Ex Girlfriend 1

woman thumbs up 2[Blind Gossip] This pretty actress is not too happy about the encounter she had at the Met Ball with a woman her husband used to date.

In front of several other people, the woman announced that the guy used to be able to climax only when she stuck her thumb up his ass.

Needless to say, the actress did not give the woman a thumbs up for this helpful tip.


Her Husband:

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94 comments to Ex Girlfriend 1

  • TeacherKat

    I don’t have enough time to really think this through (gotta get to work in a few!) but I had to share that I giggled way too much at the combination of the blind and the picture. Thanks for the laugh Ace!

  • I Am PunkA

    I dunno, but the lady who told the story has no class.

  • HermioneG

    Actress: Blake Lively

    Her Husband: Ryan Reynolds

    Woman he used to date: Scarlett Johansson
    Clue being “helpful tip” which could be a reference to Gossip Girl in which Blake Lively played Serena Van der Woodsen.

    • AliekaZola

      ScarJo wasn’t at the MET Gala

      • PrettyInPink84

        He didn’t used to date her, he was MARRIED to her. He dated Alanis and a few others ya know….

    • PinkSlip

      Hermione, I’m baffled: how is “helpful tip” a clue to Gossip Girl and Blake’s role?!! A helpful tip would help ME now!

  • kbd61186

    Actress:Blake lively
    Her husband:Ryan Reynolds

  • Scorpio13

    What a class act (the woman)to say something so vulgar in public.

  • AR09

    Could this be…

    Actress: Blake Lively

    Her Husband: Ryan Reynolds

    How awkward!

  • Miss Demeanor

    How classy….This could be anybody, it’s pretty vague. The photo reminded me of Julianne Hough, but I don’t think she was there.

  • igotthisone

    Drunk blonde in pink? (and apparently also in stink 😉 we heard ya slurring up a storm in that elevator, running with the party gals…


    Husband: Jim Toth

  • cgrant0423

    Not sure why but this screams Reese Witherspoon to me.

  • Franciss

    Actress: Blake Lively

    Her Husband: Ryan Reynolds

    Was the ex Charlize, perhaps? They were rumored tohave dated in 2011, pre Blake.

  • tallmoll4

    Shot in the dark…

    Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds???

  • kookywooky

    Actress: Blake Lively, or Reese Witherspoon

    Her Husband: Ryan Reynolds, or Jim Toth

  • PinkFlamingo

    Blake Lively
    Ryan Reynolds

  • v0xi

    Reese Witherspoon
    Jim Toth

  • ravenglass

    Actress: Blake Lively

    Husband: Ryan Reynolds

    No thumbs up & I’m betting no handshake either.

  • moxiegumption

    Laura Jean Poon to whoever Ryan Phillipe is banging now? The woman in the photo is wearing a pretty pink prom dress like Reese and is drunk like Reese.

  • emmalinasaurus

    Were Blake Lively and Scarlett Johannson at the Met ball?

  • True007

    If only she could be considered an actress, this would be even more hilarious.

    • scarletscout

      weeeeell,not far-fetched at all cuz Rita Ora WAS THERE & HE DEFINATELY “HELPED” HER CAREER-pretty common knowledge @ them & she’s got a fresh mouth

  • missmissy

    Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds. Cant think of who the ex was although he was rumored to have dated Charlize Theron

  • MzDBDB

    Kristen Bell/Dax Shepherd/Kate Hudson

    • betchaaskt

      hm, I like this, as there’s another blind purportedly about Kate Hudson that calls her “a pretty actress”

    • NYCMEL

      I love this guess – I think you’ve got it and I can TOTALLY see Kate Hudson being gross and babyish like this.

    • kikistar

      Nope- Kate wasn’t at the Met Ball this year.

      • mamacharm

        according to this, she was. And it def seems more like Kate Hudson than Charlize Theron.

      • popculturenut

        don’t know why the link I included was lost during moderation. But it referred to Kate’s dress at the Met gala and was dated two days after the 2014 event.

  • True007

    Blake Lively
    Ryan Reynolds

  • DelilaMars

    Blake Lively
    Ryan Reynolds

  • Loves the Latin Boys


  • ShadinLA

    Ryan Reynolds

  • jiip

    Claire Danes and Hugh Dancy plus Anne Hathaway?

    Marion Cotillard and Guillaume Canet plus Diane Kruger?

    Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds plus Charlize Theron?

    • ravenglass

      Claire/Hugh/Anne is a good guess.

      And I bet Anne only “thumbs” while wearing her opera gloves.

  • Loves the Latin Boys

    If ain’t someone from Pretty Little Liars, I got nothing :-(

  • Ahem

    Shot in the dark – Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber

  • haley1020

    Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds?

  • elliedee

    Actress: Blake Lively

    Her Husband: Ryan Reynolds

  • shayjay

    blake lively/ryan reynolds/scarlett johansson??

  • betchaaskt

    they don’t ask you to name the ex girlfriend, but Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds, and Charlize Theron would work…

  • bjd44

    Ewwwwww! Just —— ewwwwwww!!!!

