Most Obnoxious Guest Ever

[Blind Gossip] This actress is sweet and pretty on the outside… but obnoxious and ugly on the inside!

She was on vacation a few years ago at a tropical resort. At the time, she had already starred in a several films (none of which were huge hits), but had not yet been nominated for/won any major awards.

This posh resort has seen its share of movie stars, rock stars, business moguls, and royalty. However, our actress goes down in history as “The Most Obnoxious Guest Ever.” Here ‘s why:

Although the resort’s private beach club was only open to members and guests, she constantly referred to them as “the public,” as in “I want the public cleared from the beach club before I enter!”

The path to the beach club runs through a golf course. She demanded that the golf course be closed down during the time she would be walking between the hotel and the beach club.

She demanded that parts of the hotel’s main walkways be barricaded off so no one but her and her entourage could pass through.

There were several restaurants on the property. She demanded that whatever restaurant she chose for her meal be closed to other members and guests.

She demanded that a server and a server assistant to be available to her 24 hours a day throughout the duration of her stay.

Employees were not allowed to speak to her or look at her directly.

She never smiled or thanked anyone during her entire stay. She also did not tip anyone for anything.

Perhaps this monstrous attitude explains why she is actually the prefect match to her current boyfriend?



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210 comments to Most Obnoxious Guest Ever

  • Nini

    Actress: Charlize Theron

    Boyfriend: Sean Penn

    • CindyB

      I think you are right, unfortunately. I always loved Ms. Theron and figured she was pretty laid back. I’m surprised someone who enjoys the good stuff (see: apple bong) would be that way. Most of us are just mellow and content.

    • Okayeah

      Please tell me no one let her get away with this behaviour.

    • NinaMelpomene

      I think you’re right!
      It’s also very likely that Charlize has read BG: I just saw a recent photo of her leaving a restaurant, and WHOAH, she looked like one super-duper-pissed-off-monster. Maybe she was caught without her usual “mask” on, for once. Scary!!!

    • clx

      Charlize won an oscar in 2004, and the clues note that as of a few years ago, she had not yet been nominated for or won awards. So this is not her, unless they have a very generous notion of what “few” means.

    • FrankensteinsMonster

      While the boyfriend bit and the clues sound like her, according to her Wiki page, she won an Academy Award in 2001, which is way more than a few years ago.

      A friend of mine worked with her a few years ago personal training, and they went to public group exercise classes together.She certainly threw no diva tantrums. Doesn’t really add up to me that it’s her.

      • FrankensteinsMonster

        looks like the wiki is wrong? But she won for Monster in 2003, still a long time ago.

    • wendy hood

      Must have been before Monster, as she was nominated for that and it is a clue in the item.

    • Bromance1979

      Yep, and Lainey has said many times that she’s a horrible person.

      • mar1ey

        Her comments about not even feeding the nasty cupcakes she received to her cleaning ladies, or her dogs, revealed a great deal about her. Then her offhand comments likening invasion of privacy to rape and saying that gluten free was bullsh_t showed how vile she is. This blind is about her.

    • tellmemore

      Yes, and “monstrous” is a clue, since she was in “Monster.” Sean Penn is a notorious d*ck.

    • stacat1

      Def Theron.. with Penn as the current boyfriend. She has an awful rep for being unkind and rude to those she deems “beneath” her (which is everyone it seems).

      Monstrous attitude= the film she won her Oscar for “Monster”- maybe not as big of a stretch as everyone thought.

  • melly123

    Charlize Theron and Sean Penn

  • ShockingDayGlo

    Actress: Charlize Theron

    Boyfriend: Sean Penn

    “Monstrous” = she starred in “Monster”

  • sassyolivia

    given the “monstrous” comment, I’ll guess Charlize Theron, which is too bad

  • ravenglass

    Actress: Charlize Theron

    Boyfriend: Sean Penn

    “…monstrous attitude…” = MONSTER



  • BizyBee

    Actress: Charlize Theron
    Boyfriend: Sean Penn

    (Clue – Monsterous….Charize starred in Monster)

  • tdottie

    Charlize Theron
    Sean Penn

  • crazycatlady

    “Monstrous attitude” and current boyfriend who matches? Charlize Theron.

