He Almost Came Out Last Night

hedwig nph[Blind Gossip] The Tony Awards, which honor Broadway performances, are notoriously “gay friendly.” Men thank their husbands, same-sex couples hold hands, and Neil Patrick Harris tongue-kisses everyone.

One famous and talented actor thought it would be the perfect venue at which to acknowledge that he is gay, and floated the idea to his team. Not surprisingly, they rejected the idea.

He thought about doing it anyhow. He had a line ready which would have made his preferences clear. At the last minute, however, he got cold feet and stuck to the script.


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    • grrrsuperlauren says

      My clues:

      1) floated – he’s in Guardians of the Galaxy. Makes me think of outer space.
      2) cold feet – The Hangover was all about the missing groom

      (Side note: I guess clues can go any way you want depending on who you think it is… example: Jackman is in the new Pan movie playing a pirate… = floated)

    • phlyfiremama says

      First person I thought of. Maybe he looks so tired because he is tired of fighting all the rumors?

    • db8ng1 says

      I’d say Hugh Jackman because of the clues:
      float – he’s filming “Pan”
      cold feet – he did a voice in “Happy Feet”

      But he is currently married to a woman and I think it would be disrespectful of your spouse to make such a bold move on a national level. I don’t see him doing that to her.

    • carriebradshaw says

      there are lot of rumours he is gay, but he is also married witch children and I don’t think he would do something like that to his family(even if his wife is his beard- they are children involved).

      • Revisionist says

        “I don’t think he would do something like that to his family” you mean stop lying and being deceitful? Keep it a dirty secret till the kids are off in college?

      • Miss Demeanor says

        MANY gay men have been married, I knew one who was married 25 years with 5 kids. It really doesn’t mean anything. Alot of them don’t come out until later. His wife is about 17 years older than him, give or take. Many of them also prefer to “settle down” with older women.

      • Scorpio13 says

        A friend of mine just came out to his wife and two teenage kids. So yes married men came be gay and do come out.

  1. Booboo1068 says

    Hugh Hackman? Probably wrong because of his kids and how it would effect them (I think he’s one of the few who really do act in their best interest and not for his image).

      • WhatLolaWants says

        Pretty sure they aren’t talking about having a “gay dad”. The media and public would be the ones going in on his family IF it’s him. But yes, let’s just be offended at a comment that didn’t even specify what it was referring to.

      • missmissy says

        I think dropping the info at a very public event would be horrible. That is the stuff left to a well planned interview or press release. I can even imagine an arrangement where a gay man would want to remain married – I have known couples that have married knowing that they were both gay (of opposite sex). This issue isn’t about having a gay dad or mom… the issue is respecting the privacy of the family and keeping the voyueristic attention of the public at bay.

      • crystal75 says

        I think that poster meant it would be a terrible way to come out when you have a wife and children who know nothing about it. It would confuse them and humiliate his wife, so it’s very unlikely Hugh Jackman would do such a thing in a very public setting, as he seems to value his family a lot.

    • Whisper says

      What makes you think his kids don’t already know? I’ll bet everyone around him knows. It’s kinder to the kids to be honest with the public many of whom think he is gay anyway. It’s the constant deceit that’s bad.

      • Heilige Bimbam says

        It is the constant interference of the public that is bad. Everyone has a right to privacy, and does not owe the public any explanation about their private lives.

  2. jujub23 says

    Wayne Brady from whose LINE is it anyways? Hard to find any clues in this blind!

    • apeygirl says

      I agree with the Wayne Brady guesses

      “He had a line ready” – Wayne was on “Who’s Line is It, anyway?” for years (and was awesome).
      “Cold feet” – rumors this year he was dating his ex/friend Chilli from TLC, which he denied

      I could see his team thinking him coming out, being such a daytime/game show type, would hurt him in the eyes of middle America, but eh… I feel like those days are over for your average person. You got your million moms and Westboro types out there, but most (sane?) people don’t much care what everyone else is doing in the bedroom. :)

      Come on out, Wayne! …unless it’s not Wayne.

