Straddler Does Not Have A Contract

girl straddling boy[Blind Gossip] This girl has made a run at this guy before. He’s not into her, but he will let her hang on for awhile if it brings him publicity. Yes, he likes publicity. He likes it more than he likes her.

She is a minor celebrity who wants to be really famous. She is the one crafting this “relationship.” It’s her straddling him. It’s her leaking photos (although she pretended that it was someone else and that she was mad about it). It’s her announcing the relationship. What is he doing? Nothing except watching the internet light up with fans talking about him.

How long can he keep up the pretense? Well, one of his ex-girlfriends was overheard lamenting that “He is not a very good actor.” One thing that we DO know is that he and the straddler do NOT have a contract! So your guess is as good as ours as to how long this relationship will last. Any guesses?



His Ex Girlfriend:

Amount of time this new “relationship” will last:

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  1. MrsGosling says

    Girl: Kendall Jenner
    Guy: Harry Styles
    ex-Girlfriend: Taylor Swift

    1) “keep up” = Keeping up with the Kardashians
    2) “light up” = song lyrics from ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ sung by One Direction

  2. aaanahiitttt says

    Girl: Paige Reifler

    Guy: none other than Harry Styles

    His ex girlfriend: Taylor Swift

  3. MsOverstreet says

    Girl: Paige Reifler
    Guy: Harry Styles
    His Ex Girlfriend: Taylor Swift (previous blind about their “relationship” discussed her thinking he’s a horrible actor and wasn’t even trying)
    Amount of time this new “relationship” will last: 3 months? Some more press leading up to their next single release in October.

  4. aaanahiitttt says

    It will probably last up until the American portion of their tour starts, with all the interviews

  5. telltheviolins says

    Harry S
    Taylor Swifty
    2/3 months (most of his relationships last this long)

  6. sugarspice says

    Sooo easy

    Girl Paige (I’m a leech) Riefler

    Guy Harry Styles (Harry if you read this you need to know that none of us particularly like her and still remember New York 2013!)

    Ex girlfriend (I actually think you mispelt beard) Taylor Swift

    The straddling reference comes from that pic they released last year with her apparently straddling Harry but conviently cover their faces..he was probably screaming for help! And of course she announces she’s seeing Harry Styles whilst he bolted for LA leaving her with his gay best friend who I really think she needs to have a good long chat with to get to know Harry’s preferences better….

  7. petiteetoile says

    well, it’s obviously Harry Styles and Paige Reifler as “one” is repeated so many times and there was a pic of her straddling him in late 2013 i think and she’s just announced that they see each other but i don’t think he needs publicity as he is famous so i don’t understand the point of this “relationship”…
    Is it beacause a guy said on twitter that he saw harry and louis together in LA?

  8. jkolhouse says

    Her: Paige reifler. (Sort of a model)
    Him: Harry styles
    Ex-Girlfriend: maybe Caroline Flack?
    Amount of time this “relationship” will last: it’s already lasted to long. Maybe a month or two.

    A picture leaked a while back of her straddling his lap, she’s been posting pictures of her in his clothing (supposedly), she’s hanging with Grimshaw, and she apparently confirmed their relationship to some press. While he has just been chilling in LA waiting for the next leg of the tour to start and completely ignoring all of this.

  9. kateray says

    Girl: Paige Reifler

    Guy: Harry Styles

    His Ex Girlfriend: Taylor Swift / Kendall Jenner

    Hints: Straddling pic of Harry and Paige leaked last year on one of her ‘friends’ instagram

  10. up-in-the-air says

    Girl: Paige Reifler

    Guy: Harry Styles

    His Ex Girlfriend: Taylor Swift

    Amount of time this new “relationship” will last:probs until the end of the summer, i don’t know

    And you should have put girlfriend between quotation marks, because Harry is as straight as a circle.
    As for the girl, she’s pretty and she seems like a good model, but getting famous because she’s someone’s girlfriend isn’t that amazing.

  11. lettyeverdeen says

    Girl: Paige Reifler

    Guy: Harry Styles

    His Ex Girlfriend: Taylor Swift

    Amount of time this new “relationship” will last: can it be over already?

  12. ravenglass says

    Girl: Paige Reifler

    Guy: Harry Styles

    Ex “Girlfriend”: Taylor Swift (If she was complaining & whining then you know it’s T-Beard)

    “Relationship” will last for the summer, then on to a new beard for autumn.

