Cap and Beard

graduation 2014[Blind Gossip] He gets a “girlfriend” and she gets money to pay for her education. It’s a good arrangement and it has worked for both of them for years. You really should put your hate for her on hold, because that girl is one of the most loyal and genuinely caring people he has in his life. He supports her in return. That’s it. They are not engaged. They have never even slept together!



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203 comments to Cap and Beard

  • True007

    Suki Waterhouse and Bradley Cooper

  • SRzwg

    Louis Tomlinson and Eleanor Calder

  • ravenglass

    He: Louis Tomlinson

    She: Eleanor Calder

  • Curious Purple

    1D Louis and Eleanor. Simples.

  • 4sixx2

    This is tough for me. Could it be Clooney and Amal Alamuddin? She’s VERY accomplished, but there were many years of schooling to pay for, along with expenses of living in the US without her family during some school. I’m going with this. There’s NO WAY this is a legit relationship.

    • 4sixx2

      Oh damn. I just caught, “it has worked out for them for years”. While Clooney and Alamuddin have only been together for months, perhaps it worked for years with OTHER people. As in, he always buys his beards and she prefers to date wealthy men who lavish her with cash…

  • blessedjess226

    Is it Chris Brown and K. Tran?

    • MyCatLovesTV

      Because when you think “Chris Brown” you think scholastic achievement and respect for America’s seats of higher learning! (Just good natured kidding, BlessedJess!)

  • Juliana

    He: Louis Tomlinson
    She: Eleanor something

  • heyokay

    Louis Tomlinson
    Eleanor Calder

  • scumby

    Eleanor Calder

  • MsOverstreet

    He: Louis Tomlinson
    She: Eleanor Calder

    Big clue: she graduated from college last week. Glad to hear they actually get along well.

    • Booboo1068

      Interesting. Didn’t know this but it certainly adds to the Louis/ Eleanor votes. If this is them I agree and it’s good he has such a good friend in his life…hopefully he doesn’t take her for granted or mess it up. Maybe they should get married if it works so well.

      I dont know much about him/ One D. so I don’t know why people ‘hate’ her. How can you hate someone you’ve never met or spent time with?

      • micban

        I don’t think they’re going to get married, because she’s not his real girlfriend, she’s his beard, but they get along well.
        People from the One Direction fandom tend to “hate” her because they “ship” him with Harry Styles (there are rumours that they’re a couple, more than just rumours actually), and I think that Louis and Harry are/were (i personally think that they broke up) in a relationship too, but there is no reason for hating Eleanor actually.

      • LoneHazelEyes

        They’re jealous because they want Louis to open up about his relationship with Harry and they think Eleanor is one of the people forcing him to keep quiet.

  • aryanna

    Louis Tomlinson and Eleonor Calder..she just had her graduation and he was there

  • sophielove

    Louis Tomlinson and Eleanor Calder :))))

  • tommo78

    He: Louis Tomlinson
    She: Eleanor Calder

    she recently graduated and also a clue may be beard

  • Andrea Lara

    So easy
    HE : Louis Tomlinson
    SHE : Eleanor Calder

  • mrknowitall

    Louis Tomlinson and Eleanor Calder.

  • Morrissey94

    louis tomlinson
    eleanor calder

  • Sure

    Chris Brown and Karrieche?

  • haley1020

    Louis Tomlinson and Eleanor Calder?

  • xerothermic

    He: Louis Tomlinson
    She: Eleanor Calder

  • LoneHazelEyes

    Louis and Eleanor?
    There have been engagement rumours swirling again and she just graduated.
    He was also seen wearing a cap at her graduation.

