No More Egg Nog For You


[Blind Gossip] This actor got his start as a child actor in a major franchise. Since then, he has managed to successfully take on more mature roles and has really proven himself as a serious adult actor.

A couple of years ago, he recognized that he had a problem with alcohol and checked himself into rehab before he did something really stupid. He was clean for a few years, but fell off the wagon recently. When he’s drunk he likes to start arguments and pick fights. Given his size, it’s almost amusing that doing a couple of shots turns him into a tough guy who likes to throw around the F word and throw a few punches.

He is currently very busy with multiple projects. We don’t know how he is going to get back on track with his sobriety without causing some major delays in production, but we hope he does so before he gets himself into more serious trouble.

daniel radcliffeSOLVED!

It’s Daniel Radcliffe! Source:

Daniel Radcliffe went into treatment for alcohol dependency in 2010, admitting later that he had often filmed Harry Potter while drunk. He emerged sober and continued working, but the road to recovery was not smooth.

He started drinking again in 2012. He capped off the year by getting thrown out of a bar for getting into a Jagermeister-fueled fight with a DJ over the songs that were being played. This happened in mid-December in a bar in New York. Punches were thrown, but no one was hurt, and the incident was kept rather quiet. Fortunately, the incident did push Radcliffe back into recovery again.

So, the bad news is that Daniel Radcliffe fell off the wagon. The good news is that he is back on the wagon again.

Before you get too judgmental, it might help to know that the relapse rate among addicts is very, very high. Some say it’s as high as 90% within four years.  The important thing is that Daniel stumbled a bit, but he got back into recovery.

He’s going to need his strength. He has “Kill Your Darlings” coming out this year, he has “The F Word” and “Horns” in production, and he has two projects in development, including the “Frankenstein” project (where he is slated to play Igor).  The guy is busy. We hope he stays grounded and stays sober.

Daniel Radcliffe is only 23 years old, and he has been a star since he was 11. If you have ever wondered what it’s like to be Daniel Radcliffe, he has thoughtfully provided this guide for you:


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150 comments to No More Egg Nog For You

  • Revisionist

    looks like most got it. I do have to say though that drinking aside, Radcliffe to me was showing all the signs of using steriods a few years back so to me that seems a more likely cause for his violent incidents.

  • goldieb

    Daniel’s problem is that he IS NOT GOOD-LOOKING!He has bug-eyes and a crooked nose, and he’s short!

  • YoGo8c

    Yeah, and it basically proves that we don’t get told the half of what goes on with celebrities (even if they want to be honest), because their people hush up loads of things they don’t want you to know for the sake of career and ‘reputation’. I don’t think anyone would care if Dan Rad liked a drink, he was probably under a ton of pressure and very young. At least he’s getting himself sorted out, which is the main thing + honesty.

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