Devoted Family Man Goes To The Theater

theater play[Blind Gossip] This very famous TV star was at the theater the other night with an attractive blonde. They were holding hands and leaning in to one another and whispering and giggling together. Before kissing, he glanced around nervously to see if anyone was watching.

Why should he care if anyone saw him kissing an attractive blonde? Because the woman was definitely NOT his wife!

This is a guy who LOVES to use his wife and child/ren for interviews and photo ops and pretend that he is such a devoted family man! The truth is that he spends very little time with them. Late at night he is much more likely to be out with another woman than home in bed with his wife. Either he has an open marriage… or he is simply a chronic cheater.

TV Star:

TV Show:

BONUS CLUE: His first child is going to celebrate a milestone birthday this summer.

BONUS CLUE: The theater was thousands of miles away from New York City.


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124 comments to Devoted Family Man Goes To The Theater

  • bishs

    Jimmy Fallon

    The Tonight Show

  • robin

    Jimmy Fallon
    The Tonight Show
    Hint being late at night

  • josiew25

    Jimmy Fallon

  • Jinkies

    TV Star: Jimmy Fallon

    TV Show: The Tonight Show

    Clue: “Late at night”

  • NOTellebee

    Jimmy Fallon. Clue: “Late at night”/ he hosts Late Night. He also just posed with his daughter on the cover of People and gushed about his wife etc., which was all staged, per previous blinds here.

  • scumby

    Jimmy Fallon
    Tonight Show

  • sssss

    Jimmy Fallon
    Tonight Show

  • ravenglass

    TV Star: Jimmy Fallon

    TV Show: The Tonight Show

  • jiip

    Ray Romano?

  • lindy555

    Jimmy Fallon / The Tonight Show

    He just did a mag cover with his daughter and “late at night” being a clue about his previous show – Late Night.

  • MrsBreeder

    Jimmy Fallon…The Tonight Show

  • Arsinoe

    TV Star: Jimmy Fallon

    TV Show: Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon

  • Virgo826

    Jimmy Fallon, The Tonight Show

  • blehn

    Jimmy Fallon
    The Tonight Show

  • SCFree

    I hate to guess it, but Jimmy Fallon. Clue: “late at night” and he just did that huge interview and photo spread for People Magazine all about his life as a devoted dad.

  • biatcho

    The human douche solution also known as Jimmy Fallon.

  • Khadafi

    TV Star: Eric Dane

    TV Show: Grey’s Anatomy

  • michelex23

    TV Star: Jimmy Fallon
    TV Show: The Tonight Show

    He just did an interview and got the cover of People with his daughter and how much he loves her and his wife.

  • Jester

    I truly hope that this is not Ray Romano from ‘Everybody LOVES Raymond”…

  • andyhatesyou

    Jimmy Fallon!

  • separatrix

    “Late at night”

    Jimmy Fallon

  • sashas

    Jimmy Fallon!

  • stonn

    Jimmy Fallon? Tonight Show. Just had this gushy Father’s Day spread in People magazine with his daughter, talking about how much he just loves his little girl and how great being a Dad is.

  • sabrina325

    Jimmy Fallon?

  • kat411

    Jimmy Fallon
    The Tonight Show

  • lisako

    Jimmy Fallon/Tonight Show? Clue being “late at night.” Lots of previous posts indicating he isn’t faithful. And he recently had that Father’s Day article out in People.

  • OohDoTell

    Late at night= Jimmy Fallon

  • KT78

    TV Star: Jimmy Fallon

    TV Show: The Tonight Show

  • PoniTayl

    Ray Romano

  • sake_kitty

    Jimmy kimmell

  • Nini

    TV Star: Jimmy Fallon

    TV Show: Tonight Show

  • sophsmom

    Ugh….so sad but…

    TV Star: Jimmy Fallon
    TV Show: The Late Show

  • tell me more

    Jimmy faulton?!

  • sqrtzalot

    It was probably his mom.

  • jlynhope

    Jimmy Fallon

    clues “late at night”. I am so sad so many blind items seems to be about what a douche he is!

    • lily is my puppy

      I was just going to say the same thing. There’s been more than one blind item about him with another woman at a bar after work or wherever. I’m crushed he is an *sshat. Up where I live, he’s considered the local boy who made it big! Jimmy, you let us down!!

      And the baby was dressed like him in that People spread which I thought was very weird, considering she is a girl.

    • Biglet

      Not gonna lie, this gives me such a mad case of the sads. I thought he was awesome :'(

  • cgrant0423

    Sounds like Jimmy Fallon, his TV Show being “The Tonight Show”. There have been a number of blinds that seem to involve him and he just did a spread in People with his daughter.

