Bisexual Debate

girls kissing 3[Blind Gossip] We’ve told you before that this young performer is secretly bisexual. She has never revealed it, though, because she thought it would alienate too many young fans. Well, she is now considering coming out!

Right now the debate is whether to make it purposeful or accidental. She is leaning towards being “accidentally” caught with another girl by the paparazzi. Once those first pics are published, she would then coyly string along fans for a while, drag her sometimes boyfriend into it for some extra publicity, whip everyone into a speculative frenzy, and then finally do a magazine cover tell-all. Yes, this is all being planned out based on how much publicity it would bring her. That’s not surprising given that her entire life now is less about work and more about being photographed every day.

So, what does her team think of all this? They don’t… because she isn’t telling them! Instead, she is taking her advice from another young female celebrity. This other girl – who is either gay or bisexual – is the one pushing our performer to reveal her bisexuality. She also just happens to want to be the girl with whom our celeb is “caught.”

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Sometimes Boyfriend:

The Other Girl:

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