Happy Wedding

bride happy[Blind Gossip] We know you are all wondering about and speculating about this actress’ behavior. The explanation may surprise you.

She was so stressed out over the past six months. Everything was falling apart. Her job, her new venture, her relationship, her friendships, and her relationship with her boss and her colleagues were all in a state of flux. There wasn’t much to be happy about.

As every other aspect of her life spiraled completely out of control, her plans for her wedding were the one thing that she still had control over… and the only thing that made her happy during that time.

When her fiancé cheated on her with her colleague, she broke up with both of them. The sense of betrayal and loss and grief she felt was overwhelming. The way she coped was to hold on to the one thing that had made her happy: the wedding plans! So she kept going with them. She simply slotted in a new guy.

So if you are wondering why she got married, it is NOT because she is on drugs/crazy/seeking publicity/seeking revenge. She was simply coping with her grief by doing the one thing that made her happy: following through on the wedding. It may not make sense to you, but it makes sense to her.




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