  • mrknowitall

    Charlize Theron and Sean Penn.

  • emilybee29

    Actress: Charlize
    Boyfriend: Sean Penn

  • goldieb

    Easy-peasy! Charlize “Monster” Theron.(Sean Penn).

  • SouthJerseyGirl

    Actress: Charlize Theron (won an oscar for “Monster”)
    Boyfriend: Sean Penn

    This must have happened more than “a few years ago” as she won her Oscar in 2003.

    Or it’s someone else.

  • Mia444

    Easy… Charlize Theron. Not the first time I’ve heard she’s a royal b**tch.

  • blackcat

    Charlize Theron–“monsterous”- movie “Monster”

  • iheartkoko

    Actress: Charlize Theron

    Boyfriend: Sean Penn

    monstrous attitude = movie Monster, won an Oscar

  • JPH

    Actress: Charlize Theron

    Boyfriend: Sean Penn

    I really hope this isn’t true though…she always seems so lovely.

  • iocaine

    Charlize Theron and Sean Penn. She’s apparently one of the biggest beeyotches in Hollywood.

  • guesswhat

    Charlize Theron, “monstrous” being the clue. She won the Oscar for performance in Monster. The difficult Sean Penn is her perfect match boyfriend.

  • Smokey

    Charlize Theron?
    Sean Penn

    Sweet & pretty = Sweet November movie?

  • susanmarie79

    Charlieze Theron

  • TulipInBloom

    Yeow! What a meanie!

    Actress: Charlize Theron
    BF: Sean Penn

    Clue: monstrous: Charlize won awards for her role in Monster

  • daisy12

    charlize theron
    sean penn

  • IconCU

    Actress: Charlize Theron
    Boyfriend: Sean Penn

    Clue – “Mostrous attitude” She won an Oscar for her role in “Monster”

  • teragram

    Actress: Charlize Theron
    Boyfriend: Sean Penn

    Clues: “monstrous attitude” Plus “perfect match to current boyfriend” Sean Penn is known to be a big meanie to everyone.

  • dingopop

    Charlize Theron

  • SammynSophie

    Charlize Theron and Sean Penn immediately come to mind.

  • barry51555

    Has to be Charliize Theron and lovely bf Sean “paparazzi” Penn

  • GossipProblem

    Hate to say it, but:

    Charlize Theron?
    BF being Sean Penn.

    I really hope not. She seems cool, but this kind of fits. Sean Penn is known to be somewhat of a mean person and she starred in a bunch of movies before she won her Oscar. Plus the chick in the photo looks like her.

    Also, the blind refers to her behavior as “monstrous” and she won her Oscar for the film “Monster.”

    • wendy hood

      I had no opinion before I saw her on her Top Chef episode, but she was a little extra, and not in a good way.

  • tkw1955

    Charlize Theron – won Oscar for Monster and is now dating Sean Penn.

  • ace0087

    JLo clue being Monsterous=Monster-in-Law

  • ace0087


  • LucyR

    Easy: Charlize Theron and boyfriend Sean Penn

  • Bamadex

    Charlize Theron. “Monstrous” she starred in Monster. Currently has an obnoxious boyfriend who, on the surface, seems like an odd match. Too bad the resort didn’t show her the door.

  • talljane

    Charlize Theron & Sean Penn

  • Sunshine Girl

    Oh please don’t let this be about Jennifer Lawrence!

    • ppfxxx

      Relax she wouldn’t have been famous enough before she was nominated for Winter Bone

    • stacat1

      Lawrence is actually kind to crew and lets people speak to her on set. Not Lawrence…hope that does not change.

  • rani997

    Very random guess…Charlize Theron?

  • dallasalice

    Charlize Theron – “monstrous” referring to the film ‘Monster’…

  • Peps66

    Wow, “monstrous” (Monster) can only lead me to guess (and hope I’m wrong):

    Actress: Charlize Theron

    Boyfriend: Sean Penn

  • mistertl

    Charlize Theron.

    Clues: “monstrous”, Sean penn is a jerk.

  • asbury1

    Charlize Theron / Sean Penn

  • libby480

    Definitely Charlize Theron and Sean Penn.
    She made a movie called Monster.

