Bank Of Actor Charges A High Interest Rate

[BlindGossip] This actor has developed an interesting side business. When someone within the entertainment industry runs into trouble and can’t pay off an expense through their regular accounts, this rich and powerful actor discreetly lends them the money at a very high interest rate.

Need to pay off your pregnant jump off? Need to keep your house out of foreclosure? Need to square things up with your bookie? This is your go to guy. Some might consider the interest rates on the loans usurious. But for those who are able to keep their names out of the tabloids,Β  their butts out of court, their creditors off their back, and their spouses in the dark, his services are priceless.

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    • Cuddlebutt says

      Definitely. Especially the religious connection with the word “usurious”.

      • jeannie says

        That’s my thought too. I had to look up what “usurious” meant but once I did Mel Gibson came to mind immediately.

    • LooLoo says

      For some reason, I immediately got a Mel Gibson vibe for it, and I have no idea why. Maybe because he has a hard time minding his own business? IDK.

    • pricey524 says

      We can alL hate him for his hateful ignorance (I do), but you can’t doubt that if this is him, it quite brilliant

      • KingKatie says

        A ‘jump off’ is, to put it simply, a mistress. Not always though but yeah, the other woman.

      • liteNOTSObrite says

        A jump off is anyone that you sleep with that will never be more than just sex. Have you ever watched the Jersey Shore and saw how they never let the girl spend the night? They immediately call the cab? Well, that’s a jump off. They don’t respect her for anything but the sex.

      • Mermaid says

        In other words, they hit it and “jump off” her quickly. Or she jumps off them quickly. Lovely visual, n’est pas?

      • Katmandu says

        Mel Gibson? This is all kinds of ways so wrong if its him. Isn’t he some kind of uber-Christian? Would he give people money for nefarious purposes, for immoral purposes? I suppose. The almighty dollar over rides all. These rich pigs simply can’t get enough, so yeah, charge a high interest rate so you can get even MORE, you tool.

      • WorksEveryTime says

        I think it’s become pretty clear from his actions that Gibson’s supposed Christianity was little more than words. “The Passion of the Christ” was amazing, I thought, and it’s sad that his faith doesn’t actually extend to his behavior.

  1. fromatoznyc says

    For some reason, this blind says, “Mel Gibson” to me. A noble gesture with a sinister side.

  2. antiaphrodite says

    Something about this makes me think of Nicholson. And then after his whole “I warned him” bit about Heath Ledger- I guess it wouldn’t be surprising.

  3. whitney19 says

    William Shatner. The priceless reference. He did some commercials for Priceline.

  4. Brando says

    Jerry Seinfeld. Done. πŸ˜‰

    “…his services are priceless” = MasterCard’s current advertising campaign tagline is “Priceless”.

  5. FamousPeopleDoStupidThings says

    Hm.. Clooney is the only man that came to mind but that’s just because he’s currently in the limelight and impresses me as someone who is both giving and very savvy.

  6. Junior Mint says

    I’m guessing either Tobey Maguire (bored and rich enough), or Jerry Seinfeld (priceless made me think Mastercard, but that’s Billy Crudup in those ads and he’s not powerful/rich enough probably, and that made me think of the Amex ads with Seinfeld)

    • Mermaid says

      Tobey was my knee-jerk reaction as well.

      He’s an ex dr*g dealer to the celebs and he recently got caught up in that crazy poker gaming thing where he invited people over just to fleece them of their money. He’s apparently a shark. And he’s connected. And let’s not forget the rich little wifey he landed.

      Tobey fits for me. I can’t see Mel for this, personally, and I’m no Gibson fan.

      • Mermaid says

        Oh, scratch that. Tobey is no “powerful actor”. Um ….. maybe Mel after all? 😐

      • Lozza2 says

        I dunno – I’d say Maguire is pretty powerful. He’s A-list and must have a lot of friends in high places with Ron Meyer being his FIL.

      • Mermaid says

        I honestly don’t think Tobey has been A-list for awhile. I think he only got the role in Gatsby b/c Leo pushed for him.

  7. KWDragon says

    George Clooney? And a side benefit to paying off the loan is an invite to Lake Como!

