This Marriage Is A Business Arrangement and It’s Almost Over

divided house[Blind Gossip] If business-arrangement couples can sell a “real couple” image to the public, the couple becomes worth more than each celeb would be worth individually. Of course, that value goes up even more if they can take the PR relationship all the way to marriage and children.

We have told you MANY times before that this high-profile marriage is just a business arrangement. We have also told you that this business arrangement will wind down after their current project is finished. Well, it’s almost over!

They are splitting up everything (properties, money, child/ren) right now, but will be keeping up appearances until the announcement. They are separating this year, with the divorce to follow in about six months. It will be very clean and very fast. In fact, the parties involved are describing the timeline as “Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes fast.”

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    • la.dolce.vita says

      These two are just sick. Feel free to get married for fake PR purposes idc about that, but to bring an innocent child into the world fully KNOWING your marriage is just a scam and will be over eventually? That’s just cruel. Basically ruining a kid’s life all so they can further their career and get more money. SMFH.

  1. melismel35 says

    ace its jay-z and beyonce. their project is their tour. hunni this tea is hotttt and steaming…….#kermitface

    • Tracy Lord says

      Nothing to to with the blind but I LOVE your username. Memory Of You is probably my most favourite song ever :)

    • tarap says

      Ding ding ding! Since there’s a name out there and B did drop her pillow, I vote for the surrogate. Except I’m sure she’s happy with her fee and silence.

  2. jodie99 says

    Jay-Z and Beyonce.

    Thanks for explaining this whole “business couple as married couple” thing. It makes no sense to non-showbiz brains, or at least to my non-showbiz brain. I wondered why they go to such lengths.

    • Moonpie says

      Yes, why? They each can carry their own weight. Just stay single and do the media chasing couples carousel as they like to do. Same with Kimye. Why marry? Nothing in common and especially love and affection.

      • ppfxxx says

        Well the usual reasons are publicity or to cover up one or both parties sexuality. By the way when it comes to celebrity couples 1+1=3

  3. WILDKATer216 says

    Husband: Jay-Z (cheah!!)
    Wife: Beyoncé

    Sorry, can’t discuss Jay-Z with hearing him yell that in my head!

  4. buckeyechik says

    Bey & Jay-Z. Their tour (the “current project”) is over September 13th with one of the last concerts being aired live on HBO.

  5. iheartkoko says

    The phrase keeping up appearances makes me think it’s Kimye

    Husband: Kanye West

    Wife: Kim K.

  6. dlove says

    Here is my guess but I hope its not right.

    Husband: Stephen Moyer

    Wife: Anna Paquin

    True Blood is ending.

  7. LeahLynn28 says

    “Keeping up” reminds me of Kum & KanGAYe,since their marriage is fake too,but this couple is clearly BeYAWNce & Jay Z.They are scheduled to split after their staged tour together ends…and they are doing lots of photo ops together lately,to keep the appearances.

  8. Jaredb21 says

    Husband: Jay- Z
    Wife: Beyonce

    I knew this was coming and I’m not surprised. Beyonce will be fine on her own, the chick has and makes a lot of dough on her own. She has a solid fan base and this new chapter will mean good music for us.

    Now Jay-Z on the other hand, I’m concerned people will be Team Bey and turn on Jay. I think it’s his public image up for public scrutiny.

    • shampagne says

      Not if Jay Z spills the beans how she faked her pregnancy then her empire will crumble because ‘the Queen of fakeness’ has lied to her adoring followers!

      • bec215 says

        My guess is that this will be like Tom and Katie in more ways than one – i.e., he’s got enough dirt on her to keep her civil when it comes to the split… he’s no angel, but she’s not stupid!

      • PandoraWolf says

        Yeah, but if he spills the beans, it shows he was complicit in the fake pregnancy. I can’t see how that would help him in any way. The best thing would be to just split up and shut up. Anyone who thought it was fake will say “see, this proves it”, and anyone who thought it was real will keep telling themselves that. Now, when celebs get caught lying etc. and people stop buying their crap, THEN we’ll send an end to this BS…maybe.

  9. JaneDawson says

    Poor Beyonce. The best years of her love life wasted on JayZ, who can barely keep up appearances.

    And that poor baby. Now Beyonce has an excuse to why Blue’s hair is never parted. “I’m too distraught!”

    And poor Rihanna, who will have to sing on Jayz songs from now on now that Beyone’s out of the picture.

    This is sadder than a real divorce. OH ACE!

    • lily is my puppy says

      Ah, c’mon… She’s got plenty of “best” years left — is there a time limit on that?

  10. august says

    Mr & Mr’s Carter and I guess it’s anyones guess who Ivy Blue really belong’s too.
    I’m thinking the sister in law’s after Mr. Carter promised her the same latitude career as his fake wife.

  11. slimfast10 says

    Of course, Bey and Jay, poor baby blue, is there no end to their fakeness?? So much talent, very little scruples….u can fool some of the people some of the time, but you ain’t foolin no one this time…..

  12. gwenn says

    Has to be Beyoncé and hubby. Everything about them was fake, including her pregnancy.

  13. Stackhouse says

    Husband: Jay-Z

    Wife: Beyoncé

    But, does that mean that Blue Ivy was brought to this world through a surrogate, because Beyoncé and Jay-Z actually never had any type of intimate relationship? Because, as far as I recall, didn’t you state that it was done because she didn’t want to gain weight or whatever it was?

    • la.dolce.vita says

      I think they did have sex. I mean who’s not gonna want to have sex with Beyonce? But it was probably casual sex and didn’t actually mean anything. But Beyonce didn’t want to get pregnant because it would ruin her figure so that’s why they hired a surrogate. Not cause they weren’t having sex.

  14. Bamadex says

    Just read that Beyonce and Jay-Z are finished. That’s probably a better guess since they have a current project.

  15. MikeInSanJose says

    BeyJayJay were married in 2008 – 6 years (give or take)…

    Close enough.

    Who was married in 2009?

    Kendra and Hank
    Josh and Fergie
    Channing and Jenna
    Marky Mark and Rhea
    Maggie Gyllenhaal and Peter Sarsgaard
    Adriana Lima and Marko Jaric
    Gizz and Tom Brady
    Khloe and Lamarrr – Oh, never mind…

  16. Moonpie says

    Husband: Sean Carter
    Wife: Beyonce

    Current project is their ‘On the run’ tour. But why do they have to keep up appearances? Their silly fans will kindly contribute to their coffers and they are enjoying the hints of cheating and all the theatrics. Since Beyonce and Jay-Z will be painting the town red as singles, expect the other two copycat clowns to follow suit. Why should Bey be the only one to get all the rappers.