  • savannah2

    He: Louis Tomlinson

    She: Eleanor Calder

  • XxMileyXxMadonnaXx

    Chris brown

    Karreuche tran

  • sugarspice

    He: Louis Tomlinson

    She: Eleanor Calder

    I think people get frustrated bc at times we see Harry struggling..the lyrics he tweeted this morning (but then deleted) just spoke volumes. It is nice to hear she’s supportive bc Louis does seem to need that. I’m sure the pressure is enormous for everyone. Now that she’s graduated though she seriously needs to get a proper job and use that education! So many young girls look up to her…lets see her forge a career and put that paid education to good use, showing them just where hard work at school and university can get you!

  • hushhush

    Louis from 1D
    Eleanor Calder

  • BHgirl

    He: Louis Tomlinson

    She: Eleonor Calder

  • SayItAintSo

    He Ryan Seacrest

    She Shayna Taylor

  • FiyahHotFlashy

    Rapper Ludacris and “Med School” GF-Eudoxie

  • audreyyy

    eleanor calder and louis tomlinson

  • Sheerio

    He: Louis Tomlinson

    She: Eleanor Calder

    First time poster :)

  • Vampira

    If she’s getting an education, then that leaves out the Kardashians/Jenners.

  • marinabar

    Louis Tomlinson and the FAKE gf Eleanor Calder, HE GAY!!!!!!!!!!

  • jenn1126

    He: Louis Tomlinson
    She: Eleanor Calder

  • Velveteen

    He:Louis Tomlinson

    She:Eleanor Calder

    She just had her ceremony a few days ago and Louis showed up looking like a hot mess….

  • emmawilliamhemmings

    He: Louis Tomlinson
    She: Eleanor Calder

  • Veronica

    Eleanor Calder & Louis Tomlinson

  • Not That Kinda Girl

    He: Louis Tomlinson
    She: Eleanor Calder

  • thenewclassic

    he: louis tomlinson
    she: eleanor calder

  • bumblebea63

    George Clooney and Amal? Although she’s a successful lawyer so I’m not sure about the education part…

  • bumblebea63

    Nevermind. Just reread and saw “years” so it can’t be them.

  • petiteetoile

    easy one!

    he: louis tomlinson
    she: eleanor calder

  • XxBrownEyedGirlxX

    He: Louis
    She: Eleanor

  • blablablabla

    He Louis Tomlinson
    She Eleonor Calder

  • could-be-true

    Might be a wild guess, but I think it’s
    He: Louis Tomlinson
    She: Eleanor Calder

    Eleanor did recently graduate from college & as far as I’ve heard, Louis was there, too.
    That would fit with the ‘Beard’-clue in the title & they’ve been ‘in a relationship’ quite a long time now.
    And she get’s a lot of hate from the fans.

    Not sure about the engaged part, though.

  • popculturenut

    Given that Ace is using the graduation theme, and Eleanor Calder graduated from college a few days ago, seems likely this is her and Louis Tomlinson of One Direction. They’ve been together about 3 years and the relationship has often been suspect due to many people thinking he is gay.

  • cocoanduna

    He: Louis Tomlinson

    She: Eleanor Calder

  • erinfmac

    He: Louis Tomlinson

    She: Eleanor Calder

  • taylorrichy

    So this is about Louis Tomlinson and his beard Eleanor Calder? She graduated last week and he was at the ceremony, clue in the picture. I’m happy you finally talked about their relationship and I’m glad to hear she supports him!

  • LivDizzly

    He – Louis Tomlinson
    She – Eleanor Calder

  • taylorrichy

    Oh, and I forgot that another clue is in the title since Louis wore a cap at the ceremony last week, lmao

  • RainBoWW3500

    He: Louis Tomlinson
    She: Eleanor Calder

    The picture and title fit in with the fact that Louis just went to Eleanor’s graduation. It says they aren’t engaged, which isn’t a necessary fact, and there were rumors about their engagement on Twitter not long ago. I agree with the no hate statement, it isn’t Eleanor’s fault this is happening, but I do believe they are just friends.

