again, I assume that this is about Louis Tomlinson. British newspaper; “popstar”; and the picture does look like the recent London Fashion Week pictures of him and Eleanor.

    As for the “Tsk” at the end … it’s interesting to note that Louis recently took to Twitter to blast The Daily MAIL about their crappy (he used a different word) article about the Brit Awards – presumably referring to their story about Harry Styles and Taylor Swift. Could The Daily MIRROR be rapping Louis on the knuckles for criticizing a fellow tabloid? The newspapers are competitors, though, so that might not make sense.

  18. GyThanksGd says

    Once One Direction becomes (pretty much) irrelevant like the majority of pop acts / boy bands, the gay ones will be free to come out.

    Unfortunately it will not help advance visibility, acceptance, etcetera (much), but at least they can be free.

    It must really diminish the happiness / enjoyment these talented queer men feel in achieving fame, because they have to lie about who they love.
    Love (between two people capable of informed consent) should not be something to be ashamed of ever.

  19. Valeria_1D says

    Louis Tomlinson maybe,but not everything about a gay popstar is about someone of 1D… I guess

  20. babyunicorn says

    I’d like to do a guess.. but this could literally be anyone since there’s no clues. So I have no idea.

  21. Lau_Directioner says

    I thing is Louis. The only real clue I found is “just pretending”. It’s a line from Live While We’re Young, but it’s said by Zayn and this is confusing me…
    I’m new here!! Great job Ace :)

  22. @lpha says

    This isn’t about Louis Tomlinson, has anyone ever wondered that there are more than one boy band in the UK. Maybe it’s the wanted….Look at them, I really think it might be Tom Parker.

  23. JaneDawson says

    I don’t think it’s any member of 1D. It says popstar (implying they’re solo). I’m going with Olly Murs, seeing as he says he dates women, but no one ever seen them. There have a crazy surge in articles about how he’s looking for a girl, and wants a girl and he’s all for girls, but he says the only girl he’d take home is Caroline Flack (who if I’m not mistaken bearded for Harry Styles long ago)

    So yeah. Olly for me.

  24. infinity says

    Well, I think we do not need clues to know it’s Louis Tomlinson from 1D. It’s pretty more than obvious he’s dating his bandmate Harry. Modest, please give up, just let them be happy as they are, your ways to hide their sexuality aren’t working anymore.

  25. skagen says

    Wait. Does this blind include even a single clue? The only thing I can think of that might possibly be a clue is the last word: ‘Tsk’. It seems rather a weird, extemporaneous addition. Or maybe it’s just British.

    I…don’t know what ‘tsk’ might point to, if it points to anything, but are there any songs from any male pop stars who has a song including the word ‘tsk’ or maybe who is known to use that word frequently? Maybe someone’s name rhymes with it? Either pop star or supposed girlfriend?

    Something? Anything?

    If not, my guess is ‘all of them’.

  26. its time says

    Hi Ace, i’m new here and I don’t know if I’m right but I’m gonna go with Louis Tomlinson.
    C’mon guys, it’s so obvious I’m really worried there are still people who insist he’s in love with a girl – Eleanor Calder, that unknown girl who never speaks, that has a huge number of followers on twitter and is famous for doing absolutely nothing.
    You can see he’s gay for the way he talks, the way he moves, the way he dresses, and I’m not just guessing, I have lots of gay friends so I’m able to recognize one of them! And, for those who still think Larry is just a beautiful bromance, guys I suggest you a little trip in the Larry Stylinson tumblr tag, you won’t regret it and you will understand and see what you’re trying to deny. Hope we get the answer soon!
    Have a nice day :)

  27. kitkat123 says

    Honestly maybe Joe Jonas, I still have a feeling he’s either gay or bi. His last relationships have been for PR especially his latest one with that Zurich chick. But if not, it’s probably Louis Tomlinson! Love you Ace! And PS. can you please solve the other ones like that people are seriously assuming their about Joe Jonas? Thanks! :)

  28. tonixx says

    I think since this is a british source, and the photo reminds me of them, this is about Louis Tomlinson and his supposed gf Eleanor.
    Although, it could be Zayn or Liam too, since their totally on it as well.

  29. maylise says

    This is Louis Tomlinison.The picture like the fashion show and the use of ‘tsk’ at the end is referring to his twitter meltdowns and articles about rumors regarding his relationship.

    Meaning of Tsk it is an interjection.

    (pronounced as an alveolar click; spelling pron. tisk),

    1. (used, often in quick repetition, as an exclamation of contempt, disdain, impatience, etc.)
    2. for shame!

  30. ktbell05 says

    obviously someone from 1 Direction. So sick of hearing about this lame group. SO SICK. Just come out already! It upsets me that people who are gay cannot come out due to how ignorant people in the media and how their image would be “tarnished.” It’s sad and I hope this person is happy hiding behind a beard.

  31. ktbell05 says

    And my heart goes out to him-I wish he was strong enough to be himself. We don’t care and those who judge him if he is, in fact, gay….are not even worth anyone’s time.

  32. carloseanopry7 says

    Daily Mirror. = British newspaper = popstar with girlfriend (not jb obviously because jelena broke up), british popstar umm .. duh, who else could it be. One Direction

    Why Daily Mirror will dish this? because they are probably under contract too connected with 1D management. after every elounor event. a minute later (not even exaggerating)

    The Mirror website will be dishing on what is happening about it. they are the first newspaper to dish about this couple. remember the Olympics kiss, minutes after it happened, HQ pics are out and the Mirror mostly writes about Louis and Eleanor.

  33. ciara_bowden says

    Its about Louis Tomlinson, and if you dont get it you need to check again, even if you are not a big fan of One Direction, if you search up Larry Stylinson on youtube you will see its true im sorry to disappoint anyone who believes Louis and Eleanour’s relationship, but Harry and Louis are together, its just a matter of time before they come out, and to be honest i cant wait for that day, because i just want them to be happy, thats all i really want..

  34. FutureSpy says

    Liam Payne….because he’s actually ‘pretending’ now. Modest has hired Eleanor……but Danielle and Liam were real before the break up. Everything is ‘off’ since the break up and theres always new Payzer articles or photos after an intense ziam moment (as zayn and liam are gay wiith each other)

  35. rdickerson says

    I think it might be zayn malik, i don’t really think he’s gay but the source is daily MIRROR and zayn is know for his relativity to mirrors.