The Singer And The Ring

engagement ring 13[Blind Gossip] She may have been snubbed by the Grammys, but this pop singer is finding another way to make headlines. The most recent one is about the sparkly ring that she’s been flashing on the fourth finger of her left hand.

Is she engaged to be married?

First of all, she is not engaged. The ring – which she bought herself – is just meant to provoke talk about her and her relationship and her music. She is an attention-monger, and if she can’t get it with her music, she’ll get it any way she can.

Second of all, she is not even really dating the guy with whom she is photographed! The musician with whom she is getting cozy in photos is just a PR setup. Her real boyfriend is a non-famous night club promoter.


Fake Boyfriend:

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  1. twinklefairy12 says

    OH THANK GOD. I hope it’s Rihanna & Chris Brown. I can’t stand him.

    Singer: Rihanna
    Fake Boyfriend: Chris Brown

    • RedScience says

      Would like to think so, but in which world does Rihanna and her music not get attention? Can’t be her. Also her ring was on her third (ring) finger, not the fourth. She had three rings on the first, second, and third fingers each…Also to PR set up yourself with the man who beat you might even be outside the bounds of Hollywood (maybe not, but who knows).

      • ME AGAIN says

        I agree. Don’t think it is Riri. The jewellers who lent the ring in question and other pieces that night were interviewed day after Grammy saying items were borrowed. Also Riri was hardly snubbed. She performed twice and won an award. No way could Chris Brown ever be called an ‘a musician’. NEVER. I will go with Katy Perry and John Mayer. Think it may be possible her real other half is a ‘SHE’. Just a feeling.

    • cocobeannns says

      No. How was she snubbed? She not only performed twice, but she won the Grammy for best short-video for We Found Love.

    • BRUSHFIRE97 says

      While I want to agree with you for some reason I think this is Cassie and P. Diddy. She has been walking around with a ring on her finger. But who knows…

    • kai95c says

      This CAN’T be Rihanna because she won Best Short Form Music video- she even tweeted about it. Not a big win, but still not a snub! Plus, Ace already revealed a blind about them being back together- there was no suggestion it was a fake relationship and y’all know BG doesn’t lie!

  2. SRiley322 says

    Singer: Rhianna
    Fake Boyfriend: Fist Brown? I don’t even know how that would work or if he’d allow it.

    • Bromance1979 says

      Lana Del Rey did recently flash a ring on her left hand ring finger… the same ring she was spotted wearing on her right hand last month. It’s a bit strange. I think her relationship seems believable, though.

      I hope it’s Rihanna.

      • narz says

        I thought and hoped it was Rihanna too but she definitely didn’t get “snubbed” at the Grammy’s with nominations and two performances. Although i think her relationship with Chris Brown, ick! seems PR, i doubt she has a “real” boyfriend on the side. Also, she gets enough press without flashing rings. But seriously, she needs to cut that asshat loose. Am i allowed to say asshat, ACE? =D

    • Chosen says

      This can’t be Rihanna and Chris Brown. Rihanna performed and won a Grammy so wasn’t snubbed and she doesn’t need this sort of PR to bring attention to her or her music because she already gets it. Whoever it is has failed because nobody can figure it out lol

  3. ccincanada says

    I was gonna say J-lo but I don’t think Casper is a musician unless you count a skin flute…how about Rihanna? she wore a band when performing.

  4. xoxo-gg says

    Singer: Rihanna
    Fake Boyfriend: Chris Brown

    I hope this is them to prove that they’re not actually dating. I’m glad she’s smarter than that.

  5. colby2283 says

    I would say J-Lo and Casper Smart, as she’s sporting a sparkly diamond band on that finger..but he is not a musician.

    Rihanna and Chris Brown – she was wearing an ugly ring on that finger too. But would they really be in pretty much all the blinds today??!

