Please Don’t Notice That I Am Pregnant

woman big shirt[Blind Gossip] This actress is pregnant. No, she hasn’t announced it yet. Her pregnancy is a bit surprising, though, because we didn’t think that her significant other was enthusiastic about expanding their family.

Her personal life aside, though, we are curious about why she is keeping it a secret from her employer. Aren’t they entitled to know one of their main characters is about to undergo a significant body change? Wouldn’t that affect little things like character and the plot?

Perhaps she is hoping that she can just double Spanx her way through it for the next few months. Or perhaps she is just hoping that nobody will notice when her belly pops.


Her Significant Other:

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120 comments to Please Don’t Notice That I Am Pregnant

  • Moonpie

    Kelley Cuoco
    Ryan Sweeting

    • ImThinking

      Kaley Cuoco is married, they would say husband instead of SO, at first I thought of her too but then changed my guess to Halle Berry.

      • Kyiaj

        Halle Berry is married, though has not been seen with Olivier Martinez in months.

      • Heilige Bimbam

        Berry was photographed together with Olivier only a couple of weeks ago, and they both looked quite happy!

    • moneyhoneylove


    • Okayeah

      They’re married though. Would BG refer to a husband as the SO?

    • CindyB

      According to Daily Makeover, here are 20 celebrities who love Spanx (There a quite a few movie stars in this list; I don’t watch a lot of television [except for “Lockup”… love that as embarrassed as I am to admit] so I don’t who is or is not on TV – Oh, I have removed duplicates:
      Gwyneth Paltrow
      Jennifer Garner
      Tyra Banks
      Kim Kardashian (ugh)
      Sienna Miller
      Carrie Underwood
      Jessica Alba
      Julia Roberts
      Emily Blunt
      Kate Blanchett
      Miley Cyrus
      Katheran Heigle (sp)
      Michelle Trachtenburg
      Rebecca Romijin
      Miranda Lambert
      Brooke Shields
      Tina Fey
      Dannii Minogue
      Marcia Cross

      Also, according to wet paint (.com) here is a list of celebrities who have accidentally exposed their Spanx:
      Eva Longoria
      Blake (not so)Lively
      Khloe Kardashian
      Jennifer Lopez
      Kourtney Kardashian
      Katie Holmes
      Kristin Stewart

      Aaaand, according to abc to go (.com) here is a list of celebrities “who swear by Spanx”:
      Julia-Louise Dreyfus
      Kelly Clarkson
      Katy Perry
      Heidi Klum
      Octavia Spencer
      Jennifer Garner

      After looking at these lists, I’m going for Heidi Klum. “Wouldn’t that affect little things like character and the plot?” might loosely translate to the design show because they have never done maternity fashions? Grasping at straws? Yes I am. :)

    • keeley123

      I don’t see how this is Kaley Cuoco – the clues make it seem that way but she is married this was published today: She doesn’t look pregnant to me! I’m going with Hayden P.

    • redstilettos

      Changing my mind to not Kaley since pix of her leaving the gym just surfaced and she’s sporting a rather toned six pack.

    • chandler02

      I saw a photo of Cuoco leaving yoga this weekend…and she is rocking a SERIOUS six pack. You could see every little muscle on her stomach. I don’t think that she is pregnant.

  • Slothcat

    Kaley Cuoco and Ryan Sweeting

  • PrincessTiff

    I’m sure it’s a long shot, but Troian Bellisario on PLL

    • PrincessTiff

      Patrick J Adams is her fiance

      • Pixley

        I would believe this more than Kaley Cuoco, because the latter is married, so wouldn’t the blind have said “husband,” not “significant other” if it was her?

        (“little” things as a clue, maybe?)

      • PrincessTiff

        And I thought “keeping it secret” would be a clue hinting at the theme song (“gotta secret, can you keep it”)

  • ravenglass

    Actress: Kaley Cuoco

    S.O.: Ryan Sweeting

    • ravenglass

      “…expanding their family” = expanding universe (Big Bang Theory)

      “…when her belly pops” pop = bang

  • sabrina325

    Kaley Cuoco & Ryan Sweeting?

  • gcreptile

    Claire Danes?

    Hugh Dancy

  • cheruboobomb

    Sofia Vergara?
    Nick Loeb

  • britlady

    Actress: Jennifer Garner

    Significant Other: Ben Affleck

    First time poster

    • lobsterbabe

      She isn’t a main character on any show right now.

      • britlady

        What I thought fit is she starred in a 90s TV series called ‘Significant Others’, has talked in interviews about wearing ‘mama spanx’, ‘expanding their family’ they already have three children, it would be a surprise if she were expecting their fourth with all the rumours surrounding Ben at the moment and in very recent photos I had wondered if she was pregnant again.

