Backed Into A Corner

man scared 1[Blind Gossip] In the past few years, this talented actor has been getting more and more high-profile roles and hanging out with more and more high-profile stars.

He is not a very tall or traditionally handsome guy and is still a little shy and awkward in new situations. Well, one of his new friends – an actor who is one of Hollywood’s biggest partying bachelors – saw that as an opportunity to have a little fun with him.

The bachelor and our actor were at a party together. The bachelor quietly engaged a very big and burly black guy to simply stand a few feet away from the actor, arms folded, and stare at him in a menacing manner. Then the big guy moved one step at a time toward our actor, essentially backing him into a corner.

Our actor began freaking out! He set down his drink and held his palms out to try to stop the man from advancing and begged for mercy. “Ummm…. I-I-I don’t want any trouble. Look, I don’t know what I did, but I’m sorry, OK? I’m sorry! I don’t want to die!  Holy shit, holy shit, holy shit!”

The big man broke first. “Relax, man! I’m just f*cking with you.”

Our actor bolted from the scene, leaving the bachelor and his friends doubled over with laughter.



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  1. KWDragon says

    Is Leo really being this nasty to Jonah Hill? That is uncalled for, truly. How rude.

    • Booboo1068 says

      I don’t know despite the obv height diff I can’t see Peter D. losing it like that. I could be wrong. I do think its Jonah. I think he’s put Leo D. on a pedestal and puts up with his BS for the privilege of being his ‘friend’. Sadly, unless and until Jonah is able to level the playing field (and that may take yrs) Leo had the power and connections to help open doors (still ) career wise and they BOTH know it. I’m going to guess Leo D. won’t age well from his partying. It’s already catching up on his looks and the older they get the more ‘work’ has to be done to try to cover up or at least blur out signs of the drugs/ alcohol abuse including cigarettes (cancer sticks). Hopefully Jonah will be smarter about that crap which may give him an advantage as they age.

  2. SouthJerseyGirl says

    Jonah Hill comes to mind or Jerry Ferrara. I’ve been seeing Jerry Ferrara in more movies lately and he isn’t very tall or traditionally handsome either. Not sure who the bachelor is.

  3. amybell says

    Has to be Jonah Hill for the actor….maybe Leo for the Bachelor???

    Hi Ace! First time posting and I LOVE YOU and your site!!!!

  4. spoofbyrd says

    Actor on the rise who bolted is Jonah Hill . At first I thought Channing Tatum is the troll but he is married and then I thought maybe George Clooney because he is known for practical jokes at somebodys expense but he is engaged and this doesnt qualify him as a full fledged bachelor. Quentin Taratino loves stunts like this but he is more of a director. I gotta go with Leonardo Decaprio . He is definitely at the top of the food chain and on top of most guys wanna hangout list and I could see him doing this to see if Hill is as ballsy as his character was in the WOWS and having a good laugh if he isnt.

    • MikeInSanJose says

      I’m guessing no one really wants to hang out with Leo (except the Beavs), but they probably want to hang out with Leo’s Money…

  5. cavechickbaby says

    This sure sounds like the little prick Jonah Hill for the short fella. And Leo Decaprio.

  6. geewhiz says

    Doesn’t sound like a friend to me, sounds more like a low class *sshole.

    Please tell me this isn’t Leo and Jonah…

  7. HermioneG says

    Shot in the dark…

    Actor: Andrew Garfield

    Bachelor: Robert Pattinson

    I got nothing else.

  8. Southie says

    I! long time reader, first time poster :)

    All the time i was thinking
    Actor: Tom Hardy
    Bachelor: Leo Di Caprio

    …but Tom is a recovering alcoholic…maybe it was a non alcoholic drink?

  9. PrincessTiff says

    Jonah Hill (“freaking out” referes to him being on “freaks and geeks”) and Leonardo DiCaprio

  10. 4sixx2 says

    Sounds like Leo DiCaprio back at it with Jonah Hill. First the naked models on the yacht party…

  11. iknowits says

    That gross, self centered, fat guy whose name I can’t remember & leonardo dicapriasshole.