Ex Girlfriend 2

hair 1[Blind Gossip] This celebrity’s husband hasn’t had a real job in years, yet he constantly takes “business” trips to the city where his ex-girlfriend lives.

Was his television host wife really that dumb to think that he was there on business? According to him: Yes! He tells friends that although she is famous and makes good money, she actually is “as dumb as a box of hair.”

The wife finally figured out that he had been cheating on her all along and kicked him to the curb.



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  1. True007 says

    Wife: Sherri Shepherd
    Husband: Lamar Salley

    “As dumb as a box of hair” – She has a wig line.

    Also, the woman thinks the world is flat so he’s not exactly wrong.
    PLUS, wasn’t his ex-girlfriend (I’m the guessing the same woman) one of her bridesmaids?

  2. ShadinLA says

    Kelly Ripa
    Mark Consuelos

    First name that popped into my head. He seems like he would run around on her.

  3. janemare says

    Wife: Sherri Sheppard

    Husband: Lamar Sally

    Clue: “as dumb as a box of hair.” Sherri is known for her wings.

  4. CherylLynn says

    Too easy! It’s Sherri Shepherd and her husband Sal. “dumb as a box of hair” – She sells a line of wigs. He quit his job when he relocated to NYC. And she is a TV host.

  5. LeahLynn28 says

    I was going to guess Jessica Simpson and her unemployed baby-daddy,but they are not married.
    Now i’m lost…i can’t guess who they are anymore.

  6. kookywooky says

    Wife: Sherri Shepard (many wigs)

    Husband:Lamar Sally (last staff writer on Rodney in 2008)

  7. Ahem says

    Sherri Shepperd and her bum husband Sal. I had heard this rumour about an out-of-town GF just after they were married. Also, I’ve been hearing that the reason she kicked him to the curb was because he wasn’t a contributor. But good for Sherri. She already has one child to take care of!

  8. Jinkies says

    Wife: Leeza Gibbons

    Husband: Steven Fenton

    Even though this probably isn’t correct, I have always thought that it was strange that Leeza’s hubby’s occupation is always listed as “former Beverly Hills School Board Member”. It seems like being Mr. Leeza Gibbons is his new career.

  9. GrannyGoose says

    Wife: Sherri Shepard
    Husband: Lamar Sally

    She kicked him to the curb today

  10. clewless says

    Poor Sherri “the earth is flat” Shepperd. She really is dumb, but he is real loser.

  11. AGJ says

    Probably Sherri Shepherd. She IS dumb as a box of hair and just split with her husband.

  12. FiyahHotFlashy says

    This is Sherry “the world is flat” Sheppard and her HUBBY Lamarr Salley. She had nerve to put out a press release stating that he was unemployed, lied about his career and using her for the “come up”…Yeah Right! Sad that she’s dealing with this but she acted sooo thristy when she was single and put too much of their business on the View when they were engaged.

  13. Booboo1068 says

    Sorry Ace it’s Friday and been a long week with new meds so I’m begging off this one too.

    BUT kudos for finally putting the garbage to the curb GF!! Hopefully, she won’t let him back and find a real man next time.

  14. AliekaZola says

    Sherri Shepherd & Lamar Sally. It’s rumoured that she left him because he hasn’t had a solid job in ages. ‘Box of hair’ could be a reference to all the hair extensions & wigs she wears.

  15. katiewho says

    Katie Price and her husband.. I feel sorry for her, must be hard to go through all that with four kids and one coming

  16. yewneek says

    This could be anyone but my first guess would be Wife: Kelly Ripa and Husband: Mark Consuelos
    Ripa has always seemed really airheaded to me (or is that “hairheaded”?)

  17. minx says

    Sherry Shepherd is getting divorced from some guy who is a “screenwriter” but has a really scant imdb.

  18. butterflykay says

    Sherri Shephard..she literally just filed for divorce this afternoon too.