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[Blind Gossip] Guess which TV star is getting fired? Our source says, “We wanted someone outspoken and controversial… but she just turned out to be someone ignorant with a big mouth.” Most importantly, the show’s fans just don’t like her.

Of course, no one will say she was fired. Everyone will simply say that she chose not to renew her contract because she wanted to take advantage of other opportunities, blah blah blah.

TV Star:

TV Show:


Sherri Shepherd and Jenny McCarthy have both been FIRED from The View.

Source: Everywhere.the view cast 3

Sherri says:

“It’s been seven wonderful years on The View and after careful consideration it is time for me to move on. I am extremely grateful to Barbara Walters and Bill Gedde for giving me the opportunity. I look forward to the business opportunities that lay ahead for me and I am incredibly grateful to my View family and my fans for supporting me on this journey.”

Jenny says:

“If Sherri goes… I go too. My View will be changing too. As will with many hard working folks. Thanks to everyone at the show for your dedication and an amazing year.”

Blah, blah, blah. Now let’s talk about what REALLY happened! We call it: The Dumbing Down of The View.

The View started out with a promising concept (different women, different points of view), but over the years, Barbara Walters killed the show. Yes, it’s all her fault.

While the show was never a bastion of intellectualism, Walters allowed it to become a nasty, dumbed-down cartoon parody of itself. One objective measure: education. The earliest cast members of The View were all college graduates. While education does not always correlate with intelligence, it certainly provides one objective measurement:

Earliest cast members of The View. College degree?:

Meredith Vieira YES

Star Jones YES

Debbie Matenopoulos YES

Lisa Ling YES

Joy Behar YES

Latest cast members of The View. College degree?:

Sherri Shepherd NO

Jenny McCarthy NO

Whoopie Goldberg NO

When you lose intelligent, well-spoken cast members like Lisa Ling or Star Jones, and try to substitute in dumb, inarticulate cast members like Sherri Shepherd or Jenny McCarthy, you reap what you sow.

sherri shepherd jenny mccarthy

When you lose a fun, spirited, upbeat moderator like Meredith Vieira and try to substitute in a dour and bored Whoopie Goldberg (who is contemptuous of everyone and simply shows up to collect a steady paycheck), you reap what you sow.

whoopie goldberg 3

Whoopie Goldberg is more well-suited to playing the role of the villain in the next Matrix movie than she is to moderating a morning talk show.

Barbara Walters lost the thread. She dumbed down the show. With the firings of many previous cast members, Walters proved over and over again that she lets her personal feelings about people get in the way of making smart business decisions. Walters is completely responsible for turning The View into The Really Dumb Housewives of Daytime TV.

the view the talkThe tipping point for the recent rash of firings show came when ratings for The Talk (an all-female talk show on CBS) started passing The View. That was INFURIATING to Barbara Walters, and she started cleaning house: Joy Behar, Elisabeth Hasselback, and now McCarthy and Shepherd. She had petty, personal arguments with more than one of these women and exacted her revenge by firing them.

However, don’t look to Barbara Walters for a truthful explanation about any of those firings. Walters always lies about the reasons people leave the show. In April, not long before she stepped down, Walters said in various interviews that Shepherd “definitely” was coming back to The View next season, as were McCarthy and Goldberg.

While she will never admit it, Walters FIRED Behar, Hasselback, McCarthy and Shepherd. They didn’t decide to leave because they were “too far apart on contract negotiations,” or because they “wanted to pursue other opportunities.” All of these women loved that fat, steady paycheck and would have stayed there forfreakingever if Walters had allowed it.

As for the show’s future: If Walters hires vibrant, educated, articulate, interesting women – and an upbeat moderator – we think she has a good chance at rebuilding the show. If not… The Talk rules, and The View dies.

While we originally wrote this item about McCarthy, everybody who guessed either McCarthy or Shepherd got this one right. Congratulations to Ohithinknot for being first!

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sherri shepherd jenny mccarthy 2UPDATE!

