I’m A Big Kid Now

boy in bed[Blind Gossip] This pop singer has millions of female admirers and is quite the heartthrob now. However, what they don’t know about his childhood might surprise them. When he was much younger, he once attended a slumber party. His friends discovered that he still wore diapers at night because he had a problem with bed wetting. He was ten years old at the time. Now, any time he even thinks about getting a little too big for his britches, his old friends remind him of that embarrassing event.


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88 comments to I’m A Big Kid Now

  • haley1020

    justin bieber

  • Bamadex

    Harry Styles

    • guiltywhispers

      This. Niall, Louis and Liam have all said he wet the bed. The thing is; he supposedly still does it, so it might not be about him.

  • Sunshine Girl

    Please let this be about Justin Bieber.

  • heyokay

    Harry Styles?
    I love him either way tbh

  • Vampira

    I think I would get new friends.

  • heyokay

    Or Niall horan



  • SharmelleLaBoushh

    Justin Bieber.

  • sma13

    Austin Mahone

  • Kerzep

    The Biebs!

  • royal eduardo

    I really want to say Justin Timberlake but can’t find any clues

  • Sure

    I’m thinking Auston Mahone

  • ravenglass

    Adam Levine

    • ravenglass

      Now I’m thinking this could be ED SHEERAN.

      His latest album is X(Multiply) X is 10 in Roman Numerals. Maybe the title X is really a private joke with his mates.

      “…too big for his britches…” He covered Bon Iver’s “Skinny Love” which contains the lyrics: ‘Cause now I’m breaking at the britches’

      He just seems like a sweet, down to earth guy & not “too big for his britches” at all, so, maybe Ed’s old friends are keeping him in line with a diaper story.

      • KWDragon

        I also think Bieber is out of control, so I think that someone a little more grounded would be the one. I like your guess.

  • Sure

    I thought Justin Beiber @ first but I think his friends would have publicly said something by now. His friends ain’t loyal (in my Chris Brown voice) lol

  • lettyeverdeen

    I don’t know… Maybe Harry Styles or someone from 1D?
    One Direction has a song called “They don’t know about us” like in “what they don’t know about…”

  • Ana-nj

    Oh I wish this one is Justin Bieber lol

  • tuckerlee123

    Hate to say Bieber always but Bieber. Second guess is Austin Mahone.

  • frog780913


  • sabrina325

    Austin Mahone?

  • Estrogen

    Has to be Beiber

  • frenchmind

    Justin Bieber?

  • LeahLynn28

    Huh,one of 1D guys…?And wetting the bed isn’t so embarassing…i never did that,but i know some people who used to wet the bed,including my sister.But his friends are cruel,the past should be in the past…

  • 4sixx2

    Whoever it is certainly doesn’t need to be acting “too big for his britches”, but I feel bad that his “friends” remind him of this. It’s not uncommon for boys to have bed wetting issues (don’t always feel an accident as immediately as girls). It isn’t always, but can also be a symptom of abuse. Just to pick a young heartthrob, I’ll completely guess at Cody Simpson.

    • missmissy

      This affects a lot of boys with Austism spectrum disorders too. Even those with very mild symptoms. There are so many medical reasons this (and social like the abuse you mentioned). Kids can be cruel, but you would think that as adults they would grow up!

  • luvprue1

    Justin Bieber l

  • Virginia

    I hope this is Justin Bieber. Ha!

  • ThinkerBelle

    I’d like to think it’s Bieber but I don’t think he has any real friends.

  • BonBons


  • augustmom

    I’m guessing Beiber…

  • Falen31

    The Beibs

  • justme84

    Bieber is the first to come to mind since he has been the most obvious teen heart throb. I remember seeing a meme about changing his diaper as well which is either made by one of his old friends or just terribly ironic. Meme says something like ” I am not getting in this car til someone changes me”. He is wearing really baggy pants.

  • poppyred

    I hope this is Justin Beiber. If it is, they need to remind him more often!

  • TruthBeTold

    The kid in the picture looks a lot like Harry Styles.
    So i’ll go with Harry!!!!

    • LoneHazelEyes

      I thought he looked like a young Harry Styles too.
      And there was also a picture of him cuddling a teddy bear on a lounge during last years’ tour.
      He is also still friends with a lot of people from before he became famous.

  • androgenius


  • generalZod

    please let this be da biebs!
    little turd goes around shirtless with his pants hangin off his butt like he’s some hardcore rapper from da hood. he seems to think he’s really badass these days.
    but, it’s easy to be tough when you got an army of bodyguards around you.

  • Baby

    Austin Mahone? Total guess but it’s all I got…

  • glitteringirl

    So, our pop star has grown up but basically, his friends haven’t? Maybe he’s a bit to big for his britches, that’s one thing, but to make fun of someone for something they can’t control? Ugly. Time to get new friends!

  • trixa25

    Cry baby Bieber

  • robert3242

    I’ll guess the Biebs on this one.

  • maryhg

    Austin Mahone?

  • bec215

    I think the default guess will be Justin Beiber, mainly because of all the jokes about him trying so hard to grow a mustache but coming up short, or that infamous photo in London with the body guard holding him under the arms like he’s putting him in a child car seat… But i’m not sure it’s him since those guys would be Canadian, and he doesn’t spend much time north of the border. Not sure who he is, but I think this is who it’s *not*…

  • PinkG

    Awwwwww…. POS PMK mad because Beaver dumped on of her pigs.

