He Likes Them Big and Buff

man torso 9SOLVED!

[Lainey Gossip] He took off for the desert recently. To relax. And party. Without his girl. And gets high and hooks up with random men online (he likes them super pretty and super jacked), inviting them to his hotel room for a night of drugs and sex.

Two problems here.

First, he’s a recovering addict and second, when he goes on these tears, he doesn’t use condoms. It’s the kind of reckless behaviour he’s been able to control through much of his success and for many years now. Curiously though, the last time this happened it was also during one of his transformations. Back then though, there was no explosion of social media and everyone taking pictures. Considering that he’s been hooking up with dudes who are on the young side (but totally legal), he’s risking being exposed by someone who’s out to show off and exploit.


His Girl:

bradley cooper desert magazineSOLVED!

It’s Bradley Cooper!

His Girl: Suki Waterhouse

Lainey Gossip never actually solves her blind items, but she drops hints.

Just a few days before this blind item, she ran a post about how Bradley Cooper had transformed his body for his upcoming role in American Sniper. Then, while talking about her annual Smut Soiree, Lainey mentioned that:

Our restrooms and gift bags were stocked with Excel gum. Helpful for someone like Bradley Cooper if he’s ever looking to pick up in the desert.

We don’t know if Bradley Cooper is gay. Perhaps he is bisexual. Perhaps he is experimenting. Perhaps he is straight but gets so wrecked that he can’t tell the difference between men and women.

What we do know is that Bradley Cooper has admitted in the past that drugs and alcohol nearly cost him his life. For example, when his role on Alias dwindled, Cooper was in bad shape. From USWeekly:

“And then next thing you know, I was like, ‘I want to f—ing kill myself.” Cooper took the drastic step of asking series creator and director J.J. Abrams to write him off of the show — even though he had zero job prospects at the time. “J.J. was like, ‘Okay.’ He probably would’ve fired me, anyway.”

Making matters worse for the future A-lister at the time: A serious struggle with drugs and alcohol. “If I continued it, I was really going to sabotage my whole life,” he observes.

So while we don’t know and we don’t care if Bradley Cooper is gay or straight or bisexual or experimenting or confused, we do care about the fact that he may have behaved so recklessly in the desert. Drugs? Reckless. Unprotected sex? Reckless. Sex with strange men? Reckless. Doing all three at once? Incredibly reckless and self-sabotaging.

And if Bradley Cooper thinks that no one in the desert takes photos with their phone… he should guess again.

Congratulations to Kahdafi for being first with the correct answer!

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184 comments to He Likes Them Big and Buff

  • sssss

    Ben Affleck

    • sssss

      His Girl: Jennifer Gardner

    • felipepinafi

      It’s Bradley Cooper

    • marshallaw

      Leo DiCaprio was at Cochella with his “boys” dancing it up… Lainey likes J.Gardner too much to call her Ben’s “girl”

      • sssss

        True re: Jennifer Garner. Did you see Lainey’s hint today? Definitely not Ben Affleck! I am going with Bradley Cooper, not Leo, because I am pretty sure Leo is straight. I know a girl who hooked up with him.

    • chandler02

      Lainey just pretty much confirmed it is NOT Ben Affleck in a post about him today.

    • emma1963


      His Girl: the child he dates, Suki

      Past addiction issues: check. Also read Lainey’s post on BCoop at the Met Gala. She says to pay attention to his clammy sheen.

      Desert: was in Morocco recently

      Transformation: the extra 40lbs he’s been sporting

      But what was the past transformation?

      I’ve always wondered what happened between him and Jennifer Esposito. Married for 4 months. Hmmm…

      Not Ben Affleck: Just today 5/8 she posted about Ben saying “Not big, buff, and blind though. Not this time”.

    • hrhfedup

      Not Ben – check out what Lainey said today about him:

      But is it just me or does he look like sh-t?

      Tired. Dry. Haggard.

      Not big, buff, and blind though. Not this time.

      God she’s tricky! lol

    • austinmocean

      It’s definitely Ben Affleck. Lainey just solved it on her recent post on him filling his tank with gas. Check it out. Not sure why Ace hasn’t solved this one yet.