As expected, both women announced that it was “their” decision to leave the show. This way Barbara Walters gets to continue to claim that she has never fired anyone from The View. But, just in case they tried to vary from the script, Walters had them “their” statements read from a teleprompter.  Of course, each of their statements included a blurb about how grateful they are to Barbara Walters.

Jenny McCarthy said:

“Let me tell you what is going on. I am so grateful to have worked with Barbara Walters in her last year, along with many producers and co-hosts. After much consideration, I’ve taken a new job which allows me to do what I do best, which is talk without having to interrupt anyone. I’ll be announcing it in the next few weeks.”

McCarthy, 41, even teased about her new job, which she will announce in the coming weeks, and that it might “compete” with The View.

Sherri Shepherd said:

“A lot of those people close to me and some of the producers here, they’ve known since the spring that I did not intend to return to the show after my contract ends in August. I didn’t discuss anything publicly in my personal life because I didn’t want to do anything to distract from Barbara Walters and our celebration of her retirement in May.”

“I’m a woman of faith and seven in the bible is the number of God’s completion. And I’ve been here seven years, and my time with ‘The View’ is complete. … I’m going to forever be grateful to Barbara Walters and Bill Geddie for taking a chance on an actress and a comedian and making me learn things and making me step out of my comfort zone, for giving me a chance when everybody said I shouldn’t be at this table.”

Shepherd added she has plans for what’s next and plans to come back as a guest. “I plan to come back to promote the work,” she said of her new project.

Is Jenny McCarthy going to stick it to The View by going to a competitive show (e.g. The Talk or The Real)?

Does anyone out there actually believe that Sherri Shepherd voluntarily chose to leave a cushy $1.5 million a year job on The View?

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334 comments to Firing Target

  • kat411

    Rising Star

  • OhIthinknot

    Jenny McCarthy
    The View

    Thank goodness. An aging playmate that throws on a pair of glasses and hands out medical advice has no business spouting her “Truth” to a nationwide audience. She isn’t just dumb, she is dangerous.

    • redstilettos

      I’ll go with Jenny or Chelsea H.

    • scotsgal

      Wholeheartedly agree Ohithinknot. She’s the worst example of the celeb-driven world we live in. I don’t know what’s worse – the fact that an ex-playboy bimbo (and as a woman I don’t use that word lightly) with more silicone than brain cells in her body feels that she’s qualified to make pronouncements about things as important as vaccinations, based only on her own (and conspiracy theorist) quackery, that the media report it as if it’s worth listening to, or that some people listen to her ridiculous pronouncements and actually base the health of their child (and the health of everyone else) on such nonsense . It makes me stabby.

      • Mystical

        I wouldn’t call her a conspiracy theorist – even that is giving her too much credit!! I actually kind of liked her prior to her being on the View. I thought she was funny and outspoken (in a good way). Turns out I was wrong as she is a complete idiot.

    • wendy hood

      There are a lot of doctors that eventually realize much of what they have been taught in medical school is wholly insufficient or out and out lies. That’s why they call it a practice. Telling an individual citizen she shouldnt be allowed to have opinions on how modern pollution affects the human body isn’t very supportive of free speech, either.

      • Jilliterate

        @wendy hood

        This isn’t a case of some poor doctor and/or Jenny McCarthy forming opinions that, through scientific methodology, turned out true/untrue. Andrew Wakefield was receiving payments from special interest groups to falsify the information in his “studies,” which is what spurred the entire anti-vaccine movement. He risked human beings’ lives by fabricating information, just so he could make more money. That’s incredibly vile. There’s a reason why they barred him from practicing medicine in the United Kingdom, and it has nothing to do with free speech. (Feel free to check his wikipedia article to learn more about his misconduct)

        Jenny McCarthy didn’t just have “opnions.” She used her power as a public figure to lobby behind a movement, even after it was proven by medical science and courts of law that the basis for the movement was completely fabricated, and every time she stood behind this movement while having ready access to accurate information, she risked human lives. Yes, she’s free to hold whatever opinions she likes and say what she pleases. But when she chooses to use her fame to encourage people to follow her opinions, then everyone else is free to judge her for being ignorant and irresponsible.