  • tatertottee


  • stolidog

    Is Hally Berry married (“monstrous”…Monster’s ball)

    I’ll go with Emma Roberts and Evan Peters (again, “monstrous”…American horror story clue for Evan Peters)

    • lily is my puppy

      Halle won an Academy Award, too — not sure the year but it feels like forever ago versus years ago.

  • stephie

    Charlize Theron. Say it ain’t so.

  • gotsomemoxie

    Charlize Theron, Sean Penn.

  • Phillyabe

    Guess the Charlize Theron rumors are true.

    Monster = Monstrous
    Match for Current boyfriend: Sean Penn who is a belligerent jerk.

  • sarahvirgo7878

    First time posting….Charlize Theron, and her perfect match Sean Penn?

  • wendy hood

    hayden panitierre

    • popculturenut

      It’s not Hayden. She’s known to be quite humble and lovely to the little people, tips generously.

  • phippskat

    Katherine Heigl? Have heard she is difficult

  • ace0087

    The more I think about this, I think it’s Charlize Theron. Due to The movie Monster she was in and her Boyfriend is Sean Penn.

  • torypm

    Actress: Charlize Theron (monstous attitude: her Oscar-winning performance in Monster)
    BF: Sean Penn

  • MissyWilly

    Actress: Charlize Theron
    Boyfriend: Sean Penn

  • tuckerlee123

    Charlize Theron, Sean Penn

  • jennycee

    Charlize and Sean Penn

    They seem like an odd match because she seems quiet sweet (although it has been rumoured she is anything but) which makes Sean Penn seem like an odd choice given he is known for not being the nicest dude around.

    “monstrous attitude” – Charlize won an Oscar for her portrayal of Aileen Wuornos in “Monster”

  • penny1015

    Actress: Charlize Theron
    Boyfriend: Sean Penn

    Clue: “monstrous” attitude – Theron starred in “Monster”

    The only thing throwing this guess off for me is that the blind says this happened a few years ago, before she won any major awards. Theron got her Oscar for Monster 10 years ago…=/

  • sssss

    Charlize Theron, hint being “Monstrous” and her current bf Sean Penn, not exactly known for being the nicest guy.

    • sssss

      Plus Lainey just did a blind on her recently talking about how awful she is. But she won the Oscar for Monster 11 years ago, which I don’t know if that is too long ago to be considered “a few years” back. Still think its her though.

  • Lexie88

    Charleze Theron

  • haley1020

    Jennifer Lawrence?
    Nicholas hoult?

    • popculturenut

      this makes no sense. she was nominated for Winter’s Bone and wasn’t around as an actress much before that — she’s only in her early 20s.

  • Andreinac13

    Sounds like and her boyfriend “R” I don’t remember his name now.

  • bilbo

    Actress: Charlize Theron
    Boyfriend: Sean Penn

  • Fergus

    Sounds like Charlize. I never could figure out how someone that good looking could never really get up and dominate in Hollywood. Then I found out she is a crazy bitch, and it all made sense.

  • MacTalk

    Actress: Charlize Theron
    Boyfriend: Sean Penn

    “Monstrous” attitude – won oscar for Monster

  • xxtina2382

    Actress: Charlize Theron

    Boyfriend: Sean Penn

  • maggie44

    for some reason this says charlize theron to me. monstrous being a clue.

  • iheartthis

    Charlize Theron
    Sean Penn

    I was wondering how she could be with him….

  • Californialove

    I knew this was Charlize Theron before the last two clues. Monstrous= Her role in Monster
    Current Boyfriend- Sean Penn who is KNOWN to not have the best attitude

  • DivaKarma

    Oh nooooo NOT Charlize Theron

  • 4sixx2

    Wow. Obviously Charlize Theron dating Sean Penn. I hate hearing all these bad stories about her. I had always thought she was down to earth.

  • crazym

    Actress: Jennifer Lawrence
    Boyfriend: Nicholas Hoult (her “monstrous attitude” is a perfect match for Beast.)

    She had several films prior to 2010 but no hits/awards until afterwards.

    • ppfxxx

      No one had really heard of her before Winter’s bone so there is no way an anyone was going to put up with this s#!t before then.