      • chandler02

        Lainey was saying it is NOT Ben Affleck. “Not big, buff, and blind though. Not this time”.

      • austinmocean

        Okay, fine, NOT Ben. Then why did she say that on Ben’s page? Does Ben do this, too? Just not this last trip to Vegas?
        People are saying Cooper, because of what Lainey said about him at the MET gala.
        But what was his last transformation?

    • austinmocean

      Also, the reason Lainey referred to Garner as “His Girl” was because of Ben’s upcoming film, Gone Girl.

    • Ati2d9

      Sorry, changing to Brad Pitt. Clue, Curiously though,…Curious Case of Benjamin Button. His GIRL, he is NOT married to Angelina. Mmmmm, i dunno, wild guess.

  • I Am PunkA

    John Tavolta
    Kelly Preston

  • Ms_Kiki

    Mark Wahlberg

    Rhea Durham

    • Ms_Kiki

      Wait I change that!

      Shia LaBeouf

      Mia Goth

      • missmissy

        That was my thought – “transformations”, “Explosions”, “Going through these tears”

        Maybe hints about the transformers movies.

  • Khadafi

    Him: Bradley Cooper

    His Girl: Suki Waterhouse

    • Booboo1068


      Fits the clue his ‘girl’. Not spouse, wife, SO, etc. So maybe pointing out lack of official role in his life beyond girlfriend (if that).

    • gg234

      I’m 99% sure you are correct. When Lainey covered the 2014 Met Ball, her Bradley Cooper post was titled “Bradley Cooper: MET Beefcake” AND in the post wrote “Now, for some reason, he reminds me of an older Zac Efron. Their faces share a certain…clammy sheen. Keep an eye on that too.” Lainey usually drops hints like this for her blinds. There has been a lot of coverage of Efron’s apparent drug usage and Lainey always refers to his “clammy sheen.”

    • fifona

      Yep, from CNN, “Bradley Cooper has packed on muscle (and quite the beard) since we last saw him in March. The speculation is that Cooper’s drastic physical transformation is for his role in 2015’s “American Sniper,” in which he will play Navy SEAL Chris Kyle.”

    • Khadafi

      I rather think this might be Jack Gyllenhaal.

    • ChocoIateOxygen

      Yeah, its not Bradley. Although i’m sure that he’s gay.

  • ravenglass

    Him: Ben Affleck

    His Girl: Jennifer Garner

    He was recently in Vegas BUT I thought Jennifer was with him.

    • ravenglass


      George Clooney was in Vegas not too long ago, throwing a drunken hissy fit. Don’t know if his beard was along on that trip or not.

    • chandler02

      Lainey just confirmed that it is NOT Ben Affleck in a new post about him.

  • hbrown

    Ok so we have an older bloke (many years), transformations and super (super is repeated) suggest super hero films, probably a series. Use of ‘tears’ is unusual in this context, so possibly someone who plays the Hulk? I haven’t actually SEEN any of the films that this blind is probably about, but I looked up hulk and Mark Ruffalo has a wife but ‘girl’ suggests they are not married. RDJ is a recovering addict. Could the clues apply to him? Oops just looked him up, also married. No idea. Waiting for all you superhero fans to tell me. Also he’s an idiot not to use condoms and the guys he’s with are similarly idiotic not to insist.

    • Booboo1068

      Good catch that he’s older going by ‘before explosion of social media’ clue.

      I missed that.

      • missmissy

        Still, how old is the explosion of social media. Maybe I am divulging my age, but what are we talking about? A decade?

        The explosion reference points to a film I think, but as I stated… I am old :)

      • Booboo1068

        I’m 40 something and my DH is early 60s and neither of us consider ourselves old.

        I don’t know your age but I’m guessing Ms. Betty White would call both us kids…; )

        I think the social media clue and possible reference to cell phones with cameras (“…and everyone taking pictures”) is talking about outlets like Twitter, Facebook, etc. where info and pictures can be published and shared worldwide in minutes from anyone with a cell phone – everybody near the celeb is a potential paparazzi. So if the ‘last time’ he transformed and took off somewhere for we’ll call it a sex bender the current social media and technology didn’t exist or at least was very new and limited. He’s probably 40 to early 50s in age. That’s my guess.