        I was thinking of ‘All The Pretty Faces’ but google tells me she is exec producer, not starring in the series so I don’t know what else she’s working on and may well be wrong!

    • dontquoteme

      If Jennifer Garner was starring in a show you’d have me convinced.

  • JeanRalphio

    Actress: Kaley Cuoco
    Her SO: Ryan Sweeting

  • pinki

    Kaley Cuoco

  • Elesdee

    Kaley Cuoco? “Pops” = “bang” for big bang theory perhaps? Photos of her recently show a slightly bloated face, one sign of pregnancy, but that could be the new hair do. Or is that a distraction technique?

    Husband being that tennis player.

  • JH

    I’m guessing Robin Wright. She was recently talking about wearing spanx all the time, so maybe the “Double spanx her way through” is a clue?

    • lobsterbabe

      She’s almost 50 so I doubt it’s her.

      • laly

        Well, laura Linney had a baby at 49 If I remember well. Menopause isn’t a mathematical thing, she could be still fertile. And i remember reading in some gossip mag that she’s seeking a baby with Ben Foster. But I don’t think this BI is about her: first because she’s not the type that would hide a pregnancy to the show runner Willimon and chief of Netflix Sarandos: both are very close friends with Robin. And second, the BI says the significant other wouldn’t be happy with expanding the family: I’m pretty sure Ben Foster would be the one to wanted more that kid with Robin, he’s not a father yet, but he gets along really well with Robin’s kids.

      • CanaryCry

        Beverly D’Angelo had twins at 49. But as for Robin wearing Spanx, it could be from perimenopausal weight gain. Who knows?

  • blindg

    Selena Gomez & Justin Biebs

  • redstilettos

    Kaley Cuoco and BBT

  • cincinnatikate

    who was just criticized for wearing a bulky black suit to a premier.. ugh… I JUST saw it..

  • idontgossip

    Kaley QuackQuack

  • MissNormaDesmond

    Just a wild guess, Kaley Cuoco.

  • wendy hood

    kaley cuoco

  • ashanean

    Actress: Rachel Bilson

    Significant Other: Hayden Christensen

  • nattyboo

    I hope this is Kaley Cuoco-cocopuff

  • ImThinking

    Halle Berry

  • mrknowitall

    Kaley Cuoco and Ryan Sweeting.

  • Bergen

    Halle Berry or is it known she’s pregnant because she sure looked it in the last photo I saw of her.

    • LeahLynn28

      Halle Berry?But BG itself implied in a blind that she and her french fake husband are separated because he cheated on her lots of times.
      And SO is usually related to engaged or dating,not married.And “expanding” the family may mean the couple or one of them may already have a kid.I believe the actress isn’t married to the baby daddy,but i may be wrong…

  • royaltyfamous

    Actress: Beyonce
    Significant Other: Jay-Z

  • Andreinac13

    Kaley Couco and her husband Ryan Sweetin. I saw her pics of a premiere or award or something and I thought that she looked pregnant. She glows. And she’s smiling as if she had a secret.

  • LeahLynn28

    First i thought about Kaley Cuoco and her miserable hubby,but i don’t think that player likes her.It’s not normal for a husband to look miserable only four days after the wedding.And they won’t last,i give them one year,two years top…
    I hope it’s not Kaley…she’s nuts and too imature to be a mother…can’t even act like an adult most of the time.But if it’s really her,i wish luck to the player and the poor baby.

  • OhSoLittleMouse

    “Significant other” to me, doesn’t include anyone that’s married. This would be a shack up situation…

  • Ivee

    This might’ve seemed like Kaley Cuoco and her new husband, except that the blind suggests that this couple would be “adding” to their family. Kaley and her husband have no children. So I think it’s someone else. Don’t know who, though….

  • morgana

    Kaley Cuoco is married. Ryan Sweeting is her husband, not SO.

  • hihotintin

    if she could be considered an actress

    [ kourtney kardashian
    s.o. scott disick

  • whatnow

    I will go with Kaley Cuoco but regardless of who it is these things can’t be kept secret forever. I get that some women like to wait until at least the first trimester is over just to be sure things work out but again tell now, tell later, but soon you won’t have to tell at all.