    First time posting! :)

  • xInspiredInsightx

    Eleanor Calder and Louis Tomlinson?
    They’ve been together for years, and she gets TONS of hate. Plus, she just graduated from Uni like, a week ago? The picture is for a 2014 graduate, and she just graduated, soo. Plus, she really does seem very sweet. :)
    But I haven’t heard rumors lately of them being engaged.
    And Ace, when you finally reveal the whole ‘Harry-and-Louis-are-gay-lovers’ thing, can you lay on me gently? Because I get that Harry is gay, but come on. Give me a little ray of hope that he is at least bi. I know I’ll probably never meet him, but everythings possible! ;D
    *tears up a bit in a corner*

  • Holly

    Louis Tomlinson
    Eleanor Calder

  • tbhstylinson

    He: Louis Tomlinson
    Her: Eleanor Calder

    She graduated recently.

  • creeping_thistle

    Suki quit school at 16………..

  • bigjinla

    He: Bradley Cooper
    She: Suki Waterhouse

  • JennUx

    louis tomlinson and eleanor

  • cadaver11

    He: Louis William Tomlinson

    She: Eleanor Jane Calder


    HE:louis tomlinson
    She: eleanor calder

  • chrssy1234

    he is Louis Tomlinson. She is Eleanor Calder

  • breadcrumbs

    He: Louis Tomlinson
    She: Eleanor Calder

  • GsspGrl

    Eleanor Calder. There are rumors that Eleanor and Louis are engaged.

  • chloesavedlatin

    louis and eleanor!

  • lucyluna101

    Louis Tomlinson

    Eleanor Calder


  • annie75

    Louis Tomlinson & Eleanor Calder

  • purplebunnynzl

    He: Louis Tomlinson
    She: Eleanor Calder

  • bailey-shamus

    He: Louis Tomlinson

    She: Eleanor Calder

    google it..she just graduated and there is engagement rumour. yep this is them

  • beyonsehslays

    eleanor calder

  • NixieKnox

    I’m guessing Louis Tomlinson and Eleanor Calder as she just graduated. It’s pretty weird though considering how easy it is for English people to fund their university education. I’m from Scotland and to go to university in England I got a third of what my English friends got. Especially if you’re outside London, £3000 or so/term goes a long way. She didn’t really need to have it paid for her.

    • tweety77

      But that leaves the English students in a LOT of debt, which is never good. If it can be paid off, then so much the better :)

  • flashinglights

    Louis Tomlinson and Eleanor Calder

  • cortney

    He: Louis Tomlinson
    She: Eleanor Calder

    They are literally not even together. Never have never will. He gay.

  • hrhcriss

    He: Louis Tomlinson

    She: Eleanor?

  • Peta

    The only celeb I can think of who has a gf in school is Ryan Philippe, but is he thought to be gay? News to me.

  • Bullship_u_know

    He: Louis Tomlinson

    She: Eleanor Calder

  • aj23

    He : Chris Brown

    She : Karruche

  • zassish_john

    He: Louis Tomlinson

    She: Eleanor Calder

  • ritzee

    Guessing this is about Louis Tomlinson and Eleanor Calder since she just graduated from college and he was at her graduation a few days ago?

  • raslebol

    JGL and his super clever girlfriend?

  • makenna2j

    Louis and Eleanor

  • MissLortie

    Ryan Philippe and his gf ?

  • caligrlth25

    louis & eleanour…she just graduated from university this past week

    • caligrlth25

      I sometimes wonder if this relationship is fake or not, and its their management that keeps putting out the rumors that Louis & Harry are gay. The management could keep putting out bogus stories like these just to keep the fans wondering; therefore keeping the attention on 1D. Hollywood isnt above saying someone is gay, when they arent. Also, if this is a “bearding” situation, i would think we would see more photo-ops of the 2 being a “happy” couple like the bs they try to pull with Zerrie; but we dont & when we do its a normal candid couple picture. So who knows…

      • Sstars

        Dude! I have thought the exact same thing. Sometimes the Larry thing just seems so legit but then it doesn’t. Probably half the fans would be upset if they were gay and then the other half would be torn up if they weren’t. We won’t find out the truth until 1D’s fame has died down.

