Grey’s Anatomy Snark

ellen pompeo 1[Blind Gossip] Actress Ellen Pompeo is usually all sweet and perky on her Twitter feed. So when she posted a jab about the behavior of “some people” on the set of Grey’s Anatomy, it seemed as if she is looking to call people out. Is there friction with one or more of her costars? To whom is she referring?

Ellen Pompeo: Some people make it so obvious when they are bored on set
ellen pompeo tweet bored

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  1. kerplunkin says

    Was going to try and answer this one but then I realized… I don’t know who is still on this show and who isn’t?

    Shot in the dark — Patrick Dempsy? Is he still there?

  2. ravenglass says

    Maybe it’s a dig at new cast member, Geena Davis. But with all that Botox how could you tell if she was bored, happy, sad…?

  3. stolidog says

    I think she’s talking about the crew having to stand there and watch her try to emote.

  4. phoenix89 says

    Patrick Dempsey.
    He stated multiple times lately that acting has become boring for him, he much rather do full time racing.

    Sorry for my bad English.

  5. checkin1234 says

    I supposed it refers to Patrick Dampsey. Wasn’t he hinting that he want to spend more time racing? Maybe he wanna quit the show. Not a bad idea actually.

  6. iluvgossip says

    Has to be someone who has been there from the inception so I’m going with Patrick Dempsey and Chandra Wilson just to up the beeetch factor…lol

  7. spikelb says

    How incredibly unprofessional to be tweeting from the set. It’s called work for a reason. She has a problem with a certain person, talk to the producers in charge, making it public just makes her look like a 6th grade mean girl.

    • rdnicolai says

      If she wasn’t in the scene, then how is it rude? I get the impression that most of acting is sitting around waiting for your cue.

  8. ChattyCat says

    Who says this is a negative comment about someone? It seems pretty innocuous. Why read so much into it??!!! Or am I missing something?

  9. cupcakedelight says

    Guessing Geena Davis. I feel like if it was anyone else, Pompeo would’ve handled it privately instead of being passive aggressive on twitter.