Shocking Affair On A Television Show

couple in bed 20[Blind Gossip] There was some crazy stuff going on behind the scenes of a television show last year. Two of the cast members had a wild affair.

What makes this story such a shocker is the two people involved. More on that in a minute.

They tried to keep their affair quiet, but as soon as they went out on the road, it became very obvious to everyone around them that they were hooking up. He was always grabbing her ass, and she was always whispering very intimately in his ear and cuddling up to him. She was seen sitting on his lap a couple of times. They would both excuse themselves for the evening at the same time, and she would be caught coming out of his hotel room in the morning.

There are several things about this coupling that make it particularly crazy. The first is that they were both seeing other people at the time this happened. He was dating someone else (perhaps more than one woman), and she had a boyfriend.

The second thing is their age difference. While some may argue that age should not be a factor in a relationship, he is more than twice her age.

The third is that he was her boss. He was the creator and the Executive Producer, he recruited and hired her onto the show, and he was responsible for her paycheck as well as deciding how much air time she received.

Now, here is where it gets really interesting: While they were in the middle of this wild, secret, torrid affair… he got one of his other girlfriends pregnant. Whoops!

Our girl was furious! He had sworn that he would never get anyone pregnant, and our girl felt used and betrayed… and jealous. They continued to be friendly on camera, but as soon as the cameras stopped rolling, it would get ugly. After multiple fights, she quit the show. He is now a father, and the two of them no longer speak.



TV Show:

BONUS CLUE!  Around the time she quit her job, our girl attended a party where some more drama occurred. We discussed this in a previous blind item.

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