She Is Unhappy And She Wants Out


[Blind Gossip] This famous star is terribly unhappy right now. Her personal life is one source of disappointment. She knows that her partner is not really in love with her. She is also very sad that a past love is in a committed relationship with someone else. She knows that she wasn’t an innocent party in that breakup, but it still hurts her that he moved on.

She is also not enjoying her job, and wants to get out of her contract. Her management team is telling her that she must stick it out for the season or else no one else will want to hire her.

Although she smiles in public and everything looks together on the outside, she is actually quite depressed and disconnected. Around friends and family, she has even started talking about herself in the third person. She lamented to one friend. “I don’t even want to be [Jane Doe] anymore. [Jane Doe]’s life doesn’t belong to her anymore.”



Past Love:


britney spears 3SOLVED!

It’s Britney Spears!

Star: Britney Spears

Partner: Jason Trawick

Past Love: Justin Timberlake

Job: Judge on X Factor

As you already know, Britney Spears and Jason Trawick recently announced the end of their engagement.  The end of their personal relationship also marks the end of their professional relationship, with Jason removed from her conservatorship, as well as stepping down as her part of her management team. Britney has also taken the very big step of changing agencies, from WME (where Jason Trawick was her agent) to CAA (with Rob Light and Jeffrey Azoff as her agents).

Britney knew that the relationship with Jason was a business arrangement from the beginning, but even with him hovering around her 24/7, she missed having a real boyfriend/husband/being in love. And as long as Jason was her faux fiance, of course she could not go on dates or get involved in a relationship. She understandably became lonely and sad about her situation.

britney spears justin timberlake 2That sadness peaked when ex-boyfriend (and first love) Justin Timberlake married Jessica Biel. We won’t go into the details here, but Britney had reason to believe that the two would never actually get married, and was very upset that they actually did tie the knot.

Britney was sad about Timberlake, but she was also getting tired of having her life micro-managed by Jason and her father James. She could not do anything independently, she could not manage her money or make any career decisions for herself, and she could not have a real love life. It really made her question whether she even wanted to be “Britney Spears” The Pop Star anymore, and talked a lot about “Real Britney” versus “Britney Spears”. When she talked about herself in the third person, she was usually referring to “Britney Spears” The Pop Star.

While all this was going on, Britney was also unhappy about her job at X Factor. The gig was too much pressure for her, she was suffering from panic attacks, and she wanted out of her contract.

Britney’s father James and Jason Trawick helped her through a very difficult period of her life. They helped to stabilize her after her breakdown, and Jason stuck by her for several years as her agent and “fiance”. He helped her to land the X Factor gig, and kept her on the job even when she really wanted to quit. Her ability to finish out the season and to restore her reputation is a testament to how determined both Jason and James were to helping her through this rough period, and to show her that she was strong enough to take on something new and finish it.

Thing are better for her since we originally published this item. Now that X Factor has ended, Britney can move on with her life. She is stable enough to take on a new venture, and she is eager to get back to performing. Shedding Jason, leaving the X Factor, taking on a new agent and starting a new Vegas gig may be just what she needs to regain control of her life and to find love and to be happy again.

Many of you got this one right. Congrats to Rreilly1012 for being first!

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