Insufferable Actor Is Disrespecting The Crew

man snob[Blind Gossip] The lead of this TV series is a well-known actor who has been on more than one series.

His attitude is insufferable, and his colleagues are completely fed up with his behavior. Here are just a few reasons why:

He tells everyone what to do all the time (e.g. how to frame the shot, how to deliver their lines). He is not the director nor the producer nor the show runner, but he is convinced that he is the smartest and most important person on the set.

He hired a coffee cart for the cast and crew. It was supposed to be a nice gesture on his part so that he could provide them with delicious fresh coffee on their breaks. However, the real reason he hired it was because he wanted to bonk the coffee cart girl! When she finally said yes, they would both disappear to his trailer, leaving the coffee cart unmanned, his colleagues decaffeinated, and everyone rolling their eyes.

He disrespected the crew by spitting into the tracks of a camera dolly in between takes, and then ordering one of the “runners” to clean up after him. Would like someone spitting on your tools at work? Would you like someone to order you to clean up their spit?


TV Show:

BONUS CLUES on Twitter later!

BONUS CLUE! Insufferable Actor: The series is filmed outside of the United States but the lead actor is American.

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  1. reradaelli says

    Jonny Lee Miller? don’t know any other shows he’s done.
    I don’t think it’s Benedict Cumberbatch, he seems ok.
    sorry, English is not my first language.

    • sophiedg says

      Thanks to the bonus clue we now know it can’t be Johnny Lee Miller or Benedict Cumberbatch bse both were born in the UK. That’s a good thing bse they are both truly talented in my view and I would hate to think either is such a jerk. Liking the Jeremy Piven guess.

      • reradaelli says

        I didn’t read the bonus clue! Yeah, it would be too bad because I love both actors!

      • reradaelli says

        It’s Portuguese GiveMeGossip!Sometimes I think I just forget how to write things properly (maybe it’s just because I’m getting old :p)

  2. mogzilla says

    Jeremy Piven, Mr. Selfridge
    There’s a Time Out article where he declares himself “underwhelmed” with British coffee and mentions that he treated the cast & crew to “top notch caffeine.”
    Plus, I have heard he’s a jerk from friends who grew up with him in Chicago.

    • chandler02 says

      Agreed. I have never heard of the show Mr. Selfridge before, but I looked it up and the promo images look just like the one above, without the monocle.

    • accidentaltourist says

      I met him at a party about 20 years ago in Chicago – he was a conceited, entitled snob.

    • NettieHoney says

      This ruined my day and any joy I derive from JP. Crap. Are none of these people worthy of our esteem?! đŸ˜‰

  3. LeahLynn28 says

    Charlie Sheen?He has a huge ego,and i can see him doing these things to the crew.

  4. Ahem says

    The guy in the pic has a Sherlock Holmes vibe going on, so I’m going to guess Jonny Lee Miller from Elementary.

  5. mb says

    Andrew Lincoln?

    Clues: “e.g” – his character in This Life had the nickname Egg, “bonk” leads to a British actor, “runners” like the zombies on Walking Dead?

  6. Gossipfiend123 says

    Jonathon rhys myers? he is known for being horrible on jobs and has been on more than one programme

  7. ravenglass says

    I’ve heard JOSH HARTNETT from “Penny Dreadful” is a real assh*le on set. He was also in a series called “Cracker.”


    • ravenglass says

      “Penny Dreadful” is filmed in Ireland & Josh is American. His character, Ethan Chandler, wears a hat like the one in the photo.

  8. Grammaticator says

    The picture reminds me of Mr. Selfridge — Jeremy Piven, and him being a d*ck should surprise no one.

  9. What Had Happened Was... says

    Actor: The pic resembles Steve Carell, but I seriously doubt it’s him.

  10. gaelgirl says

    James Spader of The Blacklist. I don’t pick up on any clues from the blind, just that I hear he is insufferable, intense and self-important. Someone I met who worked with him says he “sucks the life out of you,” so there you go.