      Hmm. I’d nix anyone married or with a long term female S.O. as this is not something a nice guy would consider doing to the woman, as it could be humiliating to her, unless they were broken up. So… other single presenters besides Brady:

      Bradley Cooper – I doubt he’s considering coming out. If he is gay, he’s deeply bearding for at least a few more years to keep the “Hangover” bro-douche type fanbase that puts most of the food on the table

      Zach Braff – that web site “hack” of 2011 could have been an abandoned attempt to come out. Also, broke up with girlfriend. But TBH, I’ve never gotten a gay vibe from him. I do get a real assh*le vibe, though. I think he’s talented and funny and everything, but a total jerk.

      Nope. Still think it’s Wayne Brady.

  3. blackmahn says

    Because it’d be shocking and he’s the only “straight” Hollywood male to be awarded, I’d say Brian Cranston. But it could be one of the presenters: Hugh Jackman, Bradley Cooper, Wayne Brady…

  4. ginnynotjenny says

    Breaks my heart, but I’m pretty sure this is my future husband (apparently not), Bradley Cooper….

  5. felipepinafi says

    I can see a lot of people bringing Hugh Jackman but is definitely not him..The actor in question would never have a beard if he wanted come out.

    Btw,the only single and famous actor that came to my mind is Orlando Bloom.

    • kcphilly says

      and Hugh has kids…I don’t think he would just on a whim decide to come out like that. Unless they already know but I’m doubting that.

      • rayodeplata says

        Revisionist, will you stop? It’s not a problem to have a gay dad, the issuee would be to have a “regular mom and dad” family and suddenly that’s lost because your dad actually likes other “dads” and you’ve been living a lie. It’s not an easy subject for kida to accept.

    • Booboo1068 says

      Good point. I agree with Hugh it would be more out of protecting his kids then anything else. Unless we know each couple in a ‘beard’ situation I don’t think we can rule out the possibility that a spouse could/ would be supportive of the celeb coming out if they felt really strongly about it and the spouse (or soon to be ex) was provided for and wasn’t hurt by the choice to cone out. I’m sure that even the case of cover marriages there are some where it may not be traditionally initiate but a genuine friendship and partnership exists…few I’m sure but some.

  6. 4sixx2 says

    Kevin Spacey. Just because. Love him any which way he is- couldn’t care less!

    • sle says

      He debuted a girlfriend on the red carpet though. I can’t fathom bringing your beard with you with you come out.

  7. ifyouwannawakeupearly says

    Hugh Jackman? It’s the only one I can think of that would have any serious impact.

  8. iyamrocky says

    Zach Braff.
    (I do not think Bradley is anywhere near thinking about being honest.)

  9. ritzee says

    Guessing Hugh Jackman since there have been rumors about him for quite some time.

  10. rosiedoes says

    I would love this to be Hugh Jackman (as would most of the gay community).

  11. EastCoaster says

    Hmmm. So the guy was either a presenter or an award winner… looking at that total list, it seems there could be several possibilities but I think most of them are currently married. Such a public setting for a coming-out would be very embarrassing for the wife. Especially if they had any family in the audience! The camera would REALLY zoom in… How about Orlando Bloom, no longer married and I don’t see on the net that he’s got a serious girlfriend right now.?

  12. QJ201 says

    Jackman is the only obvious choice. Bradley Cooper was on the presenters list…(already can’t remember if I saw him on the telecast).

  13. randijane says

    Actor: Bradley Cooper

    Since there was a script, that implies that it was a presenter. Every presenter either attended with their wife/beard (Hugh Jackman…) and Bradley Cooper was the only man there who isn’t in a committed relationship so there wouldn’t be any awkwardness with his SO/Beard being present and embarrassed.

    • missmissy says

      Clint Eastwood, Zach Braff, and Orlando Bloom were there too. Aren’t they all single now.

    • ChocoIateOxygen says

      Yeah it makes sense! I REALLY WISH HE WOULD’VE DONE IT THOUGH!!!
      At least this means he really wants to come out, & probably will when he feels is the right time.

  14. mommalovesapuzzle says

    James Franco! No way is it Hugh Jackman although everyone will think that’s obvious.

  15. Bamadex says

    Hugh Jackman would love to be out so he could have a real boyfriend again. There’s been no one serious since Palermo.