Pop Star Cautionary Tale

piggy bank 1[Blind Gossip] Here’s a cautionary tale for all you big-spending pop stars who think that the party will last forever.

This pop singer used to be a teen heartthrob. He owned a huge house and half a dozen high-end cars. His albums went platinum, and he used to date all the hottest young female stars.

It didn’t last. He spent too much and indulged in too many substances. He is cleaning up his act now, but he is struggling. However, he still wants you to think that he is successful. For example, he tells people he lives in Beverly Hills… but he is actually renting a tiny $1700/month one-bedroom apartment in a non-affluent section of Los Angeles. He now drives a Ford Focus… but rents a Mercedes for the day if he is going to an event where he thinks people might see him pulling up.

Pop Singer:

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