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BlindGossip – This famous actor and actress couple got married several years ago. Although it was a hastily-arranged secret wedding, you’ve probably seen a few good photos of the event. Well, guess who’s not really married? We mean legally.  While their wedding was a religious commitment ceremony and family party, they never got around to the actual marriage license part. Well, at least that should make their “divorce” easier.


It’s Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher! Source: BlindGossip

They were “married” for six years, and announced last year that their “marriage” was over. Why haven’t they filed for divorce yet? Because they were never legally married.

Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore got married in a Kaballah ceremony September 2005. There were lots of assorted rumors over the nest few years that that Demi was bisexual, that they had an open marriage, or that they were cheating on each other. The two of them maintained that they were had a faithful relationship and that they wanted to have a baby together.

In September of 2010, a friend of the couple told BlindGossip that Ashton was cheating on Demi. They also told us that the marriage was over… but that it wasn’t really a marriage, so there wasn’t really going to be a divorce. On January 5, 2011, we published this blind. In November 2011, the couple announced that their relationship was over. Since then, though, neither one has filed for divorce. The rest of the media started catching on to this puzzling fact earlier this month. From The Huffington Post (including quotes from RadarOnline):

Last November, Demi Moore released a statement that she had decided to “end” her six-year marriage to Ashton Kutcher — end, but not divorce.

The 49-year-old actress announced the split, but made no mention of filing for divorce from Kutcher following his cheating scandal with 23-year-old Sara Leal, and it may not just be a matter of semantics.

According to RadarOnline, neither Moore nor Kutcher has filed divorce papers to this day, prompting those close to the former couple to wonder if they were ever legally married in the first place.

“Some people think that they were just married in a symbolic Kabbalah ceremony and that they never actually filed the paperwork to make it legal,” the source told the website.”

While no papers have been filed, Kutcher has reportedly hired renowned divorce attorney Laura Wasser, who is also currently representing Kim Kardashian in her divorce.

Radar’s source admits it’s very strange the couple haven’t filed for divorce yet, but says that the actress’s hospitalization in January and subsequent stint in rehab could very well be the reason she has yet to file the papers.

“But now that she’s out [of rehab] and doing better some people around her are surprised that she hasn’t taken steps to end the marriage,” the source explained. “They’re wondering if the reason they haven’t filed divorce papers is because there aren’t any to file.”

Since Moore announced the split, the two have kept their distance from each other, and Kutcher was rumored to have been linked to numerous women including Mila Kunis and Rihanna. Despite reports the two had reconciled at a friend’s birthday party, sources say they were friendly with each other but there are no plans to get back together.

A few additional notes. There is no “common law” marriage in California. The reason that Demi Moore has retained a divorce lawyer may have more to do with the distribution of shared assets (there’s as much as $300 million at stake) than the dissolution of a legal marriage.

We gave you plenty of hints with this one: a few good photos (Demi starrred in A Few Good Men), guess who’s not really married (Ashton starred in the remake of Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner). Did you catch them?

Congratulations to  Miss Renee , who was the first to get this one right!


Ashton Kutcher’s new girlfriend, Mila Kunis, is now confirming that Ashton and Demi Moore were never married. From National Enquirer:

Latest bizarre twist in the bitter DEMI MOORE-ASHTON KUTCHER breakup – or, as Demi famously cast it, her “divorce!”

Inside sources say kurvy Kutcher kupkake MILA KUNIS keeps insisting that the rumors are true: Ashton and Demi were NEVER married!

“Mila’s now saying she and Ashton want to marry and raise children, and she’s assured stunned pals that he doesn’t need a divorce from Demi because the two were never legally wed in a civil ceremony,” said one source.

“They got ‘hitched’ in a symbolic Kabbalah ceremony.”

Next question: Do they need a Kabbalah divorce?

See, Blinders? Blind Gossip told you all this a year and a half ago!

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117 comments to Here Comes the Fake Bride

  • Zitch

    Scarlett and Ryan

  • MissRenee

    Ashton and Demi?

    • pitstop

      Like it. Though to say that Ashton is a famous actor is pushing it… at least BG didn’t say an esteemed actor!

      Wasn’t it a kabballah ‘wedding’?

      • Nartalart

        Are you implying that Ashton is not famous or is not an actor? He’s both so I don’t get the confusion.

      • jenb

        ashton is not that famous, demi maybe back in the day.AShton is well known not famous, when u talk about famous leo, travolta, willis, smith and washington and johnny just to name a few are considered famous.

