Shocking Affair On A Television Show

couple in bed 20[Blind Gossip] There was some crazy stuff going on behind the scenes of a television show last year. Two of the cast members had a wild affair.

What makes this story such a shocker is the two people involved. More on that in a minute.

They tried to keep their affair quiet, but as soon as they went out on the road, it became very obvious to everyone around them that they were hooking up. He was always grabbing her ass, and she was always whispering very intimately in his ear and cuddling up to him. She was seen sitting on his lap a couple of times. They would both excuse themselves for the evening at the same time, and she would be caught coming out of his hotel room in the morning.

There are several things about this coupling that make it particularly crazy. The first is that they were both seeing other people at the time this happened. He was dating someone else (perhaps more than one woman), and she had a boyfriend.

The second thing is their age difference. While some may argue that age should not be a factor in a relationship, he is more than twice her age.

The third is that he was her boss. He was the creator and the Executive Producer, he recruited and hired her onto the show, and he was responsible for her paycheck as well as deciding how much air time she received.

Now, here is where it gets really interesting: While they were in the middle of this wild, secret, torrid affair… he got one of his other girlfriends pregnant. Whoops!

Our girl was furious! He had sworn that he would never get anyone pregnant, and our girl felt used and betrayed… and jealous. They continued to be friendly on camera, but as soon as the cameras stopped rolling, it would get ugly. After multiple fights, she quit the show. He is now a father, and the two of them no longer speak.



TV Show:

BONUS CLUE!  Around the time she quit her job, our girl attended a party where some more drama occurred. We discussed this in a previous blind item.

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    • Booboo1068 says

      I don’t think Brit’s father left her unsupervised long enough. She was also with her faux fianc√©/ / manager/ babysitter at the time Jason Trawick.

    • thiagauns says

      Sounds like Kelly Rowland. The bonus clue said “Around the time of her quitting, she attended a party where some more drama occurred”. Kelly attended the Superbowl with Beyonce. The “Drama” thing can be the fight between Bey and Jay Z. Ice just posted about this two days ago.

  1. GIJoanna says

    Guy: Simon Cowell
    Girl: Demi Lovato
    Tv show: The X-Factor

    clue being “shocker” (Simon’s comment directed to Demi which made her furious during one of last year’s episodes). The only thing I can say is.. ewwww. Demi has shown such horrible taste in men and life decisions. I hope she gets it together.

    • missmissy says

      I don’t know. Apart from the inability to be monogamous Simon seems to treat his girlfriends very well. I wouldn’t mind being one of his exes.

      This would be a big step up from Wilmer Valderrama in my book. He is manipulative and abusive. SC seems to be the type that will be good to you with the understanding that he will be independent and have plenty of female “friends”. Demi is too young and co-dependent for that kind of relationship though. So perhaps that was his bad judgement.

      • tweety77 says

        Yes, he does seem to treat them well but the difference between Demi and all his other exes is that they are women and Demi is a girl… (An extremely petulant, spoilt little girl at times… ) so I can totally imagine her stamping her feet, pouting her lip and wailing for his attention when Lauren got pregnant – his attention totally shifted away from her. But yeah, this is mega ewwww on SO many levels; I’m feeling kinda queasy right now, just typing about it…

    • ravenglass says

      Simon & Paula acted the same way. She’d sit on his lap & touch him for no reason & he was always hugging or putting his arm around her. I’ve always wondered if they had a “thing.”

      OR maybe SHE was flirting & HE was just trying to keep her propped up.

    • 4sixx2 says

      I arrived here to the show late today and can’t find a seat of my own, so I’m joining you on your limb. And boy, it’s crowded! Simon has a biting humor but he has Money and Power! He’s attractive, fit, and appears to treat women well. Better than that beast Wilmer whom Demi can’t get out of her system!

  2. stolidog says

    Simon Cowell, Kloe Kardashian and X factor (this could be Brittney spears, but….she doesn’t seem like she anything but a mannequin.)

  3. Nic81 says

    Simon cowell
    Demi lavato

    If this is right, then that’s a really juicy piece of gossip!

  4. brobdingnagian says

    Guy: Simon Cowell

    Girl: Demi Lovato

    TV Show: X Factor

    clue is ” age is not a FACTOR”

    Yuk, Simon is gross. The silver lining is that at least Demi was making a fool out of that sleazy boyfriend Wilmer!

  5. Me Talk Pretty says

    Simon Cowell and Kelly Rowland or Demi Lovato on the XFactor.

    Oh, and… eeewwwwwww.

  6. wendy2407 says

    Total guess here!

    Guy:Simon Cowell

    Girl: Demi Lovato

    TV Show: X-Factor

    Or anyone with Simon Cowell on X-Factor

    • chandler02 says

      That would be super gross because didn’t Fincher have a thing with her sister, Rooney Mara during Girl with the Dragon Tattoo?

