Jealous Crickets

cricket[Blind Gossip] Cast mates of ensemble TV shows are normally very supportive of each other in public. If someone has a baby, wins an award, or does a charity project, the other cast mates will offer their congratulations and support.

That’s not the case here.

There’s a lot of tension among the ensemble cast of this popular television show right now. One of the actresses has been working on a non-acting project outside of the show. When the project was recently released, the reaction she got from her cast mates was… crickets. Where are all the congratulatory tweets? Could they be jealous of our ambitious actress?

The actress is pretending that their lack of support is not bothering her. She is simply ignoring it and interacting with those who do support her, namely other entertainment types who share her interests. Looks like she has a whole new group of friends!


TV Show:

New Project:

New Friends:

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      • Blaze says

        I was thinking the exact same thing. I’m sure that cast is fed up with her and all the a$$ kissing she gets from her producer buddy Ryan Murphy

  1. musicjunkie17 says

    Actress: Lea Michele
    TV Show: Glee
    New Project: her new book, Brunette Ambition. Hint being “ambitious actress”
    New Friends: ?

  2. What Had Happened Was... says

    NeNe Leakes
    The Real Housewives of Atlanta
    Dancing with the Stars


    Sophia Vergara
    Modern Family
    New furniture line at Rooms To Go

    • jasper says

      I’m thinking Modern Family, but didn’t one of the teen girls just do an album or something? I know that one just got emancipated from her parents a little while back, and I didn’t hear too much support from the cast on that?

  3. Miss Demeanor says

    My first thought was Lea Michelle of Glee. She’s also got a new gigolo boyfriend. At least she can now stop milking Cory Monteith’s death for everything it was worth.

  4. jennifer says

    lucy hale
    pretty little liars
    her debut album was released last week
    troian bellisario, shay mitchell, ashley benson…sorry to be cliche, but in the words of A those girls are bitches, i follow all of them on instagram and those three constantly post pictures of themselves together and give lucy the cold shoulder. i totally think they’re jealous of her.

    • Mommy2two says

      ^^^ This. I keep thinking about the crickets clue. Lucy Hale said she is a foodie and once ate crickets. Also the blue arms and legs on the cricket stand out. Maybe to reference her bright blue pantsuit she wore to an awards show once? I saw a pic of her in it comparing her to a smurf.

      Keep your chin up, Lucy. From the very beginning of PLL, you’ve stolen the show and I suspect your castmates have sour grapes.

      • sab77 says

        Such bullshit thats shes stolen the show she might have been the most known when the show began but other actors have “stolen” the show, Sasha pieterse, Troian, and Janel can act circles around her

  5. naee1308 says

    Actress: Lucy Hale
    TV SHOW: Pretty Little Liars
    New Project: singing career
    New Friends: Joel Crouse and other country singers?

  6. mlyjn says

    Actress: Lucy Hale
    TV Show: Pretty Little Liars
    New Project: Her new country album.

    Some of the supporting cast did support her, but the other 3 main actresses haven’t said a word on Twitter.

  7. TVespy says

    Lea Michele
    Her book Brunette Ambition
    New friends are the same from the Memorial Day pic, and her usual group of girlfriends she’s been hanging out with for years.

  8. Mahaa says

    Actress: Lucy Hale

    TV Show: Pretty Little Liars

    New Project: Music Album

    New Friends: hmm no idea

    • What Had Happened Was... says

      Wow, hadn’t thought of that, or even heard of it. Good for her. I also saw she was the commencement speaker at her alma mater, GWU. That’s a huge deal. I also saw the Doctorate awarded was honorary, but still, it’s a form of great recognition.

      But since she’s the star of the show (even though personally I’ve never thought she was a great actress), why would the other cast members take issue with that? Most of them are far better actors, if they feel the need to be jealous about something, it should be that Kerry’s the star yet she’s among the least talented actors on the show.

