Totally Unbearable Me

me me me 3[Blind Gossip] This actress did not win an acting award at last night’s Emmy Awards. However, she was happy that a more famous actress didn’t win either! No, they weren’t in the same category. However, that didn’t keep Our Actress from later critiquing More Famous Actress’ “performance” during the telecast of the awards show.

“Oh my god! Why did they have to show only HER clip [and not the clips from the other nominated performances]? It just confirms her belief that she is the most important person in the room! And did you see her reaction? All those ridiculous, over-the-top gestures!” At this point Our Actress did a fairly good impression of More Famous Actress. “She is totally unbearable. And did you hear her presentation? That award wasn’t even ABOUT her… yet she managed to make it COMPLETELY about her! Me me me me me me ME!”

In case you though it was a lone opinion, it wasn’t. Several other actors and industry types laughed, rolled their eyes, and nodded along in agreement while she spoke.

Our Actress:

The More Famous Actress:

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