Engaged Actor Has A Boyfriend

gay couple 3[Naughty But Nice Rob] Which A-list actor – who just got engaged – has a deal with his new fianceé that allows him to still see his special gentleman friend even after they get married?

The arrangement works for both parties. She gets to marry a superstar and enjoy all that comes with it – fame and fortune – and he gets to remain in the closet and still enjoy the company of men!

This couple is more like best friends than husband and wife!


His Fiancee:

Boyfriend (may or may not be famous):

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    • MrsBreeder says

      Just have to add– I would like to pretend his boyfriend is Donnie Wahlberg (based on the picture alone).

    • stanton says

      This is 2014 not 1954. If its “Clooney” or not who knows for sure? The point is this is stupid. What’s the point of living a lie? All lies eventually surface. Just ask JOhn Travolta.

      • PIncorrect says

        EXACTLY so Mr. “I don’t have to justify my sexuality” SHOULD since it’s now 2014. What’s the big deal? I’ll tell you…he’s worried it will affect his bank account, Mr. “Fair Share Socialist”. Hypocrite.

  1. Ash7586 says

    Actor: George a looney

    His Fiancé: Amal Alamuddin

    Boyfriend (may or may not be famous): ??

  2. Lizicia says

    Actor: George Clooney
    Fiancée: Amal Alamuddin
    Boyfriend: Judging by the “Not Exactly A Model Husband” blind, Rande Gerber.

    • SleuthingForFun says

      Good catch “model husband” I concur. Always believed George and Rande were more than just friends and business partners.

  3. annla says

    This must be Clooney and Amal( wont even try to spell her last name. and his verry best friend rande grabet.

  4. slimfast10 says

    Oh Georgie, I’ll always love you anyway, even though it might be Randy Gerber you desire, sigh……

  5. francis says

    Actor: George Clooney

    His Fiancee: Amal Alamuddin

    Boyfriend (may or may not be famous): ?

  6. neartstarlet says

    holy crap

    Actor: George Clooney
    His Fiancee: Amal

    No clue on the boyfriend…

  7. jonesing says

    Since the tan gentleman has salt and pepper hair, I’ll say George Clooney for the actor. His fiancé is Abadal(sp?) and the boyfriend might be Cindy Crawford’s husband-don’t know his name.

  8. Khadafi says

    Actor: George Clooney
    His Fiancee: Amal Alamuddin
    Boyfriend: None particular, just some random twink,
    he loves himself a new twink every week.

    • Khadafi says

      Boyfriend: Casper Smart

      Clooney enjoys the twinks, but, they need to be built and buff, like Casper, so it’s a nice fit. Casper can keep on mantaining his lifestyle, and so can George.

  9. vbchica14 says

    Although I think the gay rumors about him are most likely B.S., this does sorts scream…

    Actor: George Clooney

    His Fiancee: Amal Alamuddin

    Boyfriend (may or may not be famous):No clue

  10. Andreinac13 says

    George Clooney.

    Alma allamundy (or however you spell her name.)

    Rande Gerber.

    Just come out, George!

  11. lily is my puppy says

    Guess we are back to George Clooney. I think it is hilarious that his fiancee is a lawyer — that must be especially helpful in drawing up the contracts!

  12. iloveyourteeth says


    Actor: George Clooney
    Fiancee: Amal Alamuddin

    But I don’t know who his boyfriend could be!

  13. xtina1983 says

    Actor: George Clooney

    His Fiancee: Amal Alamuddin

    Boyfriend (may or may not be famous): I have no idea

  14. Jester says

    Actor: George Clooney

    His Fiancee: Amal Alamuddin

    Boyfriend (may or may not be famous): Randy Gerber

  15. auntmidgee says

    Hayden Christensen and Rachel Bilson. I was so surprised when I read they got engaged! Trevor Blumas for the boyfriend. All of this is contingent upon the interpretation that HC is A-list of course.

    • auntmidgee says

      Good grief. I retract…clearly i should read the other clues. Back to lurking for me!

  16. Elina says

    Actor: George Clooney

    His Fiancee: Amal Alamuddin

    Boyfriend (may or may not be famous): I have no idea

  17. LeahLynn28 says

    Oh,not George Clooney,right?Although he’s A-List,is engaged to that lawyer,and with all those rumors about him being gay,i don’t imagine him having a boyfriend…
    And he’s the only A-List actor engaged recently that i can think of right now…

    • Simstim says

      I don’t know about Clooney but Kayne is suppose to be bisexual and a self-involved egotist even by celebrity standards, by that I mean sex with him is supposedly very much about sex with HIM, the gender of his partners is inconseuquential because it’s all about HIM.