    • db8ng1 says

      I don’t think it could be KW. She and the cast members are super supportive and lovey all over twitter. I think she’s just intensely private and didn’t make a big deal about being the commencement speaker/doctorate recipient at GWU.

  9. boston says

    Actress: Lucy Hale

    TV Show: Pretty Little Liars

    New Project: Country album (no comment, released last week

    New Friends: Please not Taylor Swift.

  10. confusedandconcerned says

    I would guess this is about Lea Michelle and her new book. But if I had to guess I wouldn’t say that any of the people she works with are jealous. If the rumors are true about the problems in the cast then she had no choice and she had to go out and get new friends because none of them probably want anything to do with her unless they have to. If they read the book at all (and I doubt many people have) it was to see if she sold anyone else out. I would bet that’s why anyone at all read it.

  11. yourPRisajoke says

    Actress: Lea Michelle
    TV Show: Glee
    New Project: recently published a book (rumored to have been ghost-written)
    New Friends: no idea. Maybe related to her music videos/album?

  12. mugofmead111 says

    Well, it can’t be Naya Rivera b/c she was fired from Glee, and she even lost her friend (well, fiance) Big Sean too.

  13. Virgo826 says

    she: Lea Michele
    show: Glee
    project: Her Album, LoudMouth….errrrr I mean, Louder
    friends: Her new boyfriend and “former” gigolo, Matthew Paetz and his ‘friends’…

  14. lonegypsy says

    Actress: Lucy Hale
    TV Show: Pretty Little Liars
    New Project: Road Between
    New Friends: Demi Lovato, Jenner sisters & Joel Crouse

  15. IAmSage says

    Actress: Sofia Vergara

    TV Show: Modern Family

    New Project: two movies: “Chef” and “Fading Gigilo”

    New Friends: Jon Favreau, Robert Downey Jr., Scarlett Johannson, Dustin Hoffman, John Legiuzamo (from “Chef”), Woody Allen, John Turturro, Sharon Stone, Liev Schreiber, (from “Fading Gigilo”)

  16. CatBallou says

    Jennifer Morrison
    Once Upon A Time
    Directing short film Warning Labels
    Not sure on new friends?

    Cricket made me think of once upon a time – but I could be WAY off

  17. Blueyzz says

    Actress: Michelle Stafford
    TV Show: Y & R
    New project: Web series The Stafford Files

  18. travoltasbeard says

    Actress: Sophia Vrgara

    TV Show: Modern Family

    New Project: Tom Cruise’s Beard/Girlfriend

    New Friends: Me and my ilk in COS!!!

  19. hbrown says

    Lea Michele
    Brunette Ambition book
    No idea who her new friends are. Ooooh I just googled. Dating a ‘male escort’? hahhahahahahhahah hahahahahhahahhah hahahhahahahhahahha ahhahahahhahahh.

  20. grrrsuperlauren says

    Actress: Lucy Hale
    TV Show: Pretty Little Liars
    New Project: Her CD
    New Friends: Demi Lovato, Jessica Lowndes

  21. Oohlalaale says

    This is so about Pretty Little Liars! There has been speculation for a long time that the girls don’t all get along.

    Actress: Lucy Hale

    New Project: her album Road Between

    New Friends: dk?

  22. kbd61186 says

    actress:Lucy Hale
    tv show:pretty little liars
    new project:music/cd

    just a guess

  23. luvprue1 says

    I would like to guess someone on “Glee”? However I also think it might

    Actress: Nina Dobrev

    Ensemble cast of this popular television Show: TVD

    New Project: Let’s be cops

    Nina just finish filming the movie, yet I did not notice any of her cast mate congratulation her on twitter,or tumblr . Usually when someone from TVD has a movie ,or project it gets promoted by the entire cast. But no one said anything about Nina’s movie.

  24. lindseyann says

    Actress: Lea Michele
    TV Show: Glee
    New Project: Her book “Brunette Ambition” (blind mentioned “ambitious” actress) or her album “Louder” (in that case the mentioning of crickets mean “quiet” and the album title would be the opposite).
    New Friends: Hilary Duff – they went and saw a movie together I believe?