      • Anon

        Seeing as how blind items consider reality stars ‘famous’, I believe Ashton would be considered as such too. And Ashton is currently doing projects again, so I don’t think it is such a stretch to call him a famous celebrity.

        Plus, with BlindGossip the photo is a clue. Ashton wore a hat as part of his wedding attire and Demi has long, black hair.

      • jenb

        It could be

        demi and ashton
        ben and jen
        marc and jen
        tom and kate

      • jenb

        but i’m leaning towards tom and kate/demi and ashton because of the few good men guess.

      • pitstop

        Thanks Jenb… like it! Was going to include that calling Ashton a famous actor is an oxymoron… or just moron!!

      • jenb

        @pitstop lmao.

      • terielee

        Even the pic looks like them.

    • mush

      i second this, just for the ‘guess who’ comment, that film Ashton was in with Bernie Mac.

    • Nartalart

      I’ll co sign this one. The religious clue could point to Demi’s interest in Kabala (that is spelled wrong) and family because of her kids.

    • jenb

      No one expects demi and ashton to last long, seems more like a pr job than a so called marriage which really didn’t help either of them.

      • Clearly

        Since when are Ashton and Demi getting a divorce. Seems like they are putting up a united sham front to continue the thing.

  • Anhelo

    Tom and Katie?

    • Zitch

      they had a huge public on the cover of all tabloids wedding not a secret wedding at all

    • somethingoriginal

      a few good – sounds like it

    • 4six2

      The Tom and Katie wedding story fits this perfectly~ that it was religious ceremony, but never legal. But as Zitch points out, it was certainly not a “secret”. Who had a hasty, secret wedding???

      • auntmidgee

        Wasn’t their Scientology ceremony hastily put together before the big wedding in Italy? I remember a few pics from the boat they were “married” on.

    • Brooke

      Agree! BG left out Chip and Grin references because it would make this too easy – the ‘a few good’ I think is referent enough, to Tom’s movie ‘A Few Good Men’ (great flick by the way :))

  • Loz-girl

    Jennifer Lopez and Marc Antony. Although they are singers and actors…

  • insider1970

    It’s Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner! Apparently they had a “secret” wedding

  • plum

    Garner/Affleck? i remember the priest was Garner’s friend actor

    • insider1970

      Yes, it’s them! I have already posted above your own post all the details from an article about their wedding (my post is currently moderated)

      • curious

        Were there any photos of the Garner/Affleck wedding? Where did they get married?
        Wasn’t she pregnant at the time of the ‘wedding’?

      • insider1970

        All the details are on my post that is currently moderated (grr)! Yes, they posed for some photos after the wedding which was a hasty, secret one according to the article, it was a non-demonitional short ceremony officiated by Garner’s co-star back then, and yes she was pregnant.

      • definitely

        If it was a “non-denominational” ceremony…would it necessarily count as a “religious commitment ceremony” like the blind says?

    • stinkweed

      There were no “good” photos of their wedding. There were a few fuzzy ones, like this one from Star magazine:

    • stinkweed

      Victor Garbor was ordained online for the service (which is legal in most places). It was a “secret” ceremony, but no family party involved. The only picture of the wedding I could find was a fuzzy, distance shot that wound up in Star magazine. There were probably no more photos because they got married in Turks and Caicos, which caters to the very rich and probably kept the paps away.

      Seriously doubt this is them.

      • Blacktating

        Getting ordained online is not the problem, it’s whether or not they ever applied for a marriage license and filed the paperwork afterward. If they didn’t, it doesn’t matter who “married” them, it wouldn’t be legal. I like this guess a lot, especially as they seem miserable and headed for divorce any day now.

      • food for thought

        I don’t know if this is about Ben and Jen, however, I do know that they didn’t not follow Island laws to make it a legal marriage. They got “married” the same evening they arrived on the Island. Island law states you have to be on the Island 48 hours before you can be married for it to be legal. That “private” ceremony was photographed by National Enquirer. Even if they were able to get around the Island laws, they had 90 days to make it legal in the US by filing a marriage license. They were photographed picking up papers from a courthouse in Beverly Hills shortly upon their return, that was soon after a media outlet mentioned the Island laws. Never saw anything in the media about it being made legal. If you search public records, Jennifer’s first marriage and divorce is recorded, but there is no record of Ben and Jen’s marriage filed in public records.

      • food for thought

        I’m correcting myself, this is the requirement.

