Her Beard And Her Girlfriend

two women one man 2[Blind Gossip] This actress has starred in more than one television series. Although she was married  to someone else in the business, she is gay. No, she didn’t take her ex-husband for a ride. He fully knew about her preferences, and the beardy arrangement benefited them both.

She is in a “relationship” with a new guy now. It works for her because this guy doesn’t mind if the actress brings her girlfriend along on their “dates.”


Her TV Show/s:

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93 comments to Her Beard And Her Girlfriend

  • ShockingDayGlo

    Kate Walsh, Grey’s Anatomy & Private Practice

  • GrannyGoose

    Actress: Marcia Cross
    TV shows: Desperate Housewives, Melrose Place, Knot’s Landing

  • Paupau

    Sounds totally like Tea Leoni. It’s pretty much well-known in HW she’s a lesbian and Duchovny married her knowing so because it benefitted both.

    • luvprue1

      That sounds about right. They relationship always seem like they were friends instead of husband and wife.

    • KatarinaJ

      This can’t be Tea. She was seen out with Duchovny again recently and they are trying to ‘make a go of it again” so the blind wouldn’t be a new man. I don’t see her linked to anyone either, than at one point to Billy Bob Thornton. Bit hard pressed to think off hand of multiple shows she has been the star of.

    • tvbrat2

      ha. The redhead looks a little like Gillian Anderson, complete with beauty mark. And the guy is Hank Moody-ish. Now, wouldn’t a Leoni-Anderson hookup be a scream?

      • Paupau

        @tvbrat2 maybe:) but Anderson’s head over heels with Duchovny (and so is he with her for that matter) so I guess that can only happen in dreamland.

      • tvbrat2

        @Paupau. Nah. I think the Duchovny-Anderson hookup is fan fantasy

  • lady

    Courtney Cox?

    The girlfriend being Aniston? They vacationed together a lot during her and David Arquette’s marriage.

  • silence1534

    Kate Walsh

    Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice

  • Vagabondage

    Fran Drescher
    The Nanny
    Happily Divorced

  • abbyg

    Courtney Cox?

  • abbyg

    Courteney Cox?

  • Stacy C

    Dr Addison Montgomery Shepherd Grey’s Private Practice and Bad Judge

  • JoshuaTree

    This screams Kate Walsh but I didn’t hear about her dating a new guy.

    She married that Fox exec she “dated” for like a week some years back after gay rumors surfaced. IIRC that was also about the time she got the Grey’s spinoff Private Practice so those are the multiple shows.

    Pretty well known in LA circles that she’s a lesbian.

  • ashanean

    Actress:,Kate Walsh

    TV Shws: Grey’s. Anatomy
    Private Practice
    Full Circle
    Bad Judge

  • ritzee

    Guessing Kate Walsh from Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice and then whatever other shows she has going on. Only guessing this because there was a picture of her grabbing a “friend’s” chest on Splash Mountain the other day.

  • CanaryCry

    Kirstie Alley, formerly of Cheers, Veronica’s Closet, & at least one reality show. I always thought there was some fakery about her & Parker Stevenson.

    Scientology may have saved her life after cocaine addiction, but it’s not doing her any favors in other areas. Not just about her being gay, but also the bipolar disorder symptoms she exhibits, delusions of grandeur & all.

    • katt388

      Good guess. There was a very strong rumor going around inside circles in Hollywood when she was married that she and Parker were each other’s beards. Both of their children are adopted and Scientology seems to like closeted people. Just ask John and Tommy bog.

  • Visha

    Kate Walsh and the TV SHOW Private Practice/Greys Anatomy. Just saw her grabbing her lovers boobs the other day on a fun day.

  • CoCoJoe

    Easy? Kate Walsh. I really don’t have a clue about her, but I know she was on some tv show and that she got married and divorced. I saw that pic of her yesterday on a roller coaster, clutching onto the breasts of the woman in front of her…clue: “ride”.