  25. celebiddy says

    Lucy hale
    Pretty little liars
    CD “road between”


    Lea michele
    Also has a new-ish cd

  26. suzq says

    Lea Michele
    Brunette Ambition (book released last month)
    dudes from her music video

  27. vee13 says

    Actress: Lucy Hale
    TV Show: Pretty Little Liars
    New Project: country album
    New Friends: dunno

  28. KatarinaJ says

    Gotta be Glee. Did Leah Michele just drop an album? That ensemble is a mess. SO SAD given they were relative unknowns who came to stardom with a few years and because of the show. What a bunch of A-hole brats! They’ll be singing a different tune (I guess literally lol) later when they hear crickets with their agents. Pull a David Caruso and you never work again!

    • bjd44 says

      “Pull a David Caruso”!?!?! You DO KNOW that he finally went on to be the star of another hit show….called…. “CSI: Miami”????

      • rdnicolai says

        After how many years? He thought he’d be a big star on the silver screen, he was wrong, and he crawled back to the small screen many years later.

  29. ashanean says

    Actress: Lucy Hale

    TV Show: Pretty Little Liars

    New Project: singing career, released new album Road Between

    New friends Country music stars types like her boyfriend??

  30. truffle says

    well this one is either about Lea Michele, Naya Rivera or Lucy Hale… Thou I have not read about any tension among PPL cast and we know that you can cut tension in Glee cast with a knife

  31. winter says

    I’m thinking this is Lucy Hale from Pretty Little Liars. She just had a new album released and I didn’t notice any excitement from Ashley, Shay, or Troian… She’s probably making new friends in the country music community.

  32. What Had Happened Was... says

    Wait a minute! This sounds more like:

    Actress: Heather Dubrow

    TV Show: Real Housewives of Orange County

    New Project: Temporary co-hosting gig on Good Day LA on the local Fox affiliate

    New Friends: I heard she’d like to open a restaurant, so maybe she’s now friendly with Lisa Vanderpump from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Lisa owns at least two restaurants.

  33. hrhcriss says

    Actress: Lea Michele

    TV Show: Glee

    New Project: Brunette Ambition

    New Friends: Hilary and Haylie Duff

  34. dreamsflying says

    Actress: Lucy Hale
    TV Show: Pretty Little Liars
    New Project: her album, Road Between
    New Friends: Demi Lovato (they’ve been tweeting) David Henrie

    so obvious. Shay, Troian, and Ashley’s Instagrams have almost no pictures with Lucy, and they haven’t mentioned her new album or offered that much encouragement.

  35. katekatebobate says

    I got this! Ahem….

    Actress: Emily Deschanel

    TV show: Bones

    New Project: Animal abuse projects. Real sports on HBO (horse racing abuse, and “butterball abuse.”


    CLUES: she tweets all the time, so those references reminded me of her.
    Her new ‘projects’ are alienating to those who do not share her views. Peta is crazy, crazy lairs and now she’s hanging out with that uneducated, extremist group of celebutards. If her ‘friends’ praise or condemn her projects publicly, it will make news and they do not want to be associated with it.

    last but not least,
    SHE IS MARRIED TO RICKETY CRICKET!!!!! aka David hornsby.

  36. Cindy Louhoo says

    This screams Once Upon A Time to me because of the crickets (Jiminy Cricket) and the green (Wicked Witch) but that’s all I have!

  37. MacTalk says

    Actress: Lucy Hale
    TV SHow: Pretty Little LIars
    New Project: Album
    New Friends: ? People in the music industry

  38. La Llorona says

    Mhmmmm, is it Ariana Grande? from Sam and Cat?

    The New friends is Iggy Azalea. They did a music video called “Problem”.

