He Really Wants To Hurt Her

divorce 19[Blind Gossip] He does not want you to know about his rampant infidelity because his image depends on you believing that he is a nice guy. Well, that persona is an act. He is actually a nasty piece of work. While he may not be talking about his wife directly to the media, he is the one directing his friends and family to do so on his behalf. Yes, all of those insult and allegations are coming from him!

It doesn’t matter to him if they are true or not! He has always hated the imbalance of power in his marriage and he just really wants to hurt her right now until she gives in and gives him the money and gives him a divorce. So, this week, he will be calling her a fat, crazy, mentally unstable, unfit mother… through other people of course. He is just getting started.



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