    Wait, doesn’t Spader wear a hat in the promos for The Blacklist? There you go.

    • Mixtape says

      What? He has a reputation for being one of the nicest guys in Hollywood, and he’s hardly the “lead” of that ensemble show or anyone who would get away with taking over direction.

  11. CaliBeat210 says

    keifer sutherland…he dressed like the guy in the picture recently while in london

  12. TheBinch says

    James Spaders. I seem to recall a lot of complaints about him in his “Office” days.

  13. Pixley says

    The pic is making me think Jeremy Piven, “Mr. Selfridge.” It looks like an English period drama, and it’s the only one I can think of where the lead would be “well-known” to Americans.

  14. lizt says

    The bonus clue suggests this might be Jeremy piven currently filming season 3 of Mr Selfridge in the UK.

  15. gossipgirlwi says

    Tim Allen! “Unmanned” coffee cart – current show Last Man Standing. “Spit on tools” referring to his best known tv character on Home Improvement…

    • Ladieu says

      Can’t be Kiefer, he’s British born, raised in Canada…

      I’ll go with Matt LeBlanc

  16. calyx9a says

    I’m guessing Kiefer Sutherland- 24. American actor and right now takes place in London.

    • lor says

      he is NOT American. He was born in England and grew up in Canada (his grandfather is an extremely famous Canadian). So can’t be him

  17. boyjack4 says

    Definately Jeremy Piven! I like the series but it’s obvious he’s a total ass!

  18. filthycop says

    hello first post… long time reader

    American Actor in a programme filmed in UK…

    Jeremy Piven – Mr Selfridge
    Matt le Blanc – Episodes
    Keife Sutherland – 24

    Benedict Cumerbatch – English in British programme… not him
    Johnny Lee Miller – English in American programme
    James Spader – American in American programme
    Simon Baker – Australian in American programme

  19. h0llywould says

    Josh Harnett is American on the British TV drama, Penny Dreadful. Also he was also on Cracker. He just doesn’t look like he’s such a jerk. But then again, he is an actor!

  20. ccclllvvv says

    Matt LeBlanc in Episodes, sure thing. American actor in a show shot in London; real life Matt is similar to his best known character: Joey. Besides, he plays himself in Episodes.

  21. VTskibride says

    Sounds like Piven. What a total douche. Hope the Brits don’t just us on his behavior. Most Americans are appalled by this type of behavior.

  22. whowassheilahgraham says

    Definitely Piven. The picture looks like pin-head Piven dressed as Selfridge, British papers reported he bought coffee for everyone, and “crew” is another word for “entourage”.

  23. Bat E says

    I didn’t watch the second series of Mr. Selfridge after reading, on here, what a total arse he is.

  24. spoofbyrd says

    It looks like a pucker haughty lip on that visage rather than a stiff upper lip combined with the hat makes me think of James Spader but although he has played aristocratic American snobs I have never heard much about his personality off stage however Jeremy Piven is supposed to be a world class shit. EVERYWHERE he goes

  25. kinnat says

    they both seem like douches but that hat is Ethan Chandler’s hat, so I think Josh Hartnett.

  26. jberry says

    My 1st guess was Piven as well….but Josh Hartnett has been out of view for quite some time, maybe bcause nobody wanted to work w/ him.

  27. reradaelli says

    It’s Portuguese GiveMeGossip! Thanks! Sometimes I think I just forget how to write things properly (maybe it’s just because I’m getting old :p )

  28. GWC says

    The photo above most resembles Agatha Christies’ character Hercule Poirot.
    He appeared in 33 titles. He was Beligian living in London solving mysteries (“employing the use of his little grey cells”). Whomever this blind is about is a fastidious transplant (who bangs baristas) I haven’t seen Pivs show but perhaps this sheds light?

  29. camellia says

    Everything points to Jeremy Piven except I’m fairly sure he does have a producer credit for Selfridge