  • debbymck

    shia labeouf? FTP! Love it!

  • syamslash

    Tom Hanks!

    Its reported that he’s scouting for new movie location at the desert of Morocco and stranded there :)

  • katekatebobate

    Huge jackman

    • mostlylurker

      ” Love it!

    • missmissy

      I could maybe change from Shia LaBeouf for this one – though I don’t want to hear anything negative about this guy. “He likes them jacked” could be a clue.

    • missmissy

      Is he a recovering addict tho?

      • katekatebobate

        Good question! I’m not really sure. I just assume most in the entertainment industry are either using or in recovery…Maybe, he used the “i’m exhausted” excuse?

        And not to be ‘that’ person (bc this is absolutely horrible to think and overly superficial) but his wife is…um…not really in the same league if you know what I mean; it makes you go “hmmm…”

  • Runningdude1

    Him: Bradley Cooper

    Her: Suki Waterhouse

  • guccishel

    B Coop!
    Suki, Suki Stackhouse

  • tuckerlee123

    Him: Ben Affleck

    His Girl: Jennifer Garner

    Ben was recently in the desert—Las Vegas—-where he got busted for card counting at that casino. Lots of references to super heroes: “super” and “transformation” and Ben will be Batman in an upcoming movie. He also was another super hero back before he married Jen but I can’t remember who he played. Oh and he is also a recovering addict.

  • minx

    This sounds like Bradley Cooper and whoever his young girlfriend is.

  • Kitty Cat

    B. Coop

  • PghDude

    Clooney and Amal.

    Legal references are to her profession.

    Plus, he went to the desert recently, Abu Dhabi, to meet her father and brothers.

    • wfreshie

      ansd clooney played batman many many years ag

    • Booboo1068

      But Blind says went to the dessert WITHOUT his girl.

      Plus Blinds usually have clues in what they are NOT saying and this one specifically refers to ‘his GIRL’…not significant other, wife, spouse, partner etc. so I’m not convinced this person is married.

  • gabyrana

    Matthew McConagey & Camila Alves

  • wendy hood

    Bradley Cooper in Morocco without his child/gf

  • minime

    Bradley Cooper

  • blackmahn

    I’m gonna go with Bradley Cooper and his recent transformation. He’s reportedly sober, but I can’t find any evidence of him having been at Coachella this year. But it wouldn’t surprise me if he had been.

  • pRose

    johnny depp
    amber heard

    hints: “one of his transformations”, “recovering addict”

    • jezzadezza


    • KatarinaJ

      Might nod to their was an actor in NYC who had guys brought to his room… which Depp was a guess for.

    • wendy hood

      I cant recall Johnny ever transforming for a role outside of the role’s makeup or haircut. I wouldn’t call a haircut a transformation, and I doubt he’d go trolling for booty looking like Captain Jack. Possible, but I cant see it. This sounds more like weight/muscle gain to me.

  • Ahem

    Ben Affleck?? I’m probably off, but he WAS in Vegas with Jennifer this past week AND he’s a recovering addict. I was wondering what a supposed family man was doing in LV without his family…

  • carriebradshaw

    no clue but cheating wirhout condom should be criminal offence.

    • FamousPeopleDoStupidThings

      Definitely. Every part of our lives should be judged and regulated. :::rolls eyes:::

    • Booboo1068

      Maybe reckless, irresponsible, selfish etc but only criminal if the person KNOWS they are HIV positive. There are (serious) precedents set in court for this.

  • Bethilda

    Casper Smart
    Jennifer Lopez

  • l_f_k

    Him: Bradley Cooper

    His girl: Suki Waterhouse

  • stolidog

    Bradley Cooper and Souki Waterhouse

  • heartofglass

    Bradley Cooper. Lainey has made 2 comments in the past week about Bradley’s physique being jacked…

  • Tkdgypsy

    Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner?

