Bad Boy At The BAFTAs

bafta[Blind Gossip] American audiences know this actor because his TV show was a big hit in the United States. If they follow his personal life, they also know that he has not been married long. So why was he getting all handsy with a female guest at the BAFTA TV Awards last night?

The first time he crossed paths with the guest, he simply commented, “You look so beautiful tonight!” Nothing wrong with a nice compliment, right?

About an hour later, he ran into her again. This time he was more persistent. “I was serious about what I said about you looking beautiful,” he reiterated. Then he tried to grab her ass. She was serious, too… about smacking his hand away!

He eventually walked away, but turned back to give her a little wink before he left. Go back to your wife in the States, bad boy!


TV Show:

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