Totally Unbearable Me

me me me 3[Blind Gossip] This actress did not win an acting award at last night’s Emmy Awards. However, she was happy that a more famous actress didn’t win either! No, they weren’t in the same category. However, that didn’t keep Our Actress from later critiquing More Famous Actress’ “performance” during the telecast of the awards show.

“Oh my god! Why did they have to show only HER clip [and not the clips from the other nominated performances]? It just confirms her belief that she is the most important person in the room! And did you see her reaction? All those ridiculous, over-the-top gestures!” At this point Our Actress did a fairly good impression of More Famous Actress. “She is totally unbearable. And did you hear her presentation? That award wasn’t even ABOUT her… yet she managed to make it COMPLETELY about her! Me me me me me me ME!”

In case you though it was a lone opinion, it wasn’t. Several other actors and industry types laughed, rolled their eyes, and nodded along in agreement while she spoke.

Our Actress:

The More Famous Actress:

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136 comments to Totally Unbearable Me

  • WhattheElle

    Our Actress: Don’t know. But I like her a hell of a lot.
    The More Famous Actress: Julia Roberts. The prompter is there for a reason. Her “performance” was rather disrespectful to the Best Actor nominees. For the men in the category, it was their moment. She has had plenty of recognition in her career and will likely have a lot more. Learn to be f*cking grateful and gracious. Take a lesson from Kathy Bates.

    • Kelly

      I have to agree. I’ve always liked her but was very annoyed watching her. Kathy Bates is a class act

  • Chumley

    I’m not sure who Our Actress is, but The More Famous Actress might be Julia Roberts. She was nominated, didn’t win, and presented an award. The presentation was awful, too. All about her.

  • bellestar

    The More Famous Actress is Julia Roberts. Not sure who said that.

  • Renee

    Our actress: ?

    The more famous actress: Julia Roberts

  • Columbus

    More Famous Actress: Julia Roberts
    Our Actress: could be anyone

  • melly123

    The More Famous Actress is Julia Roberts. My first thought for the other actress was Lena Dunham. She is well known, and quite outspoken.

  • matchingclocks

    The more famous actress is totally Julia Roberts, i don’t know who the other is so I just guess… Robin Wright?

  • ummok

    I don’t know who our actress is but Julia Roberts is clearly the unbearable one even though I didn’t watch at all and don’t even know if she presented.

  • Madelyn

    Our Actress: Kristen Wiig

    The More Famous Actress: Julia Roberts

  • JoshuaTree

    The more famous actress has to be Julia Roberts. She made presenting Best Male Actor in a Drama Series all about her.

    She deadpanned all the nominees except Matthew McConaughy saying “all right all right all right” cause he’s a proper and famous movie star like herself. She also gave some whoop whoop to Woody Harrelson when reading his name.

    But she coldly deadpanned poor Bryan Cranston, Jon Hamm and Jeff Daniels’ names. She made it completely obvious she wanted Matthew to win in just her announcing the names. Just like she did the year she did the Best Actor category at the Oscars and made it all about rooting for Denzel Washington (her reaction on opening the envelope was “I love my life!” before saying his name then she draped herself all over him when he was giving his acceptance speech.

    Her reaction to losing her category to Kathy Bates was amazing. It was like she’d never had to put on a humble loser face before in her life and was trying so hard to keep the bitch face from showing.

    SO glad she lost, she’s so full of herself.

    Not sure who the less famous actress is but I want to hug her. I could totally picture Julia Louis Dreyfus pulling off mocking Julia Roberts but JLD won her category.

    Julie Bowen maybe?