      • wendy hood

        Proof and facts are easily manipulated. That’s why schools and news programs push them down our throats. Courts, documents, studies, all these are of little to no value to me. Truth is very wiggly, and pretty much downright unknowable.

        All Jenny McCarthy, all anyone, really, has, are OPINIONS. Who made her a celebrity? US. Where does the responsibility lie? With US. Studies are bought and sold and funded by special interests on ALL sides. Other people decide to give other peoples opinions POWER, and that is their choice. I recommend everyone taking their power back and merely seeing what works for them.

        I have as much authority as the pope, you know, I just don’t have as many people that believe that (to illustrate with an old joke).

      • bec215

        If you ever saw what vaccine-preventable diseases do to children, you wouldn’t be so cavalier about the damage Ms. McCarthy’s misguided, if well-intentioned, activism has caused.

        I have traveled to countries where children are not vaccinated, and everywhere you look there are children maimed by vaccine-preventable diseases, and THAT is not a fact that is ‘easily manipulated’ – that is the TRUTH. You have no idea how horrific these diseases are – if you did, you wouldn’t believe that the vaccines that prevent them are the real problem.

      • wendy hood

        I have been programmed to believe the world is overpopulated….yet I am supposed to worry about children in 3rd world countries getting vaccinations? Shouldn’t that be, like, a non-priority? Encouraging more healthy life on earth? The TRUTH is the issues are so complicated that there are simply no solutions for them – the vaccination that may prevent smallpox may be programmed to release a fatal disease in 30 years, or may turn the child into a low-functioning human being (ie autism). Im only here for a very short time, as are we all – no one has the answers. No one.

      • LooLoo

        I agree. She is entitled to her opinion. It may not be a very informed opinion, but she is entitled to one nonetheless. And has anyone anywhere EVER made medical decisions for their children based on what a C-list TV personality has to say about it? I think you guys give her too much credit and the American people far too little. Where are all of these people who just do whatever celebrities say to do? I’ve never met anyone like that.

      • WaitLemmeGuess

        Wendy Hood: there are whooping cough outbreaks right here in the US due to lack of vaccination. Turn off the View and watch the news.

    • NOH8

      Jenny McCarthy has a line of baby goods at Target, so …

    • LaughingInHi

      I think you got it OhIthinknot. posted this yesterday saying Bethaney Frankel might be joining The View to replace Barbara Walters and Jenny McCarthy’s contract won’t be renewed. Maybe, BW regrets firing Joy Behar.
      Here’s the story:

      • wendy hood

        Bethenny Frankel, and I say this as a former fan and sympathizer to her past familial issues, would be a far worse hire on The View than any of the people getting the pink slip. She argued with a man as to how he should shave his face. Arguing with a man that has been shaving for 30, 40 years when you’ve admittedly NEVER shaved a male face? Great addition to an “opinion-based” show.

    • kjbxt

      Yep, you nailed it. She and Sherri Shepherd got canned today.

  • bmj524

    Jenny McCarthy on The View

  • bonjour180

    First time post—Jenny McCarthy!

  • GsspGrl

    Chelsea Handler
    Chelsea Lately

    • Elisa

      How can somebody be a fan of the show but not her, though?

    • La Llorona

      Chelsea Handler is ending her show and moving to making a deal with Netflix to have an on demand talk show. Handler has a big fanbase, so I doubt they would turn against her. Not defending her, just providing some reason as to why she might not be the answer to this blind.

    • Littlehorse

      It’s hard to be more ignorant than that girl!

  • waysouthofheaven

    Jenny McCarthy
    The View

  • cgrant0423

    Jenny McCarthy
    The View

  • lisako

    Jenny McCarthy/The View

  • Ivee

    Jenny McCarthy, The View

  • SRzwg

    Jenny McCarthy leaving the View

  • GeorgiaR

    Jenny McCarthy and The View.

