These Three Women Are Irritating

3 women[Blind Gossip] Did you know that the marriage of this music couple started out as a business arrangement? However, after a few years of living together, raising child/ren, and commingling money and careers, the lines got blurred and everything started feeling very personal.

You already know that they fight with great passion when the cameras aren’t on them. Well, let’s talk about the biggest topic of those arguments: the women with whom he’s been sleeping!

While we can’t namecheck every girl he’s ever had (because there have been a lot), we can tell you about some of the celebrities who are especially irritating to the Wife, as well as the cause of a great many arguments in their household.

1. This Blonde European Singer has only been in the business a couple of years, but she has been sleeping her way to the top from the beginning. She will do anything to get noticed, including hooking up with reality stars. It’s working for her, too. The Husband is completely enamoured with her, and their affair is ongoing.

2. This Foreign-Born Singer was mentored by the Husband. Those mentoring sessions were about more than music. The funny thing is that FBS constantly calls the Wife “Trash” behind her back… and the Wife calls FBS “Trash” behind her back.

3. This Snobby Blonde Actress was besties with Wife for about five minutes. However, she soon moved on to become intimate with the Husband. The Wife now barely tolerates SBA.

Although the Wife knows that these women were involved with her Husband – and they fight about them all the time in private – she is very much in control of her image, and would never think of badmouthing any of them in public.

But she might do it very subtly in a song.



Blonde European Singer:

Foreign-Born Singer:

Snobby Blonde Actress:

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