Insufferable Actor Is Disrespecting The Crew

man snob[Blind Gossip] The lead of this TV series is a well-known actor who has been on more than one series.

His attitude is insufferable, and his colleagues are completely fed up with his behavior. Here are just a few reasons why:

He tells everyone what to do all the time (e.g. how to frame the shot, how to deliver their lines). He is not the director nor the producer nor the show runner, but he is convinced that he is the smartest and most important person on the set.

He hired a coffee cart for the cast and crew. It was supposed to be a nice gesture on his part so that he could provide them with delicious fresh coffee on their breaks. However, the real reason he hired it was because he wanted to bonk the coffee cart girl! When she finally said yes, they would both disappear to his trailer, leaving the coffee cart unmanned, his colleagues decaffeinated, and everyone rolling their eyes.

He disrespected the crew by spitting into the tracks of a camera dolly in between takes, and then ordering one of the “runners” to clean up after him. Would like someone spitting on your tools at work? Would you like someone to order you to clean up their spit?


TV Show:

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BONUS CLUE! Insufferable Actor: The series is filmed outside of the United States but the lead actor is American.

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