PDA Summer

couple beach 9[Blind Gossip] When you catch two celebrities engaging in PDA in a public place, you have to wonder whether they wanted to be caught. In the case of these two celebrities, the answer is…


In fact, in the case of this actress and this athlete, you should expect a lot more of it. You are in for a long summer photo series of two famous and good-looking people attending movie premieres together… lounging by the pool… lunching at outdoor cafes… taking romantic walks on the beach… walking the dog… and meeting each other’s families. Those pics sell, people! Even if it is all fake.

You heard us. Fake! All for PR purposes.

What does she get out of it? She has a film that is being released in the next few weeks. Then she gets to be half of a photogenic celebrity couple for the rest of the summer.

What does he get out of it? A “girlfriend.” Enough said.



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