Charity Gets Shorted by Fashion Magazine

makeup-1StyleList – Which fashion magazine tried to do the right thing by collecting cosmetics swag to send along to a women’s shelter? Pity they didn’t explain to the interns, who picked it clean, that the collection unit by the elevators wasn’t a give-away bin.

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  1. NewGirl says

    Teen Vogue…the interns there are usually young and dont think twoce about taking freebies.

  2. kiki says

    I think Cosmo. They’re always trying to help out women and things… they’d want to help… but of course the interns would be all “omg it’s right there let’s take stuff!”

  3. Sundaeg1rl says

    Shady? That’s normal behaviour all over. When I worked at a magazine, guess who won all the competition prizes? That’s right, the staff!!

    • Jenn says

      I’m aware…and not at all surprised.

      I just read a lot of “ex employee tell alls” about the Cosmo magazine writers and editors in the past.

      • Ann55 says

        Could you please tell us the title of this book or the uRL of the site? I’d love to read it! Thanks…

  4. obsesssed says

    marie claire? they have that “running in heels” show on the style network featuring interns.