Pop Star Cautionary Tale

piggy bank 1[Blind Gossip] Here’s a cautionary tale for all you big-spending pop stars who think that the party will last forever.

This pop singer used to be a teen heartthrob. He owned a huge house and half a dozen high-end cars. His albums went platinum, and he used to date all the hottest young female stars.

It didn’t last. He spent too much and indulged in too many substances. He is cleaning up his act now, but he is struggling. However, he still wants you to think that he is successful. For example, he tells people he lives in Beverly Hills… but he is actually renting a tiny $1700/month one-bedroom apartment in a non-affluent section of Los Angeles. He now drives a Ford Focus… but rents a Mercedes for the day if he is going to an event where he thinks people might see him pulling up.

Pop Singer:

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85 comments to Pop Star Cautionary Tale

  • raslebol

    Whitney Houston’s ex-husband ?

  • Johnboyy

    Justin Timberlake

    • gossipzilla

      Come on!! He may be an addict (like everybody else in the showbiz, pretty much) but there’s no way he’s so broke…


      No way! I don’t see this being JT and if it were Jessica would of left by now or more likely Justin would of gotten with a girl with some money, but why would he when he could easily make another album to set him up for a long time. If he has blown through his money then something is wrong and he has a problem. I’m guessing him and Britney are sitting on similar fortunes and she didn’t blow all hers when she went cray cray so I don’t see Justin being able to do it, at least not for idk ten years.. Now if he didn’t do anymore movies or albums and kinda fell out of the public eye then I could see this happening in ten years. I think Justin Beiber is on his way to blowing all his money. I just don’t think he’s quite there yet but if he keeps it up he will be. I mean what is JB even doing lately? He better start workin more and playin less!

    • kspeedian

      Can’t be… He had an album that came out within the past two or three years that had a ton of hits, some of his biggest yet. He also has been in a TON of movies in recent years, more than one being Oscar winning. Also, as far as I’ve heard, he just smokes pot & isnt a partier. My mind actually went to him too for some reason at first, but now I’m sure he doesn’t fit…

      What about Aaron or Nick Carter (more likely Aaron though bBC BSB still make money touring)

      To people who are guessing Beiber and HARRY STYLES ….. WHAAAAAATTT?!? Lol read this again. Seriously am starting to think some of you just like typing “Harry Styles.”

      • bun_bun

        Or maybe they’re time travelers from the future, because this is surely Justin and Harry in a few years.

  • KWDragon

    Pop Singer: Aaron Carter?

    He used to be quite tuned in, dated Hillary Duff and others. Sad that he feels he has to maintain appearances he can’t afford, but not too surprising. Every now and then you see him out.

    “the party will last forever” – his album Aaron’s Party (Come Get It)
    The movie Popstar was supposedly based on his life and he filed for bankruptcy last year (Wikipedia)

    • RandomPoster

      I agree. First person I thought of when I read the post.

    • iPanderr

      Aaron actually announced he filed for bankruptcy and lives in Pasco County, Florida. There was some article last year of him saying he had $2,000 left to his name? Or something like that.

    • AnguaDelphine

      I think you nailed it! Good job on the clues, too.

    • WheresMyHalo

      This was my guess as well, except for him living in Florida. Maybe he also has an apartment in Los Angeles?

    • cupcakedelight

      Pop Singer: Aaron Carter.

      He just fits too many of the clues. Platinum albums, infamously dating Lohan and Duff, substance issues, the “party will last forever” clue = his “Aaron’s Party” album. Yes he filed for bankruptcy but wiki says that was nearly a year ago, long enough for him to hope people have forgotten or hope they’ll believe he’s now turned his life around.

  • sammieeeee

    John Mayer?

  • rubydee93

    Chris brown?

  • Ma23

    Justin Bieber?

  • ravenglass

    Aaron Carter

    And Justin Bieber in a couple of years.

  • rpca26

    Aaron Carter?