  • jillphelps41

    Kaley Cuoco
    Ryan Sweeting

  • honeypoppy

    Do people not wear condoms… WOW!! I think its Kaley Cuoco. Guess her character will be missing for a while or going on some sort of “vacation” storyline. I personally don’t care for her Sheldon is the star of that show anyways so don’t see the show losing ratings or her pregnancy hurting the show. But I think she needs a pay cut for affecting the current storyline. Who knows maybe Penny will have Leonard’s baby

    • leosgrl88

      THANK YOU. I said on another site that I did not watch BBT as much as I wanted too because I can’t take KC character and of course, I got blasted with immature comments saying how I was jealous. HaHa. Classic. She adds nothing to the show, she is not funny, the story line with her and Leonard is so stall that I wish they would just break up and move on ( I can’t say get married already because that story line would be awful.) Like you said, Sheldon is the star of that show. Just needed to add my two cents.

      • Okayeah

        You two don’t really seem to get the dynamics of the show. Without Penny there wouldn’t BE a show, because the relationship between the cerebral (mind/guys) and the corporeal(body/hot girl) is rather the point of the whole thing.

      • Marissa

        They are getting married. That was this season’s finale…try actually watching the show. A pregnancy storyline wouldn’t be out of place for the character or the show, given what’s gone on the past couple of seasons.

  • blindgirl6789

    Expanding their family sounds to me like there are already kids, probably from a previous relationship. I like the Robin Wright guess.

  • mamiypapi

    Significant other doesnt fit with Kaley and Ryan. They are married.

  • Tofer

    I saw a picture of Kaley Cuoco from this week and her face did look puffy but she had on a belly baring shirt that showed nothing but rock hard abs.

  • tell me more

    Zoe Saldana?!?

  • tell me more

    First time commenting btw

  • FiyahHotFlashy

    Zoe Saldana

  • LucyMarie

    Keri Russell.

    • Erin

      I breifly thought it could be Keri Russell, but considering she and Matthew are still refusing to acknowledge they’re a couple, I don’t think it’s her.

  • buckyboyd

    Actress: Diane Kruger

    Her Significant Other: Joshua Jackson

    She’s been wearing a lot of baggy clothes, layers, etc lately and lots of pap pics recently she’s carrying large items in front of her stomach.

    She is a main cast member on The Bridge.

    • whitefox00

      First time commenter, I think this is right. Even in the polka dot outfit she wore to the Bridge 2 season premiere her abdomen looks bigger than I remember.

  • Hishta

    Zoe Zaldana
    Marc Perego

  • kms32

    Halle Berry. Her character for “Extant” is infertile, hence being pregnant would be a BIG issue for the show.

  • trixa25

    I keep thinking Jennifer Aniston is pregnant, she looks like it. But I don’t think this blind is about her

    I think it’s Halle Berry. She looks pregnant and all the problems with her hubby ..

    • KatarinaJ

      If Halle is pregnant she duped her hubby by going through IVF without him. She is not natural child bearing age anymore. Plus, she is so notorious for putting exes through the ringer, would she really have another baby with one who she feels is questionable? i doubt it.

  • greeneyze

    Ben and Jen

  • whodis

    Actress: Troian Bellisario (from Pretty Little Liars)
    Her Significant Other: Patrick J Adams (from Suits)

    I have a strong feeling about this. Troian and Patrick are not married thus the S.O part. Clues being “keeping it a secret” (the start of the PLL theme song goes “Got a secret, can you keep it?”), she’s one of the main 4 girls on the show, “little things” = Pretty Little Liars, Spanx is a shape SUIT (Patrick stars as the main actor in Suits) and finally, “when her belly pops” -> belly = Bellisario (haha).

  • MiaAxx

    Hayden Panettiere/ fiancé- Wladimir Klitschko. Keeping it a secret because it doesn’t fit in with her Nashville storylines at all.

    • pinkworldfullofunicorns

      “we are curious about why she is keeping it a secret from her employer”
      everybody knows she’s pregnant.

    • SammynSophie

      This! There is a lot of chatter about her being pregnant, but I don’t think she’s confirmed it. And Google gave me a link to a story about the pregnancy that includes the line “The “Nashville” star had previously spoken about expanding her family.” Interesting choice of phrasing, since they don’t have another child together, but sure fits this blind.

    • Marissa

      Actually it does. Her character got drunk & had a quickie with a record label exec. at a party, while she was already dating someone else. They could easily spin off a pregnancy from that.

  • pinkworldfullofunicorns

    Ace said significant other not fiancee or husband.. so maybe a boyfriend?

    Ashley Benson
    Ryan Good (Bieb’s swag coach or whatever his job is/was)

    he acts like a teen, doesnt seem the i-want-a-kid kind of guy, plus, the girl in the picture reminds me of her. actually remindes me of Taylor Swift but since it’s an actress..

  • f. flintstone

    Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt.

  • 15milliondollarbunny

    I’m going with Halle Berry. I saw the photos of her in a very tight fitting dress (she was promoting EXTANT) and her tummy was very pronounced. I thought then that she could be pregnant again.

