She Wants To Get Paid For The Big Event

money 17[Blind Gossip] There is a really fascinating negotiation going on behind the scenes of this big event.

These two celebrities are arguing over attending the event together. He is going, but she really does not want to go… unless she gets paid!

She has an entire list of reasons why she does not want to go: She is too busy. She doesn’t like the couple. She doesn’t want to be photographed. She doesn’t want to be videotaped. She doesn’t want to perform (we don’t know what that’s about). She doesn’t know what she would wear. She is still mad at her husband. She is still mad at his mistress. She doesn’t want to travel. She doesn’t want to bring the kid/s. She would rather spend time working. She doesn’t want his business obligations to be her business obligations.

Her husband wants her there. He needs her there. That happy family image can only be cultivated if both parties participate. If he goes without her, they will have to make up some bogus excuse. Given the events of the past couple of weeks, no one will buy it. It will simply add fuel to the fire that they are over, which is exactly what he didn’t want anyone to know about before he was ready to tell them. Yes, he’s controlling that way.

He is alternating between fighting with her and trying to sweet talk her. Lots of dollar figures getting thrown around. We’re talking millions of dollars. If she does go, it will be because she was paid to do so. As we keep telling you, this is all business.




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  1. Molls says

    Husband: Jay-Z
    Wife: Beyonce
    Event: The Kartrashian wedding in Paris or wherever it is.

    • stanton says

      Again who gives a “f” if they aren’t a perfect family. Pretending to be something your not is more damaging to your soul then a divorce will ever be.

  2. ccattwood says

    as easy as “B to Z with a couple K’s in between”!

    Jay Z
    Kanye/Kim wedding

  3. neartstarlet says

    Husband: Jay-z
    Wife: Beyonce
    Event: Kim & Kanye’s wedding

    She’s performing!?!?!

  4. bmj524 says

    This is so easy, even I can guess it (I usually never have a clue).

    Husband: Jay-Z
    Wife: Beyonce
    Event: That Krapdashian wedding

  5. cyberbrownie says

    Husband: Jay Z

    Wife: Beyonce

    Event: Kimye Wedding

    Mistress: Rihanna, Rita Ora, Jay’s Stylist
 the list could go on…

  6. Serena van der Woodsen says

    Jay, B, Ye + Kartrashian. What I don’t get, and I’m putting info of a couple BI’s together, is: Why did Jay Z sign himself over to Kanye? What does he have on him?

    I also don’t get the none obsession: when you’re as rich as Beyonce what is that extra money gonna do anyway? She’d still be labeled as “person who went to the Kartrashian wedding”.

    • Moonpie says

      Bey knows how the world will see her once she goes to the wedding.
      A-listers are not going and Bey considers herself A-list but she is being made to go. KW and KK are in begging mode. I think it is KW who signed himself over to JZ not the other way around. And the answer to your question could be Blue’s birth and JZ association with criminal wrong-doings pre stardom. Also, it is KK that wants her there come hell or high water. This is her way to A-list status.

  7. amccar says

    It’s obvious
    Husband: Jay-z
    Wife: Beyonce
    Event: Kanye and Kim’s wedding
    Don’t blame her if she is forced to be part of the circus;)

    • Moonpie says

      I too agree their commonly shared master controllers are making her do this.

  8. Serena van der Woodsen says

    Also – did BG just drop the bomb like that and told the world that they are officially over????

  9. cait_815 says

    Husband: Jay Z
    Wife: Beyonce
    Event: Kimye Wedding

    I don’t think Beyonce has ever liked Kim

  10. BlueHerons says


    She should leave JayZ just for making her participate in this hot mess of a pre divorce cerimony.

  11. lovefifteen says

    It baffles me that someone as rich as Beyoncé would actually agree to attend the Kartrashian wedding if Jaz Z paid her, but I guess money is money. LOL

  12. PoniTayl says

    Husband: Jayz


    Event:Ktrash Circus Sideshow Wedding

    Mistress:Rachel Roy

  13. brenda77 says

    Wow.. This was good one.. Bey, just go to the wedding and put on a good face like you did on the elevator..

