Bad Boy At The BAFTAs

bafta[Blind Gossip] American audiences know this actor because his TV show was a big hit in the United States. If they follow his personal life, they also know that he has not been married long. So why was he getting all handsy with a female guest at the BAFTA TV Awards last night?

The first time he crossed paths with the guest, he simply commented, “You look so beautiful tonight!” Nothing wrong with a nice compliment, right?

About an hour later, he ran into her again. This time he was more persistent. “I was serious about what I said about you looking beautiful,” he reiterated. Then he tried to grab her ass. She was serious, too… about smacking his hand away!

He eventually walked away, but turned back to give her a little wink before he left. Go back to your wife in the States, bad boy!


TV Show:

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    • Bromance1979 says

      Yes. MUCH more likely than everyone’s guess of Aaron Paul. Why would they bother saying he’s well-known “because his TV show was a big hit in the United States”, if this was an American actor???

    • JenJenJen says

      Sad but I agree. I hope it isn’t him. “Smacking…” could also be a loose reference to drug taking as well i.e. Breaking Bad.

  1. Miss Demeanor says

    Aaron Paul…It’s funny, because he’s always so gushy over his wife.
    Breaking Bad

    • Ontarioglow says

      I think you maybe right. He just got married last year. He also seems like a very cheeky guy.

      God, I hope it’s not him.

  2. lisako says

    Please don’t let this be Aaron Paul! I adore him and he seems soooo in love with his wife.

    Guessing Aaron Paul from Breaking Bad :(

  3. Ursuhla says

    Aaron Paul from Breaking Bad posted a pic to Instagram wearing that mask. Maybe him?

  4. ruby83 says

    Aaron Paul.
    TV Show – Breaking Bad.

    Is this another Ellie Goulding blind item?

  5. minx says

    Oh, no, is Aaron Paul already being a “bad” boy?! Has he even been married a year? I know he was at the BAFTAs alone.

  6. hellosunshine says

    Aaron Paul
    Breaking Bad

    And I thought he was a good one. He always speaks so lovingly of his wife. The perils of success…

    • FamousPeopleDoStupidThings says

      The perils of being a jerk. Success can attract all sorts of temptations but it doesn’t necessarily mean a guy will act on his desires. This applies even more so when he’s in love.
      Regardless of his status, ambition and/or income, if a man wants to cheat, he’ll find a way.

      I really, really hope this isn’t Aaron Paul. Oh, how I adore him! And if it turns out he is the subject of the blind, I hope there’s zero truth to it!

    • GiveMeGossip says

      Me too!! I honestly believe he is a good guy so I refuse to accept this is him. :(

  7. CCVD says

    Aaron Paul. He got married this year and played bay boy Jesse in the succesful show Breaking Bad. (bad boy) The show was aired om AMC: american movie classics, which may be a clue to American Audiences and States. And he attended the Bafta’s according to several online sources.

  8. LaDolceVita says

    If it’s Aaron Paul it’s very hypocritical on his part, since he’s always shoving down our throats how amazing his wife is.

  9. joliefleur says

    Aaron Paul? Which would be surprising because of his public declarations of love for his wife. Breaking Bad = “bad boy”

  10. KWDragon says

    Actor: Andy Samberg

    TV Show: in the States, SNL

    He would have been at the BAFTAs for Cuckoo on BBC.

  11. Drew12345 says

    Aaron Paul? Just saw somewhere he won at the BAFTAs. The clues fit, hit US show (breaking bad) not married long (I think he got married a year or two ago) played a bad boy on breaking bad as well. No one else I can think of fits the clues as well….

  12. ladyk707 says

    Actor: Aaron Paul
    TV Show: Breaking Bad

    “Bad” boy= Breaking Bad

    I don’t know if I believe this because he’s always praising his wife, who is stunning, and they gush about each other every chance they get!

  13. randijane says

    Actor: Aaron Paul
    TV Show: Breaking Bad “bad boy” clue throughout the blind.

    He always talks about his wife and how much he loves her :(

  14. celebiddy says

    Oh no i hope this isnt aaron paul! He won an awards at the baftas and was there without his wife lauren. And “bad boy” seems like a hint :( i hope im wrong! It seems like this person should be foreign born though and aaron is american…. Hmm…

  15. EastCoaster says

    I hope it’s not Aaron Paul of “Breaking Bad.” Clues: recently married (last year); show “was” popular means the series has ended; use of “bad” in the blind’s title & also in the text; Aaron’s picture was in the news for accepting a BAFTA award on behalf of the show’s producers.

  16. NYerInTheKnow says

    Aaron Paul.He was partying so hard he left his BAFTA with the DJ for safekeeping.

  17. missmissy says

    My first thought was Patrick Stewart. He married recently. But he is probably more likely know from the X-Men series rather than Star Trek: Next Gen. So…

    Stephen Moyer – Married a few years ago, but not too long ago.
    David Tennet (Dr. Who)

  18. eleanormeow says

    Actor: Aaron Paul

    TV Show: Breaking Bad

    The clues being repetition of the word ‘bad’, and Jesse Pinkman is hardly a saint, plus he’s newly married.

    (First time poster!!)

  19. capricorn says

    Actor: Aaron Paul

    TV Show: Breaking Bad

    Hints: ‘bad boy’ (‘Breaking Bad’), ‘ran into her’ (his recent lead role in ‘Need For Speed’).

  20. thefrozenqueen says

    Actor: Aaron Paul
    TV Show: Breaking Bad
    Bad boy being the clue, married for almost a year now.

  21. Pixley says

    Aaron Paul, “Breaking Bad.”

    Clues: “smack”ing hand away, “bad” boy (repeated twice)

  22. KatarinaJ says

    The BB and wife references make me think Aaron Paul COULD be it by why the emphasis on AMERICAN audiences, American show etc. What is the alter allusion inferred here? was wondering if it was a Euro or Brit or Aussie similar actor known in his own country for other things but who would warrant all the IN American nods…. I mean, if it were just an entire US blind would they mention nationality then? Wouldn’t it be omitted or inferred?

  23. OhSoLittleMouse says

    The way this blind reads is that the actor is British, not American.

    I say Jamie Dornan.

  24. bec215 says

    Just would point out that Robin Thicke gushed about his wife all the time too… Being in love with someone doesn’t preclude you from being succeptible to temptation. And sometimes all that gushing is possibly trying to make up for the guilt at one’s bad behavior…Me thinks the gentleman doth protesteth too much….