    • graysonsmama

      Julia Roberts is terrible. And you’re right- she announced Matthew & Woody’s names like they were playing in the World Series, and she sounded almost disgusted with the other names (even Kevin Spacey, WTF?!). Whoever the lesser known actress is, I like her:)

      • kspeedian

        OMG and I LOVE and ADORE the trophy girl (you know, at the golden globes its a big deal and they get some celeb spawn to do it, but at every award show they have some girl who hands over the trophy and directs people who are off their mark, etc)… Julia was the ONLY presenter who stayed in frame when he was giving his acceptance speech. I even said, out loud, “OK Julia, get out of frame. You had your moment.” Anyway, the trophy girl not once, but TWICE, tries to shoo her out of frame, clearly just doing her job and not realizing Julia was PURPOSELY standing in frame grinning wildly while someone else gave an acceptance speech (srsly who does that?)… The second time she finally got her to move. It was amazing bc she totally stole Julia’s being able to say “Whoops! Was I on screen the whole time? Gosh!” After the second time, she had no choice but to move the hell off screen. I like Julia Louis Dreyfus as a guess for less famous… Or what about Melissa McCarthy??

    • research boy

      Jeez, I’m glad I missed this. Did Emma Roberts give Aunty J a few toots from her stash of coke or something? Eww.

    • KiwiFi

      She DID look bitter! Can’t help that she lost the Oscar to Kathy too, back in 1990 (Ithink?)

  • ravenglass

    Our Actress: Amy Poehler

    More Famous Actress: Julia Roberts

    • ravenglass

      And, Julia, saying “True Detective” in that annoying way she did, was her way of trying to steal the spotlight from McConaughey & Harrelson. Two people who IMO are much more talented & famous than her.

      Speaking of “ME ME ME…” I notice how year after year, Julie Bowen & Sofia Vergara position themselves directly behind whomever is accepting the award for “Modern Family.” I keep expecting them to elbow each other out of the way for more camera time.

  • Veralynn

    Our Actress – Edie Falco (she’d have the chops and guts to do an imitation)

    The more Famous Actress – Julia Roberts
    Her presentation to the Best Actor’s group was painfully slow, and I thought she’d had a valium or two. Julia tried to upstage them all, saying she was glad she wasn’t in that category. Enough already…and let’s not have to see your stick legs any more…enough of that showcasing please too!

    • missmissy

      She is one of my guesses. But I think this is an older actress who doesn’t need validation or connection for her career.

      Ellyn Burstyn
      Cicely Tyson
      Jane Fonda

      are my top guesses.

    • JennyJustice

      If you had pancake ass and no waist, you’d show off your legs too. *snort*

  • PrincessTiff

    The more famous actress was obviously Julia Roberts. I was way confused by them showing that clip, too

  • sabrina325

    More famous actress: Julia Roberts

  • shelaur22

    Our: Amy Poehler
    Famous: Julia Roberts

    I’m glad neither Julia nor Matthew M. won. Ha!

  • stephie

    The me me me actress is Julia Roberts… But totally stumped on who was imitating her.

  • Alexicon

    Definitely Julia Roberts for the more famous actress, but not sure whom the other one is. Since the VMAs and the Emmys were on consecutive nights, everything’s blending together in my brain.

  • stacat1

    No idea who “OUR actress” is. I’m positive the “more famous” actress is Julia Roberts.

  • weeblywoombly

    More Famous Actress: Julia Roberts

    Our actress: Not sure, but I want this to be Lena Headey…

    • weeblywoombly

      Ok, seriously, I think Our Actress is Maggie Smith. Just remembered she was also in Hook and Julia Roberts was notoriously difficult during filming. The story is that she was going through a bad break up at the time.

  • lisako

    More Famous Actress is definitely Julia Roberts. Who was mocking her? Hmmmm. Gonna guess Kristin Wiig or Lena Dunham?

  • janbolt

    I don’t know who said it, but it’s definitely about Julia Roberts, and I totally agree! She’s obnoxious.

  • sinamin

    Julia Roberts as more famous actress??

  • mellymn

    Not sure about Our Actress
    The More Famous Actress has to be Julia Roberts!!

  • jules524

    Our Actress: julia roberts

    The More Famous Actress: ellen burstyn

  • caela94

    The more famous actress; Julia Roberts


    any other nominee,they all have talent.
    All she has are MR ED’S DENTURES.

