He Got Nailed

nail polish[Blind Gossip] This young actor has a big role on a hit prime time television show. He also has the salary to match. So it’s a little surprising that he was caught shoplifting several bottles of brightly colored nail polish from a drugstore last week.

He was not arrested, but he was brought into a back office and grilled by the management. He said that the polish wasn’t for him (although he did appear to have traces of old nail polish on his own nails) and that he had done it on a dare. He seemed genuinely remorseful so they eventually let him go with a warning. No, he never played the “Don’t you know who I am?” card. Although he could have. Yes, he is that recognizable.


TV Show:

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  1. Jinkies says

    If “Big Role” is a clue, could this be:

    Actor: Rico Rodriguez / TV Show: “Modern Family”

    • missmissy says

      I have met him and others in his family. The sweetest folks. He is very down to earth and normal. While I don’t think he would be the type to play the don’t you know who I am card, I don’t think it is him.

  2. stolidog says

    The sheriff’s son from the Walking Dead, or either of the sons from Modern Family

    • Celesbrina says

      I don’t think it’s him, also he’s almost 36, not exactly a “young actor”.

  3. SouthJerseyGirl says

    Not enough clues unless the photo of sparkles/glitter is supposed to mean something.

  4. SouthJerseyGirl says

    Revising my thought – glitter means vampire which means one of the Vampire shows so I’ll go with Ian Somerhalder of the Vampire Diaries.

    • KatarinaJ says

      This answer cracks me up! Can you imagine ‘young actor’ Ashton Kutcher shoplifting glitter nail polish!? He could act like he was buying it for Mila. Has to be someone very young who was ashamed. A man wouldn’t be. Plus Ashton is way more known (even paycheck wise) for more than TWO AND A HALF MEN. Ha! Good laugh.

  5. gaelgirl says

    I am not sure what constitutes young, but if it’s kid-aged, this might be one of the Modern Family kids. Huge hit show, huge salaries ($70K an episode) and the kids are recognizable. However, nothing else in the blind seems to indicate MF, but I don’t watch the show. Do they do a lot of grilling? Do they have a lot of dares?

  6. scumby says

    The only one that comes to mind is Johnny Galecki except at 39 he isn’t really “young”. “big” part -“Big” Bang Theory, highly paid and still in the closet.

    • jasper says

      “big part” could also refer to Johnny’s “big part”. He’s been known to be larger than average since he did the play “Little Dog Laughed”.

      That said, I’m going with Nolan from MF, as Johnny is 39 and it says “young star”. He’s the one people aren’t going to recognize in passing, as he never stands out, especially as he hit puberty this year and has changed his appearance. There also seems to be a trend of young actors with high IQs being LGBT more than others, and I hear Nolan is in MENSA.

  7. astarisborn says

    Actor: Ashton Kutcher

    TV Show: Two and a Half Men

    Kinda a wild guess just based on the hints.

  8. bg565 says

    I’m really surprised by all the Manny guesses. I can’t picture him doing this at all. I can, on the other hand, see Nolan Gould doing this.

  9. Raoul Duke says

    Couldn’t be anyone from big bang, none of them are young.
    It’s Rico from Modern Family, he makes a fortune each episode and the hint is the picture “mani” his character name is “Manny”

  10. NYCMEL says

    I think it’s terrific that people here think that Ashton Kutcher (36), Ian Somerholder (35), Johnny Galecki (39) and most of all Jim Parsons (41!) are considered “young.” At 40 I feel old but this made my night.

    Rico Rodriguez from Modern Family is my guess.

  11. seapolyp says

    rico rodriquez – modern family
    photo: manicure aka “mani”
    Rico’s character – “Manny”
    Young actor, huge role on hit tv show
    salary – (source:TMZ) Season 4: $75,000 per episode, min of 12 episodes
    Season 5: $85,000 per episode, min of 12 episodes
    Season 6: $95,000 per episode, min of 11 episodes
    Season 7: $105,000 per episode, min of 11 episodes
    Season 8: $115,000 per episode, min of 10 episodes

    FYI: In each of the first 3 seasons there were 24 episodes — meaning Rico has the potential to make almost $2 million during the current season, and by season 8 he could make $2.8 million!

    But wait, there’s more … Rico’s new deal also includes a bonus in season 8 — an extra $2,500 per episode — if the show can meet a minimum ratings requirement.

  12. Anonymias says

    Darren Criss from Glee’s worn sparkly nail polish a few times in public, Coachella and the VMA’s being the most public events but there are numerous times, and he is the type that could get away with the old “oh, it was just my friends daring me to!”

  13. sammi1211 says

    Seeing as its a pic of a “mani” short for manicure, Im going with Rico R who plays Manny from Modern Family. Wow Rico. Wow lol.

  14. tm8 says

    @May 23 no way it’s Freddie Highmore, in real life he’s attending college in UK and seems way too mature for this.

    And Jim Parsons isn’t exactly “young”… He’s 40 something.

  15. kerplunkin says

    Aren’t all the kids on Modern Family underage? Wouldn’t they have called their parents before just letting them go, even if they weren’t pressing charges?

    My guess is someone from Glee.

  16. shhh123 says

    Adam Sandberg? But I don’t know how young this blind is referring to. My other guesses are kids that play brick and axel on the middle.

  17. geewhiz says

    I’m not sure who this is but if it were a minor would the story have mentioned an adult having been called in to the store? Don’t they have to call in an adult in those situations?

  18. popculturenut says

    The “kids” on Vampire Diaries and Big Bang are all too old to be called “young” in this kind of reference. I think that’s even true of the Glee actors, actually, plus I don’t think any of them would care if someone saw them buying nail polish (thus no need to steal it).

    Angus T Jones hasn’t had a “big” role on 2.5 Men in quite awhile, and many of the other guesses simply aren’t that recognizable irl.

    I’m gonna go with Rico (Manny) from Modern Family, because he IS quite distinctive looking — and hope that the “big” clue here isn’t meant to be as distasteful as I think it is.

  19. QubbuQ says

    Chandler Riggs aka Carl Grimes from The Walking Dead.
    Grilled=Zombie eats
    Nailed=Zombie killing
    The Management=sounds like The Governor
    Poor kid, just wants some colour for his nails but is too shy to just buy it outright!
    It’s nice that the management gave him a chance. So rare these days. Kids are hauled off to juvie and get a record for the stupidest things.

  20. njk says

    Angus T Jones

    Two and a Half Men

    Hint being ‘he got nailed’ – Angus is also famous for his outspoken Christian beliefs. ‘Nailed’ could be referring to the story of Jesus.