Major Hetero Push

couple yacht 1[Blind Gossip] Which American TV guy is tipping off the paparazzi to let them know when he is going to be out with his “girlfriend”? We’re not sure why he is doing a major heterosexual push right now. Maybe it’s just a regular event. After all, he did the same thing with another “girlfriend” a couple of years ago.

However, we do know that all the photos of him with beautiful women and the interviews about how he’s looking to settle down with the right woman and have babies with her are really starting to get on his boyfriend’s nerves. You didn’t really think he was straight, did you?

TV Guy:



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  1. drakesavage50 says

    This has totally got to be Ryan Seacrest and his new “girlfriend” Shayna Taylor. The pic is of two people on a boat and those two are vacationing around Italy and the French Riviera on a yacht. Gross. What a tired old queen.

  2. ravenglass says

    TV Guy: Ryan Seacrest

    “Girlfriend”: Shayna Taylor

    Ex-“Girlfriend”: Julianne Hough

    • ravenglass says

      The staged “happy couple” photos are pathetic. They look miserable & bored. Even Ryan “More Teeth Than ‘Shark Week'” Seacrest can’t seem to fake a smile.

      I’m guessing Seacrest’s boyfriend (“bodyguard” or “assistant” or “best friend”) is the dark haired guy who keeps popping up in the “romantic” vacation photos.

      Oh, & congrats, Ryan, on getting your dream lover, David Beckham, shirtless & wet with the Ice Bucket Challenge.

  3. kookywooky says

    TV Guy: Ian Somerhalder

    Girlfriend: Niki Reed

    Ex-Girlfriend: Nina Dubrov

    TV Guy: Joe Manganiello

    Girlfriend: Sofia Vegara

    Ex-Girlfriend: Bridget Peters

    • stanton says

      “KOOKY” Read between the lines. “American Guy” Ryan is the hoist of “American Idol”. If you posting her is straight then you must be getting paid off by someone. Ryan is gay! As the Gay Asian Community in Atlanta

  4. checkin1234 says

    Ryan Seacrest;
    Shayna Taylor;
    Julianna Hough;
    the pictures posted above are exactly the same as the ones from their vacation in St. Tropey.
    The easy one in BG is always less fun. Ace, give us more juicy gossip.;)))

  5. cupcakedelight says

    VERY obviously about Ryan Seacrest.

    TV guy: Ryan Seacrest, who has recently been getting papped with his new “girlfriend” and got papped on a yacht with her only yesterday. That (and possibly also in a fun reference to his name) is why Ace used a picture of them in a boat on the sea. Specifically referring to him as an AMERICAN TV guy = reference to American Idol and also to the fact that he also makes TV shows.

    Girlfriend: Shayna Taylor.

    Ex girlfriend: Julianne Hough, who he went on a massive push with a couple of years ago.

    Random guess, but possibly the major het push is in fact about Julianne Hough? She’s been making a big deal of talking about and getting papped with her new BF and has just landed a gig as a judge back on DWTS. Maybe it’s in response to her doing all of that?

    Hi, Ace! First time poster, long time reader. Love the site! :)

  6. jodie99 says

    Ryan Seacrest. The shots of him with his “girlfriends” make me laugh. It looks more like he’s asking for fashion and grooming tips than romancing anyone who’s female.

  7. Atalanta says

    Ryan Seacrest? Clue being him with a hot blonde on a boat… he’s been pictured recently on a yacht with his “model girlfriend” Shayna Taylor in Saint-Tropez. My question is, does ANYONE care if he’s gay or not? Just come out already and live a happy life with your boyfriend.

  8. slantrhyme says

    Ryan Seacrest
    Shayna Taylor, current beard
    Juliette Hough, ex-beard

    Just gave an interview saying he wants marriage and a family (which he can still have with a guy, it’s 2014, Ryan, just come out!)

    • Bystander says

      I just want to say that I listen to Kiis FM in the morning and Ryan Seacrest is so friendly and engaging that I don’t think he should worry about his sexual preference effecting his success. Generally, no one should. If you are driven and earn all of your success through your own hard work a determination, you also earn respect. If you can still be a genuine and nice person after becoming a big name within the industry, you earn adoration too. As a fan, I love Ryan Seacrest no matter what he is, and have much respect for him. If his dating women is a charade that allows him some privacy with his real partner, then more power to him.

  9. Arrivederci says

    The fact that they said “tv guy” instead of “tv actor” probably means that this is about some reality or talent show star. But somehow this reminded me of Ian Somerhalder! He keeps talking about settling down and suddenly he’s dating Nikki Reed and he’s always out with her. The ex-girlfriend would be Nina Dobrev. “You didn’t really think he was straight, did you?”:well yes, and so did everyone else but I’m not so sure anymore…

    • ningyo says

      I don’t think this particular blind is about him, but it’s kind of obvious Ian is gay when he has more chemistry with Matt Davis (Elric) than the female lead who he was dating for what 2 years?