  • Jester

    TV Star: Jenny McCarthy
    TV Show: The View

  • hallerback

    TV Star: Jenny McCarthy
    TV Show: The View

  • Poppies

    Jenny McCarthy

  • fishfish123

    Jenny McCarthy
    The View

  • rpca26

    Jenny McCarthy
    The View

  • OogaBooga

    Jenny McCarthy, The View

  • BangTidy

    Jenny McCarthy

    The View

  • melly123

    Jenny McCarthy on The View

  • clink1833

    Jenny McCarthy from the View?

  • augustmom

    Sherri Sheppard on the View.

  • iheartkoko

    TV Star: Jenny McCarthy

    TV Show: The View

  • Stars In My Eyes

    Please let this be the View and Jenny McCarthy!!!
    I can’t stand either the show nor her, but she’s absoulutely abhorrent with her stupid remarks about vaccinations. I’m not a parent, but there’s lots of ill people–such as the elderly and people who have compromised immune systems–who can catch preventable illnesses from children who transmit them because their parents are idiots and listened to her.

    • YogaGirl

      so true – that is why we are having recurrences of polio and measles, diseases that had been eradicated

    • smittenkitten

      Yes, thank you!! I completely agree with you. I’m immunosuppressed, so if Polio comes back thanks to Jenny McCarthy, I’m basically screwed… Please let it be her!

    • PinkLily

      True. I am the mother of 5, and it is frightening the number of parents who listen to Jenny McCarthy, rather than every single scientific study since the Wakefield study. First clue that Miss McCarthy is not the voice of logical research, besides her lack of education, is while she voices the dangers of outside toxins, she speaks of her love of Botox and gets paid to advertise electronic cigarettes. If she had a brain and wanted to be taken as someone truly worried about humans and “poisons”, she would have realized those with functioning brains would catch that!

  • Vagabondage

    Jenny McCarthy
    The View

  • sassykitty

    Jenny McCarthy. The View.

  • keels

    Jenny McCarthy and “The View”.

    It’s time for that hag to have a seat.

  • bcg0716

    Jenny McCarthy- View?

  • CindyB

    Jenny McCarthy – The View


  • Mystic

    Jenny McCarthy

    The View

  • sake_kitty

    Jenny McCarthy
    The view

  • Witch Baby

    Jenny McCarthy
    The View

    They’ll probably say she wants to focus on her wedding to Donnie blah blah

  • mistertl

    Jenny McCarthy
    The view

  • elliedee

    TV Star: Jenny McCarthy

    TV Show: The View

  • scumby

    Jenny McCarthy
    The View

  • penny1015

    TV Star: Jenny McCarthy
    TV Show: The View

  • tuckerlee123

    Jenny McCarthy, The View

    Please let it be so….

  • dcbroome

    Obviously Jenni McCarthy on The View

  • Littlehorse

    This one just screams Chelsea Handler. What a loud-mouthed, filthy moron she turned out to be!

  • midgie

    TV Star: Jenny McCarthy

    TV Show: The View

  • ohiogrl923

    Jenny mccarthy the view



  • Melo

    Jenny McCarthy on The View

  • Ann_R_Key

    Jenny McCarthy
    The View

  • publicityiscandy

    Jenny McCarthy/View FTW

  • torypm

    Please let this be Jenny McCarthy…. She is just the worst.

  • Scorpio13

    Sorry but I hope that this is Lea Michelle.

  • Virginia

    Jenny McCarthy on The View

  • ravenglass

    TV Star: Brandi Glanville

    TV Show: Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

    • ravenglass

      Perhaps producers feel Brandi finally went too far by calling her son an a-hole & a dick.

      Hopefully, one of the other opportunities she takes advantage of, is rehab; ’cause when the “Sharknado” dude, who worked with Tara Reid, thinks you’ve got an alcohol problem……

      • wendy hood

        Louis C.K. calls his kids that all the time and hes on his what, 3rd TV show as the main star?

      • Okayeah

        I don’t think this is her, and I’ve got no love for Brandi. But seriously, sometimes kids ARE a-holes. I’ve got no problem letting mine know when they’re being jerks.

    • ravenglass

      Jenny McCarthy? Really? Damn, she must be bad if that incredibly annoying Sherri Shepherd with her constant preaching can keep her job.

      What other opportunities? Appearing on Season 2 of “Wahlburgers?”

