Awards Show Seating Shuffle

[Blind Gossip] One major celebrity had a minor hissy fit at the prospect of sitting next to a seat filler at a recent awards show.

Briefly, when an audience member at a major awards show leaves their seat to use the bathroom or to present an award, an attractive “seat filler” will be assigned to occupy that seat so that the audience still looks full. Although they are not always paid, seat fillers go through a screening process as if they are employees of the venue, and provide their own formal wear, hair and makeup so that they blend in with the celebrity-filled audience.

Well, Celebrity 1 – who is a major star – absolutely REFUSED to let a seat filler occupy the seat next to her when her companion had to leave for a brief period of time!

She was rude about it, too. She pointed at the poor girl and told a producer that there was no way that she was going to have some random fan sit next to her (Yes, although there were hundreds of star there, Celebrity 1 assumed that the seat filler was a fan of hers)! So while the embarrassed seat filler stood there, the audience coordinators shuffled people around and pulled Celebrity 2 from another row to sit next to Celebrity 1 for a short period of time.

The ironic thing? Celebrity 1 and Celebrity 2 don’t even like each other! However, during that brief seating shuffle, the two sat together in one of the front rows and pretended to be BFFS, all just so that Celebrity 1 wouldn’t have to be subjected to sitting next to a random.

Awards Show:

First Celebrity:

Second Celebrity:

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    • yo1774 says

      No way.
      I highly doubt Katy Perry and Sam Smith knew each other before the show, so there’s no way they don’t like each other.
      And of course, there are a good bunch of pics of them, so if they didn’t know each other first, they knew each other after.
      Sam is a newbie in the business, i doubt he had time to make bff or enemies yet. And frankly, Katy Perry doesn’t seem that kind of diva, she doesn’t seem to have a problem with being with less known celebrities. She even pushed for Adam Lambert on idol way before the end of the show

    • PatsUp says

      Absolutely. This was instantly apparent to me. None of the other guesses have changed my mind, even though I have no guess as to Celebrity #2. From what I hear about Julia Roberts, it could have been almost anyone.

    • Martini says

      I don’t see this being Julia Roberts since she has been going to awards shows for decades and probably knows how seat fillers work. This seems like a newer celeb who is insecure and needs a perceived constant image boost.

      • E-GREEN says

        however it says “Celebrity 1 – who is a major star” so that doesn’t exactly sound like a newby- and from what I hear about Julia Roberts it so seems to fit.

    • gossipalooza says

      I thought this too. I watched the rolling stones clip of celebs on their phones and there’s a shot of demi and taylor taking selfies, then in the next shot of taylor someone else was sitting next to her

    • thisisannoying says

      Agreed. According to Twitter photos of seat placement, Selena was on Taylor’s left, Lorde was on her right and Demi was seated behind Lorde. But there are photos of Taylor and Demi in the same row taking selfies with Selena nowhere in sight. I assume they probably don’t get along thanks to Devilena, since Demi “swam away from her bullshit” and Taylor has been reconnecting with Selena.

      • p00dle says

        Or they don’t get along because they both dated Joe Jonas and Demi called Taylor immature & childish when she wrote a song about it and Demi said Taylor should just move on. Also Demi maybe doesn’t like Taylor because she felt she stole Selena away from her (eg. “ask Taylor” video) Also the seating chart wasn’t of Selena, because she wasn’t attending she was working on a music video for her new movie Rudderless, it was of Jordan Sparks

      • PrincessTiff says

        Omg, I thnk it’s time to give up on this week. Retta was complaining about a male seat filler and I don’t know what I was thinking w/Danielle Brooks guess.

    • yo1774 says

      If they are the ones, major praising to their acting chops because they really seem to like each other

  1. augustmom says

    Again, I’ll go with Julia Roberts as first celebrity at the Emmy’s…don’t know celeb 2.

  2. Moonpie says

    This is too broad. There were two award shows Emmys and VMA and each was attended by your standard Hollywood couch bags. So, no clue. Guessing VMA, Katie Perry, Taylor Swift.

  3. Kerzep says

    What the heck is WRONG with these people? They are entertainers, nothing more than that. They have to “sing for their supper”, they are trained monkeys, they don’t have the brains for any other career. Get the heck OVER yourselves!

