She Wants To Get Paid For The Big Event

money 17[Blind Gossip] There is a really fascinating negotiation going on behind the scenes of this big event.

These two celebrities are arguing over attending the event together. He is going, but she really does not want to go… unless she gets paid!

She has an entire list of reasons why she does not want to go: She is too busy. She doesn’t like the couple. She doesn’t want to be photographed. She doesn’t want to be videotaped. She doesn’t want to perform (we don’t know what that’s about). She doesn’t know what she would wear. She is still mad at her husband. She is still mad at his mistress. She doesn’t want to travel. She doesn’t want to bring the kid/s. She would rather spend time working. She doesn’t want his business obligations to be her business obligations.

Her husband wants her there. He needs her there. That happy family image can only be cultivated if both parties participate. If he goes without her, they will have to make up some bogus excuse. Given the events of the past couple of weeks, no one will buy it. It will simply add fuel to the fire that they are over, which is exactly what he didn’t want anyone to know about before he was ready to tell them. Yes, he’s controlling that way.

He is alternating between fighting with her and trying to sweet talk her. Lots of dollar figures getting thrown around. We’re talking millions of dollars. If she does go, it will be because she was paid to do so. As we keep telling you, this is all business.




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