    • cgrant0423

      Just read the bonus clue on Twitter about his first child celebrating a milestone birthday this summer. Jimmy Fallon’s daughter was born two weeks after my son so she’ll be a year old. Definitely Jimmy Fallon (as if I had a doubt before lol)

  • CCVD

    Jimmy Fallon. He’s always gushing about his new born baby and his wife. But there have been many rumours of his drinking and cheating habits. Clues: LOVES, a word he always uses. late at night, host of a late night talkshow: The tonight show.

  • mrsjaymack

    first thought was ray romano, whose twin boys will be 21 this year, but he has a daughter who’s 24, so it can’t be him. i’m stumped.

  • eas12397

    Jimmy Fallon and some hot blonde

  • Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

    TV Star: Jimmy Fallon

    TV Show: The Tonight Show

    Clue: “Late at night”

    What a douche.

  • Alexicon

    Noooooooo this sounds like Jimmy Fallon! And fits with previous blinds.

    One clue I noticed is ‘late at night’ because he hosts the Tonight Show.

  • aceticle

    I hear Jimmy Fallon has fidelity issues.

  • sarahvirgo7878

    Ray Romano? Everybody LOVE Raymond…

  • I Am PunkA

    The Apprentice

  • GsspGrl

    Jimmy Fallon! Long time reader, first time poster. Kisses! <3 xo

  • nuagenuage

    Hugh Laurie? hint = “chronic”. He played a Doctor.

  • augustmom

    Jimmy Fallon.

  • IconCU

    Guessing Jimmy Fallon/Tonight Show. Clue – “Late at night”

  • Virginia

    Jimmy Fallon and the Tonight Show? Clue being “late at night.”

  • fd

    TV Star: Jimmy Fallon
    TV Show: Late Night w/ Jimmy Fallon

    Clue= “Late at night he is much more likely….” etc etc.

  • Vagabondage

    Jimmy Fallon
    Tonight Show

    Clues:”late at night”, just had big Fathers Day magazine spread re his first Fathers a Day with Winnie.

  • Camila

    For now, before the bonus clues, I’m gonna go with Jimmy Fallon.

  • fd

    Or, I guess “The tonight show” w/ jimmy fallon.

  • ohiogrl923

    Jimmy Fallon:(

  • Melo

    Jimmy Fallon on Tonight Show? I hope not.

  • Ahem

    TV Star: Jimmy Fallon

    TV Show: The Tonight Show w/ Jimmy Fallon

    “Late at night” being a clue perhaps? And I’ve read other similar blinds and gossip about his philandering in the past.

  • Ana-nj

    TV Star: Jimmy Fallon

    TV Show: Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

  • mldavidson

    TV Star: Jimmy Fallon

    TV Show: The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon

  • Glitter

    Sounds like Ben Affleck to me.

  • AnnieQ

    Jimmy Fallon,maybe

  • rmtn

    TV Star: Jimmy Fallon

    TV Show: The Tonight Show

  • sc79

    Jimmy Fallon
    Tonight Show

  • JeanCee

    Jimmy Fallon, Late night avec Jim Jim Falls

  • arielade

    TV Star: Jimmy Fallon

    TV Show: The Tonight Show

  • True007

    Jimmy Fallon, Tonight Show
    Clue: “Late at Night…” Late night talk show host
    Daughter turns one this summer.

  • melly123

    Jimmy Fallon from the Tonight Show. His daughter will be a year old this summer.

  • minx

    Jimmy Fallon. Such a hypocrite.

  • Erin

    Jimmy Fallon

  • elliedee

    TV Star: Jimmy Fallon

    TV Show: The Tonight Show

  • Kelly

    I feel like no matter who it is, it’ll disappoint me.

  • vbchica14

    TV Star: Jimmy Fallon

    TV Show: The Tonight Show

  • timesink

    Is this Jimmy Fallon (Late at night?)

  • katt388

    Jimmy Fallon the Tonight show

  • luvprue1

    Ben Affleck . Once a cheater always a cheater.

    • luvprue1

      Oops! I didn’t see it as tv star. So since it a tv star, who cheats on his wife. I will guess “Jerry O’Connell”.

  • GalWriter

    Jimmy Fallon–clue “late at night”

  • Okayeah

    Due to the “late at night” reference, I’m going with Fallon. I’m hearing lots about him being a jerk lately.

  • getinthellama

    Jimmy Fallon
    The Tonight Show

    There’s a lot of blinds about an alcoholic chronic cheater with him as the popular guess. I recall something about him saying that since his daughter was conceived artificially, she “wasn’t his,” or something along those lines, but he always brings her up in interviews and whatnot. I only doubt this guess because it says TV star instead of TV host.

    “Late at night” and the twitter clue hinting to The Tonight Show and it being filmed out of NYC.

  • j2020

    jimmy fallon

  • Ranran

    Jimmy Fallon

  • jerzeygirl

    Jimmy Fallon and the Tonight Show?

  • chola_eyebrows

    Im going to go out on a limb here…

    TV ‘star’ Eddie Cibriam (?)