  • Molls

    Pop Singer: David Cassidy

    • WheresMyHalo

      This was Mr. WheresMyHalo’s guess too!!!! I think it’s very possible it is an older person, like David Cassidy. I don’t know too many young stars that drive Mercedes.

      Good guess!

  • Katmandu

    Sounds like Nick Carter.

  • CatBallou

    Aaron Carter?

  • katt388

    My guess is John Mayer. Probably way off but he did date a lot of high profile ladies.

  • meowmeowmegan

    bow wow -______- called out on insta by the car rental service

  • emeraldeyes

    Aaron Carter

  • Moonpie

    Michael Jackson?

  • pwhit72

    Aaron “Michael Jackson gave me cocaine” Carter. Didn’t he declare bankruptcy a few months ago?

  • stylinson_

    Heartthrob, Beverly Hills, Mercedes, that’s made me thonk about Harru Styles. But i can’t believe that. He isn’t like that, he can’t. I really hope to be wrong with that.

    • kspeedian

      Sweetie… Reread the post. How could Harry Styles be a once famous pop star that is now washed up? And how on earth could he be broke already? One Direction isn’t even five years old. Not every single blind is about Harry. Especially ones like this where he doesn’t even fit the description and was probably a baby when this person was famous. Hell, it starts off by WARNING currently famous popstars! Lol, try to get the boy off your mind for a minute and seriously, reread it.

  • rudy

    please let this be bieber baby. please let this be bieber baby. please please

  • spoofbyrd

    The obvious guess will be the obnoxious obvious The Beebs but I am going to go retro and guess David Lee Froth or Axle Rose .

  • Cult of Personality

    Aaron Carter

  • audreyyy

    Pop Singer: Jesse Mcartney?

  • tell me more

    Sucks to be him

  • MamaJunesneckrolls

    I don’t know who we is but if he is paying $1700 for a tiny one bedroom apt, he is getting ripped off!!! Plenty of nice 1 bedrooms everywhere for $1500.

    • KatarinaJ

      I have total issue with this facet of the story. I live in a NICE 2 bedroom in a good area for 2000. WHERE do you live for 1700 in a one bedroom in a mediocre neighborhood in LA?

  • cuervi

    Aaron Carter. He used to date both Lindsay and Hilary

  • brobdingnagian

    Ha Bieber!

    Couldn’t have happened to a bigger jerk!! Oh, karma can do that for sure.


    Aaron Carter for the win!

  • ImWearingVersace

    Aaron Carter

  • keenobserver

    this is a wild guess: JC Chasez

  • eli caroline

    Nick Carter

  • bjd44

    Aaron Carter?

  • SayItAintSo

    Joe Jonas Or Nick.

  • AR09

    I instantly thought of nik carter

  • bangthosehoes

    Pop star: Aaron Carter

  • ExilBerlinerin

    Nick Carter

  • True007

    Aaron Carter

  • audy45

    Aaron Carter

  • bjd44

    One of the Jonas bros???

  • stolidog

    Aaron Carter (and a million other “pop stars”)

  • valetobar

    Obviously, Justin Bieber

  • Camila

    Aaron Carter? He dated Lindsay Lohan, Hillary Duff…

  • britbrat86

    I’m thinking Justin Bieber, he’s been working on cleaning up his act recently (i give him a salute for that)

    • allmyfriendsaredead

      damn that munchkin isn’t cleaning up his acts, nor has he lost any of his cars/homes/money

  • tuckerlee123

    Jessie McCartney?

  • iluvgossip

    Aaron Carter for a wild guess

  • hushhush

    Hmmm.. Aaron Carter?

  • lettyeverdeen

    Justin Bieber,

  • CyndiTx123

    Jesse McCartney ?

  • jdubble07

    I’m gonna go with Sean Kingston. His house a few years ago on MTV Cribs was a rental…actually all the homes I’ve known him to live in have been rentals. He’s also had a number of his high-end cars repo’d, quite publicly.