        Turks and Caicos
        Marriage Requirements


        A 24 hour period on island is required before making an application for a marriage license. The ceremony may be held 2-3 days after the application is granted. The wedding license fee is US$50.

      • stinkweed

        I was just commenting on people saying they were married by her co-star. Whether the marriage was legal or not, he was legally ordained and could perform a legal wedding.

      • stinkweed

        Crud. Posted that in the wrong place.

        But I do have a question: did anyone actually search the records personally, or is this just going on online gossip? Where would they have filed?

  • Quanah

    My first mind was David Arquette and Courtney Cox, but for a while her last name was hyphenated. And, to change your name, you have to show your marriage license (at least I did…but maybe celebrities don’t have to). I don’t whole heartedly think it’s them due to the fact that she seems like she would take care of that detail.

    Plum…good guess about Garner and Affleck. I kinda think that’s them too.

    • Anonymous

      She didn’t change her legal name. She changed her professional name. That’s a big difference. All she had to do was register the new name with the appropriate unions and make sure that no one else was using it. No marriage certificate necessary.

      • Quanah

        Very interesting Anon. I thought she changed her legal name too. Thanks.

      • anonymous

        You can call yourself ANY name that you want as long as it isn’t for illegal/fraudulent purposes. Whether she legally changed it is something else. I post here as the cunningly named ‘anonymous’ but I don’t have to change it legally!

      • Shila

        The Afflecks didn’t have the ‘family party’ bit though. Garner’s parents werent even there. Also, she had legally changed her name to Jennifer Affleck.

        On the Demi-Ashton bandwagon! ‘A Few Good’ (Men) clue + (Just) ‘Married’…

        Though JLo-Marc is also a good guess too…

    • Chris

      They had a huge real wedding

  • Nony

    Sounds like Ben and Jennifer, but what sad news if it is, at least for their beautiful daughters.

  • Aperry741

    Demi and Ashton, or Tom and Katie. The clue is “a few good photos” = ” a few good men”.

  • boyishglamorpuss

    Garner/Affleck for the win!

  • suzi

    CZJ and Michael Douglas – a few photographs were published illegally and they sued.

  • Ralphie

    I like the Ashton/Demi guess more than Affleck/Garner. Ben and Jen were wed on a beach officiated by Victor Garber with no other guests or festivites. Family party sounds like Demis girls and Bruce and his gf at the time. Plus I thought I remembered their “wedding” being referred to more than once as a a Kabbalah committment ceremony.

    That said I ain’t buying Tommy Girl and Stepford Katies marriage even being legal either. Who knows what wacky rules apply since they “wed” in Italy.

  • plum

    even if i wrote Ben/Jen Garner, my trouble with our guesses is they have child/children and i can’t imagine a fake marriage with children

  • Laura Palmer's Hooha

    Demi and Ashton FTW!

  • Guesswhat

    I’m on the Garner/Affleck train. There was that single picture of them getting married which was so odd to me.

  • lilylala

    SJP and Matthew Broderick?

    • mimi

      SJP & MB? Are you serious?? A hastily planned wedding?? They dated for 6 years before they got married. His sister, who is an Episcopal priest, performed the ceremony.

  • skeptical

    Another clue…Guess Who! Remember that movie that Ashton starred in and the “family party.”

  • margo

    is everyone forgetting that demi moore was also in “a few good men?” i think that seals the deal for demi/ashton.

    • lailabean

      “The ceremony came together at the last minute; final preparations were completed within 24 hours.”- People Magazine, for Ashton and Demi’s wedding.

  • AnMaSt

    I like all of your reasons for Ashton and Demi. (guess who and a few good men)

    I also think the “family party” refers to there being other family members in the picture. It points to Demi’s brood and how Bruce is always hanging around.

  • Julie

    Jensen Ackles and Danneel Harris … i believe she is his beard

  • julie

    I think the girl in the picture actually kind of looks like Demi. Seriously.

  • Keeksmom

    in the photos published of ashton n demi’s wedding, ashton was wearing a hat like the groom in the bg pic.

  • Wondering

    I don’t think Garner/Affleck fit the clues. No family was at the wedding. They were married in the Turks and the laws there are pretty easy as far as licensing.

    Now Demi/Ashton fits all the clues:

    Demi and Ashton were married on the evening of September 24, 2005 in Beverly Hills at their home. The wedding was arranged at the last-minute and was a traditional Kabbalah ceremony.

    The ceremony took place around 10 p.m. and was led by Rabbi Eitan Yardeni. They stood beneath a chuppah, and Demi’s daughters gave tributes to the couple.