  13. eyeindigo says

    girl: paige reifler guy: harry styles ex. Taylor swift. bonus: will “end” or get at least a solid “no” right before the IHeartradio Music festival. Mr. styles will want the press to be riled up again with him appearing on the same weekend as Ms. swift. their speculation takes a hit if he’s “connected” with someone else.

    • LiveForToday says

      I meant Nikki Reed…but aren’t Ashley Greene and Nikki Reed basically the same person anyway?
      …obviously I’m not of the Twilight fan base…

      • danimart1105 says

        I think you nailed it. Its what I thought of when I read the post. Also when the post stated:

        She is the one crafting this “relationship.” It’s her straddling him. It’s her leaking photos (although she pretended that it was someone else and that she was mad about it). It’s her announcing the relationship.

        Lainey had accused Reed of doing the exact same thing when she was with Pattinson — tipping of the paps on where they’d be. So this is her MO.

  14. wishididntknowthis says

    First time poster:
    Harry Styles and Paige Reifler. Knew it by the picture alone.

    The ex-girlfriend is Taylor Swift (earlier article about her calling him a bad actor), although this makes it sound like that relationship was real.

    Even if there’s no contract, I get the sense that his team/management/PR company encourages him not to refute things that make him come off as aggressively heterosexual (that twitter fav?). There’s no real acting required on his part, so she’ll probably milk it for what it’s worth until the contract with Sony/Modest is up or the band goes on hiatus/breaks up and he can come out. Late 2015 at the earliest?

    That said, I don’t think he’s really into this whole thing: He instagram-ed Paige jeans along with Johnny cash lyrics about jail a few weeks ago

  15. jmorris says

    Girl: Paige Reifler
    Guy: Harry Styles
    His Ex GF: Taylor Swift

    There were pictures of Paige straddling Harry at a party last year that sent people into a frenzy. She also just publicly stated that she is ‘still seeing him’.

    T-Swift: Known breakdown on the tarmac about Harry ‘not even trying’ and being a bad actor.

  16. whitesox23 says

    Girl: Paige Reifler, a cute blonde haired model

    Guy: Harry Styles

    Ex Girlfriend: Kendall Jenner

    This is all coming to light because supposedly Louis Tomlinson was spotted in LA. Whenever there is speculation of Harry and Louis being in a relationship “girlfriend(s)” appear.

  17. reverie says

    Harry Styles and that Paige Reifler chick.
    Rumored to have “dated” before and now she announced that they are “seeing” each other.

    Ex-Girlfriend is most likely Taylor Swift, maybe Kendall Jenner.

    Hopefully it doesn’t last long. She also mentioned that Orlando Bloom and her were texting, so she seems to be starving for attention.

    • reverie says

      and don’t forget the most damning evidence, that “leaked” photo of her straddling him on instagram.

  18. Ralphie says

    OMG please let this be Riley Keough, Nicholas Hoult, and the ex Jennifer Lawrence.

    I still think Nick Hoult is in the closet and his name will be outed in the whole Bryan Singer debacle. J Law needs to get away from him once and for all. He only took her back for publicity. It was no secret he was jealous of her success the first go round.

    • Ralphie says

      RK would be a minor celeb merely by being Elvis’s granddaughter, even if she didn’t have a meager acting and modeling career.

  19. caligrlth25 says

    Girl : Nicki reed
    Guy: Ian somhandler (or however its spelled)
    Ex girl: Nina Dobrev

  20. JaneDawson says

    All I had to do was Google Harry Styles.

    Paige Reifler
    Taylor Swift

    Over this dude’s “love” life drama.

    • minx says

      Oh, and I give the “relationship” about 6 more months, unless she’s dumb enough to get pregnant.

  21. sssss says

    Girl: Paige Reifler
    Guy: Harry Styles
    Ex GF: Taylor Swift
    Amount of time this new relationship will last: Who cares? 1 month?

  22. bamagirl1980 says

    Nikki Reed-Girl
    Ian Somerhalder-Guy
    Nina Dobrev-ex
    Although I think he is a very good actor, the most handsome and seems like he really cares about the earth and his fans.

  23. ashanean says

    Girl:Paige Reifler

    Guy: Harry Styles

    Ex Girlfriend: Taylor Swift

    Amount of time 1 month

  24. audreyyy says

    Girl: paige reifler

    Guy: harry styles

    His Ex Girlfriend: taylor swift

    Amount of time this new “relationship” will last: a month at most

  25. lady says

    I’m conflicted because of the pictures.