  • whatnow

    Jesse Mccartney

  • m0m0ntherun

    Jesse McCartney

  • Revisionist

    I am going with Joe Jonas but there are so many washed up “teen heartthrobs”. Really when your audience is 12-13 yo girls you only have about 4-5 years of a career before the next one direction shows up

  • clarkster

    Rick Springfield

    • CanaryCry

      He’s reportedly still married & has a house. Unless you’re talking about him in the late 70s before Jesse’s Girl & General Hospital.

  • phippskat

    Robbie Williams

  • redtom

    The future Justin Beiber

  • ellipsistg

    Pop Singer: Aaron Carter

  • chicagogirl6

    Sounds like Aaron Carter

  • CanaryCry

    I coulda guessed Andy Gibb (may he RIP) or Leif Garrett, but I’ve got a feeling this is a more recent case.

    John Mayer sounds like a good shot, but he supposedly comes from a wealthy family. And he could recover just like Eric Clapton recovered from heroin back in the 70s.

    Maybe Aaron Carter wins the prize here?

  • casey916

    Aaron Carter.

  • sweeeeet

    did any of Aaron Carter’s albums go platinum? Did he ever really have enough money to buy half a dozen high end cars? I’m going with one of the New Kids, maybe Jordan Knight?

  • Warrior1461

    aaron carter is a good guess, this will also be justin beiber in 5 years, that is being too generous.


    I’m going with Aaron or Nick Carter. I do not think this is Jesse McCartney bc he was just in a movie on Lifetime, he was just on a few episodes of Young and Hungry ( Emily Osmet’s new show), and he’s had other projects that made pretty good money recently and in one interview awhile back he was talking about buying a recording studio or label or something and he said something about he could afford it now. He was real hot for awhile and kinda disappeared, but IDK I don’t think his career is over, in fact I think he could easily make a comeback and be bigger than ever. Just as a side note anyone think he looks and sounds a lot like Dicaprio? In that new Amish movie he reminded me so much of Dicaprio when Dicaprio was his age. Anyway, I think this could be a lot of pop stars that were big and then burnt out. I just think Aaron Carter might be the type to try to keep up appearances.

  • luvprue1

    Nick or Aaron Carter!

  • doggiez

    I don’t know who this is but that’s really sad. Sad that Hollywood makes people ashamed of who they are. :-(

  • soggytales

    Drake Bell?

  • melismel35

    jesse mccartney ace… final answer

  • beatrixkiddo

    Aaron Carter?

    Possible clues could be the use of the word “party”, since his biggest hit was “Come Get It (Aaron’s Party)”.

    He also dated Hlary Duff / Lindsay Lohan, and is known to have substance abuse issues.

  • nellyboo

    I don’t think this is Aaron Carter. Because didn’t file for bankruptcy in 2013? Doesn’t he live with a relative in Florida?

  • sleepinthegardn

    im thinking about aaron carter, jesse mccartney and ryan cabrera?


    I’m thinking whoever said Ryan Cabrera might be on to something. This can not be Jesse McCartney if you go look he’s had a few movies come out in the last year and last year he put out a record that did fairly well. He also co-wrote Bleeding Love for Leona Lewis so I’m sure he got a kick back off that. He, by all accounts doesn’t appear to be struggling at all. Now, if this had been a few years back I might of guessed him but he’s doing well for himself it seems. I hear a lot more about him than I do Aaron Carter or Ryan Cabrera. There are probably pop stars we have forgot about too that have fell off. I mean this could be a lot of people. What is Nick Lachey, All the other Nsync members besides JT, all the BSB, etc doing these days? There’s a lot of boy bands that were hot for a min. that have disappeared.

  • ClosetOrganizer

    Sounds a lot like Aaron Carter, due to his troubles with drug addiction, family troubles, money woes, among other things. He used to date a lot of young, pretty starlets like Hilary Duff and Lindsay Lohan (before her drug addictions made her look like a forty-something) and he had those big singles “Aaron’s Party” and “I Want Candy” back in the early 2000s when he was a pretty big deal.