  • 15milliondollarbunny

    Hayden P is pregnant, very obvious, no way to hide that.

  • teragram

    Actress: Robin Wright
    Significant Other: Ben Foster

    Her character in House of Cards has stated numerous times that she chooses not to have children, and with the plot set up for next season, I highly doubt a baby would be part of it.

  • boredblond

    Can’t believe no one said betty white.

  • Arsinoe

    Aniston and Justin Theroux

  • Erin

    I’m stumped, but put me down for Hayden Panettiere

  • MiaAxx

    Funny how Kaley C instagram’d a photo of her with an alcoholic drink after this was posted. Wasn’t there a blind about her last year while dating Henry Cavill that she read BG?!

    Money’s still on Hayden P.

  • misscococherie

    kristen bell and dax shephard?

    • PandoraWolf

      I think this. (Just saw announcement on Daily Mail). The outfit they showed Kristin in is leggings and a very similiar one-color top, and they have another baby. I have no idea if her role on House of Lies (?) or whatever ‘cares’ if she’s pregnant, and I honestly would think that Dax would be stoked.

      If this is solved shortly, we’ll know!

    • PrincessTiff

      I think it’s this. They just announced (today I think) that she’s preggers. The “belly” pop reference could be to her last name

    • Deep-Sigh

      This….maybe because of this blind…she announced today she’s preggers w/#2…..House of Lies would be the show renewed for season 4.

    • SammynSophie

      I was originally on board with the Hayden Panettiere guess, but since Kristen and Dax announced her pregnancy yesterday, this could be spot on. Except it isn’t marked solved yet…and they’re married. Hmmm.

    • GossipProblem

      I like this – she JUST announced she was pregnant today or yesterday & I saw recent photos of her (very obvious)

    • caela94

      they announced they are expecting #2 today

  • egonzalez1104

    Hayden Pantiere
    Wladimir Klitschko!

  • lovethisgame

    Kristin Bell and Dax Shepard just announced their pregnancy….again!

  • uohmie1

    Kristen Bell & Dax Shepard

  • Erin

    Is it possible this is Kristen Bell? It was just announced this afternoon that she’s expecting again.

  • whatahoot

    Emma Roberts and Evan Peters

  • TicTacTime

    Kourtney Kardasian and Scott Disick. What is up with them- he is so toxic.

  • thelasthigh

    scarlett johannsen

  • classybgyrl

    Halle Berry, I think she is developing a pilot for CBS.

  • Grammaticator

    Tori Spelling
    Dean McDermott

    Tori has been shooting ‘Mystery Girls’ w. Jennie Garth.

    Another kid will make it lucky #6 for Dean. Another mouth to feed, bathe, love and provide for.. he’d be SUPER thrilled.

  • v0xi

    Jenny McCarthy?

  • mar1ey

    Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. She is working on the movie “Cleopatra” at the moment. She also is planning to have her ovaries removed, so perhaps she wanted to have a biological child before the surgery? Brad has stated he was open to adopting a child in need, but he never spoke of having more biological children.

    Just a thought…

  • bec215

    No clue, so if I can’t rule someone in, at least i can rule some out!

    – Cuoco shot leaving the gym last week in bra and spandex pants with very flat/toned stomach.
    – Aniston not in TV show (implied by description of employer and plot impact – a movie would not have the option to change the plot)
    – Jolie not in TV show
    – Pantiere not hiding her bump at all
    – Wright/Berry – statistically eggs are fried by 45, so statistically improbable (and please don’t tell me you think Preston, et al, ‘accidentally’ became pregnant at 48+)
    – Spelling is married, not “S.O.”
    – Johansson doesn’t appear according to IMDB to have any recurring TV roles
    – K. Kardashian announced pregnancy some time ago
    – Bell is married, not “S.O.”
    – Garner is married, not “S.O.” and not attached to recurring TV role

    The Pretty Little Liars actress i don’t know anything about – but someone of her ‘level’ is more likely than an A-lister, since it would have to be someone not in the tabs and being pap’d every single day, which would make it impossible to hide a pregnancy even for a few months… someone who’s less ‘followed’ would have a better chance of getting away with this for the time being, IMO.

  • sawyer

    Sasha Pieterse from Pretty Little Liars

  • mjandkatylover

    Hayden Panettiere.
    Vlaidimir Klitchko ( Or however you spell his name 😉 ).

  • Jazz2801

    Eva Mendez
    Ryan Gosselin

  • raslebol

    I guess Poppy montgomery (and her husband) from Unforgettable .she just annonced she’s pregnant of 6 months at Letterman show