  8. Ralphie says

    Morgan Freeman? Doesn’t he do Visa ads? Or is that tarpons MasterCard? I know Billy Crudup is actually the voice behind those ads, but he’s not powerful by any means.

    • redstilettos says

      I’m not saying MF is the one here, but he also does VOs for other ads. Off the top of my head I can’t say, but he, Owen Wilson, Donald Sutherland, Allison Janney, John Kraskinski etc do a lot of commercial VO stuff.

  9. 4sixx2 says

    Ooooohhh, juicy!! I have no idea, but this can go nowhere good. People have been offed for less! This will come out eventually with Mud-a-slinging EVERYWHERE!!!

    • daysofheaven says

      Once I thought about your guess it would be so fitting if it is Pacino. He was acclaimed for his stage performance as Shylock; the lender that wished to extract a pound of flesh in payment for an unpaid loan…how much more usurious does it get!

  10. jokerjim65 says

    Tom Cruise, definitely see him making money off his “friends”. He benefits financially from his “church” this would be easy for him.

  11. karlos says

    If the borrowers can’t pay the original obligation through regular accounts, how do they make payments with usurious interest rates through regular accounts to repay the loan?

    • mommagoosed says

      Karlos, if I read this blind correctly, it isn’t that the lendees cannot afford to pay their debts. It’s that they can’t, for many reasons, use the funds from their own accounts to pay off certain debts. Thus, they borrow from BoA, who is discreet and keeps the lendee’s dirty laundry out of the limelight, court, etc., etc. Just a thought…

      • karlos says

        My point is how do they conceal the stream of payments to BoA from the spouse, divorce lawyers, court, creditors’ exams, etc. An inquiring spouse or divorce lawyer would noticce the mysterious monthly/quarterly/whatever stream of payments just as they would the original obligation which they felt could not be paid from regular accounts. Is BoA repaid in cash? Where does the borrower get so much cash without its disappearance from accounts being noticed?

  12. apple martini says

    Sounds like Mel Gibson to me. I can’t see Cruise or Travolta doing this without Scientology strings attached, which would probably be included in the blind.

  13. karlos says

    Bank of Actor = BoA. If that is a hint for Bank of America, Kiefer Sutherland is the voice.

  14. daysofheaven says

    Tom Hanks is my guess. I doubt it is Mel Gibson . Past angry incidents notwithstanding, he is a traditional Roman Catholic and usuary, which covered charging any interest to a borrower, was forbidden by the Church. Hanks rhymes with banks and he’s certainly rich and powerful. Did he do one of the Mastercard “priceless” voiceovers?

    • Jilliterate says

      Ha, thanks for pointing that out about Mel. I was just thinking it would be hilariously ironic if anti-Semitic Mel had taken on the role of a money-lender. That said, it is possible that it IS him, and he’s somehow an even bigger hypocrite than one could imagine. I imagine his sect probably forbids killing your wife and burying her in the garden, but he seemed willing to give that the old college try.

      • HappilyEverAfter says

        Not really. Ask anyone in the world what puff daddy does for a living and I’m sure 100% of people would not define him as an actor.

      • terry123 says

        He was really good in “A Raisin in the Sun” didn’t he get some kind of best actor award for that a few years ago?

      • Tiggy4Real says

        That might be true, but Mr. Combs has done enough acting to earn himself a SAG card.

  15. liteNOTSObrite says

    I immediately thought Alec Baldwin, but the “priceless” reference screams of Shatner.

    But i am gonna go on a limb and say Alec.

    With that being said, the Mel guesses are great given the fact that he still gets a ton of support from his fellow celebrities after everything he has done. That would explain everything.

    • iammeme says

      I was thinking the same thing about the support Mel has kept through the years. Maybe it’s because he knows too much…

  16. commonsense says

    Johnny Depp? He helped out Nicolas Cage when he was having money trouble. The bank reminds me of National Treasure. Who knows who else Johnny might have helped, but on the sly? Just a thought.

  17. randaleaf says

    I was thinking about Sean Penn. I know at one point Eve (rapper) was in jail and Sean Penn came to get her out of jail. I wonder if he was loaning her the money. Because I thought it was odd that he was friends with her.

  18. karlos says

    Several answers construed the word “usurious” as a religious term, especially in regard to Mel Gibson. It is also a common legal/financial term. Most or all state laws have usury statutes.