  14. boodie says

    Beyonce, Jay Z and Kim Kardashian wedding. Lol she needs to be paid millions to go the to this farce of a Kontractual wedding. How do people in the know keep a straight face around them, fake pregnancies, fake relationships, fake weddings! Ye sure keep it real Kanye, Jay and Yonce.

  15. maiidesuu says

    Husband: Jay-Z

    Wife: Beyoncé

    Event: Kimyé wedding

    Kinda obvious..elevator fight and pretend family photo ops, Kanye literally sold himself to Jay just so they’d show up at their “wedding” and everyone know how much Bey doesn’t want to be associated with that circus act.

  16. Lyrics and Chords says


    Wife: Yonce’

    Event: KimYe Wedding

    I am starting to think I am only good at jay/bey blinds

  17. ivy3499 says

    Too easy!
    Kimye’s wedding
    You’d have to pay me to go to that too.

  18. Vikkiikawaii says

    Husband: Jay Z
    Wife: Beyonce
    Event: Kim Kardashian & Kanye West’s Wedding

  19. ravenglass says

    Husband: Jay Z

    Wife: Beyoncé

    Event: Kimye Wedding

    I’m pretty sure Kanye is getting paid to show up, so BeyoncĂ© should as well.

  20. PC1 says

    LOL!! Duh.. Jay-Z & Beyonce… She doesn’t want to go to “The Big Fat Florentine Wedding”

  21. shayjay says

    Jay Z & Beyonce
    the event….how disgusting….is the UCB marrying the plastic trashian.

  22. beckss says

    i wonder if she has a fake actual life or if her life really is all business? so sad

  23. cartepostale says

    Husband: JAY-Z
    Wife: Beyonce
    Event: his bestfriend Kanye & Kim wedding in Paris


  24. cartepostale says

    husband: jay z
    wife: beyonce
    event: his bestfriend Kanye & Kim wedding in Paris

  25. VexTheVixen says

    Husband – Jay-Z

    Wife – Beyonce

    Event – The Kimye disaster (er, nuptials)

  26. yinyang says

    Jay & Bey @ K&K wedding
    Funny how all rhymes…. Please make it STOP! Other countries are laughing @ us because of this hot mess of a fake wedding fiasco … It’s all about Kim & Kanye … People really care about this??? Such a joke!

    • AR09 says

      Totally. This week My twitter feeds are constantly inundated by what everyone is doing pre wedding. It’s gotten so bad that I don’t even look at my feed anymore. What is wrong with our media??

  27. flopot says

    Jay-Z and Queen B!
    Don’t know what event’s coming up though…
    First time post- love this site!!

  28. eastbay_red says

    Husband: Jay-Z
    Wife: Beyonce Knowles
    Event: Kanye West/Kim Kardashian wedding

  29. LeahLynn28 says

    Jay Z.
    The Kraptrashian and Kangaye’s business arrangement,aka,fake wedding.This marriage is doomed,Kangaye is gay,and the Kraptrashian loser doesn’t like him either.I read they won’t even live together…and i still don’t know if North is really their kid,and she never seems to grow up.Weird.
    And if Beyonce doesn’t want to go…DON’T GO!Everybody knows Kim’s third marriage will be fake,just like the second.And she should stop trying to fool people,we already know her “perfect” marriage to Jay Z is just as fake as Kimye’s future marriage.Too late,Beyawnce…
    I wish these four idiots could go away forever…i can’t stand them,nor their PR Stunts.I sincerelly stopped believing in marriage after reading all these blinds.

    • PandoraWolf says

      My favorite comment I’ve read about this stupid wedding is from Kris Kardashian’s sister, the “crazy aunt”.

      “I think this marriage will last more than 72 days.”

      is “…but not much longer than that” the REST of the thought?

  30. dalstongirl says

    The event: Kim and Kanye’s wedding
    Beyonce and Jay Z the couple
    I think Jay Z is Kanye’s best man. I can’t wait for this wedding to be over. All that money spent on this wedding when we know the marriage ain’t going to last more than 18 months.

  31. Khadafi says

    Husband: Jay Z

    Wife: Beyonce

    Event: The fake wedding involving one of the Kartrashian hookers
    and Gay West