Oldie Is Begging For Her Job Back

woman begging[Blind Gossip] This old TV cast member got the boot in the past year. She said she was leaving the job for other opportunities, but that was a lie, and she has done nothing since then.

Oldie really wants her old job back! She wants it back so badly that she is now trying to align and ingratiate herself with someone to whom she used to be very mean…the New Cast Member! Oldie is sending Newbie nice emails and making public statements about her as if the two are the best of friends!

Ha! Newbie isn’t fooled one darn bit by Oldie’s sudden support. She worked with Oldie. She hasn’t forgotten that Oldie used to make fun of her behind her back, and that Oldie never once reached out to her when Newbie’s life was in turmoil. So Newbie is not buying her nice act for one second. However, she is rather enjoying the fact that the tides have turned and Oldie is now kissing her butt!



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