Most Obnoxious Guest Ever

[Blind Gossip] This actress is sweet and pretty on the outside… but obnoxious and ugly on the inside!

She was on vacation a few years ago at a tropical resort. At the time, she had already starred in a several films (none of which were huge hits), but had not yet been nominated for/won any major awards.

This posh resort has seen its share of movie stars, rock stars, business moguls, and royalty. However, our actress goes down in history as “The Most Obnoxious Guest Ever.” Here ‘s why:

Although the resort’s private beach club was only open to members and guests, she constantly referred to them as “the public,” as in “I want the public cleared from the beach club before I enter!”

The path to the beach club runs through a golf course. She demanded that the golf course be closed down during the time she would be walking between the hotel and the beach club.

She demanded that parts of the hotel’s main walkways be barricaded off so no one but her and her entourage could pass through.

There were several restaurants on the property. She demanded that whatever restaurant she chose for her meal be closed to other members and guests.

She demanded that a server and a server assistant to be available to her 24 hours a day throughout the duration of her stay.

Employees were not allowed to speak to her or look at her directly.

She never smiled or thanked anyone during her entire stay. She also did not tip anyone for anything.

Perhaps this monstrous attitude explains why she is actually the prefect match to her current boyfriend?



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