Almost Arrested In Italy

northern italy[Blind Gossip] This guy is one of the most famous musicians in the world. We always thought he was one of the richest, too. Not necessarily!

Finances are a problem for the couple. He is not good at managing his money, and his wife is a huge shopper.

A few years ago, she decided to go to Northern Italy to do some shopping. She shopped all day for expensive art and furnishings, and stayed in a luxury hotel at night.

Well, she ran out of money. She tried to leave the hotel, but was barred from doing so. You see, in Italy, it is a crime to leave a hotel without settling your bill in full! They told her that she had to pay her bill… or she was going to go to jail!

Her credit cards were maxed out, she didn’t have the cash to settle the bill, and she knew that her husband didn’t have the money either. And she really didn’t want to have to face off against the Italian police!

In the end, she decided to call one of her husband’s band mates and beg him to lend her the money. Although it was embarrassing for her, it was better than getting arrested and having their true financial situation exposed to the public.


His Band:

His Wife:

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    • ppfxxx says

      I think the bandmate thing precludes Sting who famously never noticed his accountant stealing a few million from him a few years back

      • minx says

        And: they own a Tuscan villa and in the past week have put a $30 million dollar London townhouse for sale.

    • FrankensteinsMonster says

      I love this as a guess except that The Police haven’t been a band since 1986 so there is no band mate.

      • minx says

        It could have been a member of a band that Sting uses when he performs, not necessarily Stewart Copeland or Andy Summers.

    • CountessLurkula says

      they’ve been trying to sell a large NYC apt @ 69/CPW for 7 years… bet they are cash poor with all the real estate they own.

  1. raslebol says

    Rolling stones’ keith richards ,patty hansen his wife and mick jagger? No real idea

  2. lobsterbabe says

    I would love for this to be Gene Simmons from Kiss and his wife Shannon Tweed.

    • Miss Demeanor says

      My first thought was Gene Simmons, but he’s known for being a very good businessman. Who knows.

      • redstilettos says

        Agree. He’s known for his business acumen. Don’t see him letting that happen.

    • Okayeah says

      Gene is a money-making machine and yes, a VERY good businessman. He grew up dirt-poor and simply would never allow himself to lose control of his money. Too much psychological damage.

    • Blopsy says

      I’m betting Gene Simmons watches every penny. He’d have to be very shrewd to keep a band like Kiss going all these years.

      • yewneek says

        but the blind says “We always thought he was one of the richest, too.” based on his reality show *cough* we all saw what a great businessman he was.. but of course his show would make him look good. I still think this is about him and his wife.

    • CanaryCry says

      My 2nd guess: Lars Ulrich/Connie Nielsen/Metallica. They did get married, didn’t they?

    • katt388 says

      I thought of them also but wouldn’t she have called Mommy Blythe to bail her out, not a band member. Besides don’t the Coldplay members HATE her?

    • Mixtape says

      Is Ali Hewson known as a shopper in Europe? This one surprises me as she seems to keep such a low profile and every time she does appear at an event, it seems she is wearing a different iteration on the same thing: a long black dress. I just assumed she wasn’t as materialistic as your average rock wife.

  3. ravenglass says

    Musician: Sting

    His Band: The Police

    His Wife: Trudie Styler

    If this happened a few years ago, then maybe it was during their 2007-2008 reunion tour.

  4. ConfusedHarpy says

    Wow, this is a total guess bases only “most famous musician” and “richest”:

    Musician: Sting

    His Band: The Police

    His Wife: Trudy Styler

    I have to doubt it because they supposedly have gobs of money, but what if they didn’t….

  5. RitaSkeeter says

    hey all… my first post here…

    I’m thinking that married Jonas guy… kevin and his wife…

  6. spoofbyrd says

    This smells of Goopy all the way to her champagne bidets. I said on other BG threads that I have seen the haughty rich take a financial fall. How long before the creditors make a COLDPLAY for her liquid assets . Kirsten Stewart drives a dented truck. Robert Pattinson buys cars on Craig LIst Goopy will probably make the Emir Sultan circuit because Beautiful Blondes like her are worth their favors in oil wells.

    • FrankensteinsMonster says

      Some of the smartest rich people do buy second hand and don’t waste money on flashy cars and houses. It doesn’t mean they are suffering just that they are cautious. And KS and RP may well have their wealthiest days behind them and conserving is sensible. The richest guy I know worth about 30 mill drives a second hand truck and always has. The only reason I discount goop is the divorce.

      • redstilettos says

        And that’s why they stay rich. :) Look at professional athletes or the MC Hammers of the world who blow through their cash. Cautionary tales.