    Show- that craptastic show he was on

  • Lime

    OMG it makes me so sad that Jimmy Fallon turned out to be a huge D-Bag….sigh! His poor wife!

  • tuckerlee123

    Well the bonus clue indicates it is not Fallon. I will guess Jimmy Kimmel.

  • WILDKATer216

    Jimmy Fallon
    All these blinds have turned me off to his show. I feel bad for his daughter.

  • Franciss

    TV Star: Jimmy Fallon

    TV Show: The Tonight Show

    Clues (bonus and otherwise): his daughter is soon to be one, and regarding the “thousands of miles from New York City” clue, NYC is obviously where The Tonight Show is now filmed. Fallon recently filmed a week’s worth of shows out of Orlando, Florida. What’s more? That picture is clearly supposed to depict a Shakespearean play; when he started, Fallon was a member of The Groundlings, a comedy troupe named for Elizabethan audiences at theaters like The Globe, where Shakespeare’s works were originally performed. More than that, perhaps that’s a scene from As You Like it, a play that features a main character named Orlando. And, of course, the “Late at night” mention makes it pretty clear.

    Jimmy, get your s**t together, you have got to be better than cheating.

  • wildchild13

    Alec Baldwin if he still had a show

  • Baloobie

    The Tonight Show tapes live at 5:30 pm. Assuming Jimmy has time to wrap that up quickly, I guess he could get to a theater in time for a play (or it could be a movie theater, but not specified). That said, wouldn’t you think everyone else would recognize him and all eyes would be on him the entire time? I can’t imagine him ‘hiding in plain sight’ with a mysterious blonde. Just don’t see it. Maybe they snuck in a back door after the lights were dimmed?

    • minx

      The Twitter bonus clue said the theater was thousands of miles away from New York–meaning it could be anywhere, even a foreign country. It also said his child was going to be celebrating a milestone birthday this summer, and Winnie Fallon turns 1 in August, I think. This blind screams Jimmy Fallon.

    • minx

      Winnie was born July 23.

    • minx

      Also just read he was taping in Orlando Fl June 16th to 19th.

    • spvillager

      Jimmy is actually currently in London. The show is on a 2-week Summer hiatus, and just the other night he attended Wolf Hall at the Aldwych Theatre – which explains the photo that accompanies this article.

  • LeahLynn28

    If he’s Jimmy Fallon,i’m not surprised.This site already exposed his cheatings,what he thinks about his family/daughter’s paternity and his lies…
    Maybe his marriage is fake,who knows…or he wouldn’t go out with a woman in public so easily,his wife can’t be so blind not to see he’s cheating on her.Or she knows everything,knew he would cheat on her and didn’t care.I only feel for the baby…fake couples shouldn’t be allowed to have kids.Ugh.

  • heartcouture

    Joel McCale
    The Soup


  • ashanean

    Yup sounds like him. Always hear he is at theirs after work with co workers and other women.

  • thelasthigh

    Jimmy Fallon! well-known cheater.

  • CoCoJoe

    I was thinking Kelsey Grammer, but I guess everyone else is right.

  • muuuuu

    Jimmy Fallon at it again. How disgusting. His daughter is turning one year old next month, and he was in Orlando last week. What a jerk, his poor family.

  • KatarinaJ

    the rumors just nail it as Jimmy Fallon. Disgusting. He has had blinds (he was favorited for) where he cheats galore AND considers his daughter not even his ‘real’ child yet graces the cover of PEOPLE in fatherly style. Gross. I always thought the guy was a d-bag.

  • sawyer

    Based on the twitter clues, I’m going with Rob “still on my honeymoon” Lowe. He’s been in Europe promoting a film and his oldest son will soon turn 21.

    • SammynSophie

      That sounds very plausible, but I hope it’s not. Of course, I hope it’s not Fallon either. I think I’ll just pretend I didn’t read this blind. 😉

  • channel orange

    Because it says this happened “thousands of miles away from New York City.”

    LA is about 3000 miles away from NYC.

  • eleanorh1995

    Craig Ferguson – his son is about to turn 13

  • v0xi

    Jimmy Fallon only has one child. Bonus clue says ‘His first child is going to celebrate a milestone birthday this summer.’

  • amityyy

    If Jimmy Fallon is seeing other women then he and his wife Nancy have an open marriage because there’s no way she’s clueless about his behavior.
    Jimmy’s brother in law works for The Tonight Show, and Nancy regularly attends tapings of the show, it seems like they’re fine with his partying ways..
    I don’t think he hates his daughter though, maybe he’s not around as much as he should be because he’s always out drinking? He clearly has a drinking problem, NBC should intervene before they get a scandal on their hands.

  • sassygurl1987

    Jimmy Fallon. He was in London–miles away from NYC.
    (Long time lurker, first time poster).