Oldie Is Begging For Her Job Back

woman begging[Blind Gossip] This old TV cast member got the boot in the past year. She said she was leaving the job for other opportunities, but that was a lie, and she has done nothing since then.

Oldie really wants her old job back! She wants it back so badly that she is now trying to align and ingratiate herself with someone to whom she used to be very mean…the New Cast Member! Oldie is sending Newbie nice emails and making public statements about her as if the two are the best of friends!

Ha! Newbie isn’t fooled one darn bit by Oldie’s sudden support. She worked with Oldie. She hasn’t forgotten that Oldie used to make fun of her behind her back, and that Oldie never once reached out to her when Newbie’s life was in turmoil. So Newbie is not buying her nice act for one second. However, she is rather enjoying the fact that the tides have turned and Oldie is now kissing her butt!



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  1. MikeInSanJose says

    Couldn’t possibly be Sherri Shepherd and Rosie? Seems Sherri is the one most likely to be needing a paycheck. Only other ex-Viewer I can think of is Joy, and she’s been pretty under-the-radar since Babs qweefed her off the show.

    Oh, and Hasslecrack. And after her “Ruined my vacation” rant, can’t see her Begging Rosie for a job.

    On the other hand… If that was something set up ahead of time… Hasslecrack not loving being one of 467 blond bimbo newsreaders/opinion vomiters at Fox?

    • CoCoJoe says

      Yeah, I thought so too, but Liz has been publicly criticizing Rosie, not playing nice in the media.

      • leannael says

        That’s part of the game! Who wouldn’t want to see those two sparring again?

  2. JuiceBoxHero says

    Oldie:Joy Behar
    “Newbie”: Rosie O’Donnell

    I love love love Joy. The show hasn’t beenb the same without her.

    Barbara needs to get over herself and bring Joy back.

  3. donaclny says

    Oldie: Joy Behar
    Newbie: Rosie O’Donnell

    Joy Behar got kicked off of The View after revealing one too many secrets about Barbara Walters. We haven’t really seen her since. She just slammed Elizabeth Hasselbeck for comments Elizabeth made about Rosie’s return to the show for the new season. Where does all of this leave Whoopi? I can’t imagine Whoopi just sitting around and not opening her mouth. I hope that Whoopi doesn’t decide that she is going to pursue other opportunities and leave. We shall soon see.

  4. ravenglass says

    Oldie: Joy Behar

    Newbie: Rosie O’Donnell

    Whoopi(58),Rosie(52) & now possibly Joy(71) sitting around a table gossiping & complaining? Throw in a cheesecake & you’ve got a “Golden Girls” remake.

  5. hihotintin says

    I don’t know why but when I read this I kept thinking it was about the Today show

    Oldie : Ann Curry
    Newbie: savannah guthrie

  6. Vampira says

    I could only think of Rosie O’Donnell wanting her old moderator job at The View.
    Newbie: Whoopie Goldberg

  7. Katmandu says

    This simply HAS to be Rosie O’Donnell, coming back to The View.

    I do not understand how Rosie O’Donnell gets all this work. It’s like the whole world is always always always saying, ‘Rosie OD is getting a new show/coming back on another show – huzzah!” I just don’t get it, or her.

  8. SouthJerseyGirl says

    Well, it’s either Star Jones or Joy Behar for the oldie but I’m thinking it’s more likely to be Joy (since she is an oldie and and older woman). Newbie is Rosie O’Donnell of course.

  9. missmissy says

    I don’t know what the personal struggles are but i’ll put in a vote for

    Cote de Pablo and Emily Wickersham

    Too many other potential guesses though if you take into account the real housewives.

  10. LaughingInHi says

    Didn’t know Joy Behar (Oldie) was mean to Rosie O’Donnell (Newbie). I guess my assuming that they were comedic pals was wrong.

  11. TulipInBloom says

    Oldie: Joy Behar

    Newbie: Rosie O’Donnell

    I’m officially OVER this topic. Let’s move on. These women are all awful!

  12. stanton says

    We all know this is all about Joy, Rosie & “The View”. Joy never did anything behind “Rosie’s” back. Joy even had Rosie on her HLN & CURRENT shows.

    The only public thing she said about Rosie was “..at time it was like we were her back up like Diana Ross and the Supremes”.

    Behind the scenes Joy was trying to give Rosie advise on how to handle the various personality’s involved with the show. Remember at the time Joy could not say much because she wanted to keep her job on “the view”.

    At the time when Rosie was on the show she was going through lots of DRAMA in her personal life. So the realty is that they are FRIENDS not BFF’S

  13. MrWolf says

    This sounds like the View situation.

    Joy Behar supporting Rosie O’Donnell to try to get back on the View?

  14. Visha says

    Joy Behar is trying to ingratiate herself with Rosie O who is returning to the View. She recently defended her after the Hasselbeck tweeted something nasty about Rosie

  15. EastCoaster says

    Newbie: Rosie O’Donnell
    Oldie: Joy Behar
    Clue: today Joy made positive comments about Rosie, as opposed to the negative stuff Elisabeth Hasselbeck said earlier today.

  16. tennisfangirl says

    Oldie: Joy Behar
    Newbie: Rosie O’Donnell
    Why is The View still on the air anymore??

  17. Loves the Latin Boys says

    I’m probably wrong, but….

    Oldie: Joy Behar

    Newbie: Rosie O’Donnell

  18. KatarinaJ says

    Has to be Joy Behar and wondering if it is Rosie or the newest cast member Whoopi. Shepherd isn’t even gone yet. They wouldn’t refer to ‘having not done anything’ when she is STILL instilled in her current gig.

  19. Kerengende says

    Yep, Hasselbeck and Rosie. Especially since Rosie was rumored to have a rider in her clause – no reality show people coming on the show.

  20. ashanean says

    Oh course
    Joy Behar. She has done nothing since her other show was cancelled and she was fired from the View. She was saying some somewhat things about Rosie to Elizabeth Hasselbeck. She wants to come back since Barbara Walters left.