  10. Lalique says

    TV Guy: Ryan Seacrest

    Girlfriend: Some model

    Ex-Girlfriend: Julianne Hough

    But who is his boyfriend?!

  11. Raleigh says

    American Tv Guy = American Idol
    TV GUY: Rynn Seacrest
    Girlfriend:Shayna Taylor
    Ex-Girlfriend:Julianne Hough

  12. ChattyCat says

    Ryan Seacrest…..recently photographed on a boat with his gf & bunch of her bikini clad friends. Accompanies a comment he made about marriage & kids.

  13. jami123 says

    Ryan Seacrest? I don’t know the name of his current girlfriend or ex girlfriend, but I do know I’ve always thought he was gay.

  14. GrannyGoose says

    TV Guy: Ryan Seacrest
    Girlfriend: the new model he’s been seen with
    Ex: Julianne Hough

  15. mosca1213 says

    TV Guy: Ryan Seacrest

    Girlfriend: Shayna Taylor

    Ex-Girlfriend = Julianne Hough

    “American TV guy” = American Idol

  16. iluvgossip says

    TV Guy Ryan Seacrest
    Girlfriend Shayna Taylor
    Ex Julianne Hough

    Come out already Ryan wherever you are…oooh you’re in the closet. He is approaching 40 so maybe he is trying to convince himself that he really is into women

  17. brobdingnagian says

    TV Guy: Ryan Seacrest

    Girlfriend: Shayna Taylor (current beard)

    Ex-Girlfriend: Julianne Hough

    No Ace, never thought he was straight. Ever, ever, ever!!! LOL!!

  18. RedGirl77 says

    Sooooooooo Ryan Seacrest

    Why doesn’t he come out? Who cares?

    He’s got pics of himself all over the interwebs right now with some blond model who’s 23

    ex-girlfriend is Julianna Hough *cough*

  19. RedGirl77 says

    Also, the pic is a nice hint. All the pics that are out right now are of the two of them on a yacht.

  20. queenlaura says

    the oh-so-trasparent ryan seacrest. though i must admit he almost fooled me at one point….

    • amelia says

      There is a previous blind about this… That’s why he and Julianne ended their relationship- I mean business relationship of course! 😉

  21. KWDragon says

    I assume this is about Ryan Seacrest “frolicking” on a yacht with girlfriend Shayna Taylor, with Julienne “I sure would like my career back” Hough as the ex. The picture of the seafaring couple is a big clue.

  22. modelle18 says

    TV Guy: Ryan Seacrest – we dont care that you’re gay!!

    Girlfriend: the blonde model

    Ex-Girlfriend: Julianne Hough

  23. musicjunkie17 says

    The first thought that came to mind was Ian Somerhalder so…
    TV Guy: Ian
    Girlfriend: Nikki Reed
    Ex-Girlfriend: Nina Dobrev

  24. True007 says

    Ryan Seacrest
    Shayna Taylor
    Julianne Hough

    Clue: American – “American Idol”
    No mention of him being an actor but just a TV guy.

  25. bluthbananas says

    TV Guy: Ryan Seacrest
    Girlfriend: Shayna Taylor
    Ex-Girlfriend: Julianne Hough

    I’d be shocked if it were anyone else.

  26. Nini says

    TV Guy: Ryan Seacrest

    Girlfriend: Shayna Taylor

    Ex-Girlfriend: Julianne Hough, Teri Hatcher, …

    The pic is a big giveaway, Ryan and his “girlfriend” were photographed on a yacht in the last couple of days

  27. yo1774 says

    It’s really sad that in this day and age people still do this.
    I understand not coming out at the beginning of your career, you need to test the ground first and prove you are a good actor/singer. But there’s a big difference between not telling the whole truth and faking romances.

    As Daniel Radcliffe said, if there are gay rumours you are doing something well

  28. bec215 says

    Ryan Seacrest, Shayna Taylor,and Juliana Hough… photos of them jogging on his yacht, among other things. Maybe he’s missing all the attention he had with Juliana.

  29. Ralphie says

    Sure I’m late to the party cause cleaning my house cut into my damn gossip time today BUT….

    TV Guy: Seacrest, OUT!
    Girlfriend: Shawna (or however it’s spelled, does anyone care?) Taylor
    Ex-Girlfriend: Julianne Hough

  30. AnotherNic2Remember says

    Poor Ryan, does he think he’s fooling anyone?

    TV Guy: Ryan Seacrest

    Girlfriend: Shayna Taylor

    Ex-Girlfriend: Julianne Hough