    • ValleyOfTheGalls says

      I agree. J-Lo and Casper were recently seen browsing a case of diamond solitaires at Tiffany’s a few weeks ago. Granted, Tiffany’s is pretty bourgeous for J-Lo. She’s more of a Harry Winston gal.
      Tiffany’s is famous for their silver baby-rattles. Maybe she needed something to keep him quiet. I think it might count as a percussion instrument too!

  6. TeacherKat says

    Rhianna? With Chris Brown as the fake boyfriend? She was seen with a ring on that finger and she is the attention seeking type.

  7. 25Studkay says

    Hmm Rihanna? so she isn’t really with Chris (that would be good considering what he has done to her).

  8. sabrina325 says

    Rihanna & Chris Brown? Although their relationship doesn’t seem fake at all to me. Also dating Chris Brown doesn’t seem like good PR unless you are hungry for any publicity including the bad kind.

  9. GemK says

    I know there were rumors flying about Rhianna wearing a ring last night… But my official guess is Nicki Minaj & that Safaree guy she dates for the fake bf.

  10. exnetworkpro says

    This is a reach…but, Rihanna and ‘fake boyfriend’ Chris Brown.
    Only reason I say that is this article in the Daily Mail explaining how Twitter blew up after viewers noticed RiRi’s “engagement ring” during her performance last night at the Grammys.
    Would also explain why Karruche manages to stay in the picture, despite Chris being ‘back with Rihanna’.

  11. KWDragon says

    I’m thinking folks will guess Rihanna, because she was recently flashing a ring, but she actually won a Grammy, didn’t she?

    Katy Perry brought her pair for gawking, and she gave a rather ungracious intro for the Grammy for Best New Artist. Is she sporting a ring? I can believe she and John Mayer are faking it for publicity.

  12. ytmc says

    Singer: Rihanna
    Fake Boyfriend: Chris Brown
    Blogs and twitters have been talking about Rihanna wearing what looked like an engagement ring last night. I HOPE those two are just a setup! :(

  13. NOTellebee says

    I’d say Rihanna but if her and Chris Brown are a PR setup, then their publicists have a sick sense of humour. Maybe Lana del Ray? She was papped recently with a big rock on her finger and wasn’t nominated for a single Grammy, which is a travesty.

  14. MsOverstreet says

    Heard talk about Rihanna wearing an engagement ring at the Grammy’s but if she’s back together with Chris Brown for publicity… that’s messed up. She must have a serious lack of insight on how that relationship makes her look.

  15. tallzeez says

    Darn, until the last paragraph i was thinking Taylor Swift all the way. Is Katy Perry still shacking up with John Mayer? If not then this could be her?

    Also, i just saw Rihanna’s picture with a ring and she was with Chris Brown. It would be one hell of a weird PR twist if Rihanna and Chris Brown aren’t actually together again but are just doing it for the intense publicity it brings.

  16. travoltasbeard says

    I always love it when people help you find the answer. SO cruise along to…

    [links require a full explanation]
    I guess Rihanna as the PR obsessive. Rihanna does seem to provoke people for attention, as you say Ace. I just hope all that provoking for attention does not get her hurt!

  17. modelle18 says

    I want to say Rihanna because A. it would be awesome to know shes not really dating idiot Chris Brown but she did win an award that wasnt broadcast so it cant be her. Damn

  18. stacat1 says

    I am going to go with Rhianna and Chris Brown.
    Not sure how real their relationship is- but it certainly provides them with alot of PR.

    [links require a full explanation]

  19. SheilaK says

    Riri, sporting a ‘diamond ring’ on the correct finger. Canoodling with the Difficult Brown is for show.

  20. Dipsydoodle says

    This is easy..Singer is Lana DelRey. She was ignored at the Grammys. She was recently shown in British newspapers with a huge rock on her left hand.
    Fake Boyfriend: Barrie Kassidy, of Scottish rock band Kassidy. Not well known here.
    Have no idea who the real boyfriend is, though!
    First time poster, BTW!

  21. myhippieversion says

    After a quick Google search, I’ll go with Rihanna, looks like she got the attention she wanted…