  • minicoop

    Bruce Jenner and Kris Kardashian? Just a guess…

    • calumsmom

      This makes perfect sense! The clues include:

      1. “…during one of his transformations” (i.e. Bruce morphing into a woman as of late). Could the last “transformation” be referring to his plastic surgery?

      2. Kris is still his wife, though they’re separated… could that be why Lainey is using the term “his girl”?

      3. Lainey saying “but then, there was no social media” also implies this dude is older.

      4. Last month, Bruce was seen playing golf in Las Vegas.

      5. Plus the biggest clue of all — who can read the words “show off” and “exploit” and NOT think of the Kardashians, lol.

  • sugarbread

    b coop or jake gyllenhal
    suki or alyssa miller

  • sabrina325

    Ben Affleck?

  • traherne

    Is Robert Downey Jr dating anyone?

  • JohnCarson

    Him: Shia Labeouf

    His Girl: Mia Goth

    Clue being transformations – Shia is known for Transformers movies

  • sabrina325

    Bradley Cooper?

  • busted

    Ben Affleck

  • caela94

    Vin Diesel

  • KimiD

    Paging Mr. Cooper, Mr. Bradley Cooper. Along with Miss Stackhouse.

  • lululauren

    I’d say Rob Ford, but he got turned back at the border :(

  • luuluulemon

    Jake gyllenhaal his girl is a not famous model, alllyssa? I think Lainey mentioned his problems on the article about him and Maggie at the met Gala

    Always wondered if toothy tile was real!

  • lavieenrose1

    Him: Robert Downey Jr.
    His Girl: Susan Downey

    Hint: When he goes on these tears – duet with Sting singing ‘Driven to Tears’
    Hint: During one of his transformations – Tropic Thunder or Iron Man (he transforms)
    Hint: Explosion – I think of that “Ovaries” meme/gif with the explosion in the desert

  • RayMo

    Ben Affleck
    Jennifer Garner

  • beckss

    One of the stars of Queen of the Desert, which is soon to be released? “He took off for the desert recently” It has Rpatz, Franco, Damian Lewis and some guys i haven’t heard of

  • NoseyNana2008

    Ashton Kutcher
    Mila Kunis

  • werkitmayer

    ben affleck?

  • werkitmayer

    im thinking it’s probably not ben affleck, but can’t think of anyone else who it could be. maybe hugh jackman, but he is out promoting a movie lately. bradley cooper perhaps?

  • lolachristina

    Him:Jared Leto

    His Girl:amber atherton

  • tink

    I hope this isn’t true, but it sounds like Tom Hardy and Charlotte Riley is his girl. His last transformation could have been when he was transforming his body for Bronson. I pray it’s not him.

    • lavieenrose1

      I thought that at first too. I hope not.

      Didn’t he film Mad Max in the desert? Plus he looks different in most his roles. Bane.Bronson.Ricky Tarr. Eames. Now Elton.

  • Youcanleadahorticulture

    Hooking up with young dudes and partying is the official Desert activity, as they say “when in rome”. I assume when they say Desert they refer to Palm Springs

  • PrettyInPink84

    I have 2 guesses and I hope and pray that it is NOT the first one.

    Matthew McConaughey (too many clues. Movie body transformations, relax and party in the desert…given his free spirit nature, he would do this)
    Camila Alves

    Bradley Cooper
    Sooki Waterhouse (Who would name their child sooki? Jesus H Christ…..)

    • PrettyInPink84

      Also, that looks like Matthew’s incredibly sexy physique. I could lick the sweat off that thing! Damn! Still hoping this is wrong. I know that he is free spirited and hippie by nature, but I am NEVER gotten a gay vibe from him. He is a man’s man (you know what I mean). If he reads this, please take no offense. The pic and the clues just LOOKS/SOUNDS like it.

      • PrettyInPink84

        Another clue, that time he was arrested for being HIGH on weed, while naked… aka in the “buff” (like the header says)with his blinds wide open. I’m really thinking so. It fits him, and I will still drool over his hot Texas ass anyhow 😀

    • marshallaw

      Alright alright alright… I get your thinking here… Plus he’s known for his abs (picture!)