    But I’m still going with

    Michelle Rodriguez
    Zac Efron

    It will last until he gets caught with the person she is covering for.

  26. Andrea Lara says

    So so Simple…
    Girl : Paige Reifler
    Guy : Harry Styles
    Ex Girlfriend : Taylor Swift

    Honestly, this article is so full of clues, I won’t even bother pointing them all out.
    This situation Styles is putting himself into is extremely bad for his reputation. I mean, does he still believe fans are blind ???
    This girl was a to him before and all of a sudden, she’s dating him (after pictures of Louis and Harry in La have appeared…)?
    If Modest, or anyone attached to the boys reads this, please, stop taking people for idiots.
    We DO know it’s their private life (and they can be involved with whoever they want “cough, Louis”) but seriously, Styles and Tomlinson’s gay ‘scandals’ are getting to the point NO ONE still believes they are straight.

  27. AnguaDelphine says

    This is Harry Styles and Paige Reifler. They had the famous “straddling” photo leaked some time ago. I guess the ex would be Taylor Swift. He did do rather poorly as her pretend boyfriend, didn’t he?

    My guess (as to how long this will last) is that this round will be limited by his tour obligations but as soon as things quiet down, work wise and internet wise, they’ll “hook up” again. Unless or until he gets a better beard or is outed.
    Am I the only one getting bored with this? Not the BI guessing, that’s always fun, but the 1D nonsense.

  28. NettieHoney says

    Girl: Yovanna Ventura
    Guy: Justin Bieber
    Ex GF: Selena Gomez
    Will last until Selena breaks it off with Chloe (I think that’s her name)and he kisses her behind to come back to him and continue their sick, sick relationship.

  29. ChattyCat says

    Girl: Paige (Reifler? Riesler?)
    Boy: Harry Styles
    Ex: Taylor Swift

    Fits exactly….with the drama of that photo of Paige straddling Harry supposedly leaked by her jealous ex bf. It’s so pathetic how these young wannabe models keep using Harry to raise their profile: Emma Ostilly, Kara Marshall, Kendall KKkkk….

  30. tbhstylinson says

    Girl: That Paige girl

    Guy: Harry Styles

    His ex: Kendall Jenner

    he gay anyway who cares

  31. MrsGosling says

    Editing my guess:

    Girl: model Paige Reifler
    Guy: Harry Styles
    Ex: Kendall Jenner

    Additional clues:
    3) “private” pics were released late last year of Paige straddling Harry

  32. Khadafi says

    Girl: Amal Alamuddin

    Guy: George Clooney

    His Ex Girlfriend: Stacy Keibler

    Amount of time this new “relationship” will last: End of this year

  33. butterfly1 says

    Paige Reifler
    Harry Styles
    Taylor Swift

    You didn’t mention that the guy was gay though

  34. Lyrics and Chords says

    just a guess and not a good one

    Girl:Michelle Rodriguez

    Guy:Zach Efron

    His Ex Girlfriend: Vanessa Hudgens

  35. mercury99 says

    Well funny to me its already run its course..

    Girl: Paige Reifler (cant stand this person)

    Guy: Harry Styles

    His Ex Girlfriend : T Swifty

    Always wondered about that pic from before of the two of them.. .. Also I think Harry is now in a great relationship with a certain man in LA. These are the things we NEED to know ACE!! come on man. Rhymes with Egg off….

  36. Fournir says


    Guy: Harry Styles

    His Ex Girlfriend: Taylor Swift

    Amount of time this new “relationship” will last: long enough to maintain his reputation

    clue: “One Thing”

  37. khl says

    Girl: Paige Reifler
    Guy: Harry Styles
    Ex: probably Kendall, since she’s the most recent ex and that seemed to fizzle out
    Amount of time: Rumors will persist right up until his management decides it’s time for another girlfriend

    Evidence: that IG photo of her straddling him, her friend supposedly leaking photos of the two of them and causing drama, her posting a bunch of photos wearing his old clothes recently, and her quote from this week that they’re seeing each other even though they haven’t been actually photographed together (obviously, since he’s in LA and she’s in London)

  38. Elisa says

    Girl: Paige Reifler

    Guy: Harry Styles

    His Ex Girlfriend: Taylor Swift

    Amount of time this new “relationship” will last: I’ll give it about 3 to 5 weeks. Once people realize that this girl is just trying to get attention, they’ll stop caring.