    Okay, It sounds like I do have a clue, but I wouldn’t be able to pick her out of a crowd and I’ve never seen her shows.

  • tmartex

    Can this puhleeeeeze be Jennifer Aniston?! TV shows- Friends, Ferris Bueller, The Edge

  • RedGirl77

    Betty White!!!!

    • PinkSlip

      love this :)))

      and the name! I wanted RedGirl, but it was taken and I didn’t want the numbers…:)))

  • littleOP

    Wild guess is courteney cox and shows are friends/couger town.

  • clarkster

    Debra Messing
    Ned & Stacy, Will & Grace, Smash and The Mysteries of Laura.

  • ahnji

    Zooey Deschanel?

    ‘Husband for a ride’ – Death Cab For Cutie

    ‘…a new guy now’ – she was in both The New Guy and The New Girl.

  • shelaur22

    Kate Walsh

  • christiney

    Courtney Cox – Friends, Cougar Town

  • Maxine

    Kate Walsh

  • Ralphie

    Kate Walsh? She was just photographed at Disneyland grabbing her companion’s breasts on Splash Mountain, and the photo has a redhead in the middle. She has a new series this fall and was on Private Practice.

  • Danasaurus

    Actress: Kate Walsh

    Her TV Show/s: Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice

    The picture shows a redhead. She was married to an exec for a few years. She was at Disneyland two days ago with her “boyfriend” Chris Case and a “friend” whose boobs she was photographed grabbing on Splash Mountain.

  • Sarabeth

    Actress: Robin Wright

    Her TV Show/s: House of Cards

  • tuckerlee123

    Kate Walsh

    Private Practice, Fargo

  • lrod

    Courtney cox
    cougar town

  • CaliBeat210

    amy poehler?
    park and rec

  • SouthJerseyGirl

    Kate Walsh
    Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice and new series is called Bad Judge.

  • Sure

    Sophia Vergara
    Modern Family

  • LeelooDallas1

    The girl in the middle of that picture looks like she is sporting the “Rachel”, Aniston’s famous haircut on Friends. The dark haired guy reminds me of Justin Theroux. I’m going with that.

  • TulipInBloom

    Actress is Kate Walsh and shows are Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, Fargo. “Ride” is the big clue since she was snapped grabbing some lady’s boobs the other day on Splash Mountain.

  • dollydahl

    Kate Walsh
    Greys and Private Practice

  • IAmSage

    Actress: Sandra Oh

    Her TV Show/s: “Arli$$” and “Grey’s Anatomy”

  • smd1004p

    kate walsch-
    private practice and her new show “bad judge”

  • Desperado

    Michelle Rodriguez

  • kermit1969

    The girl on Parenthood that was on the show with Alexis Bidel
    Her beard: Peter Krause- Lauren what’s her face

  • bellashade

    Kate Walsh?

  • pattynyc

    definitely kate walsh, from greys anatomy and private practice. married for three or four years. rumored to be in relationship w lauren graham. picture clue might refer to KW on a log flume holding onto the chest of the woman in front of her

  • Belser

    Kirstie Alley Even the pic looks like her.
    Veronica’s Closet
    That show she’s on now

    Married to Parker Stevenson
    She’s a scientologist – lots of denial of one’s own sexual preference in that wacko ‘religion’.

  • What Had Happened Was...

    Actress: Kirstie Alley

    Her TV Shows: Cheers
    Veronica’s Closet
    Fat Actress

  • jessdill

    Kate Walsh. Check out the photo of her on TMZ on the log ride……

  • lindseyann

    Actress: Courteney Cox
    Her TV Shows: Friends, Dirt, Cougar Town

  • Gen82

    Kate Walsh
    she didn’t take her ex-husband for a ride refers to her Splash Mountain ride at Disneyland

  • sabrina325

    Kate Walsh?

