1. malkatz says

    You would think Tina Fey or Amy Poehler would be a hint, but neither of their shows are really “new.”

  2. malkatz says

    New-ish NBC sitcoms:
    Love Bites
    Parenthood (though it’s more of a drama)
    Harry’s Law

    I don’t know which, if any, were renewed.

  3. Clarissa says

    Does NBC have any new hit sitcoms? I honestly can’t think of any. Outsourced is their newest one, but I think that got canceled. Someone from community I guess?

  4. SteelersFan58 says

    Dax Shepard of Parenthood starred in the movie Baby Mama and is currently engaged to Kristin Bell (they’ve been together a long time). I don’t know whether he has any children, though. And yes, I think Parenthood is considered a dramedy, since the original movie was a comedy.

  5. lahteb says

    Donald Trump!

    The true sitcoms on NBC are 30 Rock, Community, Parks & Rec, and The Office.

    The male star of Love Bites is Greg Grunberg, and he doesn’t fit.

    Unless Lauren Graham’s pregnant, it probably isn’t Peter Krause from Parenthood. Dax Shepard doesn’t have kids.

  6. lahteb says

    Am I reading this correctly — he has kids with his ex as well as his current (or his current is expecting)?

  7. Ralphie says

    Hit sitcom and NBC don’t exactly go together these days, though I adore Parks and Rec and Community.

    Dax Shepherd is NOT a hunk by any means, and he’s already engaged to Kristen Bell.

    That said, it MIGHT still be Parenthood…Peter Krause has a ten year old son at least and is dating Lauren Graham. Hmmm…

    • bethnee641 says

      Uh, have you seen Dax Shepard with his shirt off? Maybe it’s just because he’s with the super hot Kbell, but I want to accidentally all over him.

  8. boomboompow says

    My first thought was Alec Baldwin- hunky, baby mama (Kim Basinger) issues – but 30 Rock isn’t new and who is he dating these days? But given the few sitcoms on NBC I’m stumped. Maybe 30 Rock is new to the Enquirer.

    Someone from Community? What’s Abed’s deal?

    • malkatz says

      He recently started dating a NYU student, I believe, while he’s on his Broadway tour.

  9. karaduff says

    But it also says “battling baby mamas”, so I guess the girlfriend who wants a ring also has a kid with him. I am still drawing a blank!

  10. bob the builder says

    Parenthood is not a sitcom, it’s a drama / dramedy. You’d be looking at the Thursday lineup for the their sitcoms.

  11. hazel says

    Eddie Cibrian? Maybe LeAnn wants a ring that he actually bought with his own money?

  12. apple martini says

    Noo clue who this could be. NBC hasn’t really been that successful with sitcoms lately, and then you run into semantics trouble (is Parenthood a dramedy or a sitcom?). And “renewed” makes it sound like it’s brand-new show.