  39. ltm3 says

    Girl: Paige Something
    Guy: Harry Styles
    His Ex: T Swift
    Amount of time: Hopefully not long

    There’s a picture of her straddling Harry that was “leaked.” This Paige girl is blond, Harry is brunet, like in the cartoon drawing above. She recently stated in some Daily Mail (I think) article that she is “still seeing him,” although Harry has not said anything regarding her.

  40. kingharolds says

    Girl: Page Reifler or whatever her name is

    Guy: Harry Styles

    His Ex Girlfriend: Taylor Swift

    Amount of time this new “relationship” will last: probably like a week tbh

  41. TheEnglishTexan says

    Girl: Paige Reifler
    Guy: Harry Styles
    Ex Girlfriend: Either Taylor Swift of Kendall Jenner, but most likely Taylor Swift
    Amount of time the relationship will last: By the time One Direction starts the American leg of their tour, he’ll be considered single again. My guess is it’ll be over in a week. Or it’s probably already over, given that Harry is in LA and Paige isn’t. There just hasn’t been any ‘announcements’ over it. In a week she’ll probably say something about either never actually saying that she and Harry were dating (basically calling it a big rumor and that she’s not sure how it started and why it blew up the way it did), or she’ll post something about a new guy when she figures out that no one believes her and it’s just making her look like a fool.

  42. YoGo8c says

    Also, call me crazy and everyone in entertainment likes a bit of PR, but this kid is majorly contracted.

    I’m more inclined to believe young people are being pressured into these things by their older reps as ‘advisable’ image routes to go down.

  43. ohmindi says

    This one is so easy.
    Paige Reifler
    Harry Styles
    Taylor Swift

    A photo of Paige straddling Harry was making the rounds last summer. She has recently been quoted as saying they’re seeing each other.

  44. XxMileyXxMadonnaXx says

    Girl : zendaya Coleman

    Guy: val from dancing with the stars

    His ex girlfriend : kelly Monaco or jenna (dancing with the stars)

    Amount of time: a couple months (18 in September)

  45. bec215 says

    I don’t even follow the band, but a quick Google search brought up a late 2013 photo of Paige Reifler straddling Harry Styles (faces blocked), and then there’s an article from July 22nd on mstarz claiming that she posted a photo of herself wearing some articles of his clothing… so, she’s a minor celeb, taylor swift would know he’s a bad actor, and he’s loving the fan attention, even if he’s not loving the ladies, er, lady.

  46. addybrown says

    Girl: Paige Reifler
    Guy: Harry Styles
    His Ex Girlfriend : Taylor Swift
    Poor Harry, he deserves someone nice.

    • YoGo8c says

      Could that nice-seeming guy in LA who’s always on the scene and that flew to London be a ‘someone nice’? (What a babe that one is!) I tip my hat to Harry, if so. :)

  47. thelasthigh says

    definitely the man-loving “womanizer” Harry Styles

    girl: blonde cokehead Paige

    ex “gf” Taylor Swift

  48. LeahLynn28 says

    Paige Reifler,who isn’t even a minor celebrity…she’s non-list.
    Harry Styles,the loser.
    Taylor swift,the boring girl.
    Zero days.He’s gay,period.
    Honestly,she’s dumb.Harry is gay is never going to like her,never.He’s using her…

  49. Revisionist says

    im going with bieber an that has-been Disney chick who thinks she has a career

  50. Raoul Duke says


    There is literally a pic of her straddling him three days ago on yahoo uk news. And her declaring that she is his girlfriend

  51. corhez says

    Ugh ..
    Paige Reifler
    Harry Styles
    Taylor Swift
    Btw.. He should Get a haircut and throw that ridiculous hat away .

  52. HwoodHypocrite says

    This is definitely Paige/Harry/Kendall.

    Harry loves being the center of attention but I think it’s pretty obvious that he hates the beardings. Everyone pretty much knows that the man is gay.

  53. cheekychels101 says

    Girl: Paige Reifler
    Guy: Harry Styles
    His Ex: Kendall or Taylor

    Harry and Paige had a past last year in New York. This whole thing about her using him came out, but she claims she wasn’t, that it was her friends. Paige is a model so she is kind of famous, but not entirely. There was a picture that one of Paige’s guy friends posted of her and Harry in a closet or something, kissing last year. She was straddling him and she was “mad” at her friend for posting it. A few days ago she confirmed she was seeing Harry to a newspaper. But Harry never said anything about the relationship.

    This whole article seems really easy to read but I am not entirely sure if I am right.