  7. ivy3499 says

    I’m torn between sting and bono. Gonna go with….Bono.
    Wife Ali Hewson
    Band U2

    • raslebol says

      She’s not known as a shopper in Europe.Bono has a big house in South of France( Eze Sur Mer)and Ali went with the intendant to the supermarket or local Target.In fact as you had as some chance to meet them in local market or PMU or yiny “brasserie” as in a posh restaurant or at Monaco.

  8. RitaSkeeter says

    no wait… it says most famous… people barely remember the jonases… I had to Google the married Guy’s name…

    maybe nick from Backstreet… or someone from. the beatles…

  9. cherrypink says

    Long time reader, first time commenting! How about;

    Musician: Ozzy Osbourne

    His Band: Black Sabbath

    His Wife: Sharon Osborne

  10. GiveMeGossip says

    I guess returning what she bought never crossed her mind? No way would I help someone out and have them keep thousands of dollars in merchandise.

    • CoCoJoe says

      I have no idea what the return policies are in Italy, but I doubt every country has the generous return policies the US has…certainly Canada doesn’t, There’s also a difference between shopping in exclusive shops and boutiques and shopping in big chains.

  11. smileyfaces says

    I’d say Chris Martin, Coldplay, and Gwyneth Paltrow, but Chris and Gwyneth are divorced now. So I don’t know.

  12. Cyanna George says

    Musician: Gene Simmons (Face off / Almost Human song)
    Wife: Shannon Tweed
    Maybe while in Milan in 2010?

  13. huhwhoami says


    e street


    but my first was Rod S. and Penny L. read the clue no band so bruce it is

  14. whowassheilahgraham says

    Joe Walsh
    Marjorie Bach

    The clues about money and being rich refer to his song “Life’s Been Good”. The song begins “I have a mansion, forget the price”. Also the clue about paying the bill in full refers to the Eagles’ song “Life in the Fast Lane” with lyrics “Doctor’s coming, but you have to pay cash”.

    • KWDragon says

      I like this guess. You actually pulled good clues out of the blind. Awesome! 😀

    • jezzadezza says


      PS awesome username. I used to live just next door to Sheilah Graham’s old flat in WeHo…

  15. tratschkopf says

    Musician: Sting

    His Band: The Police

    His Wife: Trudie Styler

    They have a house in Italy (Tuscany) so maybe Trudie headed up to Milano to do some shopping…

  16. katt388 says

    Sting’s wife Trudy? They live in a large Villa in Italy part time and she does spend a lot

      • TracieKnits says

        He’s got a ridiculous amount of money, and she’s an heiress and a business woman. She would also probably call her cousin Barbara Walters before calling Ringo Starr.

  17. redstilettos says

    Ali Hewson but from what I know about her it doesn’t seem to fit.

    • raslebol says

      It’s about Sting and his wife .clue “police”
      remember they had some problem with their accountable who sole many money without they see it and they have a house in Toscane

  18. Samie says

    Band ?
    Trudie Styler

    “Everything you see that you want to possess…”

  19. WheresMyHalo says

    I am guessing Eric Clapton as his music was used as the theme for not necessarily the news.

    However Mr. Wheresmyhalo is guessing Ringo Starring because he was flying regular ‘cattle class’ on the same flight as him some years ago and was recently auctioning off a car for $500k.

    Interested in seeing every one else’s guesses when comments are opened up!

  20. GayleStorm says

    The first people that came to my mind were Sting and Trudy Styler. I could just see those two living well beyond their means. But in actuality, it’s probably someone from the Rolling Stones trying to borrow money from Mick Jagger, because I think Mick has managed his money quite well.

    These type of stories drive me bat s&%t crazy. What in the heck is so hard about living at or below your means???

  21. goldieb says

    BILL Wyman.
    Rolling Stones.
    Ex-model Suzanne Accosta.

    Wyman was interviewed in 2008 by the UK telegraph wherein he said, “I had a small nest egg and I can live nicely but I can’t rely on Stones royalties to support me. I have to work and I’m not in the same league as the boys who stayed on.”

  22. lh8990 says

    Gene Simmons/Kiss/Shannon Tweed
    And the hints being “face off” and “exposed”…..

  23. justjinx says

    I want to say Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne because I’ve heard they like to not to pay their bills but I could never see Sharon begging from her husband’s band mates. So, maybe Keith Richards, with his wife Patti Hansen begging Mick Jagger?

  24. GingerNaps says

    Sting, Trudi Styler — is his band The Police? They have a house in Italy….Clue: Not necessarily: His song: It Ain’t Necessarily So

  25. ecksor says

    How is that even possible? Black/Saphire cards that wives of famous musicians normally carry don’t have spending limits.