  • beerizzy

    Katie Holmes
    Dawson’s Creek and The Kennedy’s

  • stephed101

    Is it Courtney Cox? She was in friends and is in cougar town.
    I know she’s recently engaged but it just seems like a convenience and her and David didn’t seem to act like most couples who divorce after so many yrs together.

  • sportsmomof3

    Whoopi Goldberg

    The View?

  • PinkFlamingo

    Marcia Cross
    Melrose Place, Desperate Housewives

  • Tate

    Courtney Cox?

  • Franciss

    Actress: Kate Walsh

    Her TV Show/s: Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, Bad Judge

    If it works for them, there’s no reason to judge, but it’s a shame we live in a society that prevents people from being who they truly are.

  • sigge153e

    Courtney Cox???

  • khl

    Kate Walsh. Starred in Greys Anatomy, Private Practice, and her new show Bad Judge. Ex: Alex Young, new beard: Chris Case.

  • allmyfriendsaredead

    She should come out as bisexual – her marriage and boyfriends will look legit, and she can be with her girlfriend without hiding and bearding.

  • gab

    Kate Walsh
    Private practice and Grey’s Anatomy
    As per a gossip website, she was at Disneyland and grabbed the boobs of the woman in front of her when they were on a ride
    Was married from 2007-2010 with a man called Alex Young
    No idea on the new “boyfriend”

  • arniedee

    Elisabeth Moss?

  • ItsNeverMe

    Kate Walsh
    Private Practice
    Grey’ s Anatomy

  • syrup

    Amy Poehler
    Shows: SNL, the one where she is the mayor (Can’t remember name), and now the show about Sweden

  • krystie

    Actress: jennifer Morrison

    Shows: house & once upon a time

  • pr91

    Kate Walsh
    Greys anatomy
    Private practice

  • ravenglass

    Teri Hatcher

    Lois & Clark/Desperate Housewives

    Ever since those awkward “date” photos with Seacrest, I’ve been suspicious.

  • sawyer

    Kirstie Alley

  • JenniferNorth

    Actress: Kate Walsh

    Shows: Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, Full Circle

  • annla

    Kate Walsh, comes to mind. Have read lezzierumors about her for years and was recently grabbing a chicks breast on a ride at Disneyland, photo evedince on Tmz.

  • Ivee

    Kate Walsh. Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice.

  • fdsajkl

    Can’t be Kate Walsh. Her wiki page says she was married for 15 months. That hardly counts as “years”. My money is on Debra Messing. The picture on top even looks like her in the middle. Although weird that she wouldn’t just come out as gay/bi, given her work with LGBT.

  • tamar

    Could be anyone, but I will go with Kate Walsh. I’ve seen photos of her and her girlfriends, including one who is actually working on Grey’s.

  • aperitto

    I agree about Kate Walsh. But more importantly I would like to know why all actresses that appear strong are gay? Aren’t there any women who appear strong personalitywise and are straight?

    Examples: Marcia Cross, Lauren Graham, Ellen DeGeneres

    The Only exception is Angelina Jolie who turned gay for a while but I don;t like her at all. All the humanitarian work seems like PR to me.

    • hotpinkmomma

      I think it’s just your perception. There are tons strong women that are straight. Meryl Streep, Anna Kendricks.

  • slantrhyme

    Zooey Deschenal

    Divorced from Death Cab guy (“ride”)

    “New guy” Jamie Linden – I get a Taylor Lautner vibe from him

    So so so sick of the closet.

  • wendy hood

    Kate Walsh

    Really makes me find her perfume line called “Boyfriend” that much more ironic

  • Fortuna88

    The mole looks like Sharilyn Fenn, who was briefly married (and formerly connected with Johnny Depp, who’s current embryonic girlfriend Amber Heard is out as Bi).

    TV shows: Twin Peaks, Boardwalk Empire, Rude Awakening.

  • mjandkatylover

    Kate walsh.