  • jenna_rose

    He: Louis Tomlinson
    She: Eleanor Calder

  • igotlarryfeelsx

    He: Louis Tomlinson
    She : Eleanor Calder

  • unpredictable

    He: Louis tomlinson of one direction
    She: Eleanor Calder

    This makes perfect sense, as theres been plenty of previous blinds touching on the subject of Louis’ sexuality, and how he has a “beard” (meaning a fake girlfriend to cover up for another relationship, hint hint). Eleanor was also in college up until recently, she just graduated about a week ago.

    Hints being “cap and beard” (louis having eleanor as a beard), “put your hate on hold” (one direction fans sending hate to ol’ elly), and also the picture, since Eleanor was in the class of 2014.

  • just-jking

    He: Louis Tomlinson
    She: Eleanor Calder
    She just graduated, and there was a hashtag going around that said they were engaged. I’m glad they’re supportive of each other, I’ve never understood why she gets so much hate, she’s just doing her job.

  • austen93

    Louis Tomlinson
    Eleanor Calder

    There have engagement rumours about them and we know it’s a bearding relationship. Good to know they have supportive friendship.

  • gleekcheek

    Louis Tomlinson (1D) / Eleanor Calder

    She’s been his beard for years and just graduated college…

  • curlytop

    I’m thinking Chris Brown and Kuarreche Tran…the ups and downs of their relationship are ridiculous, unless it’s because of an “arrangement”. She’s loyal, that’s for sure!

  • peytonatthedisco

    Louis Tomlinson and Eleanor Calder. I think she just graduated and there are engagement rumors.

  • LarryAndTheBeard

    He: Louis Tomlinson
    Her: Eleanor Calder
    “cap” she graduated university a few days ago (and he was seen wearing a cap/snapback to her graduation). “Beard” because everyone calls her a beard. To be honest, I never hated her so I’m glad that they get on and she cares for him :)
    “They are not engaged” there was a twitter hashtag recently that said “congratsontheengagementelounor” (congrats on the engagement elounor) or something like that.

  • j2020

    HE louis Tomlinson

    SHE eleanor calder

  • youngstory

    He = louis Tomlinson
    She= eleanor

    LS send her hate alot, she’s finishing her college. She’s the beard and graduating this year.

  • fhestia

    I have no idea, but I just have to say this is kinda sweet.

  • jkolhouse

    Louis Tomlinson
    Eleanor Calder

    -They’ve been together for years
    -she gets a lot of hate from the one direction fandom
    -there were engagement rumors floating around last week
    -she just graduated from Manchester University.

  • RitaSkeeter

    definitely suki and cooper

  • Totally_Sam

    Louis Tomlinson

    Eleanor Calder

    They’re the only “couple” I can think of at the moment.

  • slantrhyme

    Louis and Eleanor

  • jackie

    one direction

    he: louis tomlinson

    she: eleanor calder

  • PapillonLover

    Drew Carey
    Kelley Whilden

  • BlueHerons

    Prince Lorenzo from Lucky Bastards

  • AreYouKiddingMePeople

    He: Louis Tomlinson

    She: Eleanor Calder

    1000% no doubt, now which member of their PR team submitted this.

    • IcanC

      I know right. I doubt they are friends. Co-workers at best. This is so overstated. Am I the only one who remembers that at the end of last year, we were told that they were fighting and couldn’t stand each other? But money can make people loyal I suppose. Just because she is his beard doesn’t mean she became the most important support in his life like Modest is trying to sell. What about Harry, his family, his REAL friends, his bandmates? Hired beard whom he pays to fake being his girlfriend likely comes dead last on Louis’ list. Why is she the only person that Modest insists that fans MUST like. We like Louis and Harry and One Direction. Maybe I’d like her if she got a job using her degree that didn’t involve getting money from Louis or One Direction or One Direction fans through promo.