  18. Oh merde! says

    George Clooney. The guy on the right looks just like him.
    I’m still very confused about George’s sexuality. Some blind items describe him like a womanizer and others like a gay. Same with Kanye…

  19. missmissy says

    Of course every one will guess Clooney, but I honestly think he would have come out by now if he were gay. I also wouldn’t think he would marry just to have a beard. He has been clear about not getting married again for years. He could easily retire, move to Italy and live as he wants. His roles are no longer really dependent upon being the “leading man” stereotype. He has been doing more producing and taking non-romantic roles. It doesn’t make sense to me that he would need to hide anything.

    So hmmm… Johnny Depp?

    • PIncorrect says

      His ego would never allow for ANY of that (being out of the Hollywood spotlight), and if he “came out” as either bi- or gay, his box office power might diminish among the women folk who supposedly go see his movies.

      • creeping_thistle says

        Also, I keep reading that he plans to go into politics sooner or later. And as anyone knows, you can do all kinds things *after* being elected, but you must smell of roses *before*. He’ll never come out officially. The USA just about managed to elect an African-American, it’ll take QUITE a while before they choose an openly gay President.

      • butwhatever says

        I firmly believe that even Ann Coulter couldn’t stop herself from voting for an openly gay Presidential candidate if it was George Clooney.

  20. Vampira says

    Clooney and Amul Whatever…Isn’t Clooney just friends with all of his girlfriends?

  21. bilbo says

    Actor: George Clooney (I don’t wanna believe it! Have a huge crush on him!!!)
    His Fiancee: Amal Alamuddin
    Boyfriend: Rande Gerber

  22. GeorgiaR says

    I think we are definitely talking about George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin, but the boyfriend/best friend? Again, I am going with Brad Pitt, the second time this week I have gone with the big fish for a blind item.

  23. Ontarioglow says

    George Clooney
    Amal Alamuddin
    Anderson Cooper ???

    (Idk, the gray hair on the guy reminds me of Anderson Copper.)

  24. tink says

    George Clooney, Amal, Randell Gerber. Wow, these gay rumors are so persistent, maybe they aren’t rumors.

  25. augustmom says

    So this is where everyone says George Clooney…yet a couple of days ago, he was the primary guess on having two mistresses…so make up your mind, people!

  26. OoLaLana says

    Actor: George Clooney
    His Fiancee: Amal Alamuddin
    Boyfriend: Rande Gerber (Cindy Crawford’s hubby)

  27. mariaj says

    Duh, Clooney? Ok, little rant. I can understand( not really, but let’s say i do)a young actor deciding to stay in the closet, but “old” veteran actors, why don’t they come out?
    They have had great careers, they could choose to be open about their sexuality, they could make such a great difference AND have such a good influence in that greatly ypocrite hollywood world!I don’t want to dictate how they live their lives, and thank’s God Clooney is not one of those sickening ypocrites that, say, dare to go to LGBT events with their BEARDS!, but if stars like him don’t do that, who else could? Here is hoping that maybe in his 60-70years something will change?But i don’t think so:(

    • PIncorrect says

      I second that. He talks HORRIBLY about ANYone who is against ANYthing gay for ANY reason, which is his right, but if he’s bi- and or gay and uses a beard, now a PERMANENT one? What a grade-A hypocrite. Oh…and it’s all for personal gain, but he’s an advocate? No.

  28. YoGo8c says

    Yo, a George N Amal not so blind item!

    Even Salt n Pepper man in the pic looks like Big G. Who’s the boyfriend, could be anyone. Some will say, Randy Gerber, others Waldo, still others, the baker from Lake Como.

  29. Fergus says

    It has to be boy George. Does he really think he will be able to enter politics? Maybe if Hillary comes out first, otherwise he will just be a blackmail target.

  30. PIncorrect says

    ROFLMAO….CLOONEY and Amal. It’s SO freaking obvious. Not only that…check the “similar” blinds. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE OUT this hypocrite!

  31. breanna_monique says

    Actor: George Clooney (guy in bed has blonde hair)
    Fiancee: That Amal Chick
    Boyfriend: Brad Pitt?

  32. Zander24 says

    Well, duh! … George Clooney. (And here’ our Award for the Most Obvious BI of the week.)
    Fiancée: Amul Amaddin (or however it’s spelled — the Arab lawyer)
    Boyfriend: Randy Gerber

  33. Stars In My Eyes says

    Okay, George Clooney and Amal Amalauddin, and I know I did not spell that right. As for the boyfriend, all I can think of is Brad Pitt.

  34. Nicky1234 says

    First time poster!
    Actor:George Clooney

    His Fiancee: Amal Alamuddin

    Boyfriend (may or may not be famous): No idea 😮

  35. Stars In My Eyes says

    Change Brad Pitt to Rande Gerber. I just now noticed the model husband bit.