  • deadfatlady

    Our Actress: Kristen Wiig
    CLUES – She’s in both Despicable Me films
    Known for her impressions on Saturday Night Live

    More Famous Actress: Julia Roberts
    all those cringe hand gestures when they randomly showed clips of her in the Normal Heart

  • geewhiz

    Don’t know who was talking about Julia-it’s-all-about-me-Roberts but I think most of the home viewers thought the same. HUGE turn off. Her ego almost pushed me out of my living room.

  • iheartkoko

    Our Actress: Lizzy Caplan

    The More Famous Actress: Julia Roberts

    • lindseyann

      All I can hear is Janis’ line from Mean Girls, “Did you have an awesome time? Did you drink awesome shooters, listen to awesome music, and then just sit around and soak up each others awesomeness?”

  • haley1020

    Sofia vergara?
    Julia Roberts?

  • busted

    More famous has to be Julia Roberts…no sure about Our actress.

  • haley1020

    Actually Kerry Washington?
    Julia Roberts?

  • batgirl6

    Our Actress: kirsten Wiig
    the more famous actress: Julia Roberts

  • TVespy

    Idk the first but more famous is Julia Roberts.

  • Ennui There Yet

    There’s no question that The More Famous Actress is Julia Roberts.

    But my guess is that Our Actress could be practically anyone in the audience or watching on TV.

  • danneka

    this is definitely julia roberts—but not sure of the other actress.

  • Christine

    Julia Roberts?

  • Endoracat

    I don’t know who ”Our Actress” is, but I am sure the more famous actress is Julia Roberts. The word ”unbearable” is right. I have had the misfortune of spending time with her, and she is unbelievably mean and obnoxious. Don’t be taken in by that smile! She’s a total phony.

  • packerpoke

    Julie Roberts and.

  • Weazle

    Julia Roberts looked like a dolt up there.

  • Khadafi

    Our Actress: Naya Rivera

    The More Famous Actress: Lea Michele

  • stolidog

    Julia Roberts as the more famous, more annoying
    not sure who made fun of her…Lena Heady?

  • CatBallou

    Lena Headey (because she’s awesome and doesn’t put up with crap)

    Julia Roberts (who was just obnoxious last night – but the emmy folks were the ones also pandering to her by showing her clip – just like they pandered a bit to Matthew McConnaughey – it kind of felt like “oh the big kids are here – lets suck up” a bit).

  • minx

    The more famous actress HAS to be Julia “It’s all about me” Roberts. I would imagine ALL of the other actresses felt the same way.

  • tuckerlee123

    The more famous actress has to be Julia Roberts. They showed only her clip form The Normal Heart. I’ll go with Amy Poehler for the other actress.

  • Ralphie

    Oh, god, if this is Kristin Wiig (Our Actress) mocking Julia Roberts (the More Famous Actress) it only makes me love her more! Kristin was nominated in Actress in Mini-Series variety comedy, and Julia was nominated for Mighty Heart, Actress in Mini-Series drama.

    Julia was downright unbearable for sure last night.

    Kristin Wiig was a voice in both Despicable Mes, which sounds like the title of the blind.

  • bjd44

    More Famous Actress: Julia Roberts (Before a commercial break, the Emmys threw to a random clip package of Julia Roberts’ nominated work in HBO’s The Normal Heart). Her award presentation was “bizarre,” to say the least…. I think she was drunk…

    Less Famous Actress: Kristen Wiig. Was nominated in the category for “Actress in a miniseries or a movie.” She was in the “Despicable Me” movies.

    • SleuthingForFun

      There’s been multiple comments about her luny behavior while presenting. Got to check it out, I thinks she’s a phony and has been for years.

  • reverie

    Not sure who Out Actress is but the More Famous Actress is definitely Julia Roberts.

  • mlswift

    More Famous Actress is definitely Julia Roberts. Not sure who the other actress is.