  • gcreptile

    Josh Duhamel?

  • SuzNYC

    Him: Bradley Cooper, he is JACKED himself as he transforms for his new Navy Seal role. Also sober.
    GF: Suki Waterhouse

  • werkitmayer

    my reason for thinking it is NOT ben affleck would be laineys recent blind about him having issues again, and being at an afterparty hitting on a “tall, model type” while is wife is at home.

  • proud2bblonde

    Leonardo Dicaprio?? Not sure if he is a recovering addict, but you never know??

  • mental iceberg

    Hugh Jackman?

    super jacked, tears (does wolverine tear his clothes?) transformations (werewolf?) show off (Broadway show).

  • hnmmom

    It’s Jake Gyllenhaal. Lainey made reference in a previous post re: Met Gala that his sister, Maggie, can’t “protect” him. Protection = condoms.

    • hnmmom

      Oh, and Lainey made a point to say in that post “pay attention to this”.

      • Booboo1068

        Both good points. I’m making Jake G. my second guess with Bradley C. Both not married or have SO’s but do have ‘girls’.

    • raslebol

      So he stopped to pay her to write he’s straight! Because she always defended he was straight

      • hnmmom

        I know she’s always said he’s straight but I’ve always thought she was wrong. And today she’s got another post up about him and his getting back together with that model. He’s rarely on her radar and two posts in one week makes me think she’s planting him in readers’ minds for a reason. And he has transformed in the last year for that role in the Everest movie. Now he’s got that awful beard (a literal one, ha!). He “transformed” earlier for that Prince of Persia movie, got all buff.

        However, perhaps I am wrong in my idea. Could be someone else!

  • kookywooky

    Him: Josh Dumel (Transformers, Las Vegas)
    His Girl: Fergie

  • Molls

    Bradley Cooper? Could be anybody. But I think if it were Ben Affleck, it would say without his wife, and Jennifer was in Vegas with him when he was gambling and caught counting cards.

  • ck_931

    this might sound crazy, but could it Johnny Depp? He is the first person I thought of with transformations and he has been around since the eighties. Lainey mentioned how uncomfortable he looks with Amber…but it is probably Bradley Cooper and Suki Waterhouse.

  • batgirl6

    Henry Cavill

  • Lynnezer

    Gotta be Shia. Wasn’t he in the Transformers movie?

  • char54

    Cleary references to the hulk. Edward Norton. Shauna Robertson is his new wife.

    • char54

      Or Eric bana.

    • KatarinaJ

      Norton was a big guess for a recent first-class A lister on a flight trying to pick up the attendant who I thought was a woman… but he ‘transformed’ for Hulk AND for American History X and is known for this.

  • AR09

    For some reason the buff guy reminds me of Vin Diesel..his girlfriend: Paloma Jiminez.

  • MandalaMen

    Unpopular opinion but this is so Jared Padalecki.

  • emma1963

    Guy: BCoop
    Girl: Suki (“girl” a reference to Suki’s age and that they’re not married)

    Transformation: he just gained 40lbs. for a role. Lainey’s been talking about it.

    Desert: Recently in Morocco.

    Check out Lainey’s post Re BCoop at the Met Gala. She says he reminds her of Zac Efron (also currently dealing with substance issues)and that BCoop has a certain “clammy sheen” that we should pay attention to.

  • sawyer

    Tobey Maguire. He’s “transformed” for Spider-man several times, the first time before the social media boom. His girl/wife: Jennifer Meyer

  • EastCoaster

    I think it’s Johnny Depp who has always referred to his girlfriends and fiances as “my girl.” Vanessa Paradis, his most long-term relationship and mother of his 2 kids, was also referred to simply as “my girl.”

  • melanietrini

    Evidence for Bradley Cooper:
    “his girl” implies not wife, Bradley is dating Suki Waterhouse, a model.
    He’s currently in transformation and put on 40 lbs of muscle and he’s had previous transformations, notably getting in incredible shape for the A Team in 2010.
    He is a recovering addict

    • blackmahn

      AND he’s had plastic surgery on his nose and possibly his chin. I think there was another blind that referenced the chin bit. Plus, he’s in Morocco right now to shoot a movie with Eastwood.