  • Booboo1068

    The comment was juvenile, crude and done for attention. The ex sounds insecure so the wife should actually laugh it off and feel good she was made to look so good in comparison.

  • melmac

    Katie Holmes / Josh Jackson

  • CyndiTx123

    Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds…. a wild guess ?

  • janbolt

    Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds

  • morgannicolesmith

    actress – blake lively
    husband – ryan reynolds
    woman – scar jo

  • 4sixx2


  • RedGirl77

    All I’m going to say is it’s very common for men to have powerful orgasms with a little massaging of the prostrate gland. So, that thumb in the butt makes sense. That being said, BAAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA.Gurl has a big ol sloppy moufhole for spilling that noise on the red carpet.

    • Jilliterate

      Word. Lots of people, male and female, can only achieve orgasm a certain way, and stimulating the prostate is pretty vanilla sex stuff. The only weird thing going on in this situation is the blabby ex — things that were done privately between two people should stay private, even after they split. She ought to be ashamed of herself.

  • Napoleon

    Amazed by the Lively /Reynolds guess….Scarlett wasn’t even at the MET!

  • jessica_emma

    actress – Leighton Meester
    her husband – Adam Brody

  • Estrogen

    Can’t be Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds & Scar Jo. Reynolds & Scar Jo were married. Blind says they used to date.

    • jillphelps41

      I thought the same thing. However, Ryan Reynolds dated Charlize Theron back in 2011. Reportedly, he broke up with her because she wanted something more serious & he was just wanting something casual.

  • shannonrose

    Gwyneth Paltrow

  • BambiBonanza

    Cameron Diaz – Justin Timberlake – Jessica BigDeal.

  • yewneek

    I’ll say Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds with Charlize Theron being the Ex GF.

  • sugarbread

    rachel mcadams / michael sheen / sarah silverman

    • scarletscout

      Sheen’s not married to Silverman,,,Rachel did tell her that he will cheat on her,,all the time,anytime,,,,& then walked away

    • troubleintheforest

      This! I totally thought “yikes, that’s awkward” when I saw that they were all there…Plus SS is seems like a total bitch so I can imagine Rachel McAdams wouldn’t have much of a problem being a bit vulgar with her. She and Michael Sheen were dating a long time…I thought they were engaged…?

  • Lisa33

    Like school in summer, no class smh

  • susilynn7

    Actress: Blake Lively
    Husband: Ryan Reynolds
    Ex Girlfriend: Charlize Theron

  • stolidog

    Jennifer Garner, Ben Afleck and J Lo.

  • Moonpie

    Awkward. I would have said: And he told me you got sexually aroused licking toilet bowls. But really, no clue. Everybody has ben with everybody else.

  • sherlock

    More embarrassing for the husband I’d say.The ex sounds bitter to me.

  • css1014

    Clare Danes and Hugh Dancy

    hugh dated Anne Hathaway

  • Booboogirl

    Rachel McAdams
    Michael Sheen
    Sarah Silverman

    There was apparently a confrontation between
    Rachel and Sarah at the Met Gala

  • rudy

    What’s wrong with a thumb up an ass? Don’t you people have sex?

    Obviously very classless comment, however, who cares if it is true.

  • scarletscout

    Was Bridget Moynahan there??? Tom Brady & Giselle—-I know it’s wrong but it woulda been sweet after the tacky way Brady cheated & broke up on her pregnant & all…

  • insecurelyfastened

    Was Jennifer Grey there?
    Maybe Sarah Jessica Parker?

  • augustmom

    The dress in the photo is rather similar to Taylor Swift’s at the Met Ball…but I do not know who she has genuinely dated vs who she has bearded! And she strikes me as this much of a bitch.

  • Miss Tink

    Actress: Jessica Biel. (was at the Met Gala)
    Husband: Justin Timberlake
    Ex: Cameron Diaz (photo reminds me of her; I can imagine her saying it, and she was at the Met Gala)

    • popculturenut

      I don’t find evidence of Jessica or Cameron at the gala this year. What’s your source?

  • jasper

    My first thought: that’s pretty shameless!
    so, HuffMacy? He’s the star of the US version, not sure who the ex would be?

    The only other couple I know was there were the Cranstons, thanks to HONY snapping pics of people there. Again, not sure who Bryan’s ex would be?

  • beerizzy

    Actress: Maggie Gyllenhaal
    Husband: Peter Sarsgaard
    Ex: Dita Von Teese

  • carriebradshaw

    Claire Danes, Hugh Dancy, Anne Hathaway?

  • wildchild13

    Kate Bosworth/Michael Polish

  • beckss

    Yeah i think it’s blake and ryan. the woman who said it isn’t necessarily scarlett. It says a ‘woman’ said it, not ‘actress’, so could be a singer, a pr etc etc

  • mjandkatylover


  • chata84

    Did Chrissy Teigen have any famous relationships besides John Legend? It sounds like something she would say…

  • kimbers

    Actress: beyonce
    Dream girls dress

    Husband: Jay-Z