      “The View” is becoming the Menudo(remember them?) of talk shows. A revolving door of new faces. But instead of cute young boys it’s a bunch of yappy, middle aged women.

      THE VIEW: MENopauseUDO

  • Ana-nj

    TV Star: Jenny McCarthy

    TV Show: The View

  • ImProbablyWrong

    TV Star: Jenny McCarthy
    TV Show: The View

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    I’ll say Jenny McCarthy & The View

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    TV Star: Jenny McCarthy

    TV Show: The View

  • MrsBreeder

    Jenny McCarthy definitely has a big mouth.

    The View.

  • sssss

    Brandi Glanville
    Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

  • SouthJerseyGirl

    Guessing Jenny McCarthy from The View.

  • caela94

    Jenny McCarthy
    Show – The View

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    Has to be Jenny McCarthy from The View. No big loss there.

  • PandoraWolf

    Jenny McCarthy on The View?

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    TV Star: Jenny McCarthy

    TV Show: The View

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    Jenny McCarthy/The View

  • Glitter

    Jenny “Useless” McCarthy

  • heytheresmikey

    TV Star: Jenny McCarthy
    TV Show: The View

  • gotsomemoxie

    Definitely, this is Jenny McCarthy.

  • Ahem

    Gosh! For me, it’s a toss up between all three of the remaining The View co-hosts. They’re all ignorant as eff! But I’m going to guess Jenny McCarthy…

  • clewless

    Jenny McCarthy. Or maybe Sherri Shephard. But I think Jenny is the better bet.

  • breanna_monique

    NeNe Leakes?

  • sc79

    Jenny McCarthy
    The View

  • katrinka

    Sherri Shepherd

  • JeanCee

    Jenny McCarthy, The View

  • Erin

    Jenny McCarthy/The View

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    Jenny McCarthy
    The View

  • rmtn

    TV Star: Jenny McCarthy

    TV Show: The View

  • FamousPeopleDoStupidThings

    Chelsea Handler

    Chelsea Lately

    I believe her book is sold exclusively at Target, hence the red and white bullseye.

  • Virgo826

    Jenny McCarthy, The View

  • AuntieM

    Sharon Osbourne
    The Talk

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    Jenny McCarthy, The View

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    Jenny McCarthy

    The View

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    Jenny McCarthy
    The View

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    This has gotta be Jenny McCarthy, and it could happen to a more deserving moron.

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    Jenny McCartney

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    Jenny McCarthy, The View

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    Jenny McCarthy. The View

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    Jenny McCarthy.

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    TV Star: Brandi Glanville

    TV Show: The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

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    Jenny McCarthy, The View, good riddance.

  • Lil Debbull

    Jenny McCarthy
    The View

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    It’s gotta be Jenny McCarthy on the View!

  • PrincessTiff

    Jenny McCarthy, The View. I’m sure she’ll say she is going to focus on her marriage

  • waitinonthesun

    TV Star: Jenny McCarthy

    TV Show: The View

  • johnboy79

    Jenny McCarthy!

  • Zap The Sheep

    I really don’t care cause I never watched the show, but I would guess Lea Michelle and Glee.

  • bluthbananas

    Sounds like Jenny McCarthy and The View to me…

  • millerc001m

    PLEASE let this be Brandi Glanville!!!!!!

  • luvprue1

    Someone from Real housewives of Atlantic .It’s either Nene Leaks,or Kenya Moore.

  • jesja7

    Jenny McCarthy – the View

  • Zander24

    TV Star: “Someone Ignorant with a Big Mouth” would certainly describe Jenny McCarthy.

    TV Show: “The View”.

  • vbchica14

    TV Star: Jenny McCarthy

    TV Show: The View

  • Kelly

    All I can think of is Jenny McCarthy from the View but I don’t watch a lot of talk shows or reality competitions.

  • chandler02

    TV Star: Jenny McCarthy
    TV Show: The View

  • timesink

    I’m thinking “The View” and Jenny McCarthy. Only because Jim Carrey is my special celebrity crush and The View seems to like firing people.