  7. geewhiz says

    Gotta be that dog Simon Cowell.
    I don’t do reality tv but I’d guess american idol and Brit or Demi. Yeesh he is kinda creepy there is a big yuk factor there no matter how much money.

  8. ashanean says

    Guy: Simon Cowell

    Girl: Demi Levato

    TV Show: The X Factor

    Simons the creator and the executive producer. He has lots of girlfriends and got one pregnant is now a father. Demi was/is dating Wilmer Valderrama. She later quit te X Factor.

    • ashanean says

      Looking back at Pics of Simon and Demi when they were cool with ech other, he looks happier than how he is with Lauren Silverman. He looked carefree. Anyway way Demi could not ompete with a goldiggrt(are we sure that’s his baby??). Damn for a man who has gay rumor floating around he is areal rolling stone.

  9. OhSoLittleMouse says

    Part of me wants to say someone in “The Crazy ones”, but I’m going to go with:

    Simon Cowell
    Demi Lovato
    X-Factor USA

  10. CatBallou says

    Charlie Sheen

    Selma Blair

    Anger Management

    Total guess but not sure how many people are cast members, executive producers and creators of the show – he’s the only one I can think of

  11. RayMo says

    Amended after rereading the age difference.
    Guy: Simon Cowell
    Girl: Demi Lovato
    TV Show: X Factor

  12. kimbers says

    Ok im guessing

    Britney spears and Simon Cowell

    Jealousy= her song
    Crazy…=drive me crazy also her song also she went crazy so either/or
    age may not be a factor= x-factor

    Simon had a baby with his girlfriend

    • kimbers says

      Might be wrong about jealousy song but it’s still them look at that picture man ! Lol :)

  13. lilacflowers10 says

    First time poster… my guess is Simon Cowell and Demi Lovato..
    Guy: Simon Cowell
    Girl: Demi Lovato
    TV Show: The X Factor
    Clues were.. factor..
    He got gf pregnant..
    Half his age, and he’s a producer of the X Factor

  14. jessika says

    Simon Cowell and Demi Lovato?? clue being age should not be a “factor” = x factor

    I still don’t believe Simon Cowell has a baby, the only person that man could be in a relationship is himself surely? haha

  15. cocobeannns says

    Demi Lovato
    Simon Cowell
    X-Factor (Cowell created and produced)

    Gross. I hope I’m wrong.

  16. ShennanigansOHoolihan says

    Simon Cowell

    Britney Spears

    The X-Factor

    “Crazy” & “Whoops” I did it again reference to Brit songs.

  17. PandoraWolf says

    Simon Cowell obviously.

    Can’t be Britney: her leash isn’t long enough. Demi Lovato? Kelly and Paulino aren’t young enough to be less than half his age.

    Sad thing is that Simon is still an improvement over Wilmer.

    • missmissy says

      I think so too. Maybe I am showing my age but if there is an ick factor for me it is Demi. Between this rumor and the tales of her boyfriend, I think she has some serious daddy issues. Lots of dependent behaviors (from the rumors at least). Simon (to this middle aged mom who just dyed her grey hair this morning) doesn’t look half bad. I also wouldn’t mind his breakup gifts. A few trips, little R/R, some nice restaurants and sailing trips… not too shabby.

  18. Katie says

    Guy: Simon Cowell
    Girl: Demi Lovato
    Tv Show: X-Factor

    CAn’t be Britney, or any of the other judges/hosts because it says the man is MORE than double her age. Has to be Demi.

  19. lisako says

    Simon Cowell/Demi Lovato/X Factor

    hint- age shouldn’t be a factor (the show being X Factor)

  20. infinity216 says

    Gotta be Demi & simon cowell. American Idol. Very interesting….especially cuz they argued like a couple on the show.

    • HermioneG says

      Scratch that, Simon is not twice Brit’s age. That leaves Demi, which is even more disturbing lol (but if I get this one right, good to know that Slimy-pants is not the only one enjoying extracurricular activities).

  21. beerizzy says

    Guy: Simon Cowell
    Girl: Demi Lovato
    Show: The X Factor
    Clue being “went out on the road” since talent competitions travel to find their contestants while a scripted show is usually at a set location

  22. SOfisticatd says

    Is this Simon Cowell, Demi Lovato, and the Xfactor?
    Would be interesting in that since getting whatshername pregnant the gay rumours about him have stopped, for Demi, everyone feels bad for her being with that loser Wilmer and wouldn’t blame her for getting a wee bit on the side lol

  23. alwayserudite says

    Guy: Simon Cowell

    Girl: Britney Spears or Demi Lovato? I’m leaning more towards Demi.

    TV Show: X Factor

    “While some may argue that age should not be a FACTOR in a relationship.” Simon was also the creator and executive producer (although uncredited). They also went on the road doing auditions. Both Demi and Britney quit and he is a father now. Demi was 20-21 and Simon is in his 50s. I don’t know, maybe not.