    • Mandy G. says

      I said the same thing, basically. How petty can one get that he/she can’t stand to sit next to a seat filler for a few minutes? It’s just silly.

    • cantthinkofagreatname says

      Exactly. I couldn’t agree more. I really want this to be solved because if this douche has such a problem being around “common” people, I don’t feel the need to support their lavish lifestyle by buying their music, watching their movies, or whatever.

  4. iluvgossip says

    No idea…some random fan??!…Doesn’t this celeb bi**h know without a fan base she is nothing?

  5. SouthJerseyGirl says

    I wish this wasn’t blind. What an ass. I’m going to guess that this is the VMAs and the celebrity was Beyonce.

  6. KWDragon says

    No idea, as I did not watch the Emmys or the VMAs, but how tasteless, tacky and utterly rude.

    Hope this gets solved.

  7. Vampira says

    I assume the Emmys, I didn’t think the VMAs had seat fillers.
    1st: Julia Roberts?
    2nd: Don’t know

    • kspeedian says

      You’d think the VMAs wouldn’t have seat fillers, but actually all award shows do… Really, if you think about it, celebs have so many producers and writers and video directers , etc with them, that someone in formal clothing would blend in, even at the VMAs. We just see it as all celebrities because that’s where our eyes go lol!

      (PS- watching it right now and its definitely Swift and Lovato … Demi was behind Taylor the entire show and then is suddenly sitting next to her briefly. I also noticed a similar thing w/ Sam Smith suddenly being next to Katy Perry… But I don’t see why theyd have beef LOL I think he was just hanging out w her for a bit)

      • TPA says

        I’ve been a VMA set filler so they do have them. It happens so fast that half the time you don’t even know who you are sitting next to till you plop down.

  8. ilovedrama says

    Awards Show: VMA’s
    First Celebrity: Taylor Swift
    Second Celebrity: Demi Lovato

    I was in the pit and witnessed the entire thing. I can’t believe Taylor, I did not expect this from her. It seems that celebs who pretend to be this nice, wholesome person are the opposite. Definitely see her in a new light, so sad :(

    • JaneDawson says

      I’m surprised by this too. Taylor used to go bra shopping, pick up beers no problem, talk to fans, take photos, hug people, no security at all a few years ago. She has never had a problem with people. It’s only recently she’s been crazy standoffish. I think she’s just grown very paranoid with fame. She spoke to Vogue about people mailing her they were gonna kill her and r*p* her and such. Apparently some dude was arrested stalking her this summer. I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt here. I have never heard of Taylor actively refusing anybody before recently.

      Usual and unfortunate.

  9. stacat1 says

    Another Julia story…since it’s all about her. This is DEFINITELY something she would do. Celeb 1 could be anyone. There are many celebs who can’t stand her.

  10. Mandy G. says

    I don’t have a clue as to who this is, but please, please expose this self-important idiot. Please?

  11. melly123 says

    1st Celeb: Taylor Swift
    2nd Celeb: Demi Lovato
    I thought it was weird Demi was next to Taylor. Didn’t they fight over being Selena’s BFF at tone time? and Demi wasn’t beside her the whole time

  12. lindseyann says

    Show: VMAs
    First Celeb: Taylor Swift
    Second Celeb: Demi Lovato

    There was a brief moment when Taylor and Demi were seated together, when Taylor’s seat was actually between Lorde and Jordin Sparks.

  13. danneka says

    that’s hysterical. i have done seat filling in the past and believe me we don’t care (generally) who we are sitting next to…

    • danneka says

      meaning we have seen so many celebs and are pros and most of us seat fillers are in the industry ourselves (i am) anyway so we are mostly not “fans” or people that would care about who we are sitting next to so it’s funny the celeb was so concerned about them being a “fan”. :)

  14. guiltywhispers says

    I noticed Sam Smith was not in his assigned seat next to Ed Sheeran and instead was sitting with Katy Perry.They looked like real friends though.

  15. MissNormaDesmond says

    It’s not Retta but she did have the seat filler next to her (filling in for Billy Eichner) tossed.

