The Director’s Cut

director 7[Blind Gossip] While casting one of lead roles in one of the biggest movies of all time, this very famous Director asked some of the actresses to service him orally.

Some refused. Some complied. He taped the encounters of those who complied. One of those who did comply was eventually chosen as the lead. The Director got a kick out of showing the tape to other men in Hollywood.

Several years later, Our Actress got married to another celebrity. The Director invited the Husband over one day under the pretense of showing him “the director’s cut” of one of his films. Instead, he showed him the video of his wife, The Actress, servicing the Director!

The Husband was furious! However, instead of going to war with the Director, he blamed the Actress. They divorced soon afterward. If you have ever wondered why their marriage only lasted a short time, this is the reason why.




Her Husband:

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BONUS CLUE: Casting For Blockbuster The Director’s Cut are about two different directors.

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