  • FairyMay9

    The More Famous Actress is DEFINITELY Julia Roberts. And boy do I agree, what an embarrassing display. Wanna know who her favorites were? Listen to her drone out the nominees, and you’ll know. One of them was not the winner.

    Our Actress is a toughie, I don’t see any real clues. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say Kristen Wiig. She’s the only nominated actress who is seems an obvious choice for mimicry. Christina Hendricks and Sarah Paulson did come to mind, but I’m going with Kristen Wiig.

  • Scorpio13

    Our Actress:I have no idea

    The More Famous Actress: Julia Roberts

  • emme31

    100% about Julia Roberts. The other actress could literally be any of them.

  • JipJip

    More famous actress is easy=Julia Roberts

  • OoLaLana

    The More Famous Actress is probably Julia Roberts.
    Seems to be a lot of negative chatter about her over the last while.

  • twistedme

    Our Actress: Melissa McCarthy

    The More Famous Actress: Julia Roberts

  • Mia444

    Famous Actress: Julia Roberts
    The lesser known one could be anyone.

  • Serena van der Woodsen

    The More Famous Actress is definitely Julia Roberts, I found it weird as well that they would only show a clip of her performance.

    The Actress though…Julie Bowen? But Julie seems like a real sweetheart.

    I go for Sarah Silverman – does she count as an actress?

  • LovelyLiar

    Our Actress: Kristen Wiig

    The More Famous Actress: Julia Roberts

  • Bunbuns

    Our Actress: Christine Baranski
    The More Famous Actress: Julia Roberts

  • valleygirl86

    Our Actress: Lena Dunham

    The More Famous Actress: Julia Roberts

  • Erin

    The “more famous” actress is definitely Julia Roberts. Her presentation was…bizarre.

    No clue on the other actress

  • crystal75

    Our Actress: Robin Wright (could be anyone!)

    The More Famous Actress: Julia Roberts

  • MaryQuiteContrary

    Our Actress: part of me wants to say Retta cuz she threw shade via Twitter all night, but I think I’ll say Amy Poehler instead.

    The More Famous Actress: Julia Roberts

  • DelilaMars

    The more famous actress must be Julia Roberts. No idea about the other one.

  • SouthJerseyGirl

    More famous actress: Julia Roberts (they did show a clip of her screaming)

    Our Actress: ??

  • aperitto

    more famous: Julia Roberts

  • streeter

    Our Actress: Kristin Wiig

    More Famous Actress: Julia Roberts

    Clues: Unbearable me = Despicable me with the voice of Kristin Wiig
    Me me me me me = Julia

    Neither won their category

    I can see people nodding in agreement that it’s always about Julia!

  • Stackhouse

    Our Actress: ?

    The More Famous Actress: Julia Roberts

  • Vampira

    Only watched part of the opening monologue. The rest of the show is boring. The same people win year after year!

  • cheetah

    our actress: not sure
    more famous: julia roberts

  • Veri2509

    more famous actress has to be julia roberts.

  • oldstephens

    Well you can’t blame Julia that the producer only showed Julia’s clip. I think she was genuinely embarrassed. I think Julia always has a great time where ever she is and likes to have fun.

    Whomever the smaller person was doesn’t matter. She is bitter and won’t accomplish much.

  • RedGirl77

    Not sure who Our actress is but the More Famous Actress is obviously Julia Roberts.

  • Natalie153

    Actress: Kristen Wiig
    Clues- 1- Kristen was nominated for the leading actress in a miniseries or movie, but didn’t win.
    2- Kristen was in Despicable Me 2. The pictures is of cartoon “me”s and the write up also contains lost of “me”s.
    More famous actress: Julia Roberts
    Nominated for supporting actress in a miniseries or movie.

    Julia just grates on me. I’d kill to see Kristen do an impression of her!

  • illandri

    Our Actress:

    The More Famous Actress: Julia Roberts

    That’s all I’ve got…..

  • TheFabMrsT

    Our Actress: Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting (for some reason she’s the only person I could picture doing an impression).