  16. terry123 says

    Taylor Swift at the VMA’s? Don’t know who the pretend BFF was but since she is an expert beard, I’m sure she had no problem pretending to like the other celebrity

  17. SevenRaine says

    All I got is Taylor Swift and Jordin Sparks, because I thought it was strange they were sitting next to each other after Swift’s people really slammed American Idol a few years ago. I don’t remember the details, it was when Swift was getting so much heat over her horrible live singing at the Grammys with Stevie Nicks. Her people said something in defense that somehow made her talent the focus and her crappy singing something far far above AI people who just do covers or something, I don’t recall now exactly.

  18. SevenRaine says

    Actually, I want to change that to Swift and Demi Lovato, who for most of the show was in the row behind Swift but in a few photos was sitting next to her.

  19. musictoblame says

    Award Show: MTV Video Music Awards

    First Celebrity: Taylor Swift
    Second Celebrity: Demi Lovato

  20. kidxlyricxmcfly says

    This has to be about the VMA’s as they had backstage camera’s set up on all angles. I did notice that Taylor Swift had a lot of people switching seats near here. Demi Lovato sat next to her as well as Lorde. By the end of the night Jordin Sparks and Jason Derulo sat next to her. I knew it was some type of altercation going on, if only I could’ve heard the audio better.

  21. ravenglass says

    “Celebrity 1 & Celebrity 2 don’t even like each other!”

    That’s funny, I don’t recall seeing Beyoncé & Jay Z sitting together at the VMA’s.

  22. XxMileyXxMadonnaXx says

    Awards show : mtv music video awards

    First celebrity : katy perry

    Second celebrity : miley cyrus

  23. nandiquinha says

    Awards Show:VMA

    First Celebrity:Taylor Swift

    Second Celebrity:Demi Lovato
    I saw that happen. demi sat with taylor for a little while, and they took selfies and stuff

  24. BingoRingo says

    hmm not sure, random guess…
    Awards Show: VMA’s
    First: Katy Perry
    Second: Sam Smith

  25. LisaRose says

    I’m going to assume this was the VMAs and from what I’ve seen in the memes

    I think the two celebrities were Taylor Swift and Demi Lovato.

    I may be completely wrong but Taylor was sitting next to Jordin Sparks and Jason Derulo.. in another meme, I see Demi Lovato sitting next to Taylor and Taylor whispered something in her ear..then in the next meme, you see them just sitting there nodding their heads.

    Probably wrong because Jordin Sparks wasn’t Taylor’s companion and I wouldn’t consider Jordin a major star.

  26. kindaobvious says

    Awards Show: VMAs
    First Celebrity: Taylor Swift
    Second Celebrity: Demi Lovato

    could be the other way around though. but im sure they dont like each other bc demi blamed taylor for demi and selena’s broken friendship(“ask taylor”) and there was a moment where they sat by each other.

  27. annie-leah says

    Awards show: VMA
    First celebrity: Katy Perry
    Second celebrity: Miley Cyrus
    I thought it was so weird to see them together, they didn’t seem to be friends before????

    • lindseyann says

      Katy actually wrote a couple songs for Miley and the two have been known to be fairly good friends.

  28. research boy says

    Well, supposedly Taylor and Demi have mended fences (they weren’t even that ‘estranged” five years ago and they mostly just disagree on How Do You Solve A Problem Like Selena? [at the moment Taylor is being friendly towards Sel, while Demi is all “bye, bitch!”]), but yeah, I guess Demi popping into the front row while Lorde was in the Ladies’ (see what I did there?) could have been more about Taylor not wanting a seat-filler than her wanting Demi to come sit with her.

    I do recall at the ACMs a few years ago, Taylor went with her friend Ashley Avignone, but while Ashley was always on Taylor’s right, three different people (1 man, 2 women) occupied the seat to Taylor’s left. (All three are probably country-music celebrities, I just don’t know country so well.) At the time, I thought the adjoining party (the three who sat to Taylor’s left seemed to be together) were just taking turns for whatever reason, but if Taylor (who travels with constant security guards) is that paranoid about seat-fillers, I guess she could have insisted that one of her neighbors cover for whenever that party left the seat open. Sad if true; I mean, the seat-fillers are screened, after all.