  • KatarinaJ

    the nod to this last bender being PRIOR to social media really knocks out guys like Bradley, Shia, etc, who are far more ‘recently’ famous.. DOES make for Clooney, Affleck, RDJ (who REALLY hit bottom before social media) – I think RDJ is probably the guess.

  • JPH

    My first thought was that they were in Palm Springs weekend before last for the annual White Party, especially if they were high….

  • raslebol

    Jake G? was at las vegas last month with some big puff friends but is he a recoving addict? What was his last transformation?
    Cooper?! is in Morrocco to work

  • Simstim

    Bradley Cooper, Lainey keeps calling him buff lately because of his physical transformation

  • ToniAcca

    Bradley Cooper, Clooney or Ben Affleck … the “girl” may not allude to a girlfriend but just to his little daughter.
    So, i’d say:

    Him: Ben Affleck.

    His Girl: Violet Affleck.

  • LizD

    This one is really driving me batty!
    Jake isn’t recovering addict that I’ve ever heard of, also no GF that I know of at the time. Plus, even the gay sites have disavowed him as gay so think that’s old, old, news.
    Coop fits, but I just can’t FATHOM that he is foolish enough to meet up with folks on line and expect it to stay discreet!! So reckless and DUMB, but still I suppose could be him although have never remotely thought of him as gay and I want to say I remember a Lainey post from way back, when he dated RZ, where she flat stated, that no, he is NOT gay, as much as people wanted to try to make him gay. I’ll see if I can find it.
    I don’t believe it’s anyone who is married or Lainey would have used the term wife or spouse. That rules out Jackman, Travolta, Padlecki, RJD, etc.
    So, want to say someone in his 40s maybe, whose last ‘transformation’ was roughly 5-7 years ago, before everyone and their cats was tweeting, FBing, Instagraming, etc., like we are now. Thoughts?

  • LizD

    Found it!! Lainey post 6/1/2010:

    “As for that question you keep asking:

    Bradley Cooper sleeps with women willingly and very capably. Trust.”

    I suppose he could have branched out so to speak, but I think we’re talking about someone other than BC.

    • chandler02

      Good memory! Thanks for posting that, it changes my guess. Well done!

    • Booboo1068

      I’m not saying I disagree but Lainey could also have been saying BC is bi. I wonder if she wanted to make it clear he’s 100% straight if it would’ve been worded a bit different?

      I say this because some commenters are pointing out that Lainey also called BC ‘jacked’ on her blog this week. She does usually reveal her Blinds with big clues after posting them.


  • JanP

    I’m guessing the desert referenced is Coachella.
    Jared Leto
    as for “girl” I think that is a reference to one other than a girlfriend or wife,
    perhaps a reference to “Girl, Interrupted” in which he had a role

  • bellashade

    I’m going to say it’s not Ben Affleck, since Lainey just posted an item about him and hinted that he’s not the answer to this one.

    Maybe Bradley Cooper, but what other “transformtaion” did he have before social media was so big?

    Transformation makes me think of Shia LaBoeuf, but I don’t know if he fits the other clues.

  • essam

    Lainey just eliminated Ben Affleck. So, not him.

    “Not big, buff, and blind though. Not this time.”

  • ameliaj

    So it’s definitely NOT Ben Affleck. In Lainey’s latest post about him she hints “Not big, buff, and blind though. Not this time”.

  • hyattsmom

    Ben Affleck.

    Lainey likes to embed identities in posts later on… here’s today’s:

  • whitetigger

    It could be Arnold Schwarzenegger or Mel Gibson. Both are/were addicts. Both are much older. Both have girlfriends. Mel gibson recently got extremely buff, Who knows?.

  • boyjack4

    I wasn’t sure until today when Lainey posted an article on Ben Affleck, saying he looked tired not ‘big’ ‘buff’ and ‘blind’ which is clear reference to this blind Gossip article of hers! Very sad!

