1. pnelope says

    Blind items are fun if there are subtle clues. Here there are none. So, one must figure this is Rupert Murdoch threatening a fellow mogul and it intended not to be solved but as a warning shot.
    Maybe someone who is opposing his Time Warner takeover.

    • AnguaDelphine says

      Good point. I always hate the NYTimes ones. They’re always without clues (clueless? 😉 and I’ve always figured they were only meant for a few elite in-the-know NY socialites. But I love your theory of RM threatening his rivals through blind items!

    • lily is my puppy says

      I think one subtle clue might be the backwards dollar signs. So maybe the people guessing Jay Z are right, since that backwards dollar sign looks more like a Z.

  2. PapillonLover says

    Warren Buffett….that’s why he’s hangin’ with Paul McCartney in Nebraska!!

  3. CanaryCry says

    Hmmm … Donald Trump would be too easy to guess.

    Maybe someone married or divorced from a Real Housewife?

    Got nuthin’ else ….

  4. MikeInSanJose says

    A minor what?

    Minor Miner? Living at the manor?

    Chucking wood?

    How much wood would a minor miner chuck if a minor miner would chuck wood?

  5. wlatrina says

    Jay-z hind On The Run

    Jay-z and Beyonce’ currently running across U.S.on tour.

  6. iSojourni says

    First gut instinct would be Donald Trump? Don’t know where he’s based atm, but could fit the bill

  7. spoofbyrd says

    Trump is a brazen jackass but I cant see him doing something stupid like this and he is a red ink moneybags . Michael Bloomberg is a bonafide Moneybags but I can only picture him with 20 somethings if he plays around. Doesnt Tommy Hilfiger live in NYC ? If so I am gonna guess him .

  8. Weekenderbedford says

    Moneybags is a character in a game called Glimmer.Has four sons all with names beginning with M.This may be of no relevance whatsoever.

  9. paiged says

    Why do I want to say the Donald?? I can’t really believe he’d leave New York but recently heard he was was selling his casino.

  10. mickey101a says

    Matthew Broderick. They just left to go to Ireland to rekindle their marriage and the recent cheating rumors.

  11. LeeLee12345 says

    Makes me think of “Band on the Run” but I would never want to think that of McCartney.

  12. FamousPeopleDoStupidThings says

    How casual they make it sound. Sex with a minor = rape.

    If the allegations are true, I hope this wealthy man is properly held to account.

  13. BangTidy says

    Gotta be Jay-Z. Clue: The image has been flipped so the dollar signs resemble the letter Z.

    • gossipzilla says

      But if the blind is from the New York Post while Ace supplies the image (and also the title I think), how could the image and the title contain clues? Unless Ace KNOWS the answer for sure, but then he would have wrote down his own blind item I’m sure…

    • lily is my puppy says

      Yes – I just mentioned this above. That seems like the biggest clue — the backwards dollar signs.

  14. allmyfriendsaredead says

    Not Warren Buffet, who was in the news lately for hanging out with Paul McCartney in Nebraska – Buffett is a lifelong Nebraskan.

  15. luvprue1 says

    Someone from a reality show . They never stated that the wealthy man was famous . So I do not think it’s Jay-Z. Which leads me to believe it’s someone from a reality show.

  16. opulence says

    Jay Z, clue being

    1) Money Bags= Young Money
    2) On The Run
    3) The Z on the bag

    POOR BEYONCE, is this why Solange attacked him?

  17. sophiedg says

    Hmmmm…I think we may be looking for someone who oftens resides, or now has good reason to be, in another country. If Moneybags is NYC-based the allegations could be made when he returns. Or if he’s just in another state there is no need to wait. Accusing someone when they are no longer in the U.S. is more challenging and has less immediate impact. I have a theory but no name to go with it!

  18. cl_melisca says

    Jay Z is on a much publicised and long planned tour. Anyone want to guess some more of the old standbys even though they, too, don’t fit the blind? George Clooney, Scott Disick, Bradley Cooper.