    OTOH, Demi deserves better than being stuck in the second row when Jordin Sparks (really?) gets the front, so there’s that, I guess. And if Taylor and Demi really ARE currently antagonistic, then somebody goofed up by putting them in such close proximity to begin with. (For that matter, wtf was Nick Jonas doing in that area? Sure Taylor and Joe were a fake “couple’ so there shouldn’t be any actual awkwardness, but the “Joe broke Taylor’s heart when he dumped her over the phone” story is still out there, and I’m sure neither Taylor nor Nick wanted that to be topic of discussion. Just poor planning, all around.)

  29. Warrior1461 says

    I’d hate to think Taylor would act like this when she invited fans to hang out at her NYC pad after her yahoo live stream.

  30. joloack says

    Since the seats in the clue pic are RED, I think it would be safe to say this is Taylor Swift. First time user and guess of a blind.

  31. savannah2 says

    Awards Show: VMAs

    First Celebrity: Katy Perry

    Second Celebrity: Miley Cyrus

    Katy Perry was sitting near Miley Cyrus, and multiple times that the cameras panned to them, they both looked miserable. Plus, the shade she and Sam Smith threw to Miley sending a homeless man to receive her award. Katy Perry looked ultra-/pissed off the entire night, to be honest. And there are other pictures of her and Sam Smith together with Miley nowhere in sight.

  32. missbelly says

    For sure:

    Award show: VMA
    First celebrity: Taylor Swift
    Second celebrity: Demi Lovato

    We can see that hapened in the cam audience 2 (9:40-10.30) Now we know why she is always just a beard. It fits perfectly to her.

    • SleuthingForFun says

      Yes to all. Am I the only one who believes that if Taylor loved men she would have one on her arm even if she paid them instead of always being the beard?

      • missbelly says

        That´s rigth. Or maybe men quickly discover how she is and drop her as fast as possible.
        Even the vid of cam 2 fits with the clue: “She pointed at the poor girl and told a producer…”
        What a shame.

  33. zozepowee says

    I don’t think this is Taylor Swift, she always seems really good with her fans. Sam Smith looked super uncomfortable next to Katy Perry though!

    • KatarinaJ says

      When she isn’t taking 3 bodyguards to a red carpet event to keep people away. I think Taylor is good to her fans when the camera is on.

      • Warrior1461 says

        I can understand some of this, Taylor has had to recently deal with some creepy stuff from fans, from a stalker to drunks pelting her RI mansion with beer bottles.

  34. tarap says

    The only thing that would make this acceptable is if someone threw a fit about a Kardashian being in their perimeter.

  35. LizD says

    The post mentions a companion, and the words “random fan” sound very Julia Roberts to me. I say Julia and her hubby but I’m not sure who the second celebrity might have been.

  36. Erin says

    I really don’t think this is Taylor Swift.

    If it was the Emmys, no doubt Julia Roberts was involved.

    If it was the VMAs, I’m going with Miley Cyrus/Katy Perry

  37. Martini says

    This is NOT JULIA ROBERTS. While Julia isn’t the nicest celeb on the planet, she’s been attending awards shows for decades and is familiar with the seat filling process. This is a newer (and likely younger) celeb who is insecure and perceives the need to have a constant image boost.

  38. sleepinthegardn says

    i honestly dont think its taylor, she is the nicest celeb when it comes to fans.

  39. sleepinthegardn says

    im guessing is someone like the kardashians… “she is a major celebrity” cause she is not a singer nor an actrice…

  40. DuchessofSilly says

    whoever this is should be shown the way out of the door of show business for lacking grace, class and humbleness.

    I think we, the audience, deserve better than to have to deal with these entitled megalomaniacs who believe they deserve to be treated like royalty (only us true-born nobles deserve *that* ahem….lol). There are a thousand other pretty faces to take their place so give this idiot the heave ho and usher in a new person who has some character and sense. no one needs this sort of person in any sort of industry.

    teach the fool a lesson – now – before it’s too late.

  41. Warrior1461 says

    As for the Taylor vid, I suspect it was not her being a diva celeb bitch but maybe she just wanted to sit next to someone who she is familiar with and be able to carry on a conservation with.

  42. FrankDaTank says

    I saw someone say they couldn’t see Katy Perry do this. Not saying it’s her this is written about but I read that she has a thing in her rider (however it’s spelled) where she gets a driver to take her to and from her shows that the venue is suppose to provide. No big deal there BUT the driver is not allowed to look at her. If that is true then KP isn’t as cool as I thought she was.