  • gypsydaisy

    Charlize Theron
    Sean Penn

  • Nayilem

    Charlize Theron, “monstruous” / monster
    BF: sean penn who’s also monstrous!!

  • pinki

    I wont ever believe this is Jennifer Lawrence.
    “Perhaps this monstrous attitude explains why she is actually the prefect match to her current boyfriend” Nicholas Hoult plays beast in Xmen :( :(

  • jocar

    Actress:Charlize Theron – starred in a movie about a “monster”
    BF: “monstrous” Sean Penn

    That poor kid having them as parent/stepparent!!

  • Californialove

    I also want to know were these demands met per her request? I know of VIP treatment but it’s Charlize who back then I wouldn’t think they would have though too much about.

  • aceticle

    Hm…my first thought was Reese Witherspoon, but she had quite a few hits before she won for Walk the Line, right? Plus she’s remarried, so “boyfriend” doesn’t fit.

    Another thought: Halle Berry. I’ve heard she’s pretty awful. But her win from Monsters Ball was more than a few years ago.

    I guess I don’t have any perfect guesses.

  • PoniTayl

    Charlize Theron
    Sean Penn

  • CoCoJoe

    Don’t know, but why did anyone agree to give in to these demands…or did they? If the demands were not fulfilled, then the real gossip story should be how she handled the refusal.

  • Arsinoe

    Actress: JLo

    Boyfriend: Casper Smart

  • Sarah Connor

    Charlize Theron
    Sean Penn
    (monstrous -> Monster movie)

  • sabrina325

    Emma Roberts and Evan Peters?

  • sassykitty

    Unfortunately, this sounds like Charlize Theron. “Monsterous attitude” & current boyfriend (Sean Penn) being the clue. Disappointing. I hoped she’d be better behaved than this. Boo!!

  • DdR

    Actress: Charlize Theron

    Boyfriend: Sean Penn

    Hint is “monstrous” and “ugly”. She starred in Monster. There was a blind a few weeks back from Lainey Gossip about Theron, how she’s ice cold when interviewing.

    Sean Penn gets what he deserves…

  • allytcat

    Actress: Charlize Theron

    Boyfriend: Sean Penn

    Clue: Monstrous= she won an academy award for monster

  • scumby

    Charlize theron
    Sean Penn

  • boodie

    Charlize Theron
    Sean Penn

  • cupcakecanuck

    Charlize Theron and Sean Penn

  • kiki larue

    Charliz Theron

    Sean Penn

  • Franciss

    Actress: Charlize Theron
    Boyfriend: Sean Penn

    The biggest clue I pulled was “monstrous” alluding to Monster, the film for which she eventually won that fancy Oscar.

  • ErinK

    Charlize Theron and Sean Penn

  • shoefreak

    Charlize Theron?

  • Erin

    Charlize Theron

  • MizGrandma

    Charlize Theron

  • Melo

    Charlize Theron. Monstrous attitude a clue for the movie Monster. Her boyfriend is Sean Penn, notorious for defending his privacy to the extreme. I hadn’t heard anything about her snotty attitude until recently – probably thanks to this site. It’s too bad her inside doesn’t match her beautiful outside.

  • kjc520

    Charlize Theron
    Sean Penn

  • Ana12

    Oh shit! Jlo!
    Rumored boyfriend: maksim?

  • TeacherKat

    I wonder what constitutes “a few years”… The use of “monstrous” makes me think of Charlize Theron, and her boyfriend does have a reputation for being violent, angry and difficult. But, a few years ago she had already won an Oscar.

    I suppose it could refer to Jennifer Lawrence (monster/mutant?). But again, she had her nominations for awards a few years ago (plus, I can’t see her being that way given what others have said about her). I guess I got nothing.

  • tbhstylinson

    Actress: Selena Gomez
    Boyfriend: Justin Bieber

    Doesn’t really surprise me. Shes a * and a fame hopper.

  • igotthisone

    Charlize Theron… “monstrous attitude” —> Monster.

    Man, they’re really out to expose her as a b*tch these days.

  • potatus

    Charlize Theron? “Monstrous” and “match to her current boyfriend”, Sean Penn!!