Costars Are Feuding Over An Actress

love triangle 2[Mid Day] This is a perfect love triangle! Buzz is that a relatively new actor (Actor 1) has managed to woo the former flame of another actor (Actor 2), incidentally launched by the same production house as the former.

The two, who are even scheduled to work together in a film, are said to hate the sight of each other.

At a recent award ceremony both of them ignored each other completely and did not even bother to exchange pleasantries. The bone of contention is obviously the leggy lass actress who is part of this triangle. The two original lovebirds made their on screen debuts together and parted on a bitter note after dating for a couple of years.

The fact that his (Actor 2’s) ex is now dating the other actor (Actor 1) has not gone down well with our guy (Actor 2) who has turned green with envy. And caught in the web is the producer who is now biting his nails at the prospect of directing both the actors together. Phew!

Actor 1:

Actor 2:


Film that will feature both actors:

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