  • sheknowsthetruth

    Justin Bieber?
    only because of the female admirers and heartthrob thing
    and I think britches is another term for monkey and there was that whole pet monkey incident last year

  • Booboo1068

    Oh god! We all have embarrassing memories from childhood. No, I wont tell you mine but this now adult singer would feel way better if he heard stories from thousands (probably millions of others including fans). Of COURSE his old friends remind him!! It’s what guys do until they grow up more, and they KNOW it bugs him! Even some older men will do this with friends if they’re allowed. Personally, my husband either laughs it off or sends it back with an equally embarrassing reminder. Either way he shuts it down and let’s it go. This BI singer will do the same over time. There are kids being teased much worse everyday and adults with equal or worse events from childhood they’ve gotten over.

  • guiltywhispers

    Didn’t Harry Styles admit to wetting the bed?

  • dilettante

    That’s really mean.

  • Chi83

    Don’t know who this is but with friends like that who needs enemies? It’s not like he could help it. That’s just mean.

  • MzDBDB

    Can’t be Bieber since he still wears diapers…

  • iluvgossip

    Singer: Justin Timberlake…wild guess.

  • cposter123

    I am not sure who it is, but it’s really sad. This is a problem that lots of older children have, and it may be nice for him to “come out” with the issue.

  • WorkProduction

    Justin Bieber – he has a song called Bigger

  • mizzavrid

    Whoever it is, what kind of mom sends a 10 yr old to a slumber party w/ diapers? No slumber party til you can hold your pee at nite!

  • FairyMay9

    As a mom, I can tell you that bedwetting into older childhood is faaaar more common that people know. There are alot of reasons for bedwetting, some of them physical, some of them physiological, some of them emotional, all of them not the kid’s fault. I’m sure it was not a diaper, either, but some kind of pull-up or pull-up of the day. Nothing exacerbates this problem more than a person being teased for it. My so does not suffer from this, but I know plenty of wonderful kids who have, and this is not one that I would have put out there. I don’t care who it is, if they’re reading, or if anyone as an adult is reading who struggle with the shame of having been this kid, or are parents are reading who have older kids (even teens) that deal with this, YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

  • sfaj146

    Austin Mahone

  • Visha

    Justin Timberlake? I don’t know how much of a hearthrob he is but he used to have that Mickey Mouse thing going on with his friends being Ryan Gosling, Xtina etc I doubt this is Bieber he is a fugly troll.

  • Aristacats

    I want to go with Bieber but I’ll have to go with Austin Mahone since it says he is considered “quite the heartthrob NOW” when Bieber was given that title years ago by his fans and various of magazines, when Mahone is quite a recent artist.

  • LiveForToday

    This sounds like Justin Timberlake. NSync had a song called “pop” and he seems pretty down to earth. I can see his old friends in TN keeping him in line.

  • babygirl5

    Umm, shouldn’t some things be off limits

  • natalie870

    Ed Sheeran?

  • stacysmom

    The use of the word ‘now’ three times could be a clue? (Not sure what for)

    Big Kid – could refer to Justin Bieber’s song bigger.
    The hair in the photo looks like Justin’s before he started to quiff it and looks a bit like Austin Mahone’s now.

    Saying ‘quite the heartthrob /now/’ makes me think that they’ve only recently made it big and Justin has been popular for 4-5 years. The 1D lads have been popular for 3 years too.
    Austin Mahone is fairly recent so my guess is him.

  • Syd Wishes

    Bieber. I wonder if he likes to blaze up things other than we*d. It’s now clear to me why he first opted for the pot of warm water in the ALS ice bucket challenge.

  • gollygeedamn

    Tell me this is Austin Mahone

  • starfishdancer

    I’d guess Justin Bieber, but his britches are all too big for him. I can’t think of any other reason he’d wear them hanging so low below his ass.

    • Thoradore

      Diddy said, “I got too big for my britches,” when commenting on getting fired from Uptown records at the age if 22.

      • Thoradore

        Sean “Diddy” Combs admitted on the Ellen Show, ” I used to be a bed wetter. OK, I guess I’m confessing that I used to be a bed wetter.”

  • joliefleur

    Louis Tomlinson

  • jmos03

    It’s got to be an english singer bc of “too big for his britches line.” NOT BEIBER. I’m going to go with one of the One Directions boys or Ed Sheeran.

  • zilla

    It would be awesome if people started throwing diapers at the Bieber onstage, on the street, at the clubs..

  • clara

    If it wasn’t for Louis -I make jokes about embarrassing things- Tomlinson, I wouldn’t know that this was about Harry Styles.

  • kedskicks

    Going with Mark Wahlberg. This sounds like the kind of guff that friends from his neighborhood would give him. And — TED.

  • ifyouwannawakeupearly

    One thing’s for damn sure, it’s not Bieber. If it was Bieber, you might expect him to have a little more humility as a result of the experience. His friends would have to CONSTANTLY remind him of this to knock HIS ego down a peg, and repetition produces no effect.

  • ChattyCat

    In 1Ds 1st book Harry said he cried himself to sleep for a while when his parents split & his dad moved out of the family home. These emotional issues could have have manifested as bed wetting. Poor sweetpea.

  • jmos03

    Ed Sheeran