  39. jennikig says

    Actress: lucy hale

    TV Show: pretty little liars

    New Project: album

    New Friends: demi lovato, Ryan seacrest

  40. PrincessTiff says

    Other reasons supporting the Lucy Hale guess: the chick who plays Jenna just had a baby, Shay Mitchell does a lot of charity and they win all sorts of teen awards. Also, and I know this is a bit of a stretch, but the hind legs of the cricket kinda look like “A”s

    • La Llorona says

      Yeah, I think the Lucy Hale answer is a good guess (I guessed something different but looking this up online, it seems like this story is picking up lots of steam…)

  41. theblindone says

    Actress: Lea Michele

    TV Show: Glee

    New Project: Brunette Ambition (that the rest of the cast totally ignored but it’s garbage anyway)

    New Friends: Hilary Duff and co

  42. Erin says

    This is totally Lucy Hale. There’s been a ton of speculation lately that the other three don’t like her.

  43. SammynSophie says

    I’m late to the party, but I like the Lucy Hale guess. With her in mind, the last line about “a whole new group of friends” reads like a clue, since PLL is all about “a group of friends.”

  44. mariaj says

    Don’t think is Lea M, cause is not the first time that she does something outside Glee, she has been in movie, why would someone of Glee be jeaulous for her writing activity? NOt to count, i doubt her book is best seller material.

  45. melly123 says

    It’s Busy Phillips from Cougar Town. She is working on a sunscreen initiative with Banana Boat. Clues being “Cricket” which is the name of her last baby, and new group of “friends” Courtney Cox is the star of Cougar Town and was previously on Friends

    • SammynSophie says

      Oh gosh. This is a good guess! In addition to the Friends connection, the core characters refer to themselves as “the group” on Cougar Town.

      That said, I refuse to believe Courtney Cox would be that mean or juvenile. Not to mention the men in the cast…would dudes do that? Snubbing is more of a girl thing. 😉 Also? I highly doubt Courtney Cox is jealous of Busy’s sunscreen gig. I think she’s mature enough (and uber-successful enough) to be happy for another person’s successes. So, for all those reasons, I’m sticking with PLL. But your guess made me think! :)

  46. bec215 says

    I don’t follow Pretty Little Liars, but when I saw the cricket, even before I read the blind, I thought “this must be Disney-related”… Jimminy Cricket. And sure enough, ABC Family is owned by Walt Disney. So, I’m on board with the PLL guessers.

  47. frenchmind says

    Could this be Lucy Hale? I don’t think hee pals tweeted her for her album. I could be wrong though. Otherwise this is Glee and Lea Michele

  48. Pixley says

    This cannot be Lea Michele, because the clue says “popular television *right now.*” Glee may have been popular once, but it is absolutely not popular “right now.”

    I like the Lucy Hale guess. It fits with the description of the show, too (PLL is popular “right now”).

  49. ChocoIateOxygen says

    ITS NOT ANYONE FROM GLEE!!! No way Ace could be THAT obsessed with that show. Its PLL most likely.

  50. Jessjess12 says

    First time commenting! I am pretty positive that it is Lucy Hale from pretty little liars. She recently released her CD and none of the other pll girls have said a word about it. I have noticed that they always post pictures of the three of them and Lucy is never included. Specifically Ashley Benson since they aren’t even following each other on Instagram.

  51. VioletJade says

    First time commenting! I’ve been reading these blinds for a while.

    Actress:Lucy Hale

    TV Show:Pretty Little Liars (I saw no tweets from any of the main 3 actresses plus Ashley Benson unfollowed Lucy on twitter recently)

    New Project:Her Album Road Between I think it’s called

    New Friends: People in the country music industry

  52. kid_a says

    Laverne Cox
    Orange is the New Black
    TIME magazine cover
    Trans activists & entertainment figures (i.e. Carmen Carrera & Janet Mock)

    I don’t want to believe it but I’ve noticed Laverne isn’t in a lot of the behind-the-scenes photos with other cast members and they haven’t been tweeting their support for her much (except for Samira Wiley). :(