  • ghostrider44

    based on today’s blind this one is definetly RDJ

  • unagi27

    NOT Ben Affleck – Lainey just noted in a post about Ben that he’s “not big, buff, and blind . Not this time”

  • ella143

    NOT Ben Affleck.

  • Erin

    Lainey basically confirmed today that it’s not Affleck.

    But I’m totally stumped on this one. I was thinking Gyllenhaal, but the recovering addict part doesn’t seem to fit.

  • Good_OJ

    Recent post from Lainey article about Affleck:

    “But is it just me or does he look like sh-t?

    Tired. Dry. Haggard.

    Not big, buff, and blind though. Not this time.”

    Seems like a pretty direct reference.

  • Populista

    Lainey just notted Ben Affleck

  • lovefifteen

    Robert Downey Jr and his wife

  • islaisla

    It’s DEFINITELY Ben Affleck – the “without his girl” is a reference to his upcoming film, “Gone Girl”…the trip to desert – Vegas.

    His transformations is his transition from screenwriter to actor to director.

    Also, I just checked Lainey’s site and there’s a post about Ben filling up his gas tank at a gas station and the VERY last sentence reads something like “Not big, buff or blind. Not this time”. Which incorporates some of the words used in her blind riddle.

  • dalstongirl

    I don’t know who this is but Lainey has just ruled out Ben Affleck in her post today. “Not big, buff, and blind though. Not this time”.Lainey.

  • EastCoaster

    In a piece today (5/8) on LaineyGossip about Ben Affleck, the phrase “big and buff” was used. Are Lainey and Ace in cahoots?

  • ldylkngb

    I’m getting that this is someone from Transformers. Explosions hint.

  • CCVD

    Not. big, buff and blind.. Clearly in reference to the title of this blind item!

  • tizzlr

    Wow, Lainey just revealed in a post. It’s Ben Affleck.

    “But is it just me or does he look like sh-t?

    Tired. Dry. Haggard.

    Not big, buff, and blind though. Not this time.”

  • nippzilla

    Big fan of BG! First time poster.

    It’s Bradley Cooper. The behavior fits the theme for B-Coop. AND Cooper was recently in Palm Springs (gayest desert on Earth) for the Palm Springs film festival. Plenty of big, buff, and twacked out young gay men for him. Can’t believe he doesn’t use protection though. He obviously wants to be outed – the Rock Hudson way. So sad.

  • boyjack4

    Then again, maybe she meant it wasn’t him, in which case I go with RDJ!

  • tm88

    Shia Labeouf – “Likes them big and BUFF” Transformation- Transformers movies…
    Probably in the middle of the desert looking for his marbles…

  • DebinTx

    Actor: Not sure if he has ever been an addict, but what about Jeremy Renner?

    His Girl: Sonni Pacheco(?)

  • lizzielouisa

    It’s Bradley Cooper. Randomly, for some reason my first instinct was Mark Wahlberg. Whose first “TRANSFORMATION” was from a racist jail bird who committed a hate crime by robbing & literally blinding a man of color after targeting the victim soley because he wasn’t white & has a few other racist crimes under his belt (google it if u don’t believe me. & be prepared to be disappointed in him-he was 20 so records are public) when he was a rapper he strictly went by Marky Mark & dropped his pants @ every show to reveal a similar physique as the pic above (also in the CK adds) He TRANSFORMED himself into a straight laced/uber Catholic actor whom demanded that during all interviews he be addressed as “actor, Mark Wahlburg.” Now his transformation =Transformers movie. During his interviews I feel like the way he talks about “Jesus & the Catholic Church isn’t organic & his comments @ Catholicism are randomly said during interviews & sound as if someone else wrote the comments for him. Like he ‘s over compensating for something…

  • SquirrelGirl

    My vote is RDJ; I know he’s married, but I read that he’s on vacation with Jeremy Renner–who is the subject of several other blinds indicating he is gay. RDJ has had a couple transformations, both pre- and post-social media, and he also fits the explosion clues with IronMan.

  • novembergirl65

    Zac Effron