Not Exactly Model Behavior

[Blind Gossip] This actor is not exactly exhibiting model behavior.

He likes to be accompanied by pretty women. They like him, too, even though he goes through them rather quickly. Right now, though, he has a big problem on his hands.

A long time ago, he quietly dated this pretty celebrity (Girl A). They broke up, and she went on to marry another celebrity.

After going through several more women, he dated Girl B for more than a year. Things were going great, so he considered proposing to her. When she knew the moment was coming, though, she got a little too demanding. This turned him off, and he dumped her.

He’s now dating Girl C. Things are going fine. Just one problem. Girl A and Girl B have both crept back into the picture. And, yes, Girl A is still married.

So what is he doing? Sleeping with all three! A and B both know about C (since he is publicly dating her) but they don’t know about each other, and C doesn’t know about either of the other two. It will be very interesting to see how the three women react when they all find out about each other! It shouldn’t take very long…


Girl A:

Girl B:

Girl C:

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