    Also, if you Google them, there are some excellent, clear photos, albeit very few.

    • MissyL

      I agree with the Demi/Ashton guess but why? Why pretend to get married if you really don’t want to? Doesn’t make sense to my logical mind.

      • Kiki

        They kept fighting the October-May romance aspect. Saying they were married probably ‘legitimized’ their commitment to each other (not just that she was a cougar) in the media. Demi seems to really care about how she is portrayed, don’t you think? She seems like a PR machine.

      • another libby

        Legal marriage is much more difficult and expensive to dissolve, obviously.

        And Demi was in pretty deep with Kaballah. I could see her thinking that their ceremony would be MORE meaningful and earnest than a legal paper.

      • amagod121

        I tend to agree with you. Plus she’d already had 2 failed marriages. Maybe she wasn’t completely up to dealing with a 3rd.

        And yeah, the PR was probably a great side benefit of sort of getting married.

      • amagod121

        And maybe she was afraid it wouldn’t last, since he’s so much younger or maybe he refused to do the real deal, since he’s so much younger.

      • ahorsenamedbill

        and maybe that’s the explanation for the odd quote from him….”smartest thing I’ve ever done…”
        that quote could have been taken out of context, but it still strikes me as an odd way to describe one’s nuptuals
        I think it’s them

      • jenb


  • RWiss

    My money is on Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin.

  • Elle in general

    Jen and Ben married legally, so did Scarlet and Ryan. Tom and Katie had a huge wedding, photos of it in every magazine, it was not a secret one.

    Now Demi and Ashton, this is something you could argue with. They do have open marriage, just like Travolta and Kelly Preston do.

    But I doubt it’s either of them. Vince Vaugn? No married last year.

    Clues are. Married several years ago, hastily-arranged secret wedding, religious commintment ceremony…

    Alice Kim and Nic Cage, anyone? That is my guess

    • anonymous

      Tommy Girl and his contracted wife may have had a huge ‘wedding’ with all kindsa pictures of the divine union. Doesn’t mean they got a license! BUT – it sez in the blind item ‘hastily arranged secret’. And that song and dance was long in the planning and no secret!

    • amagod121

      Anyone stupid enough to not pay the tax man is probably stupid enough to marry a poor waitress.

      Sorry, just my HO.

  • pizzemama

    Another clue pointing to Ashton/Demi: Ashton was in “Guess Who?” (“guess who’s not really married?”)

  • miss dixie

    well I can see Demi and Ashton being too dumb to not even know that they aren’t married.

    but, as another guess, who was the couple that got married several years ago that just invited all their friends over and had a surprise wedding? was that J. Lo?

  • yepimbored

    Jennifer Lopez and Mark Anthony. It was public when Demi and Ashton and Ben and Jen were engaged and married. Jennifer and Mark Anthony never said they were engaged and even after the pics surfaced of their wedding, they didn’t admit the marriage until months later.

    • amagod121

      I dunno. She really wanted to be married in the worst way, big time. Not sure if I could see this gator not digging into his flesh and demanding the paperwork to go with…

  • salamanca

    I’m going with Jen and Ben.

  • LLinNC

    sorry sorry sorry
    I got excited, posted and didn’t read the ‘hastily’ part. D’oh!

  • stolidog

    I’ll go with Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O’Connell.

  • Scorpio13


  • fricknfrack

    The ‘few good men’ comments lead me to think of Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick. Although, it would be sad if it were them heading for divorce. Can’t find any pictures on the interwebs. I like the Demi/Ashton guesses also, but, decided to come out of left field with this one.

  • Schadenfrau

    Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher.

    It’s the dull answer, but impossible to argue after you read People magazine’s initial report of the “wedding”:,,1090617,00.html

  • Trent

    Joel Madden from Good Charlotte and that one chick he married

  • Rufus

    “A few good”=A Few Good Men=Demi Moore
    “guess who’s”=Guess Who=Ashton Kutcher

  • Taika

    Probably Demi/Ashton, but what about Beyonce/Jay-Z? Even after the “wedding” no one really knew if they got married or not. The post doesn’t mention if the couple was well known, just that their wedding was hasty.

  • daglis

    Demi and Ashton. She was milking that May- December Romance while promoting Charlie Angels

  • Yuolala

    Blind item solve?

    Demi Moore & Ashton Kutcher’s Marriage Isn’t Legal, Claims Kabbalah Lawsuit