    The More Famous Actress: Julia “Chompers” Roberts

  • mrsjaymack

    Our Actress: Not sure. Maybe Kerry Washington.
    More Famous Actress: Julia Roberts

  • augustmom

    Julia Roberts has to be the More Famous Actress, but I don’t know the other…could be anyone!

  • alarabee

    Our Actress: Don’t know maybe Julie Bowen because she doesn’t seem the type to put up with superficial bs
    More Famous: Julia Roberts, without a doubt…ugh

  • iluvgossip

    Our Actress: Someone who is obviously smart and humble
    The More Famous Actress: Sofia’Look at Me’ Vagara….and that fake accent…uuuughhhh.

  • CyndiTx123

    One of them has to be Julia Roberts….

  • mbs59er

    Not sure who Our Actress is; but I’m pretty sure that the More Famous Actress is Julia Roberts. Since the blind says several other actors and industry types laughed; I will guess that Our Actress is Julie Bowen since she was surrounded by her cast and crew of Modern Family

  • CrankyGirl1

    Guessing Christine Baranski does a wicked Julia Roberts impression….

  • bhakti

    Not sure who the first one is but I’m guessing the more famous actress is Julia Roberts

  • MissNormaDesmond

    The More Famous Actress is definitely Julia Roberts, who was on point with her “it’s all about me” presentation with Best Actor Drama.

  • kerplunkin

    More Famous Actress: Julia Roberts… They gave a ridiculous tribute to her performance in The Normal Heart and she didn’t even win.

    No clue for the other actress, but I’m going to guess Julie Bowen.

  • lovefifteen

    The More Famous Actress: Obviously Julia Roberts, who did make the Best Lead Actor in a Drama series all about herself with her antics.

    Our Actress: Kristen Wiig. She’s (i) capable of doing a good impression of Julia, (ii) wasn’t in the same category as her, and (iii) lost in her category. Also, I think the constant repetition of the word “me” is the clue. She was in Despicable Me and the sequel.

  • brainy

    Our Actress: Kristin Wiig

    Hint “Unbearable Me” & Kristin voiced Despicable Me and Me 2.

    Not sure about The More Famous Actress: maybe Lena Dunham or Tina Fey?

  • bridge

    Julia Roberts

  • ThinkerBelle

    Our Actress: No idea
    More Famous Actress: Julia Roberts, truly annoying.

  • janemare

    Our Actress: guessing Lena Dunham?

    The More Famous Actress: def. Julia Roberts

  • redbus

    sofia vegara?

  • JenJenJen

    Halle Berry about Julia Roberts

  • checkin1234

    Wild guess:
    Kristen Wigg (despicable me, I guess)
    Julia Roberts

  • kookywooky

    More famous actress: Julia Roberts
    Our actress: Minnie Driver

  • Mardy Bum

    I love that everyone is crapping on Julia. She sucks and no one wanted her there.

  • Rofl my Wofl

    Not surprising if it was Julia Roberts. She made Denzel’s best actor Oscar all about her as well when she presented it. “I love my life!” she said just before announcing his name for the win. As if it’s all about her, and everybody else is just a character in her own personal play. Then she draped herself all over him as he left the stage, making sure to be all up in his space and in the camera. Can’t stand that woman.

  • missmissy

    Mentioned it above but my first guess is Ellen Burstyn.

    Second and Third: Cicely Tyson or less likely Jane Fonda (she is probably more famous than Julia Roberts)

    Fourth Eddie Falco.

    This is someone older. None of the younger actresses could/should risk a career move like that. Only someone with nothing to prove and no one to please would say something like that. This actress doesn’t need to work, she works because it pleases her.

  • sassygurl1987

    I also believe this to be Kristin Wiig as our actress and Julia Roberts as the more famous actress. Just like Reese Witherspoon…both are unbearable…

  • DuchessofSilly

    Our Actress: Tina Fey

    The More Famous Actress: Julia Roberts