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BlindGossip – This famous actor and actress couple got married several years ago. Although it was a hastily-arranged secret wedding, you’ve probably seen a few good photos of the event. Well, guess who’s not really married? We mean legally.  While their wedding was a religious commitment ceremony and family party, they never got around to the actual marriage license part. Well, at least that should make their “divorce” easier.


It’s Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher! Source: BlindGossip

They were “married” for six years, and announced last year that their “marriage” was over. Why haven’t they filed for divorce yet? Because they were never legally married.

Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore got married in a Kaballah ceremony September 2005. There were lots of assorted rumors over the nest few years that that Demi was bisexual, that they had an open marriage, or that they were cheating on each other. The two of them maintained that they were had a faithful relationship and that they wanted to have a baby together.

In September of 2010, a friend of the couple told BlindGossip that Ashton was cheating on Demi. They also told us that the marriage was over… but that it wasn’t really a marriage, so there wasn’t really going to be a divorce. On January 5, 2011, we published this blind. In November 2011, the couple announced that their relationship was over. Since then, though, neither one has filed for divorce. The rest of the media started catching on to this puzzling fact earlier this month. From The Huffington Post (including quotes from RadarOnline):

Last November, Demi Moore released a statement that she had decided to “end” her six-year marriage to Ashton Kutcher — end, but not divorce.

The 49-year-old actress announced the split, but made no mention of filing for divorce from Kutcher following his cheating scandal with 23-year-old Sara Leal, and it may not just be a matter of semantics.

According to RadarOnline, neither Moore nor Kutcher has filed divorce papers to this day, prompting those close to the former couple to wonder if they were ever legally married in the first place.

“Some people think that they were just married in a symbolic Kabbalah ceremony and that they never actually filed the paperwork to make it legal,” the source told the website.”

While no papers have been filed, Kutcher has reportedly hired renowned divorce attorney Laura Wasser, who is also currently representing Kim Kardashian in her divorce.

Radar’s source admits it’s very strange the couple haven’t filed for divorce yet, but says that the actress’s hospitalization in January and subsequent stint in rehab could very well be the reason she has yet to file the papers.

“But now that she’s out [of rehab] and doing better some people around her are surprised that she hasn’t taken steps to end the marriage,” the source explained. “They’re wondering if the reason they haven’t filed divorce papers is because there aren’t any to file.”

Since Moore announced the split, the two have kept their distance from each other, and Kutcher was rumored to have been linked to numerous women including Mila Kunis and Rihanna. Despite reports the two had reconciled at a friend’s birthday party, sources say they were friendly with each other but there are no plans to get back together.

A few additional notes. There is no “common law” marriage in California. The reason that Demi Moore has retained a divorce lawyer may have more to do with the distribution of shared assets (there’s as much as $300 million at stake) than the dissolution of a legal marriage.

We gave you plenty of hints with this one: a few good photos (Demi starrred in A Few Good Men), guess who’s not really married (Ashton starred in the remake of Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner). Did you catch them?

Congratulations to  Miss Renee , who was the first to get this one right!


Ashton Kutcher’s new girlfriend, Mila Kunis, is now confirming that Ashton and Demi Moore were never married. From National Enquirer:

Latest bizarre twist in the bitter DEMI MOORE-ASHTON KUTCHER breakup – or, as Demi famously cast it, her “divorce!”

Inside sources say kurvy Kutcher kupkake MILA KUNIS keeps insisting that the rumors are true: Ashton and Demi were NEVER married!

“Mila’s now saying she and Ashton want to marry and raise children, and she’s assured stunned pals that he doesn’t need a divorce from Demi because the two were never legally wed in a civil ceremony,” said one source.

“They got ‘hitched’ in a symbolic Kabbalah ceremony.”

Next question: Do they need a Kabbalah divorce?

See, Blinders? Blind Gossip told you all this a year and a half ago!

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