  26. mostlylurker says

    sting call members of the police? That really doesnt seem likely since they’ve not been together in decades save a brief tour a few years ago. It wouldnt be his solo touring band because they wouldnt be rich.
    This reads like someone still with a band though i could be wrong.

  27. curious13 says

    This can’t be Gene Simmons! The blind clearly states “not good at managing his money.” Simmons marketed Kiss and lives for money. Simmons maybe many things, but he is not bad with money.

    I think Sting, the Police, and Trudie Styler make good guesses.

  28. ChampagneFlight says

    ROnnie Wood
    Jo Wood
    Divorced now but if it’s a few years ago…she’s pretty open about their finances and financial problems in her book
    Clue:face off and Ronnie was in Faces

    • streeter says

      Slash was one of my first thoughts. I remember Perla showing off her luxuries in the “Rockstar wives” True Hollywood Story.

      • streeter says

        Rereading the blind, I’m convinced it’s Slash.

        Slash may not be good at “managing his money,” but his longtime bandmate Duff McKagan is a financial whiz and has authored books about wealth management.

        The blind reads like this is a current bandmate — Duff may have been Slash’s bandmate at the time of the trip as the blind says this happened a few years ago perhaps during Slash and Duff’s tenure with Velvet Revolver.

  29. desigirl123 says

    Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake.

    I’ve read a few articles of them visiting Italy on vacations before they were married.

    JT’s band is NSYNC. I wonder who Biel called?

  30. ReillyThePainter says

    Rod Stewart
    Penny Lancaster

    Clue: “face off.” Rod used to be a band called “Faces.”

  31. Siv Nathalie says

    Well I truely do not hope it’s the king Bruce. Then i’ll be devastated.

  32. WheresMyHalo says

    Oops did not give full answer before:
    Eric Clapton
    Wife is Melia McEnery
    Bandmate Jimmy Page

    For Mr. Wheresmyhalo’s guess:
    Ringo Starr
    Barbara Bach
    Bandmate: Paul McCartney

    • Erin says

      I hope it’s not the case, but I can see this being Ringo/Barbara/Paul.

      I remember reading somewhere (and this was a while ago, so I can’t even remember where I read it or even if it’s true) that Paul had to lend Ringo money sometime in the mid ’80s.

  33. augustmom says

    No way this is Goopy, she was born with a silver foot in her mouth…she inherited wealth, has her wealth, and Martin’s portion.

  34. augustmom says

    Sadly, I could see this being Ringo and Barbara calling Paul…the real money in music is in songwriting credits.

  35. Erin says

    yeah…I’m definitely leaning towards it being them as much as I don’t want it to be.

  36. kiki larue says

    My guess is kate Hudson…I know she isn’t married to Matthew Bellamy and has been divorced from Robinson for years….but “almost” makes me think of almost famous….and “face” can relate to Almay contract. She hasn’t done anything in awhile so maybe she is cash poor….

  37. Tpau1970 says

    Kevin Jonas

    The Jonas Brothers

    Danielle Jonas

    It’s my best guess . Sting is a millionaire many times over . So is Trudy .

  38. Madeleine says

    Musician: Keith Richards
    Band: Rolling Stones
    Wife: Patti Hansen

    Biggest clue is this: “We always thought he was one of the richest, too.” That narrows the field considerably. I certainly don’t think Joe Walsh or John Legend make the cut. If someone asked me who was the richest band, my first thought would be the Stones. But it wouldn’t surprise me if some of the band members (other than Mick) had less money than we think, because they are still touring even though they are about 100 years old….so someone needs money.

  39. spoofbyrd says

    To Frankymunster I hope you didnt misunderstand me about KS and RP . I was complimenting their frugality and groundedness. These two young people who obviously understand the value of a buck and dont give a hoot about glamour. Ks is very beautiful and I could see her career continuing but her management ought to warn her about Alienation of Affection Laws which some states have and can reduce ones net worth.

  40. spoofbyrd says

    I did not know the Coldplay bandmates didnt like Goop so it might not be her but I doubt if it is Gene Simmons . Bono is more well known than Sting but I never heard anything about his wife . I hope this is solved

  41. StockvegasSuzy says

    Musician Ronnie Wood
    Band The Rolling Stones
    Wife Jo Wood
    Jo Wood has recently written a memoir which describes how hopeless Ron is with money; ironically he tried to stop her starting a business after their divorce using the Wood name.
    I guess she would have contacted Keith (who would cover Ron’s back) or Charlie rather than Mick who would not be sympathetic (that would also be the reason she wouldn’t go to the Stones office as Mick would veto it).

  42. beccajames says

    My guess is Sting/trudie was an article in British Sunday Times today saying they are selling their 2nd London house. Sold the other one just a couple of months ago for £7.25m and are looking for £15million for this one.