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[Blind Gossip] This very famous Oscar-winning star is in serious trouble.

You probably know about one issue for which he went to rehab years ago. His publicists did a good job controlling those early reports, so you didn’t know about all the rest of his habits. You probably also thought that he’s been clean ever since.

Not even close.

There were recent reports that he was once again indulging in one behavior that had been a problem for him the the past.

Actually, all of his old habits are back! The drinking, the gambling, the sex. All of it.

The biggest problem is that he thinks that he doesn’t have a problem! Indeed, his life looks good from the outside. He is still good-looking, rich, famous, married and working a lot.

He thinks that he is smarter than his addiction. He believes that he has a good amount of willpower, and that he can indulge in his vices in a controlled way. However, he can’t. He started doing one thing and it took only five minutes before the floodgates opened wide and he was doing everything.

He has a wife who loves him and will stand by him. She couldn’t convince him to get help, though, so she called on a long-time friend of his (a famous actor) to intervene, which he did willingly and quickly. However, so far, our star is still refusing help from all parties.


His Wife:

His Friend:

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Star: Ben Affleck

His Wife: Jennifer Garner

His Friend: Matt Damon

We told you over a year ago that Ben Affleck was in serious trouble again. To understand why, you have to go back to 2001.

Ben Affleck went to rehab in 2001 for alcohol abuse. At least, that’s what his reps said at the time.

However, what you may not know is that Affleck was also in rehab for a nasty c*caine add*ction. That particular affliction was not reported in the press to spare him from being branded as a hard drug add*ct. He was also using gambling and sex in destructive ways, although we do not know if he was diagnosed as a gambling addict or a sex addict.

Any one of those issues would have been a problem on its own. The combination of the four, however, made Affleck a poster child for self-destructive behavior. In fact, his habits and binges were so extreme that actor Charlie Sheen was the one who talked him into rehab. And you know that if Charlie Sheen is telling you that you have a problem, you have a PROBLEM!

Affleck cleaned up and went on to marry Garner and start a family a few years later. However, as any Friend of Bill will tell you, add*ction is cunning, baffling and powerful disease.

We’re not doctors, so we can’t authoritatively say that Affleck is currently an alcoholic, a drug addict, a gambling addict, and/or a sex addict. Last year, when he was seen spending a lot of time in casinos, it was clear that his gambling problem had returned. However, we also heard that his backslide into gambling was accompanied by the return of multiple old habits, and that those habits were putting an incredible strain on his marriage.

His wife and his friends (like Matt Damon) knew that Affleck was out of control, and tried to intervene. Affleck would not go back to rehab. That’s when we wrote the original blind.

Affleck did agree to go to marriage counseling. A good part of the time was spent dealing with Affleck’s individual demons, which, not surprisingly, were a significant contributing factor their marital problems. However, even though he knew that those habits were destroying him and his family, Affleck either could not or would not stop.

You’ll probably hear lots of conflicting stories about why this marriage broke up. If you want to believe it was because they grew apart or because of career conflicts or travel schedules, go ahead. But the real reason is that Affleck simply will not stop engaging in multiple self-destructive habits, and refuses to get help to do so.

Jennifer Garner stood by him for years. She tried to help him. Matt Damon and other friends tried to help him. However, you can’t force an adult to go to rehab. You can’t force them to change. In the end, Jennifer Garner had to do what was best for herself and their kids. She will continue to protect their children’s best interests during the course of their divorce.

Josiew25 was first with the correct answer! Did you catch the subtle clues? We used the word “good” four times, and “will”, “willpower” and “willingly.” This should have led you to Good Will Hunting, the film for which Affleck and Damon won an Academy Award.

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