Emotionally Stunted and Sobriety Challenged

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[Blind Gossip] We recently told you about a fake relationship between two mature people that was-planned, well-executed, and will benefit both parties. Now let’s talk about the opposite!

This is a fake relationship between two immature people that was poorly planned, poorly executed, and will only benefit one party.

This Actor and Actress are both addicts. He has been in rehab three times in the past year alone. She is just a chronic drunk mess, both privately and publicly. We would like to say that they are both currently sober… but we can’t.

The Actress has been “partying” for weeks now with her older friends. The Actor quickly became a full participant in all of their debauchery. Their recent PDA is nothing but a bid for attention. These two both loved all the attention they were getting for their photos and videos. If they had just left it at the “fun vacation” stage, it would have been fine. But, like most addicts, they just didn’t know when to stop. So they kept ratcheting up the volume to include a “relationship.”

Although this is a PR stunt, we have to emphasize that their respective teams were NOT involved in setting this up. Her team knows that she is a wild girl, and they know they can’t control her. However, it’s not really bad news for them. If anything, the relationship makes her look better! The Actor is a bigger star – and he’s a guy – which makes The Actress look less masculine. So she does, in fact, benefit from the relationship.

However, his team is hating this! They have been working so hard to sell him as sexually straight and physically clean. They would have never set him up with a much older, sexually-flexible girl with a history of addiction and public messiness!

So his team is quietly trying to convince him to extricate himself from this “relationship” within the next few days. However, they have some tough opposition. The Actor is a nice guy, but he is easily led astray, and right now The Actress is totally in charge. She is much older and much stronger and much more manipulative than The Actor. She is benefiting from this relationship, has him convinced that this charade is good for him too, and she is going to keep him in it for as long as possible.

If she succeeds, get out the popcorn, because a “relationship” between these two is going to be filled with ever-escalating stunts and drama… and eventual messiness and destruction.

The Actor:

The Actress:

zac efron ibizaSOLVED!

The Actor: Zac Efron

The Actress: Michelle Rodriguez

Source: BlindGossip.com

Fascinated as we were by hijinks of the adorable couple on the left, we are really glad that the whole Ibiza chapter is behind us.

Oh, and Zac and Michelle are finished “dating” as well.

From USWeekly:

Zac Efron, Michelle Rodriguez Split

After Two-Month Whirlwind Romance

What a whirlwind! Zac Efron and Michelle Rodriguez have split after nearly two months of dating, multiple sources reveal exclusively to Us Weekly. One insider explains that the couple cut ties after having a huge fight at the site of one of their many lovefests — Ibiza, Spain.

“Michelle is going to do her own thing. Zac knew this about her when he got with her,” a second source tells Us. “He’s very into her though, and perhaps more than she’s into him.”

Indeed, despite calling it quits, Efron, 26, hasn’t lost hope on the relationship. “Zac still wants to be with her,” the first source adds.

Efron and the Fast & Furious 7 actress, 36, first turned heads when they were photographed locking lips on vacation in Italy over the July 4th holiday weekend. They were spotted laughing and being playful with each other on a boat while spending time at the home of friend Gianluca Vacchi. They have “great chemistry,” an insider told Us at the time. Click here to see more pics of their PDA.

During that steamy getaway, the Neighbors hunk unforgettably went shirtless while horseback riding in Sardinia. Once returning to the States, he was photographed leaving Rodriguez’s home after a sleepover on July 20.

The unlikely couple were last photographed together cuddling in Ibiza on Aug. 2. Before going their separate ways, the stars went swimming, walked on the beach and relaxed on a yacht.

A “whirlwind romance”? A romance?! HA HA HA ha ha ha! This was nothing more than two attention-seeking addicts peeling off their clothes and dragging everyone into their daily look-at-me!-look-at-me! craziness for a few weeks… all paid for by Zac’s very rich Italian Daddy.

You can bet that Zac Efron’s new PR team is breathing a big sigh of relief that they were able to extricate their client from this ridiculous non-relationship. Good luck to them in drying him out from his latest binge.

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