Devoted Family Man Goes To The Theater

theater play[Blind Gossip] This very famous TV star was at the theater the other night with an attractive blonde. They were holding hands and leaning in to one another and whispering and giggling together. Before kissing, he glanced around nervously to see if anyone was watching.

Why should he care if anyone saw him kissing an attractive blonde? Because the woman was definitely NOT his wife!

This is a guy who LOVES to use his wife and child/ren for interviews and photo ops and pretend that he is such a devoted family man! The truth is that he spends very little time with them. Late at night he is much more likely to be out with another woman than home in bed with his wife. Either he has an open marriage… or he is simply a chronic cheater.

TV Star:

TV Show:

BONUS CLUE: His first child is going to celebrate a milestone birthday this summer.

BONUS CLUE: The theater was thousands of miles away from New York City.


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